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Best Men’s Sport Sunglasses

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Top 7 Best Men’s Sport Sunglasses of 2021 | SportRx

The regular photochromic lenses for the Seventh no longer include a yellow option, which means you have to spring for the pricier NXT Varia lens if you want the notable brightness-in-shade effect that yellow lenses provide. That said, even the NXT Varia version, at $150, costs $60 to $70 less than our upgrade pick, the Julbo Aeros.

Oakley Mens Oo9406 Sutro Sunglasses

Need the best eyes protection? Oakley Mens Oo9406 Sutro Sunglasses offer 100% UV protection against all harmful sun rays. Further, the frame is larger than any other sunglasses so that your entire face is protected. They seem very bulky. However, when you wear them, youll discover they are very lightweight. Similar to most Oakleys products, this one is also expensive, but you can expect very high quality, though. The lenses are enhanced with Prizm technology and High Definition Optics to provide clearer and better visibility. Also, the nose pads are the no-slip Unobtanium nose pads Oakley became renowned for. They provide the best grip even when wet.


  • Prizm and HDO lens technology
  • Non-slipping nose pads

What Makes A Good Pair Of Running Sunglasses

Much like sports sunglasses, the best running sunglasses can be identified using two primary purchasing points: comfort and lenses. Although youll be bobbing up and down, running sunglasses shouldnt be restrictive the nose piece, the arms and the bridge should fit snug without feeling tight. Thats where that all-important grip comes in.

And again, youll need lenses that block out UV light in all conditions. Like sports sunglasses, running sunglasses come in an array of tints and coatings that are designed to eliminate horizontal light waves, only letting vertical light through. This reduces glare keeping eye strain at bay and enhances colour, so everything appears clearer.

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Costa: Adjustable And Available In Xl Sizes


Why its great: If your head is on the larger size, sunglasses often fit uncomfortably or stretch out over time, which weakens the materials. Costas sunglasses come in various sizesfrom small to XXLwhich you can filter on their site, along with features such as lens color and material and frame style. The Switchfoot has blue mirror polarized lenses, which are best for bright light and reducing glare off the water. Key criticism: These are meant for a high nose bridge so they might not fit securely on those with flatter noses. Other options: For a sporty version, try the Reefton Pro and the Sampan for an XXL size.

What To Consider When Shopping For Mens Sunglasses

Top 10 Best Sports Sunglasses in 2020 Review
  • Online Versus In Person: Shopping online gives you the widest selection the downside is that it can be hard to judge how each pair will fit on you. If youre unsure, rely on brands that offer virtual try-on technology thats easy to navigate, such as Raen and Warby Parker. Los-Angeles-based fashion stylist Vanessa Powell also recommends measuring your face, just to be sure. Many people make the mistake of wearing sunglasses that are too big or too small for their face. It doesnt look natural and feels uncomfortable, almost like wearing a pair of shoes that dont fit well. Another option: Measure a pair of glasses you already own and like and use that as a guide when shopping.
  • Materials And Hardware: Beyond style, always pay attention to construction details, says celebrity stylist and creative curator Avon Dorsey. High-quality pairs are often made of acetate, which is lightweight and considered more rugged than plastic, and polarized lenses to minimize the suns glare and reduce eye strain. The hardware on the glasses is also a key component to design and durability, adds Dorsey. Look for barrel hinges, for example, that allow your glasses to flex at the temple easily. As Dorsey notes, better hardware means higher resistance to wear and tear.

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Top 26 Product Ratings

Great coverage, sharp lenses, multi-sport function, durable frame Brilliant lens quality, amazing coverage for such a small lens, easy to wear all-day Crystal clear lens, well built frames, hinges extend past 90 degrees, stylish Great optics with impressive light range, lightweight, good airflow Sharp transition lens, good coverage, adjustable nose fitting, great range of light
Cons Not ideal for all helmets, can dig into larger head sizes Rubber can catch hair Heavy, made for larger head sizes Coverage could be better, strange case Frames could be nicer, poor finish work
Bottom Line With razor-sharp optics and full shield coverage, these multi-sport shades are the best pick in our lineup A great fitting wrap-around pair of glasses that fit like a glove and can be used for nearly any sport A quality built pair of sunnies with crystal clear glass lenses and great coverage The best transition glasses in our lineup and suitable for any sport you throw at them A sporty transition sunglass with good coverage and great airflow all at an amazing value
Rating Categories
Internal anti-fog, external oil-repellent, oleophobic Scratch resistant, hydrophobic, oleophobic
Microfiber bag & soft/hard hybrid case Microfiber bag and hard case

How Much Do They Cost

There is a considerable variation in the prices of mens sunglasses. You can find some very cheap street vendors, but as we said, they are not recommended at all.

In department stores, there will already be some good models for around R$70. When it comes to famous brands and brands, the glasses can reach four or, eventually, five digits. But the average is between R$300 and R$600. In this range, you will have beautiful models, totally safe and in fashion!

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Knockaround: Great Value For The Price

Why its great: If you tend to lose your sunglasses and dont want to invest in an expensive polarized pair, Knockarounds are a good alternative. They include basic amber polarized lenses, which provides full UV400 protection, and are molded out of high quality materials, so they can handle wear and tear. Key criticism: These frames are on the larger side so they might be difficult to fit in a pocket. Other options: Check out the Torrey Pines frames for a bold look or the Premiums for something more practical.

Who This Is For

5 Best Men’s Oakley Sunglasses of 2021 | SportRx

If you do anything active outside during daylight hours, you should wear sport sunglasses. Good ones wrap around the eyes, acting like a car windshield or motorcycle fairing to protect your eyes from wind, dust, mud, flying objects, and ultraviolet radiation. The latter is extremely important. UV light exposure can increase the risk of developing lid malignancies, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration, said Dr. Cheryl J. Reed, an Akron, Ohio, optometrist who specializes in low-vision conditions. It also contributes to snow blindness and an eye condition called pinguecula. Fortunately, sunglasses sold in the US are legally bound by the FDA to offer 100 percent protection against ultraviolet radiation.

What differentiates sport shades from the ones you wear for driving or around town? The degree of protectiveness is the short answer. Chances are, your around-town sunglasses are almost flat. They dont hug your face. They permit a fair amount of stray wind and light to reach your eyes. They may have glass lenses, which can shatter in an impact situation . Glass lenses have awesome clarity and are highly scratch-resistant, but theyre not practical for really active pursuits.

Your townie shades almost certainly lack nonslip nosepieces and easily adjustable temples, meaning they might be prone to fall off at inopportune moments. If they have metal frames , theyre prone to bend or break. Also, the lens tints are generally not well suited to outdoor sports.

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Persol: Classic Italian Beauty

Why its great: Persol sunglasses are pricey but deliver a lot of Italian craftsmanship. The 714 framesthe same that Steve McQueen regularly worestand out for being the first-ever folding glasses model. The sunglasses have a pilot shape, keyhole bridge and collapsable bridge that allows you to fold them and put them in your pocket that technology requires ten additional manufacturing steps . Fashion stylist Lopez is a fan and also likes that pair come with a two-year warranty. Key criticism: The price point. Other options: For more classic styles, check out the 649 and PO3285S.

Rivbos Sunglasses For Men

These versatile sports sunglasses are incredible on many sides. RIVBOS Sunglasses for Men have a TR90 frame that can withstand pressure and flex a bit according to the wearers measurements. The frame is also unbreakable and, best of all, very lightweight.Moving on to the lenses, the lenses are made of Triacetate cellulose material with many features. They are scratch-resistant, provide good polarization features, and reduce glare. All of these features are available in a fashionable piece at a very low price when considering the features.


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Maui Jim: Highest Quality Lenses

Maui Jim

Why its great: A lot of brands offer polarized sunglasseswhich get rid of glare that washes out colors and fatigues your eyesbut Maui Jims are among the best for its specific technology. Theyre lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare, including horizontal glare that reflects from any flat, smooth or shiny surface. Theres also a bi-gradient mirror applied to the top and bottom of the lens, which squints for you to reduce the brightest light from above and below, allowing your eyes to relax. Key criticism: The high quality lenses drive up the price. Other options: These sunglasses are available in four different frames and lens colors. We also like the Relaxation Mode and Kiawe styles.

Our Pick: Ryders Seventh Photochromic

Best Sport Sunglasses for Men in 2022 (Review &  Guide)

After cycling, running, trail running, hiking, or snowshoeing daily over the course of two months, constantly swapping out and comparing more than a dozen brands and some 40 models of sunglasses, we believe that the Ryders Seventh Photochromic represents the best choice for eye protection in a wide range of activities, and at a great price. A photochromic lens changes the amount of light it allows to pass through depending on light conditions, and Ryderss windshield-like lens provides protection and sharp contrast. We found it to be extraordinarily versatile.

We wore the Seventh for foggy-morning bike rides and a mountain peak climb that entailed equal parts sunny exposure and forest shade. The lenses, with a visible light transmission range of 74 percent to 25 percent, adapted beautifully. Almost unnoticeably, in fact. That kind of light-transmission range means you can wear the Seventh sunglasses while youre getting ready for your activityprepping a bike in the garage, for instanceand simply keep them on as you emerge into the day. The lenses then darken to suit the circumstance.

The Seventh is not currently available in a prescription model. Ryders offers a three-year warranty against material or manufacturing defects and a generous crash-replacement policya 50 percent discount to replace sunglasses should you face-plant with them, sit on them, or subject them to any other destructive horror.

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Why You Should Trust Us

I have been reviewing sunglasses for more than 20 years, first for Outside magazine and later for the Outside Buyers Guide, where I was the editor for eight years. I also ran an independent review website called the Sunglasses Buyers Guide for several years. I am a Southern Californiabased active athlete and traveler who enjoys mountain and road cycling, hiking, and trail running.

I also interviewed several experts in the field, including Dr. Cheryl J Reed, an Akron, Ohio, optometrist who specializes in low-vision conditions, Rob Tavakoli, an optician and VP of SportRx, a company that produces prescription lenses for a number of manufacturers, and John Seegers, optician and founder of OpticianWorks, who is also a recreational cyclist and mountain climber.

Oakley Mens Oo9096 Fuel Cell Wrap Sunglasses

Featuring Plutonite Lenses, Oakley Mens OO9096 Fuel Cell Wrap Sunglasses offer one of the best and most professional sports sunglasses you can ever buy. No wonder, as Oakley is a known brand name and has been designing sunglasses long ago. These are the top options for athletes. Theyre enhanced with Prizm technology for the lenses. Hence, they improve the visibility of the color and also block much of the glare. Apart from that, these sunglasses are very protective. They offer one of the best UV protection against harmful sun rays. Moreover, the frame is very lightweight and comfortable for everyone. In fact, these sunglasses have nothing missed to be considered the best mens sports sunglasses.


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Beacool Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Bea.Cool Polarized Sports Sunglasses ranked the first on our list for many reasons, but the style is the first, in our opinion. These sunglasses look very sporty, very trendy, and very casual. They add a fashion statement, and they have functional properties as well. However, this is a list of the best mens sports sunglasses, Bea.Cool sunglasses are unisex, and anyone can wear them.Moving to the specs, the sunglasses have polarized lenses offering 100% UV protection. Plus, the frame is scratch-resistant. Its also lightweight and comfortable for most heads. The sunglasses are available in many colors and interesting color mixes. They can leverage your whole style.


Are There Different Sunglasses For Different Types Of Sports

Top 5 Best Prescription Sport Sunglasses for Men of 2021 | SportRx

Yes, you can find sunglasses for hikers, cyclists, runners, and water sports. However, there are also universal options that suit different sports.

A travel blogger and the founder of WOW Travel, Peter is a crazy dreamer with an insatiable desire for adventure who could never settle for an ordinary life or conform with the norm. After visiting more than 50 countries, he aims to travel with a purpose and inspire people to do the same.

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The Best Prescription Sunglasses And Sun Readers For Men

Those of us who need corrective lenses usually find it convenient to own a pair or two of prescription sunglasses.

  • offers a range of brand-name prescription sunglasses from companies like Ray Ban and Oakley.
  • Warby Parker is an excellent option to try on prescription sunglasses at home.
  • Zenni Optical and EyeBuyDirect are my favorite places to buy cheap prescription sunglasses for men.
  • JINS, Japans leading eyewear brand, offers the JINS SWITCH, which pairs prescription glasses with magnetic clip-on sunglasses plate. The combo makes it a breeze to switch from indoors to outside.
  • What Are Polarized Lenses

    When sunglasses are polarized, the lenses get treated with a chemical application that acts as a filter. The filter is open to vertical rays of light but blocks out light that comes in horizontally.

    As a result, the lenses significantly reduce glare, which helps make various outdoor objects appear more clear and sharp. On a fishing trip, for example, youd be able to see into the water more easily. For many people, polarized lenses also reduce eye strain, lowering the chances of headaches and fatigue.

    Its important to note that polarized glasses dont necessarily offer a greater degree of UV protection. UV protection is a separate feature that may be combined with polarized lenses. Also, some people incorrectly assume that all sunglasses are polarized. Because they arent, be sure to check before making a purchase.

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    Raen: Well Crafted And California Made


    Why its great: Raens sunglasses are handmade from zyl acetate and built to last with five barrel hinges, a wire core embedded in each temple for strength and polarized lenses that give you 100% UVA/UVB protection. Theyre stylish at a reasonable price and you can experiment with bolder options with the virtual try-on feature that works remarkably well. Key criticism: These glasses have a slightly narrow fit so keep that in mind when ordering. Other options: For more stylish pairs, consider the Adin or the Myles.

    Cheap Sunglasses For Men On Amazon

    DONNA Men Sports Sunglasses Polarized Goggles Rectangle Men Sport ...

    A search for produces a dizzying array of results from brands Ive never heard of like Demikos, Kanastal, Kaliyadi, Merrys, Nitrogen, NIEEPA, Sunier, B.N.U.S., Kuguaok, Joopin, Faguma, mxnx, ANDOILT, Bio-th, Queshark, MEETSUN, SUNGAIT, GQUEEN, DeBuff and LINVO.

    For cheap mens sunglasses on Amazon, try Ducos sunglasses . Ducos sunglasses for men are remarkably inexpensive given they are made in Japan and feature high-quality details like carbon fiber frames and polarized lenses.

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    Oakley Mens Canteen Sunglasses

    Oakley Mens Canteen Sunglasses also offer two lens options. These include the composite lenses or the polycarbonate ones. Both are polarized to offer better vision in dim light conditions. However, the composite lenses are certainly better regarding UV protection. Further, the lenses are available in three colors jade iridium, black, and blue. All offer the same quality of sun protection. The sunglasses dont have nose or temple pads. However, they are very stable on your face. Although these sunglasses are perfect, many people believe you can get the same qualities and features at lower prices.


    Why Do I Need Sports Sunglasses

    Theyre an essential piece of gear when the mercury rises, or really whenever its bright out. The right pair of sports sunglasses or running sunglasses, if youre so inclined wont just shield your eyes and stay comfortably in place when youre moving at high speeds. Theyll filter glare off water , heighten contrast for ball sports and, in some cases, even play a performance-enhancing backing track to your montage-worthy training sessions.

    Keep scrolling for our edit of the finest, high-spec sports sunglasses and running sunglasses available, so you can stay laser-focused on the fitness. Shine on, people.

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