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Best Computer Glasses For Men

Benefits Of Glasses For Computer Users

How To Choose The Best Eyeglass For Your Face Shape (Men)| Lenskart Experts
  • Designed to work specifically for the intermediate computer distance
  • Adding AR coating reduces unwanted, annoying reflections and glare
  • Adding blue light protection reduces blue light exposure from digital devices that can cause eye strain and sleep problems
  • Help prevent Computer Vision Syndrome that can occur after spending too much time in front of computer screens
  • Can help enhance your focus so that you can be more productive with eyes that feel less tired

What Were Looking For

Blue-light-blocking capability: According to Rahul Khurana, an ophthalmologist and clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, digital eye strain and the negative effects of blue light on your eyes are two separate concerns. We keep on thinking about blue light from our computers and smartphones, but the reality is that we get more exposure to blue light from the sun. Essentially, its not the blue light thats making your eyes feel bad after a day of staring at the computer its staring at a screen for hours without breaks. Thats why Khurana doesnt recommend any special eyewear for daily computer use. Ultimately, Im not really sure how its going to help with digital eye strain, which is whats bothering people, he says, explaining that the digital eye strain most people experience can occur whenever you focus on anything from reading a book, looking at a screen, or watching TV. It can be alleviated by shifting your eyes every 20 minutes or so onto something thats 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds, he says. If that doesnt help, Khurana recommends artificial tears to help lubricate dry eyes. In the end, he says you dont need to wear blue-light-blocking glasses during the day.

All light is measured in nanometers and blue-light wavelengths that can have the most impact on your melatonin levels range from 400 to 500 nm. Blue-light-blocking glasses work by absorbing those wavelengths to stop them from reaching your eyes.

Q: How Much Does Blue Light Affect Me

A: On average, blue light exposure can damage your eyes anywhere from 19% to 22% faster than age alone. This is based on numerous studies over the last ten years, particularly since the rise of the smartphone, and increased screen time for children and adults.

Blue light is simply part of the wavelength spectrum, and its unavoidable to be exposed to it. Many sites state that blue light is basically the dark side of technology, but in reality, natural blue light does have some benefits, so long as youre not overdoing it. This pertains solely to natural sunlight.

Since were here to discuss LED and LCD blue light, concentrated amounts from your television screen are bad for you. After about forty-five minutes to two hours, youll start experiencing eye fatigue, even if youre not aware of it yet. Your eyes are using all finite energy possible to maintain your focus, even though theyre being put under stress.

Think of a 2 X 4, and you know for a fact you can put fifty pounds on it without breaking it. Now, put fifty-five pounds on it, and watch as it begins to buckle. Its the same basic principle with your eyes: just because it can handle it, doesnt mean it has positive long-term effects.

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Best Wire Frames: Warby Parker Thurston Glasses

Courtesy of Warby Parker

  • No product reviews available

  • Unclear how much blue light they block

If you prefer a wire frame, these Thurston frames from Warby Parker are your best bet. In addition to being thin and lightweight, they block up to 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Thurston frames are durable and made of stainless steel and custom cellulose acetate, so you know you’re investing in a quality pair of glasses. Need another reason to snag a pair? Warby Parker offers free shipping and a 30-day return policy, so you can guarantee you’re choosing the right pair.

Frame Material: Stainless steel, cellulose acetate | Blue Light Absorption: Not specified | Lens Color: Clear

Best For Kids: Yesglasses 533 Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses : Buy Ultralight Anti Fatigue PC Unbreakable Reading ...
  • Not much product information online

  • No product reviews available

Between remote learning, online homework, and social media, your little ones are getting their fair share of blue light exposure. Protect their eyes with a pair of lenses that are perfect for them.

These adorable lenses from Yesglasses are an easy way to get your kids to keep their eyes safe, thanks to their fun colors and form-fitting design. They feature 100% UVA and UVB protection with anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings.

Frame Material: Silicone and plastic | Blue Light Absorption: Not specified | Lens Color: Clear

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Warby Parker Blue Light

If you prefer to live life in the lap of luxury, then Warby Parker offers premium custom-made glasses for every face shape, from reading glasses to shades that protect your eyes from the suns rays. The brand has a number of stylish and well-made frames. You can customize the lenses to your specifications when you order, including the blue light glasses option for polycarbonate lenses that filter harsh blue light from LED and LCD displays.

You can score these high-end computer lenses for $50. A bit on the pricey side, but if you want the best blue light glasses, then Warby Parker is a fine option for a pair thatll look great and probably last a lifetime.

Ambr Eyewear Computer Glasses $61

Another very stylish option for blue light glasses, and with a bit cheaper prices than the Warby Parker offerings, is Ambr Eyewear. These attractive but understated designs feature everything from classic plastic Wayfarer-style glasses to metal round and aviator-style frames, all of which feature clear lenses that filter out harsh blue light.

Starting at $61, the Ambr Eyewear blue light glasses are definitely a bit pricier than most of our other picks. However, they are still considerably more affordable than the high-end offerings from similar brands.

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Top 8 Computer Glasses

  • Oiamik -Innovative
  • If you spend long hours at a computer, regardless of what exactly you do there and even if you think youre not feeling anything wrong, you should still get a pair of blue-light glasses. Apart from the size, you need to decide on the frame shape and a tinted or transparent lens. Those, who have experienced heavy strain, should consult an optometrist to make sure this measure is enough.

    Pc Gaming Cases Offer Optimal Capacity

    best computer glasses for men under 1000 || #shorts || #lenskart

    If you build a full-size, fierce, maximum-performance PC, you want a large gaming case. Each case allows room for up to eight HDDs or SSDs with a dual video card setup, including multiple inputs and output ports, a sizeable water-cooling system with a powerful water pump, various brackets, RGB lighting effects and RAM. Smaller micro ATX and mini ITX computer cases feature an I/O panel, which adjusts in six distinctive locations, and an edge-to-edge acrylic case with a transparent side panel. The position of the case can be vertical or horizontal, and each one is small enough to fit in a backpack.

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    Best For Gaming: Cyxus Hev


    • Not easily adjustable

    • Only one shape offered

    Gamers, these blue light blocking glasses are for you. Not only do these highly-rated glasses help to reduce eye strain, they also protect against ultraviolet radiation and UV 400. Unlike some blue light blocking glasses with lens filters, these glasses won’t alter the color of your screens, so you can play your best.

    With 20 different styles available, there is a color and size available for everyone. These glasses guarantee a lifetime warranty, and their high ratings and positive reviews are a sign that these shades are worth it, especially when it comes to gaming.

    Frame Material: Not specified | Blue Light Absorption: Up to 80% | Lens Color: Clear

    Can Blue Light Glasses Damage Your Eyes

    Probably not, but that doesnt mean you should wear them all the time. The medical community doesnt believe blue-light glasses can damage your eyes but, most adults shouldnt wear these glasses outdoors or 24/7 because your eyes still need to absorb natural blue light from the sun to tell your internal clock when its daylight or nighttime .

    Similarly, most children shouldnt be wearing blue-light glasses all day. Their eyes actually need that wavelength from sunlight because a deficiency of natural blue light in maturing eyes can lead to myopia .

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    Best For Daytime: J+s Vision Blue Light Shield Glasses

    Courtesy of J+S Vision

    • High percentage of blue light filtration

    • Multiple frame and lens options

    • Works for all purposes and users

    • Not as high quality as other lenses

    Research suggests that between 27% and 35% of adults who use blue-light emitting devices experience signs of eye strain, including headaches and blurred vision. If you sit in front of a screen all day, you want to find a pair that will be comfortable enough to wear from morning to night.

    These glasses from J+S are perfect for all-day wear, as they block 90% of harmful blue light, fit comfortably on your face, and do so stylishly. They come in a variety of styles, so you may even want to get more than one pair, depending on where you wear them. Overall, reviewers say that these shades are perfect for any type of screen exposure and worth the price.

    Frame Material: Not specified | Blue Light Absorption: Up to 90% | Lens Color: Clear or amber

    Choosing The Best Computer Glasses For You

    2020 Blue Ray Computer Glasses Men Screen Radiation Eyewear Reading ...

    In an increasingly digital age, we spend more time each day staring at our computers, watching TV and tinkering on our smartphones and tablets. All that screen time can add up to a lot of eye strain. But blue-light-blocking computer glasses can offer relief.

    What are computer glasses and how do they block blue light? What is blue light? What kind of blue light glasses are there? Our guide will help you select the best computer glasses for you.

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    The Computer Glasses Tips And Advice

    • If you need prescription lenses, keep in mind that computer glasses are akin to reading glasses more than distance glasses.
    • Most screens that produce blue light will be relatively close to your face, so make sure you select your prescription strength and type accordingly. Consult your optometrist if the source of blue light you are targeting is farther away, such as a TV across a living room.
    • Some computer glasses are tinted amber to block blue light even better. However, if accurate color perception is important for your screen time , you might prefer to get low color distortion glasses.
    • When choosing frames, consider your face shape and skin tone. Its important to pick patterns and colors you find appealing and that fit your lifestyle, but different frame shapes and styles work best with different face shapes.
    • Several glasses retailers will let you virtually try on glasses online, so experiment with what looks good on you.

    What Is Blue Light And Do You Need To Block It

    Imagine light passing through a prism, which fans it out into the colors of the rainbow. Each color you see is part of the visible light spectrum, which is defined by wavelengths. Shorter wavelengths generally become more harmful as they decrease, which is why many people want to block too much blue and violet light from reaching their eyes. However, its not a good idea to banish blue light completely. Its found in every light source, including sunlight, and is known to boost your attention and mood. Long-term effects on eye health are unclear, but some studies have shown that rat retina cells die when exposed to extreme levels of blue light.

    Blue light plays a major part in controlling your sleep cycle. Too much of iteven everyday levels, if you spend a lot of time in front of a screenhas proven problematic. Daylight, which contains blue light, helps tell your internal clock when its time to start the day or hit the hay. Stare at a blue-light-emitting device for too long at night, and your body might think its still daytime. Blue light, especially, has been found to suppress melatonin for about twice as long as green light. That could mean the difference between falling asleep in 30 minutes and one hour. During the day, such exposure to blue light can help keep you alert, but in the evening hours it can be potentially problematic .

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    Best With Magnification: Prospek Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Courtesy of Walmart

    • Offers blue light blocking and magnification

    • Small, regular, and large sizes

    • Limited colors and styles

    If you’re looking for a pair of glasses that gives you an extra boost , we recommend these glasses from Prospek. These glasses have a variety magnification strengths, anywhere from 0.00 to 3.00, and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

    Frame Material: Polycarbonate | Blue Light Absorption: 50% | Lens Color: Light amber

    Sapphire Eyewear Starting At $43

    Top 10 Best Reading Glasses For Men

    Sapphire Eyewear, founded by an optometrist, has a licensed optometrist available every day to answer questions and to give eyewear advice. An optician on staff oversees the manufacturing process for Sapphire Eyewears Blue Light glasses. Under Sapphires Buy One Give One program, Sapphire donates a pair of free glasses to deprived areas and developing countries to help people worldwide with vision deficiencies.

    Looking for the best tech deals? Find laptop deals, MacBook deals, Chromebook deals and more from our curated deals page.

    Editors’ Recommendations

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    Can You Test For Blue

    Many online resources that suggest you can test blue-light-blocking glasses at home with DIY tricks, such as looking at some overlapping blue circles on your screen or shining a light through the lenses onto photosensitive paper. We tried these methods, but we couldnt find any difference between the pairs we tested and, short of a $5,000 spectrometer, theres no way to know for sure how any particular pair will perform. The best way to determine whether a pair of glasses will work for your eyes is to try them .

    When youre ready for an upgrade, The Vision Council, which represents optical manufacturers like EyeBuyDirect and Zenni, said buying prescription glasses from a professional with medical-grade blue-light-blocking lenses is the safest bet. And if you want to confirm the results for yourself, you can ask them for a spectral report, which details how much light and at which wavelengths their lenses actually block.

    Is It Ok To Wear Blue Light

    In short, its definitely OK to wear blue light-blocking glasses all day. The best blue-light glasses for men are going to protect your eyes in a number of ways, especially from the harmful effects of blue light put forth in larger packages and in smaller ways . Experts say that the blue-light coating isnt excessive or harmful to your eyes, and can provide crucial protection.

    Youre preventing eye strain and giving your eyes another level of defense, too. So yes, ultimately, you can wear blue light-blocking glasses all day with no worries. Mens blue-light glasses just became your new secret eyewear weapon.

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    Our Computer Glasses Buying Guide

    Computer glasses, gaming glasses and blue-light-blocking glasses in general offer protection from the harm and fatigue caused by modern computer, tablet, phone and TV screens. These screens emit a large amount of blue light, which is adjacent to the harmful ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

    Blue light is visible, high-energy electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun and from modern screen devices. This light can cause harm to your retinas, disturb your sleep cycle and cause eye strain and headaches. A number of optometrists have started recommending blue-light-blocking glasses to patients who spend a large amount of time at computers or on phones or tablets.

    Computer glasses are available with non-prescription lenses, as well as with several standard prescription strengths. Frames are available in a variety of styles and materials, so look for comfort features, such as a sloped or padded area for the nose, as well as durability and aesthetics. Choose frames that suit your personal style and, if relevant, your professional environment.

    Best For The Socially Conscious: Warby Parker Kimball : Buy Men Alloy Glasses Frame Clear Fashion Myopia ...

    Everyones favorite get-one-give-one glasses brand has jumped into the blue-light game, bringing all its beloved brand features with them. Warbys virtual try-on tool lets you narrow down the selection before your purchase, as is the free at-home try-on that captured the hearts of Americas bespectacled masses. The brands selection of frames is impeccably stylish, even if it is a tad homogeneous. But who cares when youve got options like the Kimball, a hip vintage-inspired number in just-flashy-enough tortoiseshell. Best of all, every pair of Warby Parker blue-light glasses means sending a pair of real glasses to someone in need.

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    How To Choose The Right Frame For Your Eyeglasses For Computer Use

    There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right frame for your eyeglasses. If you use your glasses for computer use, youll want to make sure the frame is comfortable and doesnt slip down your nose. Youll also want to choose a frame that is the right size for your face. For men, it is generally recommended to choose a frame that is slightly wider than your face.

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