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2.5 Bifocal Safety Glasses

Amazing Child Montessori Childrens Safety Glasses

(Woodshop Video) Dewalt BiFocal Safety Glasses 2.5 Reading Glasses

Parents looking for a cost-effective way to guard the eyes of energetic children and toddlers need look no further than Amazing Child Montessori. Approved through both EN1661 F.H.K. and ANSI Z87.1 standards, you can count on these childrens safety glasses to offer industrial-level protection even during the rowdiest playtime.

Whilst protective rating is indeed paramount, perhaps the most important consideration for parents is whether or not their children will actually wear their PPE. In the case of Amazing Child Montessori, theyve done well to make these glasses tight-fitting yet comfortably lightweight at just 9g. Whats more, self-conscious children wont embarrass, thanks to the sleek, black-accented semi-frame design.

Improving wearability further is the complete lack of blurring or distortion in the lenses. Children wont complain of headaches, or become disorientated and accident-prone with the Amazing Child Montessori frames. Best yet, the arms arch over the ear with just enough angle to hook on securely without rubbing the skin raw.


  • Suitable aged 3 and up
  • Comfortable, stylish protection your kids will actually wear
  • Perfect for playtime and crafts


Making Sense Of Coatings

While many companies have their own special processes or formulations for applying protective coatings to your lenses, there are three basic types of coatings:

  • Anti-fog coatings These are chemical formulations designed impede the condensation of water droplets upon the surface of your lenses. Such treatments are applicable to both glass and plastic lenses, and are indeed quite effective. No need to worry about a marketing gimmick this tech was developed by NASA for astronauts on Project Gemini.
  • Anti-scratch coatings This is another proven technique to extend the life of your glasses. Just be aware of companies over-hyping the virtues of their anti-scratch coating if a pair of safety glasses claims to be scratch-proof, theyre either very expensive or, more likely, not telling the whole truth. There is a wide variety of chemical solutions which harden to form scratch-resistant coatings, and the best of these should never interfere with your ability to see.
  • UV-blocking coatings Heres the thing about UV coatings: most safety glasses dont need them, provided theyre made of 100% polycarbonate. Plain plastic lenses, on the other hand, only block about 88% of UV rays, and thus a UV coating may be added to compensate. Nevertheless, if someone offers to UV coat your PC lenses, theyre upselling you for little-to-no gain.

Are More Expensive Progressive Lenses Better

Not by design. If you need the feature of a PD-optimized progressive lens and it just is not ordered you will not have the benefit even if they can be expensive. In such a case a lower-priced model that is optimized for the PD would be better.

Oftentimes you can get the progressive lens models customized especially with the known manufacturers. But the optician decides if the features are ordered or not. For example, you can get the lens Varilux E Design from Essilor which is the manufacturer which is a premium lens. Nice, but does premium mean it is being automatically customized for you. No, the f-360 must be ordered to get the customization.

So just ask the optician what you get. In which way does your chosen lens make your vision better than the cheaper model? If he does not know how is he supposed to know what lens to choose and why?

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Milwaukee Safety Glasses And Lenses Explained

Milwaukee has a pretty deep lineup of Safety Glasses available, all of which are designed to keep you safe and productive on the jobsite. They fall under the Milwaukee PPE line of personal protection products which includes vests, Milwaukee lighting, safety gloves, banded earplugs, and more. Milwaukee safety glasses include models with anti-scratch lenses, fog-free lenses, magnifying lenses, and tinted lenses. We wanted to cover all of the Safety Glasses options Milwaukee currently offers.

And they have a LOT of options!

The Cost Of Progressive Lenses In Your 50s

Tech Specs Bifocal Safety Eyewear

Our second example is Jonathan with a little higher lens power. His progressive lenses also need to hold a reading zone. In this case, his ADD is 1,75D. He can not actually read anymore with normal single vision glasses made just for the distance.

As the reading zones getting stronger Jonathan will experience a smaller space in the middle distance and reading zone for eye movements. He actually needs to compensate for this a little bit by pointing his nose more in the direction in which he wants to look at something compared to Janet. When this happens a better lens design should be chosen to make up for the smaller getting reading space.

Jonathan understood that a really good positioned sharp space right before his eyes will give him wider fields of view and more comfort in vision in his day to day tasks. He saw realistic pictures of the lenses and the middle distance part looked small. He wanted to get these parts as positioned as perfect in front of his eyes to get the biggest fields of view possible.

With an Add value close to +2,00D progressive lenses will hold more peripheral distortions and blurriness in the sides as you read. Getting the widest field of view still means your eye movements will be restricted. I just want to point this out a little bit more to sidestep a misconception of a first-time buyer of progressives.

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The Cost Of Progressive Lenses

The cost of progressive lenses varies a lot. Depending on what you need your glasses can cost only 99$ up to over 1000$. The lenses have different features and we will go into detail to give you a better understanding of what your price will be.

Basic AR, hard- and clean coat
Premium AR, super hard and a better clean coat
Total cost for progressives glasses 450$ 760$ 1400$

Now you saw an overview of the different possibilities let us dive deeper into consultation to see who needs what and why. Just a side note before we move on. Nearly every prescription for most people is technically producible. So you can get a low-cost pair of progressive lenses even if it is not recommended in this article. The drawbacks will be a smaller field of view and less comfort in vision. Prices may vary in your country.

Erb X Readers Bifocal Safety Glasses

  • Meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1-Impact
  • 99% UV protection lens
  • Black frames with clear lens
  • 3-position adjustable temple lengths

Shipping Policy

Free standard ground shipping via UPS or USPS on all orders of $99.00 or more for delivery in the contiguous United States.

Available Shipping Methods

We ship via UPS or USPS on all orders within the contiguous United States. You can request that we ship specifically UPS, USPS or to a post office box for additional fee.

Standard Shipping

Orders usually arrive at your locations within 5-7 business days.

Expedited Shipping

Orders usually arrive at your location within 1-5 business days, depending upon your upgrade request. If you choose to upgrade your shipping method, nominal fees will be applied for Next Day, 2nd Day or 3rd Day deliveries. You may contact us at 800.566.4298 or to inquire.

International Shipping

Currently most of our vendors do not allow us to ship internationally therefore we will only ship internationally if the ship to location is a US Military Base.

Return and Exchange Policy

You may return products for a refund or an exchange within 30 days of delivery of your products. The products also must be in new, resell-able condition. That means garments and footwear that have been worn to work or show wear, or that have been washed will not be accepted for returns or exchanges except in the case of manufacturer defect.


Unfortunately, returns or exchanges may not be made for:

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Dewalt Safety Glasses Dpg94

If youre looking for rugged eye protection that doesnt compromise on sporty style, then the appropriately named DPG94-2C Dominator is for you. Whats more, if theres a brand on earth that understands heavy duty, its DeWalt, and their expertise is on full display here.

The Dominators full frame and wide lenses offer exceptional eye coverage without limiting your field of view. Smoke-coloured, gradient, and yellow mirrored lens variants all work a treat to reduce glare, even in strong sunlight. Even better, the Dominators 99.9% UV protection effectively guards your eye health.

But dont take our work for it DeWalts Dominator bears the ANSI Z87.1+ classification. If youre not familiar, is a high rating in America for protection vs. impacts, particle intrusion, and optical radiation. OSHA approves of these glasses for the job site, and theyll serve you well in almost any outdoor application that requires PPE.

In terms of fit, its tight around the head without feeling constraining. The Dominator also features rubber-tipped temple guards, which prevent slipping off even the sweatiest faces. Robust nose pieces are integrated into the frame, and do well to keep the frames in place without pinching.


Gray Bifocal Safety Glasses 25 Diopter

Dewalt BiFocal Safety Glasses/ 2.5 Reading Glasses



  • BearKat magnifier safety 2.5 diopter gray lens glasses with non-slip hybrid temple sleeve
  • Single lens design with integral side shields for unobstructed view
  • Rugged polycarbonate lens filters 99.9 percent of U.V. rays
  • These glasses are best in safety, comfort and affordability
  • Available in black temple sleeve and 2.5 diopter gray lens color

16 In Stock

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Milwaukee Safety Glasses Lineup

  • 48-73-2010 Safety Glasses Clear Anti-Scratch Lenses$7.97
  • 48-73-2012 Safety Glasses Clear Fog-Free Lenses$14.97
  • 48-73-2015 Safety Glasses Tinted Anti-Scratch Lenses$7.97
  • 48-73-2017 Safety Glasses Tinted Fog-Free Lenses$14.97
  • 48-73-2020 Performance Safety Glasses Clear Fog-Free Lenses$19.97
  • 48-73-2025 Performance Safety Glasses Tinted Fog-Free Lenses$19.97
  • 48-73-2040 Performance Safety Glasses w/Gasket Clear Fog-Free Lenses$29.97
  • 48-73-2045 Performance Safety Glasses w/Gasket Tinted Fog-Free Lenses$39.97
  • 48-73-2100 Safety Glasses Yellow Anti-Scratch Lenses$7.97
  • 48-73-2102 Safety Glasses Yellow Fog-Free Lenses$14.97
  • 48-73-2105 Safety Glasses Gray Anti-Scratch Lenses$7.97
  • 48-73-2107 Safety Glasses Gray Fog-Free Lenses$14.97
  • 48-73-2120 Performance Safety Glasses Yellow Fog-Free Lenses$19.97
  • 48-73-2125 Performance Safety Glasses Gray Fog-Free Lenses$19.97
  • 48-73-2200 Safety Glasses +1.0 Magnified Clear Anti-Scratch Lenses$10.97
  • 48-73-2202 Safety Glasses +1.5 Magnified Clear Anti-Scratch Lenses$10.97
  • 48-73-2204 Safety Glasses +2.0 Magnified Clear Anti-Scratch Lenses$10.97
  • 48-73-2206 Safety Glasses +2.5 Magnified Clear Anti-Scratch Lenses$10.97
  • 48-73-2208 Safety Glasses +3.0 Magnified Clear Anti-Scratch Lenses$10.97

The Cost Of Progressive Lenses In Your 60s

The third example in the table is Harald. He is dependent on his progressive glasses and he does not want to be restricted if there was a better solution. And here is his prescription:

92° 2,25

Harald´s progressive lenses are much stronger in general and regarding the difference from distance to near range vision. That will lead to more distortion in the periphery. When the frame sits in his face in a more or less tilted way he will recognize this a lot sooner as in both examples above. The result of not optimally manufactured progressive glasses would be blurry vision.

He wants to have the best for his eyes. The best vision possible combined with optimal protection. Harald has little yellowish spots on the white space on his eyes and therefore wants the best UV protection possible. He ordered an additional coating to give his eyes even more protection to block UV light. These coatings are usually just available from the premium manufacturers.

If features like these coatings are not as common in the market you need to choose lenses with a higher price tag. The same is true for the other parameters. Here in our example, Harald has a little higher prescription and if this is combined with a larger or smaller PD it just makes sense to get the customized lenses. Even if they cost him a little bit more.

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Safety Glasses Bifocal 25

  • OVERAL BLUE BLOCK RATE: 45% – ANYLUV Blue Light Shield protects your eyes by filtering out 90% of the most harmful High Energy Blue Light rays while letting through the less harmful portion of the blue light spectrum.
  • LOW COLOR DISTORTION LENS – Unlike other glasses on the market with heavily tinted lens. ANYLUV’s low color distortion lens is optimised to provides the perfect balance between eye protection and viewing quality.
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE AND PRODUCTIVITY – Extended exposure to blue light rays may cause fatigue and stress. Filtering out the High Energy Blue Light allows you to focus on your game or task at hand.
  • PROTECT YOUR EYES – High Energy Blue Light emitted by electronic devices have shown to increase the risk of vision conditions from sore dry eyes to macular degeneration. Maintain healthy eyes by reducing exposure to high energy blue light.
  • IMPROVED VIEWING EXPERIENCE OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We’re so confident that our glasses will give you better screen viewing that we offer a LIFETIME money back guarantee. Your purchase is completely RISK FREE. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us for a full refund no questions asked.

Top 10 Safety Glasses To Protect Your Eyesight

Buy ERBx Bifocal Safety Glasses (+2.5 Lens)

A quick search for safety glasses reveals an overwhelming selection, and a ton of jargon and specifications that might sound meaningless. How then, can you confidently purchase the protection your eyes need, without overpaying?

For a start, check out the ten top-rated safety glasses currently on the market:

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The Costs For Progressive Glasses With A Wide View

A wide view or a progressive lens with individual parameters start at 250$ for one lens and go up to 600$. The price varies depending on what the manufacturer is chosen and how the lens can be optimized.

Progressive glasses are not produced equal and the term wide view is nothing that tells you which specific lens you get. For example, I give you a lens with a wider view and all I did was to make the corridor longer. That way the transition from distance vision to the reading zone is a bit smoother and the corridor gets a little wider. But it was the same model. Which could be cheap, mid-priced, or have a premium price tag.

If you need to know what the cost is for the wide view lenses you need to ask in a more specific way. What does this lens actually do to make ms view wide? If the following is built in you probably will have a wide view:

  • the reading distance can be considered
  • vertex distance
  • pantoscopic tilt

As you saw here in the article the costs of progressive lenses/glasses are heavily dependent on the wishes of the wearer and his prescription. In general, my recommendation will go to more costly lenses if your prescription has higher parameters because those progressive can do more for you . But that is a very brought statement because most prescriptions can be produced in cheaper lenses too. And if you are happy with it that is all that counts.

I hope I could give you some insides here about the costs of progressive and I just wish you a great day.

Essential Features For Safety Glasses

Now that weve covered the top 10 safety glasses according to our research, wed like to help you conduct your own. After all, your needs are unique, and some features will be more important to you than others.

Here, we present a short buyers guide to help you narrow down what makes a great pair of safety glasses, and which ones you should pass up.

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Top 10 Best Safety Glasses Bifocal 25 Reviews

safety glasses bifocal 2.5 Are you Googling for top 10 best safety glasses bifocal 2.5 for the money in 2023? Our team had scanned more than 12,152 customer satisfaction about top 10 best safety glasses bifocal 2.5 in 2023, we have come up with the top 10 rated products you may be interested in. We have ranked the best brands from Artificial Intelligent and Big Data, as you see below:

Uvex Pheos Safety Glasses

MCR BKH25C Crews BearKat® Magnifier Safety Glasses – Clear, 2.5 Diopter

If blue-blocking isnt a priority, then check out Uvexs other entry on our list: the Pheos Safety Glasses. These best-selling PPE glasses feature an advanced semi-frame for superior protection, durability, and comfort. Whats more, they bear a slew of certifications including EN 166 for physical impact, EN 170 for UV protection, with 400nm as the threshold for UV filtration.

Pheos lenses are something truly special, with a duo-spherical design for ultra-wide field of view that doesnt warp or distort. Whats more, Uvexs patented supravision coating technology applies long-lasting anti-fogging inside the lens, and powerful scratch resistance to both interior and exterior. The bevelled upper edge further cradles your optical area, guarding it from all manner of intrustion.

Even the arms of the Pheos bear signs of significant design consideration dual hard plastic and rubberised layers offer superior fit without pressure points behind the ears. Where the arms meet the frame lock tightly together to form an effective barrier vs. missiles and debris. And, they do this with no metal anywhere in the framean especially important consideration for anyone working with MRIs or other powerful magnetic fields.


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