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Authentic Cartier Glasses Wood Frame

Authentic Cartier Nose Piece

Authentic Cartier Brown Wood with Platinum C Decor Eyeglasses CT0052O-004

Typically, Cartier has their logo stamped on both nose pieces featured on the inside of the glasses. This is a detail that many counterfeiters neglect, as the majority of consumers do focus on minor details and only pay attention to the exterior details. Therefore, when you are examining Cartier eyeglasses for legitimacy, always pay close attention to the interior detailsthe nose piece in particular.

Buy Cartier Glasses Online

If you cannot make it to an approved, brick-and-mortar Cartier retailer, dont worry several reputable online retailers are authorized to sell Cartier optical glasses. Some of these include:

  • CoolFrames have a selection of more than 100 different Cartier glasses ranging in price from $545 to over $6,000. They also feature an in-house optical lab that can add prescription lenses.

  • Designer Eyes This retailer sell a combination of Cartier sunglasses and eyeglasses at both their online and retail stores.

  • Featuring a wide variety of luxury glasses brands, this site includes just over a dozen Cartier glasses, all under $1,000.

Examine The Cartier Engravings

Old Cartier glasses have the same distinct engravings as newer ones. Look for the brands logo in their signature italic font its been on every piece of Cartier jewelry since the early 1910s. On Cartier eyewear, youll find the signature inside each frame, with a seven-digit serial number right next to it. Carefully examine the gold engravings on the inner temples to confirm both the words Cartier and Paris appear. These engravings should be flush on the wood or metal and the metal should not chip. Because theyre made with such high-quality materials, there should be no scuffs or discoloration on the glasses.

Original Cartier glasses will also have the bridge measurements engraved across the bridge and Cartiers signature on both nose pieces.

Additionally, youll also find the signature etched into each lens. To see it, youll need to use a fine magnifying glass or jewelers loupe. Youre looking for clean, even engravings not a stamp. People who make fake Cartier glasses often skip the lens signature or do it poorly, so its worth taking the time to check each lens.

If youre shopping online, these engravings can be challenging to see. Make sure you check the retailers return policy before purchasing.

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Why Buy Cartier Glasses

Cartier brings their world-renowned reputation for refined, classic luxury and superior quality to their optical glasses. Like their jewelry, no expense is spared and no shortcuts are taken when crafting Cartier eyewear.

According to their website, many of Cartiers frames are made with noble materials such as wood and horn or precious metals, such as platinum, gold and titanium, though some of their less expensive glasses feature acetate frames.

Despite being mass-produced, the frames are designed and created by master craftspeople, displaying the same precision and attention to detail as the companys famed jewelry techniques. Plus, theyre finished by hand to ensure that each pair is flawless.

Buying Vintage Cartier Glasses

Authentic Wood Frame Sunglasses, Cartier

If youre hoping to secure a pair of vintage Cartier glasses, like rapper Gucci Mane, you may have some luck finding frames online. But, unless you know the sellers reputation, you may end up with a convincing knock-off. Sites like eBay and 1stDibs have entire sections dedicated to older Cartier eyewear, filled with multiple sellers who may not offer a legitimate product.

As with purchasing new glasses, price is a key indicator in determining authenticity for vintage glasses. Expect that old Cartier models made for mass production will sell for a similar price, if not more, than new ones. And remember that any optical glasses made before 1983 were made by special order and will likely sell for a premium price.

As mentioned above, ask to view the certification and receive the serial number to confirm your purchase will be worth your money.

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Authentic Cartier Warranty Card

Cartier glasses are typically sold with a hard leather case, cleaning cloth and an authenticity guarantee card. Be sure to ask for a warranty card and an authenticity guarantee card when purchasing Cartier glasses. If the glasses are purchased from a private individual, this information should still be available.

Instead of taking the chance on buying fake Cartier glasses you can purchase authentic Cartier eyeglasses from Designer Eyes and receive complimentary overnight shipping on all Cartier Eyewear.

Cartier Eyewear Collections For Men And Women

Cartier glasses feature refined, distinct designs for men and women, as well as a variety of unisex options. Lenses are either framed, rimmed, semi-rimless or rimless, and are available in various shapes, including oval, rectangular and cat-eye options. Many of Cartiers collections offer options for both men and women.

Some of their more significant collections are:

Panthère de Cartier These glasses feature a handmade design element on every pair. Depending on the particular frame style, expect to see the companys well-known pouncing panther on the hinges or a sculptural three-dimensional panther face on the rim of the lens.

Première de Cartier Available in a few different frame styles , this line emphasizes modern lines. The iconic C embellishes the arms, which come in a range of finishes, including titanium and ruthenium, a silvery-white metal.

Louis Cartier Inspired by the brands heritage, this collection features a bold and elegant hinge. The glasses are complemented by carefully selected gems and available in 18-carat solid gold in yellow, white and pink.

Santos de Cartier These glasses feature the recognizable Santos screw as a symbol of the collection. On some models, the screws are functional, while others have multiple screws as part of the design. Lenses come in a variety of styles, including aviator.

C Décor: A refined, elegant collection, many of these glasses feature temples made of precious wood with the C emblem in gold or platinum.

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Finding The Right Sunglasses For You

A pair of vintage or designer sunglasses can be a game-changing finishing touch to your ensemble.

No matter your age or general fashion sensibility, wearing sunglasses may already be part of your regular outdoor routine owing to their practicality. Most sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and not merely on sunny days. Glasses that utilize color-enhancing lenses, which feature specific coatings or filter tints, can limit the amount of light coming through, while polarized lenses substantially reduce glare.

So while their usefulness is well known, lets face it, a good pair of sunglasses can be stylish too.

When shopping for the right pair of sunglasses, consider the color and shape of the frames , how dark or light the lenses are or tint, if youre leaning toward a chic gradient lens. Take your time, spring for more than one pair because different moods call for different shades and, while youre at it, make sure you know how to spot a pair of fake Ray-Ban sunglasses before you make that purchase.

On 1stDibs, all of our Ray-Bans are highly vetted, and our collection of vintage sunglasses features classics from Cartier, Chanel and other designers and brands as well as a wide range that can be sorted by color find sleek black sunglasses, brown pairs and a whole lot of other eye-catching options, whether its sunny outside or not.

All You Need To Know About Cartier Wooden Frame Sunglasses For Men

Cartier Wood Frame New vs Old | Premiere de Cartier | C de Cartier

Cartier wooden frame sunglasses for men allow you to enjoy luxury eyewear while feeling comfortable. Made in the province of Joinville-Le-Pont, near Paris, France, Cartier crafts quality eyewear for their customers. On eBay, you can choose from various designs and materials, such as wood from the Babinga tree, diamonds, titanium, and gold.

What materials are Cartier wood sunglasses made of?

Cartier eyewear creates luxury glasses made from some of the finest materials in the sunglass industry. These glasses are made with materials such as solid gold, titanium, steel, and onyx. The framers are also made from materials such as wood from Bubinga trees, the horn from buffalo, leather, and carbon.

What to look for when purchasing authentic Cartier wood sunglasses

Things to look for when purchasing an authentic pair of Cartier sunglasses is an authentification sticker or card. The sunglasses should come in a case and should carry a card that states that you have purchased authentic Cartier sunglasses. You may also want to see with what materials the sunglasses are inlaid. Some Cartier sunglasses are inlaid with gold, diamonds, or platinum silver. Also, authentic Cartier glasses are stamped with the logo/brand name on the top, right eye corner of the lens.

What types of sunglasses does Cartier make?

Authentic Cartier glasses come in various shapes and frames, each with their own personality and charm. Choose to your liking from the following different styles and finishes:

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The Cost Of Cartier Eyeglasses

The price of Cartier glasses begins in the $500 range and can run over $6,000. Before you visit your optician, its a good idea to look online and get a general understanding of the type of glasses you like and can afford but remember, there may also be high added costs, depending on your prescription.

Things to consider regarding costs include:

  • Frame material If youd like to own a pair of these luxurious designer glasses but cant afford to spend thousands of dollars, your best bet is a pair with acetate frames. These typically cost under or just over $1,000.

  • Frame style Rimmed and framed glasses are less expensive than rimless glasses. Why? Its more of a challenge to create a pair of glasses that appear to be invisible.

  • Frame details The more details included in the frames , the higher the cost.

Cartier Brown Tinted Sunglasses Wood Temple 300ctw

This Icebox Brown Tinted Sunglasses is made of Wood Temple Yellow gold with 3.00ctw of diamonds. These glasses do not come with the manufacturer’s warranty. In place of the manufacturer’s warranty, we offer a 12-month Icebox warranty.



Item design & details may vary slightly from provided image.Icebox Diamonds & Watches DOES NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR ISSUE REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON.We do allow exchange within 14 days of the purchase date.

Enjoy complimentary shipping and returns on all orders.

Will I be charged sales tax on my purchase?

All orders within the state of Georgia are subject to 8.9% sales tax. If your order is being shipped outside of the state of Georgia, you will not be charged sales tax.

If my order is shipped outside of the US, will there be fees, duties, or taxes?

The customs office of the destination country or region may impose customs fees, import duties, taxes, and other charges to your international order. These additional charges required for customs clearance are the responsibility of the recipient. When your order arrives at customs, either the carrier or customs office will contact you directly to arrange for the payment of any charges that may be due.

Icebox Return Policy

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Verify The Cartier Warranty Card & Leather Case

Original Cartier glasses should be sold with a hard leather case, cleaning cloth and a certificate that guarantees authenticity. Ask to see the certificate, case and serial number before purchasing, even if youre buying from an individual rather than a retailer.

Before you purchase the glasses, take this information to a Cartier store or call Cartier to verify the details of the glasses and certify that the information you received is linked to a pair of original Cartier glasses.

Buy Cartier Glasses In

Cartier Other

According to Cartier, the best place to buy their glasses is an approved opticians office. There, you can speak with a specialist who can help you decide on the right frames and lens shape based on your style, preferences and price range. Theyll also be able to answer any questions about the brand or collection.

Along with these approved opticians, some optical retail stores also carry Cartier, including:

  • LensCrafters Cartier glasses are only sold in select LensCrafters stores, so youll need to do some research to see if the brand is available at the store closest to you.

  • Cohens Fashion Optical Cartier glasses are not available in all stores, so call before you go.

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Cartiers Buffalo Horn Frames

Some of Cartiers frames feature a unique and notable material: the horns of Asian water buffalo.

Even though these horns can be quite long, sometimes only a small part of each will meet Cartiers very high standards.

Aside from beauty and warmth, buffalo horn is prized for its very light weight. Even as Cartiers craftspeople layer pieces of horn to create their signature elegant and exotic look, the frames remain slim instead of bulky.

Buffalo horn is also used in some Cartier sunglasses this type of shades is often referred to as Buffies. Theyve made their way into pop culture thanks to rapper Rich Ken. His song All White Buffies is about Cartiers white buffalo horn sunglasses. In Detroit, the whiter the sunglasses, the more they are desired.

How To Spot Fake Cartier Glasses

If youre shopping in-person or online for new or vintage Cartier glasses, it pays to know if youre purchasing the real deal. Because this eyewear is so coveted and so expensive, there are plenty of knock-offs around that can trick the untrained eye.

To determine if the Cartier glasses youd like to purchase are authentic, the first thing you should check is the overall quality. Look to see if the paint is chipping, there are scratches in the frames or anything is misspelled these are simple indicators that youre looking at a pair of fake Cartier glasses.

There are several other, more specific ways to spot a fake, including taking a much closer look at various parts of the glasses along with any etchings or engravings.

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Authentic Cartier Glasses Vs Fake Cartier Glasses

In this article, we will cover the common details that all Cartier glasses are known for and in turn, share the differences between authentic Cartier glasses vs. fake Cartier glasses. The general fundamentals joined with the precise details shown below will give you the knowledge necessary to ensure that you are purchasing authentic Cartier frames.

The first thing to look at when trying to determine if you have purchased real Cartier eyewear is the overall quality of the frames. Paint wearing or chipping, as well as misspellings, are easy indicators of fake Cartier glasses.

Below are seven areas to examine when determining if you have purchased authentic Cartier eyeglasses.

Authentic Cartier Bridge Piece

The Best EVER Cartier Frames? NEW Wood & Buffalo Horn Glasses + Sunglasses 2022!

Authentic Cartier bridge piece separating the two lenses should feature the bridge measurements. In some cases, the model number is printed here as well. In our example, the bridge piece gives the width of 20mm. The etching should be centered within the bridge piece. Just because these details are present in an area that is unlikely to be seen does not mean that the quality of the glasses should degrade. Every detail, regardless of the function or the area it is found in, should maintain the same level of uniform Cartier quality.

Shop authentic Cartier eyewear at Designer Eyes and receive complimentary overnight shipping!

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Sole proudly stands behind the authenticity of all its products. All of our merchandise is new and guaranteed to be authentic.

Eyeglasses-123 is committed to providing our customers with the hottest trends in luxury fashion. Just imagine: you are preparing for one of the most exciting events of your school life a prom. Youve already picked an astonishing gown from all available prom dresses, and branded heels, but you still lack an eye-catching accessory to complete your look? Our eyeglasses could be a perfect solution! You can shop with confidence. Thus, any brand, whether it be Cartier, Prada, Porsche, Tom Ford sunglassesor any other brand, is genuine.

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Rest assured, all of our products are new and genuine, and where we are not authorized to sell a product we back it up with our own experienced warranty staff and/or our return policy.

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