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Anti Glare Night Driving Glasses

Best Night Driving Glasses Buyers Guide

Product Review: Night View Driving Fitover Glasses by KNIGHT VISOR and Anti Blue Light

If you have difficulty driving at night because of blinding headlights, a pair of night driving glasses can help. However, these are not a perfect solution for everybody. Generally, only people who need corrective lenses benefit from night driving glasses. If you have a lot of trouble seeing at night, consider scheduling an eye exam to consult an optometrist you may need corrective lenses.

If you dont need prescription lenses, you can always try a pair of night driving glasses to decide for yourself if they help. Most are inexpensive , so it is not a big investment to find out.

Cut Through The Gloom Wearing Night Driving Glasses

Night driving glasses can be fashionable accessories that might help you see a bit more clearly in dim conditions or on unfamiliar roads in the dark. You will find a broad range of inexpensive glasses for night driving for sale on eBay in various configurations. Understanding a bit about the common features or designs of these night vision glasses can help you organise your search and find the right pair that suits your needs or preferences.

Common lenses for night driving glasses

You can get different kinds of lenses for your night vision glasses depending on your needs. Different models of these driving shades might include various features in one lens type, and you can choose the options that work well for you. Here are just a few of the lenses you can find on some of the optics you’ll see on eBay:

  • Anti-reflective: The chemical compositions of night vision lenses like these are intended to block or reduce bright glares that might get in your eyes from artificial lights or sudden flashes you might see on the road. This feature may help you retain your natural low-light vision when you need it.

Selecting materials for your night vision glasses

You can select different materials for the frames and lenses of your glasses for night driving. You may prefer certain materials for the available colours, patterns, or textures that come with them. Here are a few of the main components you can choose for your shades:

How do you find features for your night glasses?

The Best Glasses For Night Driving

Start by scheduling a comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor. Many people who think their vision is fine are surprised to find out how much clearer they can see at night, even when a small amount of uncorrected refractive error is corrected with new glasses.

If your eyes are healthy and you don’t have vision problems that need to be corrected with prescription glasses, then the best glasses for night driving are no glasses at all.

On the other hand, if you need prescription eyeglasses because you have nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, choose clear corrective lenses with an anti-reflective coating.

These lenses:

  • Allow almost 100% of visible light to enter your eyes.

  • Let your eyes focus properly on the road and other obstacles at night.

  • Reduce or eliminate the glare-causing reflections of streetlights and headlights within your lenses.

  • Offer the best possible vision for your eyes, since they’re based on your individual prescription.

Some people might wonder if they should buy clear lenses with AR coating for night driving even if they have no need for vision correction. The answer is no AR coating only reduces the glare caused by the eyeglass lenses themselves. There is no visual benefit to wearing non-prescription lenses with AR coating.

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Night Driving Glasses To Reduce Glare

Sunglasses are accessories which not only help increase your style quotient but also protect your eyes from the suns harmful ultraviolet radiation, not to mention looking cool while sporting either an aviator, wayfarer or a sport-type glass. Protecting your eyes from sunlight is not the only purpose an eyewear serves. Driving at night can be a heavy strain on the eyes. With the cars from opposing lanes blinding us with their glaring lights, nocturnal navigation can become highly dangerous. This is when anti-glare night driving glasses are useful. They reduce the glare produced at nighttime and helps you drive with more comfort and ease at night. Picking a right pair of night driving glasses can provide a comfortable and safe journey. There are few important factors to look for while buying a good pair of night driving glasses. Lets take a look at a few important factors, shall we?

Ways To Improve Night Vision

Yellow Lens UV Protection Polarized Night Vision Glasses Anti

Driving in the dark can compromise several aspects of your vision including color recognition, peripheral vision, and depth perception. There are some methods in battling the interference of glare at night: Driving more slowly, leaving extra space between you and other cars, a clean exterior , allowing your eyes to adjust to the nights settings, turning off or dimming interior lighting, and avoiding staring into headlights of oncoming traffic. However, avoiding glare comes at ease with the assistance of anti-glare lenses, most notably designed by Crizal Eyewear.

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Do Anti Glare Glasses Help Night Driving

Anti-glare glasses are designed with lenses that have anti-reflective coatings. AR coating is a thin layer placed on the lens itself that helps eliminate reflections from the lens’s front and back surfaces.

Anti-glare glasses have quite a few benefits, including protecting your eyes from UV rays, reducing blue light exposure, extending your lenses’ life, and increasing your visual clarity.

Glasses Designed For Driving At Night

New and advancing technologies are improving glasses regularly. New technologies involve high-definition eyeglass lenses that are specially designed to correct vision issues and higher-order aberrations.

These glasses enhance and sharpen vision in every lighting condition. As such, they can improve night vision and therefore night driving.

High-definition glasses can sharpen vision, reduce glares, and let in maximum amounts of light. Examples of high-definition eyeglass lenses include free-form and wavefront lenses.

  • Free-form lenses: These lenses are highly customizable and fabricated with computer-controlled equipment. This level of technology allows them to sharpen vision-related issues that are specialized and more difficult to treat with standard lenses. They can provide some of the highest level of vision clarity during the day and at night.
  • Wavefront lenses: These lenses are created with some of the same technologies used to perform wavefront-guided customized LASIK surgeries. These lenses are customized for each person and extremely specialized to enhance vision across all lighting fields.

High-definition and glare reducing lenses are more advanced, specialized, and typically about a quarter to twice as expensive as traditional eyeglasses.

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What Our Clients Say

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How To See Better At Night With Night Driving Glasses

Do NIGHT VISION Glasses Work? – Night Driving Glasses Review

Although night driving glasses may actually hinder your ability to see in low-light conditions, there are several things you can do to see better at night, including:

  • Clean your windshield. Dirt and dust can make it harder to see. Don’t forget to clean the inside too.
  • Clean your headlights. Dirt covering your headlights can make them appear dimmer.
  • Maintain your windshield wipers. Replace them at regular intervals and keep them clean.
  • Clean your glasses. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to make sure your glasses are clear and easy to see through.
  • Dim the dashboard lights. This reduces eye strain and helps you see better at night.
  • Visit your eye doctor often. Keep your glasses or contacts prescription up-to-date, and visit your eye doctor when you have a concern, or at their recommended interval.
  • Use an anti-reflective coating on your glasses. If you wear glasses already, you can get an anti-reflective coating to help you see better at night. The coating reduces glare from lights at night.

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Why Wear Night Driving Glasses

If you ever felt that bright lights from approaching cars making it difficult to see the road when you are driving at night, you are not alone. The glare from oncoming cars simply hurts your night vision. Harmful light may increase the strain on your eyes and cause headaches. The new type of car headlights are significantly stronger andmany people feel stressed and nervous when they have to drive at nighttime or when it storms. Especially if you live in a rural area, some drivers may seem to forget to turn down their high beams while driving on country roads. Wearing night vision glasses for driving solves these problems by cutting down glare and filtering harmful blue rays. Using night time driving glasses makes driving at night comfortable and less dangerous.

What are night driving glasses?Night driving glasses, sometimes called also night vision glasses are glasses that meant to be worn at night and in dark environments. These glasses designed to reduce glare and make it easier to see in harsh times like dusk or night hours, when its rainy or when the upcoming glare is too high. Good night driving glasses will feature a special yellow tinted lens with an anti-glare coating, designed to filter harmful lights while maintaining full visibility.

Can Night Driving Glasses Help

Some experts believe that night driving glasses may hinder your ability to see at night while driving. The yellow lenses actually make less light reach your eye, making it harder to see.

They are actually better for helping you see during the day. They filter out blue light, creating greater contrast in daylight conditions. These glasses were originally created for hunters. They allow hunters to see birds against the sky more easily during the day.

One study from 2019 showed that people wearing night driving glasses had a harder time seeing pedestrians in their path than people who were not wearing night driving glasses. Those wearing the night driving glasses sometimes took up to 1.5 seconds longer to see pedestrians while driving.

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Extreme Focus At Night

Glare is a huge problem when it comes to night driving, with anti-glare lenses, drivers can elevate their vision and drive safer. Glare can interfere with your vision and decrease your reaction time. Glare at night can come from both bright and dim lighting. There are a few tips to help with your night driving and to reduce glare. The most reliable of them is anti-glare lenses.

Cons Of Using Night Driving Glasses:

  • While the darkest yellow tint lenses filter out the most glare from blue light, they also filter out the most significant light. This makes it difficult for wearers of nighttime safety glasses to see in dim or dark conditions.
  • Yellow lenses reduce the amount of light reaching the eye. This affects visibility. While this is useful during the day, it can be detrimental during the night.
  • Visual tests suggest that night glasses dont improve night vision at all. A 2019 study revealed that night driving glasses slow down visual reactions by a fraction of a second, making night vision worse while wearing them.

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What To Look For In Night Driving Glasses

Fit – Choosing the right fit is highly important as it decides whether it matches your face structure and how well it complements your look. But, more importantly, a snug fit on your face ensures that you dont need to worry about adjusting your glasses time and again on your long night drive.

Shape – Driving glasses come in a wide variety of shapes. The most well-known ones are the aviators and the wayfarers. The shape of the glass determines how well it suits your face. But, it also determines functionality as in the case of a wraparound glass which is usually used in driving or sport related activities.

UV Protection – UV protection is one of the main factors to consider while buying a driving glass. Though you wouldnt need it on your night drives, it doesnt hurt to have the extra feature if you decide to go for a drive with the sun on your face.

Polarised Lenses – Polarised lenses are a necessary feature to look for in night driving glasses, as they help to reduce glare from the headlights of the cars coming towards you. This lets you see clearly while driving and keeps you comfortable by reducing the strain on your eyes.

Tint – The tint of a driving glass determines how the light is perceived. They can be used to reduce the brightness to decrease the strain to your eyes. Brown or grey tints are colour neutral and are commonly used for night driving glasses as they do not distort the red colour and help you to identify traffic lights easily.

How To Choose The Best Glasses For Driving

Choosing the best glasses for driving may need some work but once you are able to find a suitable pair for yourself, driving during the day and night becomes easier.

Consider getting driving glasses that help block at least 90-100% of the UVA and UVB rays. When youre out during the day, while traveling to and from work, these rays can cause long-lasting damage to your eyes. Instead of opting for lenses with UV protection, opt for driving glasses which are much more comfortable.

It is also important to ensure that your driving glasses are sturdy, impact-resistant and made of polycarbonate which are naturally tough. Though these glasses may seem expensive, in the long run, they are cost-effective and last for years.

Also, ensure that you buy a suitable pair of driving glasses that completely protect your eyes so that the bright light does not leak in from the rims.

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Night Driving Glasses Key Features


The most important part of glasses is the lenses. They are what bring your view into focus after all. Lenses that are polarized help reduce glare from headlights, reflected surfaces, and harsh blue light. Polycarbonate lenses are more impact-resistant and are geared toward anyone who is more physically active. Also, look for lenses with protective coatings on them. These coatings can be anti-reflective to reduce eye strain from glare, reflections, or the halo effect around lights. They can also be scratch-resistant to keep scuff marks and scratches from ruining the lenses, and UV protection to help block the sun’s rays from hitting your eyes.

Flexible Arms

The arms of glasses wrap around your ears to hold them in place. Making sure they fit comfortably will help ensure you dont have to constantly adjust them. This can be tough to gauge if buying online. Standard arm lengths are between 120mm to 150mm, and many glasses manufacturers design pairs that are only 135mm, 140mm, 145mm, and 150mm. To see what size you may need, measure where the front of the glasses would be to just behind your ear.

Nose Pads

Finding a pair of glasses with comfortable, yet secure nose pads is a must. Pads are meant to be soft and pleasant on your face, not rough and uncomfortable. Plastic pads may end up putting pressure on your nose and lead to a headache and bruises on your skin. Rubber or silicone pads are softer and more tender on the skin, as well as more breathable.

Carrying Case

Conditions That Make It Harder To See At Night

Are Yellow Glasses Better for Night Driving?

There are many conditions that make it hard to see well at night. These conditions can affect your driving.

Nyctalopia. Another name for this condition is night blindness. If you have this condition, youâre not fully blind at night, but you may have a harder time seeing when there is less light. Nyctalopia is sometimes a sign of a different medical condition.

Myopia. This is also known as nearsightedness. It means you have trouble seeing things that are far away. It might also be harder to see in low-light conditions. A variation of myopia is referred to as night myopia. This type of nearsightedness occurs only at night.

Glaucoma.Glaucoma reduces peripheral vision and can make it harder to see at night. Glaucoma occurs when fluid builds up in the eye and damages the optic nerve.

Cataracts. Cataracts cause the lens of your eye to be cloudy, making it harder to see. This condition affects your vision both during the day and at night.

Deficiency of Vitamin A. Lack of this important nutrient can cause blindness. Foods that are high in vitamin A include:

  • Leafy greens

In its early stages of vitamin A deficiency, you might notice that you have difficulty seeing at night and in low light. If your doctor diagnoses this deficiency soon enough, your symptoms can be reversed.

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Types Of Glasses For Night Driving

It is difficult for most people to see at night, and many people struggle with night driving as a result.

Night blindness, or nyctalopia, can make it really hard for people to see in low-light conditions like nighttime. Night blindness does not mean you can’t see at all at night, just that it may be more difficult to see in dim light.

It is often a symptom or side effect of another vision issue, such as myopia , the American Academy of Ophthalmology explains. Prescription glasses can improve vision in all lighting conditions. On their own, they may improve night driving.

Adding an anti-glare, or anti-reflective , coating to your eyeglasses can allow more light in and also cut down on glare. Both of these things can improve night vision and improve vision for driving at night.

Regular glasses lenses block about 8 percent of the available light, only allowing about 92 percent through to the lens. Glasses with AR coatings allow nearly all the light in, 99.5 percent, a vast difference when you are dealing with low-light situations.

Glasses with AR coating promote sharper vision. They can also appear more invisible and seem less obtrusive than regular glasses.

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