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Best Color Glasses For Gray Hair

Great Glasses Colours For Grey Hair: How To Rock Your Silver Crown

Eyeglasses For Gray Hair!

As we grow older and wiser many things change not least the colour of our hair, and surprisingly even our skin tone. Also, in up to 15% of people, eye colour changes too!

For example, someone may have had red hair and freckles when they were younger, giving them an overall warm colouring, but as they age, they change. Their freckles fade, their hair loses pigment, becomes grey, and their colouring changes to cool.

Very often this means the warmer, or brighter colours we have worn and felt great in when we were younger, can begin to have the opposite effect as we age. This can make us appear tired, sallow and older than our years!

However, dont fear! If you choose to fully embrace your silver locks, there is a whole range of stunning colours available for you. Colours which will help you make the most of the new you, reigniting that sparkle in your eyes and creating the appearance of glowing radiant skin!

The effect of colour is transformational and because your eyewear is so prominently positioned, very close to your skin, hair and eyes, its vital that you choose the best colour eyewear to suit you.

The right coloured eyewear, chosen to balance and harmonise with your own natural colouring, is your magical ingredient to looking healthy and feeling great!

Gracefully Grey Choosing the right colours for you

50 Shades of Grey

When it comes to grey hair, there are many different shades and intensities of grey. Different colours will work better with different tones.

Brown And White Glasses Frames

If you love keeping things classic, a pair of brown and white glasses frames would look nice and classy on you. With these pairs, you can bring some unique definitions to your face and make a strong fashion statement. Brown and white glasses frames work for any occasion, whether as work glasses, party glasses, or weekend glasses.

You can rock your eyewear anyhow and anywhere you want. You can consider eyewear that comes with colorful details, such as strong contrasting nose-bridges or arms. They always bring the warmth out of your face. If your color is pale and tilted towards white, you may want to consider pair with more dark brown than white.

This will surely give a strong contrast to your skin tone. Warm glasses bring out the youthful aesthetic to your face and strongly contrast your white hair. Some great pieces you can find on VlookGlasses include Arlene, Clair, and Hepburn.

Rock Red Like Never Before

Black, white and red are a color combination that will never go out of style, so if your original hair color was blackred eyeglass frames will look stunning on you. Any shade of red or burgundy color will do. The frames can be matte or opaque as long as the color saturation is bright enough that it is easily able to distinguish that the hue is in the red color family. We like these red Geek Cat 02 Glasses as they are semi-translucent but clearly red.

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First Things First Find Your Face Shape

As important as your hair colour is, youll first need to determine the shape of your face when deciding which glasses to buy. Finding your face shape will help you determine what style of glasses might suit you best. Youre probably now asking yourself what face shape do I have? but finding out is easy thanks to our guide! Youll just need to take a quick look in the mirror while referring back to it.

What Color Makeup Looks Best On You

Pin on short grey hair

If you have a cool skin tone, your skin may have a slightly pink, red, or bluish tint, and your makeup may be more matte or have pinkish hues.

If you have a warm skin tone, you have subtle undertones of yellow or golden hues in your skin, and you may tend to wear makeup that is more golden or bronzy.

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Vlookglasses For Grey Hair

Red Glasses Frames For Women – Wave

You can never go wrong with red glasses frames for grey hair, and in this case, Wave. It presents an exquisite color that helps bring out boldness and confidence. The design on this pair makes your eyes pop with vibrancy, providing an unmatched allure.

Thick Frame Brown Men Glasses – Briella

The tones on these Briella glasses for men make them the perfect solution to providing a youthful appearance in men. While they are thick, they feature a lightweight design that ensures utmost comfort. Briella makes one look young and energetic, rocking their grey hair in style.

Blue Glasses Frames For Women – Event

As mentioned, dark colors are a great addition for individuals with grey hair. That is why our Event will look good on you to help bring out excellent contrast. Not only will you look young and energetic, but also portray an outstanding style that will leave mouths agape.

Purple Two Tone Women Glasses Frames – Emma

Emma allows one to look wise and youthful in a stylish fashion. This is attributed to the two tones that come with the glasses frames. You can easily uphold a stylish appearance rocking these purple glasses frames for women.

Celebrity Tortoise Shell Men Glasses – Iris

Do You Wear Silver Or Gold Jewelry

If youâre not convinced by the first three questions, you can also determine your skin tone by the color jewelry that you think looks best on you. If you prefer gold jewelry, you likely have a warm skin tone, but if you prefer silver jewelry you probably have a cool skin tone.

Once youâve determined whether you have warm or cool skin tones, you can begin to look for glasses frame colors that will compliment your skin tone. Colors well suited to warm skin tones include honey, olive, and coral shades. Colors that complement cooler skin tones include shades of blue, lavender, rose, and gray.

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Best Color Glasses For White Hair

Although grey hair is associated with age, many men and women prematurely grow grey hair early in life. The truth is that it always feels too early to grow grey hair regardless of your age. Well, white hair is not all that bad. It can be a good touch to your personality most times as it gives you a scholarly or distinguished look.

Another great thing about white hair is that it allows you to wear almost any eyeglass frames color. The reason for this is because it does not clash with most patterns and colors on the frame. Of course, this does not mean that you can wear ANY frame colors that catch your fancy.

There are some colors that you still have to avoid with your white hair but you have more options than restrictions. This post looks at the best color glasses for white hair that you can explore and if you are looking for the best place to buy your pair, VlookGlasses has got you covered.

Clear Plastic Frames Are Both Subtle And Stylish


Transparent frames are very popular right now.

They may be totally colorless. This is sometimes called crystal.

Or, they can come with varying levels of color, from barely-there whispers of color to deep shades that are halfway between opaque and clear.

Transparent frames can be worn thicker since the transparency makes it more subtle in appearance. Also, you have a little more wiggle room on the shape, since the the transparent frame is less assertive than the same frame would be with color.

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Best Colour Glasses For Grey Hair

Boy have you got choice.

No really you do, because your grey hair is the perfect palette for almost any colour of glasses frame you can imagine.

You might not feel like your silver strands are anything to celebratebut trust us.

You have SO much scope when it comes to finding your next pair of spectacles.

Your grey-haired glasses inspiration starts and ends here.

Check out our short video guide:

Summary: What Color Of Glasses Would Look Good With My Hair Color

Choosing the right color of glasses for your hair is a great way to amplify your look and help bring out your inner confidence. Here is a quick breakdown of what color of glasses would look good with your hair color:

  • Black frames will go with every hair color.
  • People with black hair will look best in metallic glasses, including black, gold, and grey.
  • Blond-haired people should opt for frames in soft shades of blue, pink, and red.
  • Brunettes will excel in black, blue, and pink .
  • Women with grey hair should stick to frames in shades of blue, green, and red.
  • Those with red hair will look best in brown or tortoiseshell frames.

Whichever color of frames you choose, keep your eye color and skin tone in mind since those can play a factor into what color of glasses would look good with your hair color.

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Matching The Frame Color And Hair Color

Depending on the atmosphere you want, your frames can bring subtle modifications or eye-catching effects to the overall appearance. There are a few different things to consider when choosing glasses based on the color of your hair. Keep black hair and a dark frame helps to create an exquisite coordination effect. On the other hand, brighter colors will bring sharp contrast. For anyone who likes to try different looks, gray or gray hair is a good match for different frames. The neutral frames look quite satisfactory, while the bright colors add a touch of character to your outfit. Red hair looks particularly energetic, so it is suitable for exaggerated frames. You can try to use a jewel-toned, colorful frame. If your brown hair has a light gray undertone, a dark frame will complement the balance of light colors in the overall appearance. You can also try light-colored glasses by matching the light color of your hair. If you have blond hair and want to maintain a neutral look, choose a warm-colored frame, such as beige or dark brown.

Explore Collection ->

Match The Frame Color And Skin Tone

How to Choose the Right Glasses For Your Hair Color  Jupitoo

Depending on whether your skin tone is particularly warm or cool, a particular frame color may be more suitable for your overall appearance. Cool white skin is famous for its pink undertones. Cool white skin looks best to match with cool-toned frames, such as blue, silver, gray, green, and transparent. The all-black frame may be too harsh, but it looks good when balanced with subtle patterns or accent colors. Neutral skin has a mixture of pink and gold undertones, and use pure black or tortoise to keep it neutral. Warm-toned skin tones have golden undertones. It looks best with warm-tone frames . The boldness of black also makes them look great.

Thank you for your time in reading our passage What color glasses go best with gray hair?. Also, it is welcome to share and forward to Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions about glasses or sunglasses, you can contact us via this email

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Black Frames Will Pop

Black frames will genuinely frame your face and will pop in contrast with your salt and pepper hair. Youll still be able to wear your black frames as your hair goes completely grey or white. And if you eventually decide to color your hair black will look good with any color you chose. In addition to going black opt for a frame that is medium to chunky. We like this black frame from Spy Rafe but your options are endless.

Sunglasses For Grey Hair

When it comes to sunglasses for grey hair, similar rules apply. Bright colours and warm tones are welcome, but those with grey hair really do suit any frames. Wed recommend Jude in Tortoise for a hint of brown and orange tones, while Axel Sun in Tortoise offers an equally as warm tone thats ideal for grey hair. For an even bolder look, check out Jesse Sun in Black or explore the rest of our sunglasses for women and men.

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How To Find The Right Glasses For Grey Hair

Choosing the right glasses is highly dependent on the color of your hair. This is so as not to clash the colors and also, heighten the features on your face. That said, it is essential not to neglect hair color while you shop for your next eyeglasses.

Today, we focus on grey hair. Oftentimes, grey is linked to old age for both men and women. And sometimes it comes “too early” because most don’t quite expect to be getting old that fast. Other times, one is born with grey hairs so, in this case, it has nothing to do with age.

However, grey hair today has become a symbol of fashion amongst the youths and middle ages. This is because it makes them look distinguished and cultured. The best part about grey hair is, you can pair it with your favorite color glasses frames.

The Best Glasses For Your Hair Color

Glasses And Gray Hair | and how you can look more stylish

When searching for new glasses, there are many factors to take into consideration. From frames and lens coatings to fit and face shape, finding the right pair takes a fair amount of time and thought. But there is one question when it comes to this decision making that many people seem to overlook Are these the best glasses for your hair color?

Now, for most who wear glasses, color is an important thing. You spend hours and hours trying to decide between various frame colors and variations , you take into consideration how a frame compliments the color of your eyes and you also make sure your frames are complimentary to your skintone. Its natural that hair color would follow in progression.

Like eye-color and skin-tone, your hair color, whether it be au-natural or a master salon creation, is actually one of the most important aspects to take into consideration when buying glasses.

A mirror!Before scouring the display case at your doctors office, taking a trip to your nearest store or logging on to your favorite website, there are two aspects to your hair you should make a note of when beginning your quest for the best glasses for your hair color: tone and overall color.

Just as having the right frame can help balance your facial proportions, having the right color glasses can vastly change your appearance and properly compliment your features especially prominent ones like your hair color.

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Can You Rock A Colored Lens With Salt And Pepper Hair

With all this talk of colored frames, you might be wondering if you can still rock a colored sunglass lens with your salt and pepper hair? To look sleek and polished stick to sunglass lenses that are in the traditional color familyshades of black, grey, brown, and amber. Avoid two-toned and vibrant colored sunglass lenses. All the eyeglass frame color trends above will work but with your sunglasses, you can get away with a darker brown, tortoiseshell, or even a clear frame. Especially if you will be rocking an intentionally oversized pair. Continue to avoid white and light grey frames. These Kate Spade Kiya/S sunglasses come in a variety of lens and frame colors that will work for you.

Heres to looking your best at every age!

Gray And Gorgeous The Best Colored Spectacle Frames For Gray Hair


Age is just a number. Having gray hair doesnt mean you need to be boring. It is a natural part of aging, but you can still radiate youthfulness if you want to. So, what can you do to fetch the you look great for your age compliment when you walk into a room? Invest in the right pair of eyeglasses!

Some eyeglass frames must have looked great when you were younger, but not anymore. Certain colors can make you appear dull, and older. Dont worry, thats why were here. If you truly love your gray locks, there is a whole range of colorful eyeglasses you can try. Colors that will bring out the best version of you, add a glint in your eyes and make you look and feel younger.

The choice of color makes all the difference since your eyeglasses are placed close to your face, hair, and eyes. Here are some of the best color options you can choose that will suit your beautiful gray mane.

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Tip : Stay Neutral With Navy

Blue doesnt have to be a standout color! Navy is considered to be a neutral, and its a shade that many people wear on a daily basis. If you love the way that blue looks on you, and youre looking for a classic pair of neutral glasses, navy frames should be perfect.

If you really want your glasses to stand out, you can look for a brighter shade of navy. However, you can also find navy glasses that look black at first glance. This is one of the easiest ways to include blue glasses in your wardrobe.

Our Favorite Glasses For Grey Hair

mit denen Sie elegant 8230

Grey hair, as mentioned above, offers excellent flexibility when it comes to choosing the right color glasses. This attribute provides plenty of freedom to style your grey hair in order to achieve a youthful look or your desired appearance. The best part about having grey hair is that the colors you get don’t clash with available frame colors and patterns.

Below, we have gathered important information that will help you style your grey hair with the right eyeglasses frame colors.

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