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Best Online Glasses For Progressive Lenses

The Best Options To Buy Cheap Prescription Glasses Online

How to Choose the Best Frames for Progressives

Price alone doesnt tell the whole story. Im focused on value-for-money for under $100.

Its critical to look beyond the price: Companies like, which promises a complete set of prescription glasses for as little as $1.00, doesnt exactly instill a lot of confidence with this mangled English from their About Us page:

Wherelight was founded in 2015, which is striving to provide premium glasses for person with affordable prices. Glasses are quite a regular thing comes to peoples life since they were invented. Many adults as well as children wear glasses since they are very young.

Below I review my best bets for buying the cheapest prescription eyeglasses online:

What Are Progressive Glasses

Progressive glasses are glasses with three prescription powers. They are essentially bifocals without the line between prescription powers and optimized to allow viewing at intermediate ranges too. In progressive reading glasses, the transition between the range of prescription powers is smooth, allowing for a midrange prescription power between the distance power at the top and the reading segment at the bottom.

How Does A Progressive Lens Work

Progressive reading glasses reduce eye strain by bringing everything into sharp focus, regardless of how close or far away it is. They work by creating a seamless and gradual shift between three visual correction powers as you move down the lens. You can see objects in the distance by looking straight ahead, then tilt your head slightly upward to see mid-distance objects, and glance slightly downward to see close-up objects.

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Warby Parker: Best Online Glasses For Trying At Home

Warby Parker is a trusted brand when it comes to the best eyeglasses online, with a stylish selection of frames that are easy to try on at home. When buying glasses online at Warby Parker, you can select up to five frames to try at home for five days.

If none of them are right for you, simply send them back free of charge and try another batch until you find the frames you love. There is also the option to use the virtual try-on service too. That alone is a huge confidence booster, as you can rest assured that youre choosing frames that actually suit your face shape and skin tone.

With free shipping, free returns, and frames starting from only $95, Warby Parker is a good choice if you want a no-fuss, straightforward way to buy eyeglasses online. Even better, for every pair of eyeglasses you buy, Warby Parker donates a pair to someone in need. To date, the company has donated more than five million pairs of glasses.

While the range is quite small compared to the bigger online glasses retailers, we found more than enough choice on offer. You filter your search results according to frame width, shape, color, material, and nose bridge fit. Prices start from $95, and for $50 extra you can add blue-light filtering lenses to any pair of eyeglasses without needing a prescription.

Do You Need A Valid Prescription To Buy Glasses Online

Full Frame Multi Focus Glasses Progressive Resin Lens Distance Dual ...

You can buy fashion eyeglasses and regular sunglasses without a prescription. But yes, youll need a current prescription to buy eyeglasses that correct your vision. If you dont have a copy or are confused about which numbers mean what, many of the best eyeglasses online companies can contact your eye doctors office to get that information.

Reputable online glasses stores strongly encourage customers to get regular eye exams. Some will even help you find a local eye doctor.

If you have excellent vision or wear contacts but like glasses for their stylish flair, you can buy non-prescription glasses online too. Youll typically still have to pay for the lenses, but non-prescription lenses cost much less than the corrective kind.

Some online glasses stores include basic non-prescription lenses for free when you purchase frames. Almost all eyeglasses retailers will let you upgrade non-prescription lenses with anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch coating or even UV protection. Obviously these cost more.

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Customize Progressive Lens Glasses To Fit Your Life

Great Eye Glasses uses the best quality lenses and superior coating options for everything life throws at you. Every pair comes with UV coating and basic scratch-resistant coating. Additional options include fog-free lenses and coatings like premium scratch-resistant, blue-light blocking and anti-reflective.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, we want to help you protect your vision. Thats why we offer shooting range glasses and safety glasses. Our safety frames and lenses are both OSHA-compliant. For sunny days, customize any pair of frames into sunglasses and choose from polarized, solid, gradient and mirrored tint.

Choose Your Lens Coatings

Here are some popular types of lens coatings and when you should consider them, according to Dr. Young.

  • Anti-reflective: Anti-reflecting coatings are recommended for lenses that reflect more light, such as high index and polycarbonate lenses. AR coatings decrease halos around lights, which is especially helpful for night driving. These may also be helpful for anyone who frequently uses a computer screen.
  • Anti-scratch: Currently, many plastic lenses have built in anti-scratch resistance. But if it doesnt have scratch protection, plastic is soft and needs an anti-scratch coating. If you have kids or tend to be rough on your glasses, consider getting durable lenses or ones with an anti-scratch coating.
  • Anti-fog: These coatings help to minimize moisture condensation that occurs going from an indoor environment to outdoors, especially during winter months.
  • Blue light blocking: Perhaps one of the most popular add-ons, these coatings help block the blue light emitted from screens to help reduce eye strain. This is a great option for anyone who wears prescription glasses regularly and works at a computer.
  • Transitional: Another common add-on, this coating allows your lenses to automatically transition to sunglasses in the sunlight, then return to clear once youre out of the rays.

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Warby Parker User Reviews And Ratings

There are plenty of happy customers leaving positive feedback on Warby Parkers online glasses site. Comments include: Great price, great quality, great styles, great customer service. Keep up the great work! and first-time shopper and couldn’t be more pleased with the selection, quality, speed of delivery and level of customer care!

Consumer Affairs also features plenty of good feedback, including: Highly recommended. All communications back and forth with WP were friendly, timely, and helpful. Love the cost too! Very affordable! I like to have several pairs of glasses to change my look and I’m able to buy several pairs given their low cost.

Meanwhile, some negative comments mentioned the quality of the lenses, as well as a delay in delivery times.

Which Progressive Lenses Did I Compare

How To Adapt To Progressive Lenses? |

In this test I compared the following progressive lenses side by side:

Every one of these lenses should be set to a corridor length of 15mm. In most cases this was possible. In some cases, the design selectors did their thing because only then did the potential of the lenses fully unfold for the subjective tests in which I wore them daily. This order process oftentimes influences the length of the corridor.

So to be transparent here if you deal with products of different companies you will always find some variation in terms of the options to order. The idea here is to make the progressive lenses as comparable as possible. I can already see my e-mail inbox blowing up. But whatever back to the test.

To get consistent results we ordered the lenses with the following parameters and fitted them to the same frame.

Pupilar Distance right
Vertex Distance 11 mm

Those parameters are nothing special. I just wanted to have a frame that sits pretty average in my face.

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Can Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses Replace Sunglasses

While sunglasses with Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses are wonderful for protecting eyes from UV light in the absence of sunglasses, they are not considered a replacement for sunglasses. Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses are perfect for running errands where you move in and out of the sun throughout the day and are a tremendous improvement over mere prescription glasses.However, for prolonged outdoor activities in very bright conditions especially high glare where light is reflecting off of water or snow polarized sunglasses are your best bet for eye protection.

Protect Your Eyes With Blue Light Filtering Glasses

If youve ever worried about the effect of digital screens on your eyes, you may have heard about blue light and perhaps even searched for ways to protect your eyes against it. Now face light with style! Our blue light glasses contain lenses specifically designed to reduce the amount of blue light that reaches the eye. These lenses filter blue light rays to help prevent them from entering your eye and causing potential damage. Check our collection today!

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The Best Place To Buy Glasses Online

Money expert Clark Howard has long bought his glasses online from a website called Zenni Optical. He says its pretty much the best place hes found to buy eyeglasses.

Zennis prices start at around $12 for a basic frame with prescription lenses. That price includes shipping!

The big knock on Zenni historically was lousy customer service, but they have improved in that area, Clark says. Ive used them multiple times and never had a problem.

But while both Clark and Consumer Reports believe that Zenni is among the best places to buy glasses online, its far from the only game in town.

What To Know Before Buying Eyeglasses

Progressive Lens Eyeglasses Online Prices

The cheap prices from online retailers are certainly alluring. But if you plan on ordering from a site like Zenni Optical or EyeBuyDirect, youll first need to get your vision checked by an eye doctor to get an updated prescription.

Youll also need to find out your pupillary distance , which is the space between the centers of your pupils, expressed in millimeters. Certain frames will not work with certain P.D.s because the center of the lenses will either be too wide or too narrow. You need a fit thats just right.

If your P.D. is already noted on your prescription, you are good to go. If its not noted, many doctors will provide this information upon request.

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Buying Progressive Lenses Online

As we have stated, you can easily find progressive lenses online from many online retailers. That said, we always recommend you get an eye exam before committing to an expensive lens purchase. If you are confident in your current prescription, we highly recommend you fully understand any given retailers warranty and return policy on lenses before clicking the buy now button.

Color Fringes With The Best Progressive Lenses Some Showed Them More Dominant

The lenses here tested are the very best lenses on the market right now writing this article. One thing that bothered me was color fringes. In bright sunny days when I looked at the edge of an object, I saw a blue or yellow outline around this object.

This was present with the following lenses:

  • Essilor Varilux X 4D
  • Zeiss Individual 2
  • Hoya Hoyalux ID Myself

Frankly spoken very very few customers of mine reported this issue to me in my optical store. I guess most people can not see it or they do not care about the slight chromatic aberration. I also did not have this minor issue inside. It only came up outside and only there in bright sunlight.

If you want to read more about color fringes related to glasses I have another article here ready for you.

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Advantages Of Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are virtually the Swiss Army knife of prescription eyewear lenses. Their 3-in-1 characteristics offer the ultimate in versatility by aiding vision correction for distance, mid-range, and close up needs.

Their most significant advantage is correcting vision for multiple depths with a seamless appearance. Unlike bifocal lenses which feature a noticeable line and half circle lens for reading, progressive lenses are entirely smooth and virtually indistinguishable from conventional lenses. This is incredibly beneficial as you wont need to worry about the aging effect you tend to get from bifocals.

Another advantage of progressive lenses is their ability to eliminate the necessity for multiple pairs of glasses. No longer will you need to fumble for those reading glasses to peruse a menu at your favorite restaurant or more likely, your smartphone. Aside from the added convenience, you will recoup some of the added costs of progressive lenses by no longer needing to purchase reading glasses.

How Do You Know If You Have Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses

Should You Get Progressive Lenses For Your Sunglasses? | SportRx

You should be able to tell if you have Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses by stepping outdoors and seeing them darken over the course of a couple of minutes. However, testing them behind the windshield of a car won’t give you the same result. You must expose them to UV light directly from the sun, as Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses even work on overcast days. If your lenses show no sign of darkening after exposure to sunlight, youll know that you dont have Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses.

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Quality Progressive Eyeglasses For Clearer Vision

No matter how great those new designer glasses maybe, bifocal lenses can make you feel older. But progressive glasses can give you a clearer vision without the need for these types of lenses. With our broad selection of stylish frames, you can get the perfect pair of progressive glasses at Marvel Optics. Be sure to look at everything we have in our store, so you can find a pair of cheap progressive glasses that will fit your personal style.

Also Great: Liingo Eyewear

If you want to try frames on for fit and style before buying them, consider Liingo Eyewear. Liingos single-vision and progressive glasses are both less expensive than those from other retailers that provide in-home frame trials. And Liingo offers a return window thats about four times as long as Eyebuydirects . As with our other picks, all of the prescriptions we ordered from Liingo were deemed correct by an independent optician.

Liingo offers a selection of more than 100 frames, about the same as other in-home trial retailers we tested. But its glasses typically cost more than those from our other picks. Even though we spent more on comparable frame-and-lens pairings from Liingo versus Eyebuydirect, our panelists liked their Eyebuydirect glasses the same.

Liingo has grown significantly since we first looked at it, in 2018 it now offers progressive lenses and partial reimbursements for professional frame adjustments , among other things. We found its shipping and return processing times comparable to those of Eyebuydirect.

Liingo glasses come with a one-year warranty against defects and breaking from standard wear and tear. Its spectacles ship with a hardshell case and a lens-cleaning cloth.

Our long-term testers remain happy with their glasses from Liingo, with no reported complaints.

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Consumers Guide To Buying Glasses Why Cant I See Out Of My New Glasses

OK, this is a tough one and I could go on for hours A competent optician working with your eye doctor should be able to trouble shoot a prescription problem, in one visit, 95% of the time. 5% of you out there need to remember that you see with your brain, not with your eyes and maybe your brain is not working quite right. That is not meant to be mean or sarcastic, it is quite simply the truth. Yes, you may be in that 5% group if you have been back more than twice for a prescription problem. If you have been back three, four, five times then you are in that 5%!

Vision is subjective not objective.
STOP comparing your old pair and any new pair. As stated above, as we age if your Rx changes you will gain and lose perfect vision in one area or another.
Vision is the result of the brain interpreting what it sees through BOTH eyes. STOP covering one of them and insisting there is a problem.
If you have a pair you like and work well for you then BRING THEM WITH YOU when you take your new glasses back to the store.
Many small problems with a new Rx can be overcome with simple adjustments to the frame. This may seem a little odd but it works, it works!
If your prescription changed and it now calls for an add power but you choose to not go in to a bi-focal or progressive lens you are probably going to be unhappy! You are old, o-l-d, get over it.

Note: In very rare instances a change in material can cause problems with an Rx.


How To Care For Your Glasses

Do you know how progressive lenses work? Progressive lens (no line ...

Glasses can be one of your most important investments. Keep in mind that some prescription glasses can cost hundreds of dollars. The following should help ensure that your investment does not go to waste.

Use both hands when taking off your glasses. This ensures they maintain their original shape.

When placing the glasses, do not place them with the lenses facing down, as that could lead to scratches on the lenses.

Always store your glasses in a robust case to ensure they do not get dirty or damaged.

Carry out regular checks on the screws that hold the frame. In case they have come loose, use a small screwdriver to fasten them. If you do not know how to do that, take the glasses to a reputable optical store for assistance.

Clean your glasses regularly using a soft microfiber cloth. In most cases, suppliers provide the ideal cleaning cloth. Clean glasses ensure you can see clearly at all times.

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