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2 Pairs Of Glasses For 59.99

Bbb Summit Glasses From 4696

Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses – 2 Pairs

Although BBB’s BSG-50 Summits are mid-range models, they’re really good glasses and pack in a number of innovative features. One of the most important, and one that BBB is keen to promote, is the ease with which the lenses can be switched. In fact they excel here aside from the high-end hinged Oakleys, they are one of the simplest to change that we have used.

It’s good because you get three different lens colours with the glasses, with varying degrees of protection: full mirrored, yellow and clear. These lenses work really well and we were particularly impressed by their anti-fogging qualities, which works through a combination of anti-fog coating and very impressive ventilation on the top and sides of the lenses.

Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses 11999

Oakley is a name synonymous with cycling sunglasses, and they demand a premium price. They are top-quality glasses, as you’d hope for when you spend this much, offering excellent protection with easily interchangeable lenses and high quality optics in a vast range of tints. The frames come in a variety of colours and you can customise them too.

Does Hudson Optical Make Prescription Safety Glasses

Hudson Optical strives to make safety glasses that are both protective and fashionable. With innovation at the forefront of everything they do, this company has implemented new technologies to make eyewear more comfortable and durable. They also opened up a variety of design choices for both male and female workers.

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When Should You Wear Reading Glasses

You should only wear reading glasses for close-up tasks as needed. Dr. Kannarr offered that reading glasses should only be worn for near , or intermediate .

He added that as we move through life we might likely need two different powers for these two different tasks.

Reading glasses simply help us focus. They do not strengthen or weaken the eyes.

He also strongly encouraged everyone to get regular eye exams to help confirm eye health and for preventative early detection of ocular and systemic diseases.

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  • Unlimited access to all three sites
  • Ad-free browsing environment
  • Unrestricted access to 30,000+ archived posts
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Our Arizona Opticians Are Here To Help

Our highly trained and experienced Arizona Doctors of Nationwide Optometry at Nationwide Vision will help you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses for your vision needs and style.

Browse our wide selection of glasses online right now. Take advantage of our Virtual Try-On features to try before you buy.

Then schedule an appointment at one of our Nationwide Vision eye care centers for clearer vision today.

How Do You Know If You Need Reading Glasses

When you really need reading glasses, itll be 100% clear. However, there are early warning signs you can look out for, and address with reading glasses before your vision gets worse.

You might need reading glasses if:

  • Youre AlwaysSquinting: If all of a sudden reading a menu at a restaurant, a book before bed or a meme on your childs phone has become impossible, it might be time for reading glasses.
  • Your Vision is Blurry: If youre got blurry vision, it might not be because your phone screen is dirty or youre tired. You might need reading glasses to help make things sharper, crisper and easier to see.
  • Youre Always Getting Headaches: This symptom could have a variety of causes, but if youre experiencing either of the above and are getting headaches after reading all day, reading glasses could help.

Dr. Kannarr noted that the most obvious sign is blurry on near task. You can add to that eye strain, difficulty focusing and headaches with near work.

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Find A Color That Complements Your Skin Tone And Undertone

Like face shape, your skin tone and undertone are potential considerations when youre on the hunt for new frames. They both have to do with the natural colors in your skin, but they arent the same thing: Skin tone is your skins surface color, whereas your undertone is the subtle mix of hues underneath it.

Undertone colors can include the following:

  • Warm: Golden, yellow, and/or peach hues
  • Cool: Pink, red, or blue hues
  • Neutral: A combination of yellow and blue hues

Unsure what your undertone color might be? One trick to try is to look at your veins. If your veins are blue or purple, you probably have a cool undertone, whereas veins with a greenish tint mean your undertone is warm.

Some people believe that specific colors match certain undertones better than others. Black, gray, or blue frames are often recommended if you have cool undertones, whereas tan, pink, or red may be suggested for a warm undertone.

Of course, these matchups are subjectivewe think you should always go with whatever color you like best.

Gaoye Reading Glasses 5 Pack

The Best Glasses For You (it’s not just about face shape)


The thing about reading glasses is that you dont have to spend a lot of money to get a quality pair that looks nice. The Gaoye five-Pack Reading Glasses proves just that. The resin frames come in several colors, including tortoiseshell and plain black. The polycarbonate lenses block blue light and are practically indestructible, ensuring you wont lose a pair every time you drop them. Plus, this combination of materials also makes these readers extremely lightweight. Available in a variety of magnifications, from 0.0x to 4.0x, these glasses are suitable for both men and women so that you can share the set with your partner, too. With all of these qualities, these are the best reading glasses by far or the five best reading glasses, that is.

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Oakley Radar Path Ev 8900

Oakley’s Radar EV Path glasses offer a secure, comfortable fit, excellent optics and plenty of style. EV stands for ‘Extended View’ and tells you that the lens is a little taller than that of the RadarLock Path, for example. This means that these glasses provide excellent coverage when you’re in a head-down riding position. If you ever find light getting in over the top of the frame or lens of your current glasses, think about giving these a go.

Show Your Personality Through Your Frame Style

Now, the fun partchoosing eyeglass frames that gel with your sense of self.

The good news: You have lots of options. While classic black and brown frames are still pretty popular, todays glasses come in numerous colors and patterns, from tortoiseshell patterns to transparent crystal.

Frame shape can also come into play: Cat-eye frames with upswept corners might broadcast a playful vibe, whereas round frames can look either distinguished and scholarly or hip and bohemian. Play around with different shapes to see which ones speak to you.

Dont know where to start? Answer a few simple questions through our frames quiz, and well narrow down some strong contenders for you.

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Alba Optics Stratos Ghost Vzum Af

Alba Optics’ Stratos Ghost VZUM AF-Lens are high quality performance sunglasses with a minimalist design. The frame is very light, and the top-quality photochromic lens provides clear, unobstructed coverage. However, the arms are not the most secure, and there’s no hard case for keeping these expensive sunnies safe.

Alba Optics Delta Blk Vzum Lava 12988

DOUBLETAKE Unisex Metal Compact Folding Reading Glasses, 2 Pairs ...

Alba Optics Delta glasses feature a unique frame design that delivers on holding them securely to your face, whatever terrain you charge through. The lens has impressive clarity, and even though the price is just below that of some premium designers, you are getting the premium experience.

The VZUM Lava lens fitted to the pair on test is designed to enhance visibility on cold tones in bright conditions there are seven other options, including a photochromatic lens. The lens is made from a scratch-resistant polycarbonate with an oleophobic layer added to repel dirt and water. I’ve been gravel riding with these, where grit is more likely to be thrown up, and the lens has put up a mighty defence and is lasting well.

Overall, the Deltas are light, well priced and offer a high-performance viewing experience. With such an impressive lens and frame design, these really are excellent.

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Spektrum Blank Sunglasses 13500

The super-trendy, high-quality Spektrum Blank sunglasses work equally well for all kinds of riding, as much as they do when you’re just chilling off the bike, though they are a little bit pricey when you factor in that they only come with one lens and no hard case.

That lens comes courtesy of Carl Zeiss, meaning it’s really top notch quality. There is zero distortion at any angle and the infrared option on test, though designed primarily with sunny weather in mind with just 13% light transmission, seems to work brilliantly in all conditions. It even manages to just about cope with that pesky woodland shade, where it can often be a case of having to take off your glasses altogether so you don’t end up riding into a tree.

There’s plenty of coverage here without feeling like your entire face has been taken over. The style is somewhat reminiscent of the Gargoyles in The Terminator movie, which is no bad thing of course the look is bold and stylish, but subtle. They’re not full-on racer style, but more comparable to trendier propositions such as Oakley’s Sutro. They’re the kind of sunglasses you could wear to the pub when you’re in civvy mode.

Rapha Pro Team Frameless Glasses 11000

Rapha’s Pro Team Frameless Sunglasses are comfortable and clear, with a great field of view. This pink/blue lens option is great for overcast days and the frame is secure, though the lenses’ chamfered edges create a visible line that some may find spoils the frameless design.

This frameless design gives a mostly unobstructed field of view for those that don’t want anything blocking their vision. The version tested, with the pink/blue lens offers amazing contrast and lovely clarity on overcast days.

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Smith Optics Flywheel Glasses 6899

The Flywheel from Smith Optics are retro/modern-looking sunglasses featuring Smith’s own tinted ChromaPop lenses. Theyre light, comfy and give excellent coverage for riding. Although downsides are few, the lens isnt interchangeable, meaning they’re only really useful for spring and summer.

These semi-framed glasses are made from a very flexy thermoplastic and feature auto-lock hinges and adjustable two-position nose pads. The pads are hydrophilic, by which Smith mean they stay grippy instead of getting slippery as the sweat starts flowing.

The lens uses Smith’s ChromaPop technology, which filters two wavelengths of light the company claims ’cause colour confusion.’ The aim is to boost your ability to see clearly, and the darkened lens gets a hydroleophobic coating to further help things.

Yellow / Amber Lens Benefits:

Buying Prescription Glasses Online VS In Store
  • Filter 50% of harmful blue light
  • Best for normal day-to-day use when blue light has less of an effect
  • Ideal working on a computer, laptop, or tablet
  • Slight amber tint that looks similar to regular glasses
  • Allow colors within the visible light spectrum to look most natural
  • Excellent for use while driving in cloudy or rainy weather
  • Solution for those suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity as orange lenses may over-stimulate the eyes

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Icu Wink Rocklin Tortoise Floral Reading Glasses


Tortoise reading glasses are some of the most popular options for their stylishly eclectic nature, making these a great reading glass choise for women. They arent so out there, but theyre out there enough to the point that someone might tell you, Hey, nice glasses! These glasses from Target are a standout because they are reasonably priced, have a unique shape you dont see so much in reading glasses and are available in four different magnifications depending on your needs. Plus, its Target, so while youre shopping, you can even snag clothes, games, electronics and groceries.

Galibier Surveillance Precision Optics Glasses 39

Galibier’s Surveillance Precision Optics glasses offer excellent all-round vision for a full-framed pair of shades. They’re lightweight and very comfortable to wear, and they’re flipping cheap too.

On test we’ve had two of the three available options of Surveillance glasses, the Matt Black with Smoke Plasma Mirror lens , and the TortoiseShell frame with a Gold Plasma Lens . If you want a polarised lens then this is available in a Gloss White frame, also £42.

Both Plasma lenses are designed to be used in medium to bright light, with the black framed option offering truer colour perception in sunny conditions, while the Gold version on the TortoiseShell has a coating to increase contrast by filtering blue light and reduce glare. Both work brilliantly with really clear optics and no distortion whatsoever.

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Can Hudson Optical Safety Glasses Be Prescription

Yes, you can purchase Hudson Optical Safety Glasses with either non-prescription or prescription lenses. While some people choose to wear contact lenses or another pair of prescription lenses under safety glasses, it is safer and more convenient to wear safety glasses that are already made with your prescription.

When Should You Wear Safety Glasses

3 Pack Newbee Fashion

Hudson Optical Prescription Safety Frames are versatile and stylish enough to be worn for any purpose and there is no harm in wearing them as often as you like. However, safety glasses are intended to be worn primarily during a hazardous job or when participating in potentially dangerous activities, such as woodwork or target shooting.

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Madison Stealth Glasses 2274

Madison’s Stealth glasses are brilliant riding shades at an exceptional price. The frameless design gives an almost uninterrupted field of view, while the bronze mirror lens is lovely to look through on overcast to bright days.

If you’re after a great set of sunglasses that don’t cost a fortune, these are an excellent choice. They provide great coverage, stay secure on your face, are comfortable on long rides and have excellent lenses.

There’s also the option to fit Madison’s £4.99 RX insert if you need prescription lenses.

Panda Optics Conquer 7900

The Panda Optics Conquer Sunglasses are a fashionably large-lens option offering good performance and cool looks, but without the ‘pro’ price. The sturdy yet lightweight frame comes in a hard case with three lenses: mirrored , amber and clear . You also get a microfibre cleaning cloth and a drawstring microfibre bag.

They work well with typical road helmets, slotting neatly under the edges with no pressure on the temples or behind the ears. The rubber nose grip is comfortable too, and they stay put even when you’re crouched in an aero position.

These are well-made, nicely designed and effective sports sunglasses that work well for cycling, both on and off-road, and come at a good price.

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The Best Part No Pressure No Hidden Fees

We believe everyone needs 2 pairs of glasses and with our new pricing, you can get the second pair for as little as $10. When youve been wearing glasses for as long as you have, we always suggest keeping a backup pair in your car or around the house in case of an emergency. You can choose from designer brands, such as Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Nike, and more.

This isnt a promotion this pricing is here to stay. Call or visit your local For Eyes today to double up and save!

*2 for $59 price includes single-vision uncoated plastic lenses and $19 frames. Upgrades available

Dhb Vector Photochromatic Glasses 9000

5 Best Smart Glasses of 2022

The dhb Vector PhotoChromatic Lens Sunglasses offer an amazing field of view thanks to that extra-large lens its clarity and the fact that it’s a fast-reacting photochromic lens made these the glasses of choice in a wide range of conditions from low-light, dull, rainy days to sunny bright ones.

As you’d expect when you see a lens this large, the field of view is excellent. It’s even better than you get with a pair of Oakley Jawbreakers which are still the oversize glasses to beat.

The frame at the top is amazingly unobtrusive it sits close to the forehead which means that the upward field of view is excellent. This is particularly useful if you’re in an aggressive position, for example when sprinting, head down in a TT position or just chewing your stem. Peripheral vision is also excellent, and the wraparound design has the added benefit of protecting your face from wind and rain.

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