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Best Prescription Sunglasses For Fishing

Best Fishing Sunglasses Faqs

Top 7 Best Men’s Prescription Fishing Sunglasses of 2021 | SportRx

What color polarized lens is best for fishing?

The best color for a polarized fishing lens depends on the conditions you are fishing in. For bright, sunny days on the ocean, blue is a great lens color. Green is a great lens color for fishing flats and shallow water. If you fish in low light situations yellow and light red are great colors for polarized lenses.

Do polarized sunglasses help with fishing?

Polarized lenses offer great protection when fishing because they cut glare. This helps avoid strain on the eyes. The best-polarized fishing sunglasses help you see beyond the water surface. This enables you to spot fish more easily.

Why do fishermen wear polarized sunglasses?

Polarized lenses in fishing glasses block out glare. This can help prevent fatigue during long days on the water. The mirror in a polarized sunglass lens works like a real mirror. It helps bounce the sunlight off the surface of the lens.

What is the best color for polarized sunglasses?

Darker colors are best suited for everyday use and most outdoor activities like fishing. Blue is a great lens color for bright light conditions. Yellow and light red are great colors for polarized lenses in low light conditions.

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Where To Buy Good Prescription Sunglasses For Fishing

Again, at RX Safety that is a variety of prescription polorized sunglasses for fishing. With many styles and colors to choose from, you can be sure to enhance your next fishing adventure. Plus, here you will find a wide range of Wiley X prescription sunglasses for fishing, Smith Optics prescription fishing sunglasses, and many other great fishing sunglasses brands.

With RX Safety, individuals have the unique option of making many sunglasses prescription, so individuals can enjoy the latest styles from their unique perspective. You dont have to look hard for polorized fishing sunglassesweve got them, and well deliver them to you.

So contact us. Whether by email or by phone our customer service representatives look forward to answering your questions and helping yoru find polorized sunglasses for your next fishing trip.


How To Choose The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing

Not all fishing sunglasses are the same because not all fishing situations are the same.

Like everything else regarding fishing gear, its a matter of angler preference and situation.

There are numerous quality fishing sunglasses on the market, so how do you choose the best pair of sunglasses for you?

The two most significant contributing components to good fishing sunglasses are the frames and the lenses.

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Can You Get Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

You sure can. Reflective surfaces such as lakes, rivers, and cars on the highway create glare, and polarized lenses help eliminate it. That means polarized prescription glasses are your best bet when youre fishing, driving, or on the water for extended periods of time. Youll also find polarized Rx glasses with color-enhancing ChromaPop that lets you see the terrain ahead and river bottom below in perfect detail.

Best Prescription Sunglasses For: Hiking

Best Prescription Fishing Sunglasses Reviews

Hop across boulders, pick your route across snowfields, and stroll down dusty paths. No matter your destination, the Riptide RX sunglasses are an essential part of your hiking kit. They have spring hinges that expand to fit just right and polarized ChromaPop lenses that cut out glare. Bio-based frames are so lightweight, you might forget theyre on your face.

By far some of the clearest optics I have worn in a pair of sunglasses. The fit is terrific. I love the blue tint of the lens. The Riptides are awesome!

Derek N.

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Are You On A Budget

Fishing sunglasses can be expensive. What do you get from pricey fishing sunglasses? Typically, a durable frame with lenses that offer superb visibility. The lenses will usually last a relatively long time so long as you do a good job protecting them from scratches. That said, one of the leading price factors of expensive sunglasses is the brand name. Sunglasses have some of the highest margins of any outdoor product, meaning they cost relatively little to produce compared to their final price tag. This means that a discerning shopper who doesnt care about brand names should be able to find a high-quality pair of shades at a low price point.

When youre on a budget, make sure that the shades you buy are polarized. This will take the cheapest sunglasses off of the table, but non-polarized lenses are a non-starter for most anglers. Beyond that, look for the same thing youd look for in pricier sunglassessun protection and style. Then pull the trigger.


When youre spending all day outside in the sun and on the water, you need the best performing sunglasses out there. The Smiths Guide Choice sunglasses provide high visibility, unbeatable protection, and a comfortable fit. Available in various frame colors and lens styles, Smiths ensures you find the right sunglasses for your needs and personal preferences.

  • No prescription option

How To Buy Prescription Sunglasses Online

  • Step One: Choose your shades: Look for frames that meet the demands of your sport whether thats cycling, running, or fishing and shades that match your personal style.
  • Step Two: Select your lenses: This is your chance to check out Smiths lens technologies. Consider polarized fishing sunglasses if you spend your days on the water, or opt for ChromaPop lenses to see the world in vivid color. With different lens colors, such as amber, blue, and gray, you have options for varied environments and light conditions. We also offer colorful, glare-blocking Rx mirrored lenses. If you want glasses that can pull double duty, check out our prescription eyeglasses with photochromic lenses that transition from light to dark as you move through the day.
  • Step Three: Enter your prescription: Youll need an up-to-date Rx from an eye doctor, so be sure to schedule an eye exam if you dont have one yet. Once your Rx is in hand, fill out your prescription details online including your PD for reading, distance, or progressive lenses.
  • Step Four: Receive your order: It typically takes about three to five days to prepare a prescription order, plus shipping time. Once your sunglasses arrive, your only job is to get outside and soak up some rays.

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Need Help Choosing Lens Color

While we highlighted some specific colors of the polarized lenses we feel are the best for fly fishing, each lens is available in different colors that may be better suited for your unique style of fishing. For additional insight on lens color, check out our post on selecting sunglasses that walks you through everything you need to know!

It Can Help You Make Informed Decisions About What Products To Buy

Best Prescription Fishing Sunglasses: 2022 Picks! | SportRx

If you’re trying to decide between two similar products, reading reviews can help you make an informed decision on which one would be the best fit over sunglasses for fishing for you. You can compare the pros and cons of each product, and see which one is more likely to meet your needs. This is really helpful when you’re trying to decide between two products that are very similar in price and features.

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Best For Inshore Fishing: Costa Fantail

Costa Deal Mar Fantail Sunglasses

Why It Made The Cut: The Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses are our top pick for inshore fishing due to their versatility, scratch-resistance, lightweight frames, and overall durability.

Key Features

  • Excellent warranty and customer service
  • Glass lenses provide exceptionally clear view


  • Older frame style seemed more durable
  • Glass lenses are more prone to scratches and damage

The Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses are an excellent option if you want a versatile and unbeatably clear pair of sunglasses. Utilizing glass lenses, a clear view is guaranteed. It isnt fair to compare glass to plastic when speaking about lenses, but it is worth mentioning that glass lenses are heavier and more prone to damage if dropped, so be aware of that before buying. Regardless, the lenses are still quite durable despite being glass.

The 580G LightWAVE® glass lenses filter out blue and yellow lights, improving overall vision and making colors brighter and objects more defined. The polarized lens also cuts glare which is necessary anytime you are enjoying time around water. Its unlikely these will slip off your face with the snug fit. The Fantail design also has nose pads and temple tip inserts for an even more comfortable and secure feel.


  • Cheaply made and less durable than higher-end options
  • Varied lens protection depending on the style option


  • Hooding and side shields for better light protection


Best Prescription Sunglasses For: Fishing

If you think life is best lived on a boat deck or waist-deep in the water, the Guides Choice RX sunglasses are for you. They feature Italian spring hinges, Megol nose and temple pads, a detachable sunglass leash, and an aggressive wrap for superior light protection. See below the waters surface with perfect clarity thanks to polarized ChromaPop lenses paired with your personal prescription.

Everything about Smith Optics Guides Choice sunglasses in copper polarized ChromaPop is top-notch. I fly-fish all over the world. I have found my underwater visibility with these glasses to be wonderful. I need prescription-progressive lenses and Smiths lab made the glasses conform perfectly to my prescription. Also, the people in Smiths sales department and lab were very helpful. Six stars out of five.

Ed F.

If you wear bifocal lenses, check out our Guides Choice Bifocal sunglasses.

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Why Are Prescription Fishing Sunglasses Important

Nobody wants to get salt water or debris in their eyes while outdoors. With fishing sunglasses, individuals can have greater protection from outdoor elements including wind, water, and sun. They can also have protection against debris and flying objects, which is also important for keeping the eyes safe.

Fishing glasses are also important as they provide a great visual experience. They can provide clarity among environmental distractions, like water glare, for instance, and can provide clearer coverage on illuminated objects from blaring sunlight.

Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses For Saltwater

PRESCRIPTION FISHING SUNGLASSES: Polarized Rx Glasses for Fly and Carp ...

For saltwater anglers and even freshwater anglers that pursue fish in deeper water, lens color is a far less important characteristic to consider when selecting new fly fishing sunglasses. A traditional gray lens or even blue wont alter your perceived colors like copper or amber that are designed to make the fish stand out, which isnt an important characteristic if you arent sight fishing.

Another consideration to make when selecting sunglasses is whether or not to choose mirrored or reflective lenses. This is really just a stylistic choice as there is no real added value in terms of enhancing your vision, so choose what suits your fancy. The Costa Del Mar Reefton sunglasses have been a favorite around Flylords for a while now as they have a large frame that provides maximum coverage. The Costa Reeftons come in a variety of frame and lens color combinations for the saltwater angler to choose from.

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What Are The Best

There are many environments where you may want to wear polarized sunglasses. They can help to reduce glare caused by sunlight on snow when skiing and they can help reduce glare produced by cars when driving on a sunny day. However, in most situations, you should not just opt for a generic pair of polarized sunglasses, as they may not be suitable for that environment. Therefore its good to focus on polarized sunglasses that are designed specifically for fishing. Such sunglasses are designed to filter out glare on the water as opposed to general glare. The best-polarized fishing sunglasses will use innovative filter technology to achieve this.

Q: Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth It For Fishing

This is mainly a matter of personal preference and the type of fishing you do. So long as the lenses are polarized and provide enough coverage to protect your eyes from the sun, you cant go wrong with polarized fishing sunglasses. Focus on finding a pair of sunglasses within your price range and that youre comfortable wearing for long periods of time.

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Still Have Questions About Choosing A Pair Of Smith Prescription Sunglasses

Check out these frequently asked questions for even more details about ordering prescription sunglasses online.

If youre in need of an everyday pair of Rx glasses to go with your new sunglasses, check out our wide selection of Smiths prescription eyeglasses. After all, theres nothing more freeing than seeing the world with a crystal-clear view.

Bob Maindelle: My Pursuit Of Prescription Fishing Eyewear

Top 5 Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses WITH Readers | SportRx

This week, professional fishing guide Bob Maindelle describes the process he went through to identify Costa Del Mar Blackfin sunglasses as suitable prescription fishing sunglasses for his work on Central Texas waters.

As of April this year I turned 52. My eyes are not as good as they once were. I have worn prescription eyeglasses since seventh grade and, as of six years ago, ventured into the word of bifocals.

As a kid , I remember buying my first pair of polarized sunglasses at Efingers Sporting Goods, an independently-owned store located in Bound Brook, New Jersey.

I had heard and read that polarized lenses cut the suns glare off the water and allowed the wearer to see more clearly things beneath the waters surface. As I took my new purchase out in the field on the banks of the Green Brook located in central New Jersey, I was amazed to see what I had been missing up to that point.

On the first several outings with the glasses I would take them off and then put them back on in rapid succession to see the before and after difference the glasses made.

Fast forward to my last pair of glasses which I had made three years ago. These were primarily for everyday wear. I included progressive lenses which essentially have three zones seamlessly built into each lens, one for close-range , one for mid-range , and one for distance .

I also had Transition technology built into the lenses which allowed the lenses to darken when exposed to UV light and to lighten up when indoors.

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Best Prescription Sunglasses For: Men

The thing about a classic pair of sunglasses like the Lowdown XL 2 is that they fit seamlessly into every moment of your day. You can just as easily wear them on the golf course as in the ski lodge. Grippy Megol nose pads mean the glasses stay in place even when you work up a sweat. The XL version comes with Carbonic or ChromaPop lenses and is well-suited to wider faces.

Great coverage. High-quality craftsmanship. Crystal-clear optics.

Patrick K.

Why Do I Need Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

If you have ever gone fishing on a sunny day before, you may already know how much of a nuisance sun glare can be. This is when sunlight reflects off of the waves on the water, often having an intense blinding effect. Not only can it give you sore eyes, but you will likely find it more difficult to spot fish. Polarized fishing sunglasses are designed to help filter out glare from the water. They can protect your eyes and make it easier to see clearly what is in the water. This can help you to make that catch of the day that you may have otherwise missed!

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Features To Look For In Fishing Sunglasses

Picking a pair of sunglasses has a lot more to it than meets the eye. Were going to break down light refraction, sizing, coverage, and dig a little deeper into Snells Window, which is why you can see the sky from underwater, but cant see more than three feet into the ocean with the naked eye. From top to bottom, this is everything you need to know about the best polarized fishing sunglasses on the market.

Polarized lenses – We talk about these in-depth throughout the rest of this guide. Polarized lenses are essentially what separates fishing sunglasses from standard sunglasses. If they arent polarized, they arent going to reflect light, and they wont truly be the best fishing sunglasses for every type of excursion. So, when shopping for a new pair of sunglasses for fishing, make sure they’re actually polarized.

– Also known as transition lenses, these adjust to varying levels of light so you dont have to take them off when you go indoors. We all know that its rude to wear sunglasses inside, but with photochromic lenses, that isnt going to be a problem. These adjust to the indoor light levels and appear more transparent and less tinted. Alternatively, these also allow you to handle higher magnitudes of direct sunlight and reflections without squinting through your sunglasses.

Best Lens Color For Fishing

Polarized Prescription Fishing Sunglasses UK

Lens color matters. This is why our fishing sunglasses come in a variety of different ChromaPop lens options. Choosing the right color lens for your fishing needs depends on the light conditions where you fish the most. Different lens colors enhance your vision in different ways, allowing you to see deeper, longer, or with better definition. Here are four favorites used daily by our Smith fishing athletes:

  • Blue: Ideal for offshore, deepwater fishing, our blue lenses cut the glare and protect eyes in bright, unfiltered sunlight.
  • Green: A favorite of inshore anglers, our green lenses provide excellent contrast and detail in sunny and medium-light environments.
  • Ignitor: Perfect for low-light missions, our ignitor lenses improve color and contrast at dawn, dusk, and overcast conditions.
  • Brown: The quiver of one, our brown lenses are ideal for everyday use and in a wide range of light conditions.

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