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Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses On Amazon

The Best Blue Light Glasses

Best Blue Light Glasses Found on Amazon – Blue Light Glasses Review

Whether youre worried about eye strain, headaches or insomnia, blue light glasses may be able to help. While there are blue light glasses designed for gamers and kids, for this article, weve focused on frames that will suit most adults. If you need blue light glasses with prescription lenses, then we recommend checking out our guide to the best places to buy glasses online.

Below, youll find the best blue light glasses below from brands like Warby Parker, Zenni Optical and Felix Gray. Weve included a few picks from as well some options from popular eyewear retailers that offer blue light lens options.

Blue light glasses come in several different lens colors, with yellower lenses filtering out more blue light, but distorting the color more. More clear lenses filter out less blue light, but can have a more natural, less distracting look.

Youll find everything from super stylish hipster frames to budget options that keep it simple.

Most Kids Shouldnt Wear Blue

Parents with children in remote programs may be tempted to buy a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses for their kids, but most children shouldnt be wearing them all day. In fact, their eyes actually need that wavelength from sunlighta deficiency of natural blue light in maturing eyes can lead to myopia . Its really a tough time for parents, and theyre looking to do right by their kids, said Garg. But were not seeing it being a clinical concern. Weve naturally evolved to take in as much as we need. To help protect a childs eyesight and ensure theyre receiving the developmental benefits of natural blue light, make sure theyre getting one to three hours of outdoor playtime a day, said the AOAs Reynolds, and try to limit their screen time and exposure to bright lights before bed . Heres some age-based screen-time guidance from the World Health Organization.

Can Blue Light Glasses Damage Your Eyes

Probably not, but that doesnt mean you should wear them all the time. The medical community doesnt believe blue-light glasses can damage your eyes but, most adults shouldnt wear these glasses outdoors or 24/7 because your eyes still need to absorb natural blue light from the sun to tell your internal clock when its daylight or nighttime .

Similarly, most children shouldnt be wearing blue-light glasses all day. Their eyes actually need that wavelength from sunlight because a deficiency of natural blue light in maturing eyes can lead to myopia .

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Best Wire Frames: Warby Parker Thurston Glasses

Courtesy of Warby Parker

  • No product reviews available

  • Unclear how much blue light they block

If you prefer a wire frame, these Thurston frames from Warby Parker are your best bet. In addition to being thin and lightweight, they block up to 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Thurston frames are durable and made of stainless steel and custom cellulose acetate, so you know you’re investing in a quality pair of glasses. Need another reason to snag a pair? Warby Parker offers free shipping and a 30-day return policy, so you can guarantee you’re choosing the right pair.

Frame Material: Stainless steel, cellulose acetate | Blue Light Absorption: Not specified | Lens Color: Clear

Light Blocking Apps Dont Work

10 Top Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These built-in apps are a good idea in theory. But scientific evidence shows these apps are likely not effective at doing the job theyre intended for: blocking enough high energy light to protect the bodys natural bio rhythms, and the nightly rise in melatonin that makes sleep possible.

For example,a 2018 study found that Apples Night Shift appfound on its iOS devices, including iPhones and iPadsDID NOT reverse the melatonin suppression that arises from our evening exposureto these devices.

About 9 in 10 of us are using electronics routinely within an hour of bedtime. For many us, that means taking our phones and tablets to bedto read, to scroll through social media, to stream our favorite shows. This 2015 study shows that our pre-bedtime electronics habit throws off bio clocks, inhibits melatonin production, stimulates alertness at night and decreases alertness in the morning. A 2018 study involving electronic tablets found that evening use without protection against blue light led to suppressed melatonin, later bedtimes, less evening sleepiness, longer times to fall asleep, and less alertness the next morning.

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Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Really Work

It depends who you ask. There isnt a lot of research to support the use of these screen protection glasses says Phillip Yuhas, O.D., Ph.D., assistant professor in the College of Optometry at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. That said, the technology is still new. Some patients do find that some blue light blocking glasses improve subjective comfort while viewing a screen, Yuhas says.

Blue light glasses may also help you get a better nights sleep, says Sunir J. Garg, M.D., a professor of ophthalmology at the Retina Service of Wills Eye Hospital. For some folks, exposing themselves to intense blue light at nighttime can screw up their internal clock, he says. That can mess up certain peoples sleep-wake cycles. There may be some advantage to people using blue light glasses at night if theyre having trouble sleeping.

Ultimately, the evidence is mostly anecdotal but wearing a pair of blue light glasses while looking at screens wont hurt. However, if you have any additional concerns about your eyes or vision, your best bet is to consult with your eye doctor.

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Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work

The short answer? Yes. Blue light blocking glasses have filters that block blue light waves given off by any light source — the sun, screens, lightbulbs, etc.

Research has shown that blue light impacts our bodies’ ability to produce melatonin, the hormone that helps us fall asleep. Wearing anti-blue light glasses while staring at screens, particularly at night, can help ensure your body produces melatonin so you can get a good night’s rest.

What Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Are Amazon Glasses Worth Buying? Blue Light Blocking & Sunglasses Review

As the name suggests, blue light blocking glasses are a type of eyewear with special lenses designed to filter out blue light.

Blue light refers to a specific wavelength in the visible spectrum. The visible spectrum encompasses all the light wavelengths that the human eye can see, including the entire rainbow of colors from red to violet. Among the visible colors, blue light has a relatively short wavelength and delivers high levels of energy to the eye.

Blue light is very common. When you go outside, your eyes are awash in blue light coming from the sun. Artificial sources of blue light are also ubiquitous in modern life. From fluorescent and LED lighting to all of the various screens we use, were frequently bathed in blue light from morning to night.

While blue light during the day plays a positive role in regulating our sleep-wake cycle, too much exposure to blue light in the evening can disrupt sleep patterns for children and adults alike. One solution is to end screen time several hours before bed. But for those who dont want to give up their nightly gaming session or Twitter scroll, blue light blocking glasses can help shield your eyes from this high-energy wavelength in the evening.

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What Are The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The best blue light blocking glasses overall are the Prospek Arctic from Spektrum , which offer a classic look and near-clear lens tint at reasonable price. If you’re looking for a low-cost pair, the TJIN Square Nerd Blue Light Blocking Glasses and Amazon darlings and work great, too.

But for the most extensive prescription possibilities, Felix Gray has attractive styles, like Roebling, for everyday wear.

Gunnar makes the best blue light blocking glasses for gamers, like its Intercept pair. This company has a long history of making glasses for blocking blue light, and offer a variety of lenses tints and frame shapes, too.

Best Reading Glasses: Peepers By Peeperspecs Women’s Shine On Blue Light Glasses

Courtesy of Peepers

  • Good choice for digital tech users

  • Multiple magnification options available

  • Blocks less blue light

  • Relatively large and heavy

If you spend your day reading from a laptop, tablet, or Kindle, you probably have experienced eye strain as a result. Research has found that people blink less when looking at digital screens, which leads to less moisture and greater eye strain.

Peepers reading glasses are specifically designed with readers in mind, offering magnification strengths of 1x to 3x and absorbing 40% of harmful UV rays emitted from digital devices. Not only are do they look great, but they also feature a seven-layer anti-reflective coating to minimize screen glare as you work.

Frame Material: Polycarbonate | Blue Light Absorption: 40% | Lens Color: Clear

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Is Blue Light Really Bad For You

But whats so wrong with blue light? For one thing, it contributes to eye strain, and can also increase the risk of macular degeneration as well as other vision complications. It can also affect your sleep by disrupting your circadian rhythm. And while were all exposed to the blue light that comes from the sun , which actually boosts attention and mood during the day, its our exposure to blue light outside of daylight hours that can affect us in less desirable ways.

Trust Optics Blue Light Blocking Orange Safety Glasses

Best Rated in Computer Blue Light Blocking Glasses &  Helpful Customer ...

The most affordable entry in this buying guide, Trust Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses come in a pack of 12. Its orange-tinted lenses provide complete protection against UV, UVA, and UVB rays and can ward off 98% of blue light from digital screens.


  • Manufactured with lightweight polycarbonate material for comfort even when worn for long hours
  • Compliant with the American National Standards Institute Z87 eye protection standard and protects users from 98% of blue light emitted by gadgets
  • Impact-resistant, proven to be 10 times stronger than plastic lenses
  • Features a wraparound design to protect your eyes even from peripheral angles
  • Backed by Trust Optics 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Customers with larger faces may note that the arms of the glasses dont seem quite durable enough.

Trust Optics designed their blue light blocking glasses as a versatile companion for users who are engaged in rigorous outdoor activities. The brand recommends their product as protective equipment for athletes, artists, health practitioners, and industrial workers.

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Life Changer: Fda Approves Eye Drops To Replace Reading Glasses

We are total hypocrites.

Yes, us at the Post, as we are going to preach that too much screen time isnt great for you, but then spend our days writing from home, bathing in blue light from our laptops, and our nights reading the Post online, scrolling through TikTok and watching Netflix.

However, there may be a solution to this hypocrisy, or at least something to lessen the effects of staring at our technology blue light blocking glasses.

Chances are youve heard of these, and most likely seen some coworkers via Zoom wearing the unassuming specs. They look just like regular glasses, clean lenses and all, with maybe just a sheen of blue to hint at their blocking properties.

Tip For Picking Glasses

This tip applies to all glasses sunglasses, blue light blocking glasses they MUST be lightweight. Anything that’s too heavy is going to result in a headache, because it’s uncomfortable sitting on your face. One of the major selling points of blue light glasses for me is fewer headaches, so you won’t want to cancel out that benefit by choosing something heavy.

Plus, if they’re too heavy on your face you won’t wear them as frequently as you should, resulting in NO benefit at all!

This pair is my #1 recommendation because they’re ultra-lightweight and ultra-cute! I can wear these for hours and hours and be totally comfortable. They’re super highly rated and UNDER $100.

Here’s a super similar option for less that has 23,000+ amazing ratings!

I also bought this pair because I wanted to try a pair that were really well made with high ratings.

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Best For Sleep: Blutech Eye

  • Designed to improve headaches and sleeplessness

  • Free returns and 1-year warranty

  • Comfortable construction for all-day wear

  • Only two colors/varieties

  • Limited product information online

If blue light is harming your REM cycle, you’ll want to try these Blutech Eye-Density Lenses, which are made for anyone who suffers from headaches or sleeplessness as a result of screen usage. The lenses filter out harmful wavelengths with their proprietary treatment, and their form-fitting style is comfortable to wear all day long. The company offers free returns and a one-year warranty to make sure you have found the perfect glasses.

Frame Material: Plastic | Blue Light Absorption: Not specified | Lens Color: Clear

The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses In 2022

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Amazon | Blue light Glasses Review | Vidy G

The best blue light blocking glasses protect your eyes from digital strain

The best blue light blocking glasses can help when hours of staring at a computer or scrolling through your phone irritates your eyes or affects the quality of your sleep. These lenses claim to ease the eye strain caused by looking at screens for too long.

Thereâs no scientific evidence that blue light actually causes eye strain, nor that the best blue light blocking glasses can totally alleviate eye strain. You should speak to an eye doctor if you suffer from persistent eye irritation, or if youâre looking to replace your existing prescription lenses with a pair of blue light blocking ones.

But if youâd like to try a pair out, weâve gathered some options, whether you’re a serious gamer, have a job that demands several hours in front of screens or are adjusting to home school.

See all of the best blue light blocking glasses below.

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Do Prescription Blue Light Glasses Exist

Yes! If you already wear prescription glasses, you can add blue light blocking technology to most prescription lenses as an upgrade. Bypass our gallery of the best blue light glasses below, and chat to your optician, instead.

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What Is Blue Light

Blue light is one of the colors on the visible light spectrum. It has a short wavelength, which means that it produces more energy than other light colors. There are two types of blue lightnatural and artificial . While exposure to natural blue light during the day isnt much of a concern, regular exposure to artificial blue light has been linked to various problems, like eye strain, fatigue and headache.

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Reduce Electronics Use Before Bed

One of the most effective ways to reduce blue light exposure and improve your sleep is to avoid using electronics before bed. Ideally, you should try to end screen time at least 1 hour before you go to bed, to give your body time to ramp up melatonin production. Instead of scrolling through social media, consider winding down by reading a book or listening to music.

What The Experts Say

The 5 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses (2020 Guide)

come in varying degrees of tint, from clear to amber, with clear blocking the least amount and amber blocking the most blue light. It is not necessary to block out all blue light and the degree of tint is based on individual preference.Vanessa Hernandez, optometrist at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai in New York City

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Daytime Or Nighttime Use

Different blue light blocking lenses are recommended for use at different times of the day. Artificial blue light may contribute to digital eye strain and affect your sleep cycle, explains Dr. Hernandez. Since your body still needs to be exposed to blue light during the daytime hours to preserve your circadian rhythm, clear or yellow lenses are better for daytime use, says Dr. Hernandez.

If youre struggling with insomnia or using your laptop or smartphone late into the evening hours, on the other hand, you may want to choose darker lenses. Red lenses actually block 100% of blue light along with nearly all green and violet light, which means they block all varieties of light that may be disruptive to your sleep cycle and may help you fall asleep faster if you wear them a few hours before bedtime.

Choose Glasses With Amber Lensesand These Other Features

Lets get into the how-to of selecting a pair of blue light blocking glasses. There are lots of them on the market. Thats a sign of just how critical a health and sleep issue blue light exposure has become. But it also makes selecting the right pair of blue light blockers confusing.

First: Avoid glasses with clear lenses.Instead, make sure your blue light blocking glasses have amber lenses.

Why? When light passes through a colored filter the filter allows light wavelengths of its own and similar colors to pass throughwhile absorbing the light of other colors. Amber lenses absorb the short-wavelength blue light thats highly concentrated in artificial and digital light sources, preventing it from being absorbed by the eye. At the same time, these colored lenses allow longer-wavelength orange and red light wavelengths to pass through. As studies have demonstrated, these long light wavelengths have the least impact on sleep and bio rhythms.Clear lenses cant sufficiently filter out blue light, to avoid problems with sleep and alterations to circadian rhythms.

Studies show that amber lenses are effective at preventing blue light from reaching the eye. Wearing amber lensesand especially doing so consistently at nightcan improve sleep quality, correct disruptions to circadian rhythms, and increase overall sleep amounts. Amber lenses also can reduce symptoms of insomniatrouble falling asleep and staying asleep, waking very early, and feeling un-refreshed by a night of rest.

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