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Are Contacts Better Than Glasses

Theyre Great For Active People

Glasses vs Contacts – Which is Better?

Contact lenses offer the most efficient eyewear solution for keen athletes and active individuals who enjoy playing sports. They dont move around when your head or eyes move, meaning you wont have to worry about them falling out and potentially breaking. Contact lenses rarely escape from the eye socket, and on the incredibly rare occasion they do , theyre very difficult to break. Contact lenses are most certainly more ideal than glasses for those who live an active lifestyle.Less obstructive than glasses, contacts also wont interfere with safety gear such as helmets, caps and goggles.

The Advantages Of Glasses

You should not just focus on the many pros and cons of contact lenses and forget that eyeglasses are also great eye accessories. Here are the major pros of buying eyeglasses. Have a look

Easy to put on and use

Unlike contact lenses, using glasses is easy as you just need to get a design that perfectly fits you.

Cheap and easy to maintain

You dont have to spend a fortune to purchase glasses. In addition, you dont need to replace glasses on a regular basis. All you need is a clean piece of clothing to clean your glasses. It is also cheap to replace the glasses in case they get damaged.


Eyeglasses present their users with a means to stay fashionable and create a style statement. All you need is to get an eyeglass design that can easily make a bold statement. There is a wide range of designer glasses to choose from.

Fewer infection risks

Eyeglasses wearers dont have to worry about the risk of getting eye infection as they present users with less risk of touching your eyes.

Offer protection to users

No Need For Multiple Pairs

As people age, their eyesight changes, which may require them to wear not only a pair of glasses for distance but also some type of additional prescription lenses for reading or seeing objects up close. For those that wear glasses, it is an easy solution as bifocal lenses can be made, which will allow you to see comfortably at any distance.

The bifocal lens is also available for those who decide that they want to wear contacts. However, they do not work quite the same. For a contact bifocal lens to work, the lens must be sitting on your eye properly.

Contacts typically move in some form every time you blink. This will cause your lens to shift slightly, and if they do not sit back in exactly the same position after every blink. This will affect your corrected vision, something that is not possible with glasses.

Additionally, whether or not you wear glasses or contacts, you will most likely have a pair of sunglasses lying around to help you see better during the day. With contacts, you will need an extra set of sunglasses. However, with glasses, you can have them specially tinted so that they darken in the sun and lighten out of the sun. This feature is called photochromic lenses and I have more information on this here.

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Which Is Better For Computer Use: Contact Lenses Or Glasses

Glasses have a slight advantage over contacts when it comes to screen use, if only because wearing contact lenses can exacerbate dry eye and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

There are also glasses lenses made specifically for computer use. If you experience eye strain after prolonged screen time, the slight boost in power built into anti-fatigue lenses can help.

Are Glasses Or Contacts Better Here’s What Optometrists Have To Say

Contact Lenses or Glasses, What is Better Choice?  Fancy Life Corner

Near sighted? Far sighted? You’re not alone. 75% of people wear some type of vision correction reports a Vision Impact Institute study, per Essilor. Of that number, the majority opt for glasses over contacts. Of course, it wasn’t so long ago that “hipster glasses” were in-style, trendy to the point where some even sported chunky frames without lenses. Taylor Swift’s 2008 music video “You Belong with Me” further popularized the aesthetic funny, what pining behind a window can do for the optical industry. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, glassless-glasses can be originally attributed to Japan in ’90s. Though the trend eventually faded, it quickly popped back up in cities across China, South Korea, and Taiwan, and in the late 2000s and early 2010s, Rx-free glasses hit the U.S.

In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, indie pop styles crept back into fashion on platforms like TikTok , per Vox. Only time will tell if this also includes 2010s “hipster glasses.” However, despite changing styles, the convenience of contacts has also become clear in recent years as it turns out, lenses fog-up when worn with a face mask in cold weather. Speaking on the debate between glasses and contacts is certified optometrist Dr. Ramin Rabbani, who spoke exclusively with The List and is here to settle your questions once and for all.

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Are Glasses Or Contacts Better For Myopia Control

Myopia is the worlds most common refractive error, affecting more than 27% of people globally. If you or someone you love has myopia, its vital to manage it as soon as possible so that you can reduce its potential impact. Corrective lenses are a critical part of myopia management, but should you choose glasses or contact lenses?

At Stoney Creek Eyecare, we help patients with all kinds of needs and lifestyles manage myopia effectively. Were here to help you understand the pros and cons of both glasses and contact lenses for myopia control so that you can have an informed conversation with your eye doctor about which method will be best.

Are Glasses Or Contact Lenses Better For Myopia

1 Sep 2022 | Eye, Health

Both glasses and contact lenses have been used to correct myopia in children, but which is more effective in managing the condition in the long run?

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a growing epidemic in the Asia Pacific. High myopia is a leading cause of visual impairment and blindness in some Asian countries and can lead to serious vision disorders such as myopic macular degeneration, retinal detachment, glaucoma, and cataract.

This sight-threatening condition occurs due to the abnormal elongation of the eyeball, causing the light to focus in front of the retina rather than directly on it. As a result, people with myopia can see objects that are up close but struggle to see things at a distance.

Untreated myopia does not just go away or get better over time. In fact, the earlier myopia sets in the faster its rate of progression. However, experts believe early detection and intervention can slow down the progression of myopia in children.

Conventional single-vision glasses

Spectacles, or glasses, have long been the go-to treatment for children with myopia. When a childs myopia is first detected, single-vision glasses are typically prescribed to correct their blurred vision when looking at things from a distance. However, numerous studies show they have little impact in controlling or slowing down the progression of myopia.

Dr Cheryl Ngo, Consultant Opthalmologist & Eye Specialist

Spectacles targeted for myopia control

Woon Pak Seong, optometrist

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Why Should You Try Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a very useful device for those who require vision correction. Many contact lens wearers enjoy their comfort and discretion. However, it is important to note that if someone has improper hygiene or overuses contacts, this may lead to eye infection or reduced breathability for your cornea. For this reason, having a pair of up-to-date glasses is always required. But you can be assured that under the supervision of your eye care professional, wearing contact lenses is safe. Contacts have evolved to adapt to your eyes needs and comfort.

A contact lens fitting will ensure the appropriate lenses have been chosen for your eyes unique shape and give you the chance to try out various brands and experience what the world will look like through your new contact lens prescription. It also allows your eye doctor to assess the movement of the lens on your eye. Get in touch with an eye professional if you want more information on eye health and your unique needs.

Glasses Vs Contacts Are Contacts Better Than Glasses

Glasses vs Contact Lenses – Which one is better?

People who want to correct their vision often face the glasses vs. contacts question. There is no right or wrong response to the question, and whichever you pick will depend on your vision needs and personal preference.Knowing the pros and cons of the two options will help you decide whether contacts are better than eyeglasses for you.

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Contact Lenses: Clear Vision But At A Unexpected Cost

  • Contact lenses can improve visual acuity, greater and clearer field of vision vs glasses. They are mostly invisible to the naked eye.
  • But, contact lenses put wearers at a high risk of infection, eye damage, dry-eye, irritation and redness even when following a rigorous hygiene practice. They are not suitable for all people, may struggle to correct astigmatism, and are the most expensive eye correction option over the long term.

Pros And Cons For Contacts

Contact lenses are available to more people than they were in the past. Some find them an attractive option for a variety of reasons.

Benefits of Opting for Contacts

  • For many people, the vision correction from contact lenses feels more natural compared to glasses. Some contact lens wearers are especially impressed with how contacts may improve their peripheral vision since the lenses site directly on the eye.
  • Contact lenses are appearance-neutral meaning they dont alter how you look.
  • Contacts dont fog up or get wet from the rain.
  • Have you ever wished your eyes were a different color? With contacts, it is easier to change your eye color than your hair color.

Cons of Wearing Contacts

  • In order to apply and remove contacts, you must get comfortable touching the eye. For some people, this is a deal-breaker.
  • Good hygiene and cleanliness are crucial when applying, removing, cleaning, and storing contact lenses. Otherwise, you may experience cloudy vision or even eye infection.
  • Contact lenses cause dry eyes for some people. Appropriate eye drops help, but some find them uncomfortable to wear.
  • If you are a daily lap swimmer, you may find contact lenses less convenient than glasses since you would need to remove them in a clean environment before swimming.

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Pros And Cons Of Glasses

Eyeglasses with corrective lenses have been used for centuries to improve vision. They offer many benefits, but they arent perfect.

Pros of glasses:

  • No long-term expense of cleaning
  • Low risk of infection
  • Moderate eye protection, including UV protection
  • Opportunity to make a fashion statement because they come in a wide variety of different colors and styles
  • Provide blue light and glare protection when looking at screens

Cons of glasses:

  • Discomfort from sweating and movement on the face
  • Its easy for someone to knock your glasses off of your face and impede your vision
  • Dont provide peripheral vision benefits
  • Many styles of glasses are easily breakable, but manufacturers do offer unbreakable styles

Contacts Experience Limited Obstructions

Contacts Vs. Glasses

The process of putting contacts on or removing them from your eye might be more tedious than that of glasses, but the benefit of this is that contacts sit on your eye, so it experiences few obstructions.

When wearing glasses, it is essentially unavoidable that the lenses will get covered by all sorts of elements that can obstruct your vision, including:

It is recommended that you clean your glasses once a day. This will keep them in optimal condition and limit unnecessary eye strain as you try to see through the film of smudges and other obstructions that can settle on the lens.

Since your contact sits on your eye, the only time it will be obstructed is if you get some sort of dirt or debris in your eye or even between your lens and your eye. For this reason, it is important to practice appropriate hygiene and wash your hands before applying your contacts.

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What Type Of Contacts Are Best For Me

Soft contact lenses and gas permeable contact lenses are the two most common types of contacts from which to choose. Hybrid lenses , multifocal soft lenses, and rigid gas permeable lenses are also available.

Disposable soft contacts have a replacement schedule anywhere from one day to three months. Hard contacts are more durable and can last for years with proper care.

In many cases, Dr. Caywood recommends soft lenses to her patients due to the comfort they provide. Soft lenses can treat various types of eye conditions. For example, daily disposable lenses are better suited for patients with dry eye, while other soft lenses can help patients with astigmatism and stronger prescriptions.

I have many patients who have eye diseases and conditions where soft lenses are not the best option to optimize vision, she says. That is when I recommend gas permeable or scleral lenses which are custom made and provide better vision for patients who have stronger prescriptions, and problems like irregular astigmatism or keratoconus.

What Are The Different Contacts With Corrective Lenses

There are several types of contact lenses for various vision problems. An eye doctor will examine your eyes and after the eye exam prescribe contacts for your refractive error.A refractive error means that the shape of the eye does not allow it to bend light correctly, resulting in poor vision and other symptoms. Common refractive errors and contacts for their correction include:


Myopia is the inability to see distant objects because the eyeball is too long relative to the focusing power of the cornea and lens, causing light to focus in front of the retina rather than on it. Nearsightedness can be corrected with spherical contact lenses made from hard or soft contact lenses materials.


Hyperopia happens because the eyeball does not bend light correctly, making it difficult to see near objects. Light entering the eyes focuses on the back of the retina because the eyeball is too short. Farsightedness can be corrected with spherical soft or hard contact lenses.


Astigmatism results from an irregular shape of the cornea or lens. The cornea or lens has an uneven shape, affecting how light enters the eye leading to blurred or distorted vision.Toric contact lenses are the most common type of contacts for correcting astigmatism. Other lenses like gas permeable and hybrid lenses may also be prescribed for correcting astigmatism.


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Get A Clearer View Of Your Options For Myopia Control

Ultimately, choosing eyeglasses or contact lenses for myopia control is your decision. Use what youve learned above to have an informed discussion with your eye doctor about the vision correction devices that you and your family use so that you can control myopia effectively and reduce the risks associated with it.

Contact Lenses Dont Create Glares

Glasses or Contact Lenses? What to Choose? | SportRx

No human eye is a match for the brilliant rays of the sun. However, contacts do provide improved vision over glasses because they dont create glares when exposed to direct sunlight.

Glares are created on the glasses lenses when the sun hits the glass and is reflected off. Not only can the sunlight damage your eyes, but the glare also makes it nearly impossible to see and causes most individuals to turn their heads or move to see properly again.

There are some glasses that are made with an anti-glare coating that increases visibility by preventing this glaring effect. Unfortunately, these are specialized lenses that are often a more costly investment than an ordinary or prescribed lens.

Although the suns ultraviolet rays still pose an issue for contact-wearers as it would for any individual when considering their ocular health, they dont reflect light the way glasses. This is due to their design and the fact that they are located on your eye rather than in front of it.

Therefore, if you live in a sunny location, you might want to invest in contacts rather than glasses for maximum visual acuity. And of course, a little investment in good sunglasses will give you more sun protection.

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Lenses The Most Practical Option

Contact lenses can fulfill the same duties that glasses can. You can find different types of contact lenses depending on your wearing habits. You can get lenses for daily, monthly, or fortnightly use. There are also different types of contact lenses depending on your vision problem. You can use toric lenses for astigmatism, multifocal lenses for presbyopia or spherical lenses for myopia and hyperopia.

As you can see, you have many options that can be adapted to each situation and preference. Contact lenses can provide a better quality of life and allow you to do almost every kind of activity. Here are the main advantages of contact lenses:

  • Contact lenses have a greater peripheral vision. They allow you to see all around you without your vision being blocked.
  • With contact lenses, you won’t have to worry about any reflections from surfaces.
  • Contact lenses never fog up.
  • The use of contact lenses allow you to carry out all kinds of activities without any limitation. You can do sports or go out at night with greater freedom of movement.
  • You can wear any type of sunglasses if you wear contact lenses. You can even get lenses with a UV filter to guarantee maximum safety against any harmful rays.
  • Replacing contact lenses due to loss or change of diopters is much easier and a lot cheaper than glasses.
  • Contact Lenses Vs Glasses

    Is it better to wear glasses or contacts? Are contact lenses safe? We understand it can be difficult to decide which option is best for you. The answer will depend on several factors, which we break down for you in this blog. Well compare the advantages and disadvantages of each option to help you make a decision. Youll also discover the different types of lenses for glasses, the most affordable options and the 6 reasons why its better to wear contact lenses, especially for those that use a computer regularly.

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