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Best Place To Buy Costa Sunglasses

Best Stores To Buy Sunglasses In Person

BEST Costa Sunglasses for BIG heads! || SportRx

If you prefer to try before you buy, shopping for sunglasses in person is your best option. Additionally, if youre planning to buy prescription shades, especially if you have a complex prescription, its best to buy through your eye care practitioner

Whether online or in person, the best place to buy sunglasses is from a reputable and trustworthy retailer. Some prefer wholesale stores like Costco and Walmart, or eyewear chains like Pearle Vision and Warby Parker.

Some of the best places to shop in-store for your sunglasses include:

Which Sunglasses Brand Is Best

So, what does the expensive vs. cheap dilemma mean for an individual shopping for the best sunglasses within their own budget? Well, it really just means there are a ton of excellent brands out there at a variety of price points. The best sunglasses brand is the brand that best meets your needs.

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How Can Boerne Vision Help Take Your Sunglasses To The Next Level

In addition to the style of your frame and lens, there are many other factors to consider. We cover more on this subject in the Boerne Vision Glasses Resources Center. Your Boerne Vision optician will be happy to listen to you about your lifestyle and hobbies.

Once we understand where you wear your sunglasses, we can provide great suggestions and make this decision-making process easy. We will also consult with your Boerne Vision Eye Doctor and optician to ensure you get a lens aligned with your overall vision health plan.

We will work with you to build the perfect pair of sunglasses and offer you a free consultation on all lens options available to help and customize your vision according to your eyeglass prescription. Once your choices are selected and finalized, we will order your sunglasses and have them ready for you within 2 weeks.

The final step is the most critical part of the sunglasses buying process. Your Boerne Vision Center optical expert will adjust your sunglasses when you pick up your sunglasses. We will check to ensure the lenses align perfectly with your natural optical center. We will also change your Maui Jim frames in a position of wear that best suits you as an individual. Factors such as height, unique facial features, and posture are all considered. The need for custom measurements in the final adjustment process is one of the main reasons shopping in a local optical shop produces a better result than buying sunglasses online.

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Online Or In Stores There Is No Shortage Of Places To Buy Sunglasses

Quality sunglasses that protect your eyes and look great at the same time are not hard to find. However, it may be tough to decide where to shop for that perfect pair that fits your budget and your style. Because, well, in 2022 there are just so many options for where to find great sunglasses.

When shopping for shades, some things about sunglasses are non-negotiable. Like the fact that you need to wear them anytime youre outside during the day. Failing to do so allows the suns harmful ultraviolet rays to damage your cornea and retina, putting you at risk of some very serious eye conditions .

But what is negotiable about sunglasses? Where to buy them!

Should you buy your sunglasses online? Head to the mall? Go to an optical shop that specializes in eyewear? Buy an expensive pair or shop discounts?

Use this guide to help you figure it all out, with details on the best places to buy sunglasses.

What Lens Color Options Are Available


In addition to a lineup of various frame styles and shades, Costa Del Mar provides seven different lens colors for its sunglasses, which are designed to perform in varying light conditions.

  • Blue Mirror: These are designed to be suitable for open water as they are meant to help protect against the reflection off the water.
  • Green Mirror: These are an option for high contrast in bright sunlight and for fishing.
  • Gray Silver Mirror: This is a choice for everyday activities on land and on water as these glasses were designed for both sunny and cloudy conditions.
  • Copper Silver Mirror: These glasses are an option for numerous activities in varying light.
  • Gray: This choice offers a natural contrast.
  • Copper: Another option for a range of activities, from driving to sailing in variable light.
  • Sunrise Silver Mirror: This selection is designed to be used at dusk and during sunrise and sunset.

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Look Sharp And See Sharp With Our Multifocal Lenses

Are you tired of changing glasses based on what youre doing? For correct age-related vision problems, check out our range of eyeglasses that are eligible to add progressive lenses. These lenses are perfect for getting freedom from switching between farsightedness and nearsightedness correction. Also, the Varilux lens option enables you to get sharp, effortless vision for near, far, and everywhere sights instantly with smooth transitions. Choose progressive lenses today for clear vision and continue pursuing personal and professional activities with confidence.

Best For Outdoors: Backcountry

  • Prescriptions: Limited to none
  • Number of Brands: 30

Why It Made The Cut: With free shipping on orders over $50 and a generous return policy, Backcountry caps off an excellent lineup of shades with an easy to use marketplace.


  • Great selection of outdoors shades including outdoor sports shades
  • Solid shipping and return policy
  • Generous lowest price guarantee policy


  • Not the most budget friendly

Product Description

Backcountry is both an online retailer and storefront. Making its home in the Western United States, Backcountry is focused on brands that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. While their offerings touch all sides of outdoor gear, they do an excellent job with sunglasses.

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Best For Convenience: Amazon

  • Some brands are hit or miss

Amazons Prime membership makes it easy to grab a last-minute pair of vacation sunglasses delivered within two days or even sooner in some markets. Plus, with a variety of price points and styles, you can find a pair for every member of the family. Just keep in mind that designer names arent always verified, so it might not be the place for a luxury splurge. Look out for lightning deals for the best sales of the day.

The 12 Best Places To Buy Sunglasses In 2022

How to Buy The Right Pair of Driving Sunglasses | SportRx

Protect your eyes and look great at the same time

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Whether you’re finalizing the packing list for your next getaway or you just need a pair for daily use, a good pair of sunglasses is a must for everyone. They don’t just look great, but they protect your eyes from harmful rays. This is especially important if you’re heading to a tropical vacation or even doing a lot of outdoor activities.

From the frame style to the specific lens type, determining your perfect fit can be trial and error. And of course you have to find the right frame for your face shape.

To help you get started, here are the best places to buy sunglasses.

The styles that come in a variety of lens and frame colorways.

Best Budget: Target

Find cute pairs for everyone in the family for less than $20.

Best Splurge: Nordstrom

The retailer offers a solid selection of updated Wayfarer and cat-eye shapes.

Best One-Stop Shop: Zappos

Best for Festivals: Urban Outfitters

You’ll have no problem finding glasses perfectly on-trend, with styles like round, square, and cat-eye.

Best for Convenience: Amazon

The fast shipping makes it easy to grab a last-minute pair of sunglasses for vacation.

Best for Thrifting: ThredUP

Expect designer names at prices half off retail.

Best for Sports: Backcountry

Best for Variety: ASOS

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Are Expensive Sunglasses Better

So are all these budget-friendly sunglasses sold online going to do the important work of protecting your eyes? Or is it necessary to shell out a few hundred bucks to get a decent pair that will a) adequately shield your eyes from the sun and b) look chic? It depends.

While many people have been doing just fine with cheap sunglasses for years, some bargain sunnies dont make the cut. The key is making sure the lenses offer embedded UV protection .

Regardless of expense, if your sunglasses dont protect your eyes from the sun, youll want to pass on them and find a better option.

Theyre Lighter Than I Expected

I agonized over my lens choice for a several days before ordering these sunglasses. My research taught me that the glass 580G lenses would be a bit heavier, but have better clarity. I also learned that the polycarbonate 580P lenses were lighter, but were much more durable. After some thinking, I bit the bullet and decided to go with the glass 580G lenses and Im really glad I did.

These lenses are much lighter than I expected and they feel similar to polycarbonate lenses Ive worn in the past I can barely tell a difference. Like I mentioned earlier, youll feel very little, if any, fatigue at the end of a long day on the water. If you find yourself stressing out over your lens choice, I would absolutely recommend the 580Gs.

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Q: What Are The Best Brands Of Sunglasses

The best brands of sunglasses come in many different forms. Warby Parker makes style-forward sunglasses that are easily outfitted with prescription lenses. Ray Bans offer some of the most classic style out there, while their quality has proven the test of time. Baijo and Costa offer some of the best fishing sunglasses.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa Inlet Sunglasses It 10 Ocp

If you consider yourself a true outdoorsman or even an amateur outdoorsman, Costa Del Mar sunglasses are a great option for you. Costa Sunglasses were designed and made for those who dont just enjoy spending their time on the water but come to life out there. The company was founded by fishermen, with a mission to make the sunglasses with the clearest vision possible. Each frame is designed with polarized lenses and color-enhancing technology. This is a great option for watersports as it reduces haze and increases visibility. These are the perfect sunglasses for adventure and getting wet-n-wild. Enjoy our selection of Costa sunglasses for men and women, everyone is invited for the adventure.

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The 10 Best Costa Sunglasses In 2022

Sunglass is an accessory which works as a persons style statement. A pair of glares is enough to make a dull look spunky and exciting. A pair of stylish sunglasses and a beautiful watch, and that is all in the name of accessories a man needs to look stylish.

In the case of women, less is never more. However, there are days when one doesnt feel like wearing makeup or accessories. A pair of sunglass proves to be the savior in their no makeup look days. With wearing a sunglass, people can feel new found confidence in them, and it brings out the best of their personality.

Having said that sunglasses are not just for fashion or making a style statement. They are protection for our eyes as well. The radiations present in sunlight are extremely harmful and can severely damage the eyes.

Squinting, blurring, eye fatigue, watery eyes, and the worst losing vision, all this can happen due to radiations of the sunlight. A sunglass is what one needs to escape from all the eye issues due to sunlight and UV rays and also look stylish.

If there is one brand which is known for making the best sunglasses, then it has to be Costa. All the sunglasses created by Costa, rather, all the best Costa sunglasses are worth all the hype.

A Brief History Of Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar was founded in 1983 by Ray Ferguson. Its roots were planted in Daytona, Florida and by 1986, Costa was extremely popular among surfers and recreational fishers due to their sun glare protection.

Through time, Costa only gained more popularity and is now one of the most recognizable sunglasses brands in the industry. Today, on top of selling sunglasses, they also take pride in their social responsibility efforts. Some of these include their charity campaign to help victims of natural disasters and another campaign which helps protect ocean wildlife.

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What To Know Before You Buy Sunglasses

Where you buy your sunglasses is less important than what you buy. Its crucial to choose eyewear that offers maximum protection from the suns harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Look for sunglasses labeled 100% protection against UV 400 or 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays to be sure that youre buying a pair that will protect the health of your eyes.

Be careful about buying sunglasses secondhand or at exceptionally low prices. Often less expensive sunglasses contain lesser-quality lenses, which can cause eye strain and headaches. Plus, they may be missing the all-important element of 100% UV protection.

Also, the lenses of these rock-bottom price sunglasses may not offer the same shatter resistance as authentic name-brand sunglasses, which means you could get a severe eye injury from having a minor accident while wearing them.

Best New Customer Discounts: Glassesusacom

Best Men’s Lifestyle Sunglasses: For 2022! | SportRx

With thousands of frames and designs, has one of the largest selections of sunglasses for adults and kids.

Sunglasses start at around $39 when on sale, and there are usually several dozen or even hundred styles on sale at a given time. Otherwise, regular-price sunglasses typically range from around $75 to $150. also carries designer sunglasses, including familiar brands like Burberry, Gucci, Michael Kors, Oakley, and Tom Ford.

Nonprescription lenses are part of frame prices. Frames have a prescription eligible tag next to the price tag, and most frames let you add a prescription. You can add a single-vision or near-vision prescription for $39. Progressive lenses range from $89 to $159, depending on current sales, and bifocal lenses are an extra $99.

You can also upgrade your sunglasses with different add-ons or improvements, such as:

  • Thin Prescription Lenses: $39
  • Mirrored Lenses: $49

Additional features:

  • New customers often get between 25% and 65% off on their next purchase if they sign up for the newsletter.
  • Students can get 30% off non-premium and non-clearance frames.
  • has a virtual try-on tool that uses your computers webcam to display how different frames fit your face.
  • U.S. and Canadian shipping are free.
  • You have 14 days to return your eyewear for a refund.
  • works with a dozen vision care providers. You can also use your FSA or HSA to make purchases.

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Costa Del Mar Permit Sunglasses Review

By Walker Smith· Sep 26, 2018

Youll rarely see me outdoors without a pair of sunglasses on, and Ive never done it for looks. I have light-blue eyes and theyve always been incredibly sensitive to sunlight. Even on an overcast day, I can barely keep my bare eyes open outside. So Ive always had to rely on good sunglasses to function outdoors like a normal human being.

To be honest, Ive never owned a pair of Costa sunglasses until recently. I tried on a pair of my buddys, however, and I immediately ordered my own pair. I decided to go with the Costa Del Mar Permits and I can confidently say that theyre the best pair of fishing and all-purpose shades Ive put on my face. Whenever I find a product Im crazy about, I always want to share it with our readers, so Ill quickly outline what has impressed me most about them.

Choosing Your Style Base

Maui Jim offers frames in a variety of styles. Maui Jim features mens, womens, and childrens frame styles. They also have some essential categories such as small, comprehensive, and Asian fit.

* Boerne Vision Center Tip: If Boerne Vision Center does not have your style a available, we can custom order it for you to try on.

The color selection of Maui Jim is also very vast. There is a lot to choose from with various materials such as plastics, metals, acetates, and titanium when selecting your sunglass frame. Finally, when selecting your lens options, we will revisit your needs from a performance and visual health perspective and consider your personal fashion preferences. It can be a lot of fun to add customized color and mirror options to your lenses.

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Best For Frequent Discounts: Yesglasses

Yesglasses is the best online sunglasses retailer for folks seeking deep, frequent discounts on fashionable shades. While there are no guarantees in life, its likely youll be able to find the perfect pair of sunglasses here without paying full price perhaps by taking advantage of Yesglasses signature buy one, get one half off deal.

In the market for something else? Yesglasses sells deeply discounted blue light blocking glasses too up to 75% off list price for select frames.

Additional features:

Where Not To Buy Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Anaa Sunglasses Black On Brown Gray 580P Lens * Read more ...

Weve covered the best places to buy sunglasses, but there are also a few places when its best not to buy your next pair.

Where, you ask? When youre flying to a beach vacation, dont wait to buy your sunglasses at the airport. Buying sunglasses while you wait for a flight often means youll pay airport prices for your cool-looking shades.

And make sure to pack your sunglasses in your carry-on if your luggage goes missing or arrives late, a hotel or resort gift shop is not one of the best places to buy sunglasses. Youll pay more for your sun protection and youll have little selection.

Pro tip: Plan ahead and save. Shop online or in your favorite sunglasses store. Youll pay less for your sunnies and have more choices.

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