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Are My Glasses Too Big

When Should You Not Try To Adjust Your Glasses

How to Adjust Your Glasses at Home | Warby Parker

So, were gonna level with you here. We wanted to give at-home options for practicality, but in an ideal world your glasses should be adjusted by a professional. You dont want to damage your frame, and a professional knows exactly how to handle glasses better than anyone. An experienced eye care specialist knows what needs to be done correctly in order for your glasses to fit you properly, and its a safer bet than trying it at home for the first time.

If your pair is made from sturdy material like titanium or metal, theres more chance of you breaking them or pushing them out of shape, especially if its a delicate style like rimless. You can find local opticians near you right here on our site and you should visit every few months to get your frames tightened and checked.

How To Adjust Plastic Glasses Bridge

Sometimes the nose bridge of your glasses needs adjusting because they dont sit comfortably on your nose. If this is the case, youll need to adjust the nose pads on either side of the bridge.

If your glasses sit high on your face, move the nose pieces or pads further apart. If they sit too low, pinch the pads with your fingers so they are closer together.

Do your best to move each pad at equal amounts so your glasses remain symmetrical.

How To Tighten Glasses

Sometimes you can tighten your glasses frames when they are too loose.

Most pairs of eyeglasses have a screw located at the temple hinge on both sides. You can tighten this screw to make your glasses more comfortable or prevent them from falling apart. Its a good idea to check these screws periodically so you can tighten them before they fall out.

Youll probably need an optometric screwdriver to tighten the screws in your glasses. You can also use a small screwdriver as long as it fits into the screw top.

To tighten, youll turn the screw clockwise until there is resistance. This moves the frame inward toward your head. Make sure you dont over-tighten because it can strip the screw or snap the frames.

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One Lens Is Higher Than The Other


If the left lens is higher than the right lens, bend the right temple arm down where its most adjustable: at the hinge or the bend at your ear.


If the right lens is higher than the left lens, bend the left temple arm down where its most adjustable: at the hinge or the bend at your ear.


How To Adjust Frame Height Metal

How To Rock Oversized Frames If You Have A Petite Face

If your metal frames arent quite at the height you want them to be, your nose pads are probably too wide.

1. Hold the metal part of the temple

2. Pinch one nose pad arm between your thumb and finger or use some needle nose pliers

3. Do the same again on the other side of the pair

4. The closer the pads are pushed together the higher your glasses will sit

5. You can reverse this and make your pair lower by pushing the nose pads apart

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What Glasses Suit Thick Eyebrows

Both chunky or thin frame glasses frames can suit thick eyebrows. By contrast, thin spectacles can emphasize the thickness of your brow line making them look fuller, whilst chunky frames can cover them slightly making them seem less dominant.

This is highly subjective, but if you have especially thick eyebrows, your choice of glasses can help accentuate or cover them.

The choice is yours.

Why Can I See The Frame Of My Glasses

You can see the frame of your glasses as theyre within your peripheral vision. This is perfectly normal with full rimmed glasses as they have material surrounding your lenses. If youve recently started wearing glasses for the first time, youll eventually get used to seeing them at the edges of your vision.

Hopefully you fund this article useful.

Thanks for stopping by.

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The Keys To Proper Eyewear Fit

1. The width of the frame should match the width of your face. This means, when looking at you straight on, the glasses should not hang off the side of your face and we should not be able to see the sides of the temples .

2. We should be able to see your eyebrows above the frames. At least half of them, preferably a little more than half.

3. Each eyeball should be directly in the center of the lens, from left to right. The distance between the corner of the eye and the edge of lens should be the same on both sides of the eye.

4. Your eye should fill the top half of the lens. The bottom of the eye should roughly touch the vertical midpoint of the lens.

5. The temples should be adjusted to fit around your ears. If you have a problem with glasses sliding down your nose, you need to have the temples bent to keep them in place.

6. The overall frame should be located roughly in the middle of your face. It should provide a nice balance between the top of the face and the bottom of the face. In each of the examples below, notice there is roughly equal distance between the top of the frame and the top of the head, and the bottom of the from and the bottom of the chin.

How Do You Tighten Screws On Glasses

DO HUGE GLASSES fit the Oculus Quest 2? Unboxing & Review Contractors footage

On the inner section of the temples you will usually find incredibly small screws. Tighten the screws using a mini screwdriver. Eyeglass repair kits such as our Feel Good Handy Kit is perfect for tightening screws on your glasses.

If you find your glasses very quickly becoming loose again, you may need to replace the screws.

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About Dr Holly Vaught Od

Dr. Holly J. Vaught, is the eye doctor at Vaught Family Eye Care in Franklin, Indiana, where she provides comprehensive services for patients of all ages. In 2009, she graduated with honors from Indiana University School of Optometry. Her training includes the areas of diagnosis and treatment of common ocular diseases, primary care, contact lenses, and pre- and post-op care for refractive and cataract surgeries. Dr. Vaught is a member in good standing of the American Optometric Association, the Indiana Optometric Association, and Women of Vision.

Disclaimer:® is not liable for damage that occurs while adjusting your glasses or readers at home.

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Are Oversized Glasses In Style 2022

Under and oversized glasses are in style for 2022, made from various colours and thicknesses of acetate. Fashion brands and niche optical companies are pushing the boundaries of technology and craftsmanship to make incredibly detailed, high-quality frames, especially in the upper end of the market.

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How Do I Choose Oversized Frames

Because of the nature of large frames, it can be hard to know where oversized-yet-trendy ends and too-big-for-your-face begins. Your glasses should fit your bridge and should not cover your eyebrows or touch your cheeks. They should rest comfortably – the arm should not extend too far beyond your ears and should not be too heavy.To find your perfect fit in oversized glasses, choose a frame that complements your face shape and coloring. Tortoise shell patters and brown tones are popular choices for an earthy, versatile look, and black frames are great for a simple, classic aesthetic. Our collection of oversized frames includes cool aviators and chic cat eyes in a wide variety, so go for a standout look to suit your big personality.

Nose Imprints After Wear

Are these glasses too large for my head? : glasses

Nose imprints show the eyeglass frames are unbalanced on your face. Weight is not being evenly distributed between your ears and your nose. This can change the way you feel while youre wearing eyeglasses and can even lead to eye strain and fatigue.

If youre seeing red marks on your nose every time you take your glasses off, its time to get back to your optometrist for an adjustment.

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Take It To The Pro: Visit Your Optician For An Optimal Glasses Adjustment

Whenever possible, get your eyeglasses adjusted by an eye care professional especially if your frames are made of sturdy materials such as titanium or if theyre especially delicate, such as rimless or semi-rimless.

We recommend visiting a professional optician every three months for a tune-up to have your frames tightened up a bit and all screws checked for security. This is usually about a five-minute process and a great way to extend the life of your frames.

Fancy getting a new pair of glasses? Check out our current offer for stylish and affordable glasses.

Have more questions? We have many other ways to help you adjust your glasses. Contact us by email, live chat or call 1-866-414-2326.

Too Far Away From Your Eyes

Your frames and lenses should ideally sit as close to your eyes as possible this is especially true for progressive lens wearers. Ideally, your frames should be as close as you can get them without touching your eyelashes.

1. To bring the frames closer to your eyes, move the nose pad arms closer to the frames.

2. To move the lenses away from your eyes, pull the nose pads away from the frames.

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Glasses Without Nose Pads With Anti

Adjust the temples behind the ears:

The most common problem with the temples is the length. For some they may be too short, for others too long. Isn’t it great, then, that you can do something about this at home? All you need is hot water or a hairdryer.

Let’s say the temples are too long. In this case, the solution is to be able to bend the tips behind the ears. What you do is use a hairdryer to warm the part of the temple you want to bend. Warm evenly all around the area you want to adjust.

After warming the temple for about 30 seconds, you can start to bend it a little. Bend carefully, but firmly. It’s best to hold the temple with both hands, and place your thumbs underneath the area you want to bend. This gives you better control over the temple and the curve. It’s often necessary to warm the temple with the hairdryer several times during the adjustment.

If the temples are too short, and the tips don’t curve comfortably behind the ears, you will need to straighten them in order to get a good fit. Proceed in the same way as described above, but instead of curving the temple further, you straighten it out. You can then adjust other areas of the temple as needed.

How To Measure The Pupillary Distance

Answerland: How to Find the Perfect Glasses for Big Heads

This is the distance between your pupils and is used to determine where they fall inside each lens. You will need a friend to take this measurement as its difficult to get an accurate one by yourself. Remember that your pupils should be centered in the lens from left to right and straddle the upper two-thirds of the lens from top to bottom.

Take a measuring tape and have a friend measure the distance from the center of one pupil to the other.

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How To Adjust Metal Frame Glasses

Adjusting plastic frame glasses is more difficult than metal frames, but its still possible to do this at home with an additional step.

To adjust metal frames:

  • Before you begin the adjustment, youll need to warm your glasses using hot water or a hairdryer for about 30 seconds to two minutes.
  • Once warm and pliable, gently bend your glasses as needed.
  • Wait until they cool and try them on.
  • If additional adjustments are needed, reheat them and readjust.

You should never try to bend plastic glasses without heating them first because the plastic is brittle and will snap. If you have doubts that warming the plastic wont be effective, take your glasses to an optician for adjustments.

How To Adjust Frame Height Plastic

Your eyes should be in the center of your lenses when you wear your pair, so have that in mind as you attempt adjusting it.

1. Heat your temples by soaking them in warm water from 30 seconds to a minute

2. To raise them up, bend them in towards you for a nicer fit

3. Do the same to lower them, but this time by bending them out

4. When youve found your perfect height, rinse your temples with cold water

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What Causes Glasses To Loosen

Eyeglasses can loosen, which requires adjustments. If you are new to wearing glasses or youve never had loose glasses before, you might think you need a professional to fix the problem. The good news is, this usually isnt the case, and you can tighten your glasses at home.

Glasses loosen for many different reasons. Most people put on and remove their glasses several times each day. The back and forth movements of the glasses arms increase the likelihood that theyll loosen.

What can you do to fix your glasses if they become loose?

Where to Buy Glasses + Contacts

Best Place to Buy Contacts: 1800 Contacts

How Should Glasses Fit Your Face

Mom Fitness Diary: My Specsavers Experience

By: EyeTx|Published on: Dec 31, 2020|Categories: Eye Care, Eye Health, Glasses|

Glasses should feel comfortable, accentuate your features, and, of course, help you see.

Choosing glasses is about much more than your personal style preferences its actually an important part of eye care. If you have the wrong fit, even if you love the frame style, you could experience eye strain, problems seeing properly, or even have troubling side effects, like nausea or headaches.

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How To Make Sure Your Glasses Fit Properly

Properly fit glasses are not only essential for comfort, but also play an important role in the quality of your vision. Glasses that do not fit correctly may affect the placement of your lenses and ultimately how you see out of them. Your Shopko Optical optician will use a combination of measurements including frame width, arm length, bridge placement and lens size to ensure your glasses fit properly.

1. Pick the Right Frame Width for Your Face

The width of your frame is the entire horizontal measurement of the front face of your frames. A correct frame width will ensure your eyes are properly aligned in the center of your lenses for optimal vision. The frame width should be slightly wider than your face but with the space between your temple and frame no larger than a fingers width.

2. Ensure the Arm Length is Right for You

The arm length is the measurement of the long frame piece that runs along your temple and wraps around your ears. Commonly, this measurement is the third number displayed on the inside of the temple. Your frame arm should run horizontally and sit comfortably around your ears only touching your head right before your ears. With properly fit frames, there should be no pain around your ear or temple area.

3. Check the Placement of the Bridge

4. Evaluate the Lens Size

5. Make Sure Your Pupils Align Correctly

6.Consider Your Face Shape

Go With Familiar Shapes Or Experiment

The traditional advice for oversized eyewear buyers is to select larger frames in a style that complements your face shape in a regular frame size. Square or rectangular frames are said to look best on round faces, while oval or round frames often suit more angular face shapes.

These rules arent set in stone, though. Trying on oversized glasses is a great time to experiment with bold new styles and colors.

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How Should Sunglasses Fit

All of the above advice applies to sunglasses as well as prescription glasses. However, sunglass lenses are often larger than regular eyeglass lenses to provide additional protection from bright light and UV rays. If youre a fan of the oversized look, dont shy away from sunglasses that take up spacethey can overtake your brows if you want!

They Are Pinching Your Nose

3 Reasons You’re Wearing The WRONG Sunglasses & Frames! (NOT Your Face Shape)


Use your thumbs to spread the nose pads out until they fit comfortably.


Place your glasses in a bowl of warm water for 30-60 seconds. Carefully apply an outward and upward pressure to the end of the temples to achieve a relaxed fit behind the ears.


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Protect Your Glasses From The Start

If you make sure to protect your glasses from the start, there is less likelihood of damage occurring. When your glasses are not in use, remember to keep them in the case they were sold with.

The hard body of the case will protect your glasses from getting crushed, becoming lose and changing shape. It will also protect them from scratching.

Also, remember to regularly clean your glasses with a micro cloth and cleaning spray to reduce the build-up of dirt and debris and ensure you have clear vision all day.

If you have any queries regarding frame adjustments or need any help, please dont hesitate to get in touch with our helpful optician team.

Do Glasses Go Above Eyebrows

Ideally, the top of your glasses should follow your brow line. Its perfectly okay if the frame covers them slightly as large or thick spectacles can often do this. If your eyebrows are below the top of your gasses, your bridge-width may be too wide or the frame may be too large for you.

Your eyebrows are the most expressive part of your face and communicate your emotion with subtle facial gestures. As a spectacle wearer, your glasses actually help to draw attention to your eyes and expressions, which can be a characterising and flattering addition to your perception.

This is why full-rim glasses made from acetate are generally thickest near your eyebrows. This top-heavy aesthetic draws attention to your eyes, the main focus of human interaction.

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