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Best Glasses Oval Face Shape

Glasses For Oval Face: 12 Best Glasses For Oval Faces

Glasses for a Round/Oval Face Shape | EyeBuyDirect x Truly Jamie

Are you on a quest to find the right glasses that fit your oval face? No matter what your face shape may be, know that there’s a perfect pair of eyeglasses out there. Over the years, eyeglasses have evolved into a fashion statement. Choosing the right pair of glasses would determine your overall style statement. If you have an oval face, you are blessed with the most diplomatic of all the face shapes. While it’s not that complicated to find eyeglasses for an oval shape, we want you to pick the best. This is why we have curated an easy and simple guide to help you figure out the glasses for oval face. Continue reading to find out more.

Best Frame Shapes For An Oval Face

Even though your oval face shape is considered versatile, some frames will be better choices than others. And there are a few frame shapes that oval faces need to stay away from.

  • First, square frames are a fast go-to for oval faces. Because the oval is a bit longer and has a mid-face angle at the cheekbones, square frames can accentuate and compliment your features.
  • Rectangle frames, similar to square-shaped glasses, will also help to balance your face. They will soften strong cheekbones and shorten a long oval face. If you have a more pointed chin, rectangle frames can complement the triangle from your cheekbones to your chin.
  • Aviators dont look great on just anybody. The aviator shape is a classic look thats been brought to market as a modern favorite. These frames will soften and balance any strong features as well as bring out your softer jawline.
  • Similar to aviators, browline frames will also look smart on anyone who needs a conservative, attractive look. These professional favorites use your browline to contain your cheekbones, while the slight dropping in the lower part of the frame will complement the line from your cheekbones down to your chin.
  • What Glasses Look Good On A Diamond Face

    Don’t get confused between an oval-shaped face and a diamond face. The only difference between both is balanced proportion. In comparison to oval face shapes, diamond faces are slightly longer and narrower. To choose the right pair of glasses for a diamond face, you could follow the same guidelines as that of an oval face. Bold shapes and eyeglasses with decorative details work well on diamond faces. They draw attention to your eyes rather than highlighting the overall shape of your face.

    It’s not easy to pick a frame that fits your face shape and your personal style. There are several imperative factors to consider, including the right size, colour and trend. Every face shape has different eyeglasses that fit their face. Look for what suits you best, it’s going to define your style statement. If you are still confused and need help, ask one of the experts at Optica. Here, you are sure to find the right shape and style from our wide array of choices in eyeglasses.

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    Glasses For Oval Face Shapes

    An oval face shape is the most versatile when choosing eyewear. Whether you want to try a more daring shape, oversized frames or a bolder color, almost any style will complement your look. Just remember: your eyewear should emphasize your strongest features. Aim for a model thats as wide as the broadest part of your face to add angles and balance the gentle curves of the oval shape.

    Suggested frames: Lite Spirit 2926. The super-fine rims let you experiment with the color and style of the frames. At the same time, these glasses are just as light as any rimless eyewear. Choose bold colors, such as playful Wild Moss paired with classic black temples.

    You see: Lite Spirit, model 2926, in color 5640 Wild Moss / Black

    Do You Have An Oval Face Shape

    One thing is certain, figuring out how to find the best eyeglasses for ...

    How can you tell if you have an oval-shaped face? For starters, its an extremely common face shape, so if you think you have one, you probably do! But if you want to check out your faces proportions in the mirror, look for some the following traits:

    • Your face is about twice as long as it is wide
    • Your face narrows slightly at the forehead and chin
    • Your face has a relatively even width all the way down, or is widest across your cheekbones
    • Your forehead is the same width as or just a bit wider than your jawline

    Some people with oval faces have rounded foreheads and chins, whereas others might have more pointed features. The relatively even width of the face is what distinguishes oval face shapes from , which are more notably wide across the cheeks and may not be as long.

    Remember, your face probably wont meet all of the criteria for a certain face shape. Those descriptions are generalizations, and they dont always respect the fact that everyones face is different .

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    How To See Which Frames Look Best On You

    You dont have to travel to stores in person to try on different frames. Virtual try-on apps can simulate the experience of trying on glasses in a real shop or optometrists office.

    Virtual technology enables you to choose the glasses that match your face shape, lifestyle, and style preferences. Using a photo or 3D video, you can try on frames before you buy them. You dont have to wonder how the frames will look on you. You can see it in real time.

    A virtual try-on app can work across different devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, or computer. These are two options you can try:

    • Ideofit: Thiseasy-to-use app can quickly show you how you look in specific frames. It works great for trying on glasses and sunglasses. You dont need to scan your face or upload a photo. It works in real time.It is available in the Apple app store and store.
    • YouCam Makeup: This is a simple makeover app where you can see how different glasses look on your face. Its an easy way to quickly see how certain frame shapes work for your face before purchasing them.It is available in the Apple app store and store.

    Most major eyeglass retailers offer some version of a try-on app or feature on their site. Some require that you upload a photo of your face, whereas others use the camera on your computer, tablet, or smartphone to show you how glasses look on you in real time.

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    Glasses That Might Not Work As Well For Oval Faces

    As weve said before, you can wear any glasses frame with an oval face shape and look absolutely fabulous. There arent any restrictionsyoure the boss of your personal style! The frames below might present some styling challenges for an oval face, but that doesnt mean theyre not for you. Try them on and see what works!

    How Can I Identify My Face Shape

    How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape | LensCrafters

    Eyeglasses are a powerful fashion accessory if you want to alter your look. But, it’s important you know the shape of your face. Often times, people do confuse their oval face shape with a round or long face. While all face shapes are equally beautiful, oval shapes are considered to be ideal. When you are trying to identify your face shape, take a mirror and focus on three key things, Forehead, cheekbones and jawline. To identify if you have an oval shape or not, look for a balanced proportion. Some of the key features of an oval face shape are a smaller forehead, high cheekbones and a slim jawline. Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Jude Law are all celebrities that have an oval face. Take a look at our face shape guide to help you determine yours.

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    Making Sure Your Glasses Fit Your Face Properly

    Once you know what types of frames will fit your face shape, its important to also make sure that theyll truly FIT and feel comfortable on your face! To make sure your Mouqy frames will fit you, be sure to get your correct glasses measurements and compare them to the dimensions of the frames youre interested in.

    Top 14 Things To Look For When Buying Shape Sunglasses For Oval Face

    When it comes to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for an oval face, it can be a little tricky. You want to make sure that you find a style that is going to complement your features, and not overpower them. Here are 14 things to look for when buying shape sunglasses for oval face:

    1. Look for sunglasses that will give your face shape more structure and definition. Round or square-shaped frames tend to create a stronger outline and can look great on an oval face. You will also want to avoid frames that are too small or narrow.

    2. Choose a frame with a bold browline and strong angles to contrast the softer oval shape of your face. Cat-eye shapes are great for this purpose, as they add definition to the upper part of your face while still providing coverage from the sun.

    3. Consider larger frame styles such as aviator or shield sunglasses, which can help balance out the roundness of an oval face. Larger frames will also provide better UV protection from the suns rays.

    4. Avoid overly ornate designs or bright colors, which can be overwhelming on an oval face shape. Stick to neutral tones and simpler patterns for a more polished look that wont draw attention away from your eyes.

    5. Try on frames that are slightly wider than the widest part of your face. This will help create a flattering balance between the width and length of your face shape.

    9. Look for frames with a low bridge, as this will help to elongate the appearance of your face shape.

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    Tips For Choosing Glasses For Your Face Shape

    15 Best Type Of Eyeglasses Frame For Your Face ShapeOval

    And now, the fun part.

    Once youve chosen which glasses are the best option for your face shape, youll be able to find a pair that will complement your features and bring a natural balance to your profile.

    We have frames for round, oval, square, diamond, triangular, and heart shaped faces. . If you need help narrowing down the options, follow our face-shape shopping tips.

    Use the Virtual Try On tool: Simply click try on, enable your camera, and you can get a sense of how your favourite styles look. Remember Virtual Try On isnt an indicator of fit, so be sure to enter your PD and check glasses measurements to help get a sense of sizing.

    Not sure what your PD is? Learn how to measure PD at home.

    Find your measurements: When shopping for the best fit, getting your glasses measurements right is key to finding a pair that make you look and feel great learn how to find your glasses measurements.

    Pick a colour: If youre not sure which glasses colour or material to go for, check out our guide on glasses frame colours for advice on which styles might complement your hair colour and skin tone.

    Whether you opt for something bold or subtle, vintage or modern, statement or versatile, weve got plenty of frames to fit your beautiful face. If youve got questions or want to chat more about style, you can reach out to our Customer Service team 24/7 by chat, email, or phone.

    Make sure to share your selfies with us using #SeeClearly on Social.

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    Which Frames Look Best On An Oval Face

    Whats the best frame shape to complement an oval face? Because this face shape is so versatile, there are a lot of shapes that can flatter it.

    The top frames for oval faces add width and angularity, and they should match the size of your face. Ideally, choose frames that are wider than the widest part of your face.

    • Angular frames: A geometric look can be stylish, sophisticated, and trendy for oval faces. Square frames add angles and sharpness, offsetting the softness of an oval face. Rounded square and rounded rectangular frames are good options to achieve a stylish geometric look.
    • Aviators: Aviators tend to create an impression of width, which balances the length of your face.These glasses were first developed by Bausch & Lomb in 1936 to help protect pilots eyes. This iconic style continues to be in fashion today. Aviators come in a traditional rounded shape or slightly squared, and both work well for oval face shapes.
    • Cat-eye frames:These frames offer oval-face women a great opportunity to play with a vintage look. These frames sweep upward and highlight your cheekbones while adding width.
    • Browline frames: These are a popular choice for men to create an illusion of width, shortening the length of an oval face.

    For more inspiration on glass frames, look at celebrities who have oval faces. Photographs of Emma Watson, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Ryan Reynolds, Jude Law, Oprah, and Beyonce sporting glasses and sunglasses may spark your imagination.

    What Glasses Suit Oval Faces Best

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    Best Fit Glasses For Oval Faces Shape

    What glasses are suitable for oval faces? People with oval faces have some of the best spectacle options. They can wear square, rectangular, and round-shaped glasses. Still, you may encounter some problems when choosing glasses for your oval face. So here are all the solutions that you would like to know about.

    Remember, not all oval-faced people can wear the same glasses. It will be different for each person, although everyone has an oval face.

    Also, there are vast variations of oval faces in both male and female fields. Oval-faced people look attractive in glasses, but before ordering one pair for you, make sure its frame is not too large. Always try to wear glasses with a small frame. Lets know what type of glasses are best for oval faces.

    See Also:

    Oval-faced people can wear any sunglasses, glasses, and goggles. Goggles give a captivating look to your face.

    So, now you know what kind of glasses are for oval faces.

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    Glasses For Oval Shaped Faces

    The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

    Oval Face Shape

    Oval shaped faces have a narrow forehead and slightly narrow chin, which typically creates a long face silhouette.

    For an oval face, choose glasses that emphasize the natural balance and add angles to your faces subtle curves. Look for frames that are as wide as the widest part of your face, which is typically the area around the eyes, in a shape that adds subtle contrast to your features:

    • Square or rectangular glasses: Add sharper angles for definition
    • Geometric shapes: Get playful with shapes and angular contrast
    • Browline: Wide frames compliment a narrow silhouette

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