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Are Expensive Sunglasses Worth It

Once You Get A Great Pair Youll Never Look Back

Are expensive sunglasses worth it?

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My boyfriend and I are currently in a fight we started over a year ago. Basically, when we bought an armoire for our room, we divided up the drawers fairly. That means that I, the one who works in fashion, would have a drawer or two more than my boyfriend, who owns the same amount of clothing any sane person would. But then my sunglasses collection became too unwieldy, forcing me to secretly took over one of his drawers to house it. Even though it took him weeks to notice, he still got mad, and now whenever I open up that drawer to pick out my sunglasses for the day, he always says, “You know, that’s my drawer, and you really don’t need all of those”.

But the truth is I do. Once I started investing in high-quality sunglasses, I became obsessed with owning as many pairs as possible. For years, I just lived off of those $10 ones you buy on a beach boardwalk, but now I realize that constantly shelling out cash for cheap, ineffective sunglasses every time I needed them wasn’t saving me money. Instead, I was basically throwing it away.

Shiels Jewellers Emerald $200000

Shiels Jewellers is another renowned name in the jewelry industry. The Australian company was founded back in 1945 by Jack Shiels, and one of their most interesting products to date is this pair of Emerald sunglasses. Theyre actually inspired by the Roman Emperor Nero, who used emeralds to watch gladiator fights.

It took 5 years for the company to find, shape, cut and polish the emeralds into lenses. The frame is pure gold with embedded diamonds and the price is pure madness, especially since theres only a low quality photo of these sunnies out there. Youll have to pay $200,000 for this unique pair of sunglasses.

Not All Sunglasses Are Deemed Safe For Driving

Dispensing optician Katherine Howard explains how there’s another rating that you might see on the frame of sunglasses: what category they fall into. The category refers to how dark the lenses are 0 is the lightest, 4 is the darkest.

A category 4 will allow somewhere between 9% and 4% of visible light through to your eyes. This means they’re not actually legal for driving. A category 3 lets through somewhere between 18% and 9% which makes them safe for behind the wheel, but not if theres a tint on the windscreen. “That would then take you over into the category 4 overall, so that’s why it would be important to check individual scenarios,” explains Katherine.

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The 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses Brands Ranked

Sunglasses can be cheap… But they aren’t always. Designer sunglasses can cost a lot, and these are the most expensive brands ever.

One it comes to fashion, most of us strive to look our absolute best. How many times in our lives have we spent hours in front of the mirror choosing between several pairs of jeans and switching from a shirt to a tank top? It can become overwhelming sometimes. But nothing sends fashionistas over the edge quite like accessories.

Accessories are those wonderful things that can really make or break an outfit. So we tend to invest a little something extra when its time to buy them. And particularly with sunglasses, since its as much about style as it is about keeping those eyes safe. But how far are you willing to go on your search for the perfect pair? Lets take a look at the ten most expensive sunglass brands in the world!

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What Company Makes The Best Cheap Polarized Sunglasses

Awesome expensive worth it sun glasses!

No one brand or style will work for everyone, but after researching more than 142 affordable sunglasses from trusted retailers, we found 11 pairs of cheap polarized sunglasses. This vetted assortment should provide enough variety for most people to find sunglasses in the size and style that work with their lifestyle and face shape.

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How Much Are Cartier Glasses

The price of Cartier glasses begins in the $500 range and can run over $6,000. Before you visit your optician, its a good idea to look online and get a general understanding of the type of glasses you like and can afford but remember, there may also be high added costs, depending on your prescription.

Is Anything Being Done About This

Seriously? No. The Federal Trade Commission has been driving with its hands off the wheel for years in choosing not to regulate all sorts of billion-dollar industries you think theyre going to trouble themselves with glasses? Regulators here and in Europe allowed the Essilor-Luxottica merger to go right ahead. The Guardian summarized the merger succinctly: In seven centuries of spectacles, there has never been anything like it.

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Reasons Why Expensive Sunglasses Are Worth Buying

Buying expensive shades is totally based on your desire to buy branded designer eyewear with a premium quality frame and lens material. If you are thinking of buying glasses with a high price tag, then check whether it is offering the basic features, i.e., UV rays protection, eliminates glare giving you a clear vision, and protects your eyes from exposure to bright lights on sunny days.

During the summer season, the demand for sunglasses is at its peak. Thats the time your eyes can get maximum damage from the suns harmful rays and need protection from bright, intense light during the daytime.

Shop online with a variety of sunglasses that flatter your face shape and make you look fashionable. Buy sunglasses for men, women, and unisex at reasonable prices with premium quality from your favorite brands. Read more for further details and buy the perfect shades to make yourself look fashionable.

Wearing expensive sunglasses has multiple benefits, and paying extra money can be value for money. Here are the following reasons why expensive sunglasses are worth buying.

Is It Worth Paying More For Better Sunglasses

Are Expensive Sunglasses Worth the Money

When it comes to your shades, the highest price doesn’t necessarily translate into the best quality. Here’s what you need to look for.

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Its summer, the perfect time to head to the beach or pool and gaze at the world through the coolest sunglasses of the season. For some, the designer brand on a pair of shades is just as important as the label on their bathing suit, and the eyewear might even cost more.

No matter how stylish your glasses, remember that the primary role of sunglasses is to:

  • Shield your eyes from the suns harmful rays.
  • Boost visibility by eliminating glare.
  • Provide an optimal level of comfort.

Some people insist on sporting the most stylish and expensive pair of frames. But is the quality of designer shades truly superior, or are you simply paying for the logo?

When looking for sunglasses designer or not keep in mind the following when determining whether they are worth buying.

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The Best Sunglass Lenses

The best sunglasses lenses are durable. A cheap pair of glasses can quickly become unusable due to scratches. Our SkyTec lenses are developed with military pilots in mind meaning theyre ready for anything. All SkyTec lenses are built to be weatherproof, scratch resistant, and impact resistant. Scratch resistant coating is applied to all our lenses. Then, the lenses are tested for their impact resistance by dropping steel balls onto each lens from three feet above. If you want a pair of sunglasses that stand the test of time, go with either chemically-tempered glass lenses or our SkyTecMineral Glass lenses with a durable hard coat.

Are Expensive Sunglasses Worth The Splurge

Houston eye doctor’s study shows that drug store and designer shades might not be so different

HOUSTON — The sunshine will eventually return, and sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory.

But what should you be looking for when you purchase the perfect pair?

“UV protection, that’s the most important thing,” said Dr. Mirwat Sami with Houston Eye Associates.

Sami just completed a study that compiled sunglass comparisons from top name designer brands to generic drug store brands.

“I was surprised I was spending up to $200 and only getting 70 percent protection, but it was clearly marked and labeled,” Sami said.

Seventy percent UV protection for a designer pair is 30 percent less than the average pair of glasses sold at the drug store. Rest assured, no matter where you purchase your sunglasses, they will be clearly marked with a UV protection label.

“If you go to a department store or a drug store where these are regulated glasses, if the sticker says 100 percent UV protection, you can rest assured it is. Going to a street vendor or designer knock off, they are very unregulated and most of the time won’t even have a sticker,” Sami said.

Whether you pay $250 for a pair of high-end shades or $14.99 for a pair from the drug store, sunglasses marked with the same UV percentage will offer the same protection. You do not have to spend a fortune for great eye protection.

“There is a happy medium between the really expensive and really inexpensive,” Sami said.

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Expensive Or Inexpensive Sunglasses

If you want designer sunglasses with durable frame and lens materials that effectively shield you from UV rays and provide a comfortable fit in your preferred style, then they may be well worth the investment.

Plus, if that designer or brand name means a lot to you, then go for it! They are your eyes and it is your wallet. However, if these fashionable shades are just a fancy logo, but with considerable sun protection, you may want to opt for more affordable sunglasses.

Please contact our designers to get your custom glasses. We provide customers with integrated services from development to delivery. All designs provide customers with highly exclusive personalized logos, color temperatures, etc. Ensure corporate advantages, ensure customer satisfaction, and establish industry reputation. In order to tap more business and market share, and obtain long-term cooperation.

Buying Cheap Sunglasses Vs Expensive Sunglasses: Whats The Difference

Is it worth buying expensive sunglasses

When we think of sunglasses, majority of the time we think, fashion, style, do I look good in these? A lot of the time, people forgot to ask themselves well do these glasses serve their intended purpose?

Its very easy to fall into the trap of buying cheap sunglasses thinking, oh yeah these look cool, and theyre only ten pounds, what a bargain. But do those ten-pound sunglasses protect you from UV rays?

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Gold And Wood 253 Diamond $55000

Next title on our list is quite explanatory by itself. Masterfully crafted by the esteemed eyewear brand, Gold and Wood, and combining noble materials with unique skills and expertise, the 253 Diamond sunglasses are one of a kind.

Ever thought how much would a diamond cost? Ok, multiply that by 253. Yes, this model has 253 diamonds embedded in the frame. Not fancy enough? Then you should know that 22 of those gems are princess cut diamonds, which is the second most popular cut shape for diamonds. For real aficionados, that means a unique precious accessory. The price tag is shocking: $55,000.

Are Expensive Sunglasses Worth It

Sunglasses are a trendy way to protect your eyes from the sun and even add a little mystery to your look.

For many people, sunglasses are a daily accessory, and the way they look is just as important as the clothing and other items they wear.

When you are shopping for the right sunglasses, there are a lot of things to think about, and one of them is how much you are willing to pay for the perfect pair.

If you think a pair of sunglasses seems expensive, consider the reason the price may be higher and the advantages of choosing higher-priced items.

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They Are Of Premium Quality

When you are out buying sunglasses, you will find a wide price range. Although all these products with different price tags are considered sunglasses, just as the price increases, so does the quality. You cant expect a $20 pair of sunglasses from a street vendor to have high-quality material. So, when you are buying expensive sunglasses, you are paying for the high quality as well. Sunglasses that are made from premium quality material of both the frame and lens tend to last longer and offer more comfort.

Furthermore, as yet price goes up, so do additional features. For instance, if you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that are polarized, it is understood that the price will be higher. So w can say the more money a pair of shades cost, the more quality it will have.

Why You Should Trust Us

Oakley Sutro vs Bliz Fusion Review – Are expensive glasses worth it?

To find out how people should be protecting their eyes, we interviewed several experts for this guide, including three ophthalmologists: Ravi D. Goel, MD, a clinical instructor at the Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia and spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology Suzann Pershing, MD, an assistant professor of ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine, who also serves as chief of ophthalmology for the VA Palo Alto Health Care System and Ellen Koo, MD, an ophthalmologist and faculty member of the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami who specializes in corneal and external diseases and LASIK.

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Whats The Difference Between Cheap Sunglasses And Expensive Sunglasses

The price of sunglasses tends to play a role in the final decision of buying. Why are some expensive and others cheap?

The answer is simple! You are paying for the quality of the lens.

The cheap ones are cheap because they generally do not have any UV protection and the quality of your vision looking through the tinted lens is inferior.

The real question is, could the cheap sunglasses do more damage than good?

When you put a dark filter in front of your eyes, your pupil dilates, which essentially lets more UV rays into the eye. So, if youre wearing a cheap pair of sunglasses with no UV protection, that has a poor-quality tint, you could be doing more harm to your eyes.

Is It Worth It To Buy Expensive Glasses

For most people, hugely expensive eyeglasses are not worth the money eyeglasses do not have to be $1000 for them to be durable enough to last a few years. The most cost-effective way to buy your eyewear is to buy moderately priced frames and replace the lenses every year using Rx-ables lens replacement services.

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What Kind Of Sunglasses Does Ray

From the iconic to the contemporary, Ray-Ban has a strong selection of stylish pairs fit for every face. You’ll probably recognize Ray-Ban’s three most classic pairs: The Aviator, The Wayfarer, and The Clubmaster. While eyewear trends come and go, these three pairs are classics. Insider Reviews social media associate Victoria Gracie swears by her Ray-Ban Clubmasters. “In the past,” she said, “I’ve had trouble finding sunglasses that fit my face well, but Ray-Ban’s Clubmasters seem to do the trick. The quality is also top-notch I’m not as careful as I should be with my Ray-Bans, but they’re still in pristine condition, and the mirrored lenses don’t even show any scratches.”

Personal Finance Insider reporter Liz Kneuven has both prescription and regular Ray-Bans. She credits her love for the Erika sunglasses to the unique shape that’s slightly round but still angular. “Before those glasses got really popular, it was hard to find anything that shape. They’re just so flattering,” she says. “For me, it’s all about the shape. I’ve owned and shopped for several pairs of nice sunglasses, but I’ve never been able to find any other round-ish ones that complimented my face shape like the Ray-Ban Erikas do.”

Are Cheap Sunglasses Harmful

Expensive collectibles Photos

Cheap shades are actually harmful due to the harm they can cause to the environment. Only 1 in 10 plastic sunglasses make it to a recycling facility, causing the rest to clog landfills and runways. The amount of these cheap shades increases by up to 5 million pairs per year, not including the plastic lenses themselves.

There are many types of harmful chemicals found in these cheap shades like BPA, phthalates, and lead. 1 in 15 people get certain cancers from wearing shades, due to UVB damage, where 3 out of these 15 get cataracts.


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So The Price Isnt Coming Down Anytime Soon Huh

Not as long as a single company is pretty much monopolizing its industry and can set its own prices. Luxotticas CEO said in a 2012 segment of 60 Minutes about Luxottica, Everything is worth what people are ready to pay.

Hes right in the worst sort of way. You can get adequate sunglasses anywhere, but if you want the ones people perceive to be nice, youll have to pay what Luxottica tells you to.

Besides blocking UV rays, you know what else sunglasses are great for? Avoiding eye contact. Thats why theyve always had the whiff of an eff-you quality to them and thats the entire reason for the old Deal With It meme. It turns out the actual sunglass industry feels exactly the same way.

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