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Best Sunglasses For Driving In The Sun

What To Look For In Polarized Driving Sunglasses

Top 7 Best Driving Sunglasses for Men 2021 | SportRx

When it comes to selecting the right pair of sunglasses for your commute, personal preference plays a significant role. There’s no hard-and-fast rules for which features to consider, but there are some details that make an impactful difference behind the wheel. Let’s look at which frame and lens features will keep you comfortable and focused on the road.

Best Prescription: Warby Parker Sutton

Courtesy of Warby Parker

  • Polarized lenses give good clarity

  • Arms can be bent easily

  • No adjustable nose pads

Warby Parker has made a name for itself in providing affordable, quality eyeglasses. The company’s sunglasses are no different, and just like its regular glasses, you can pick some out to try online, have them shipped home, and put in an order on the ones you like most. The unisex Sutton sunglasses are the best of any pair of prescription shadesthey’re classic enough to go with anything, stylish enough to wear for many seasons to come, and playful enough to put you in a good mood on a sunny day. There are four diverse frame colors and five polarized lens options to customize the look of the glasses. While there are also non-polarized lenses available, the polarized lenses at Warby Parker cut through glare and provide even more clarity.

Price at time of publish: $95

Frame Width: 137 millimeters | Nose Bridge Width: 18 millimeters | Polarized: Yes |Unisex: Yes

  • Limited color options

  • Nosepads aren’t adjustable

Price at time of publish: $335

Lens Width: 56 millimeters | NoseBridge Width: 18 millimeters | Polarized: No |Unisex: Yes

How To Choose The Best Driving Sunglasses

Why you can trust T3 Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

You should avoid brightly coloured lenses â pinks and blues in particular â as these distort the colours of traffic lights and signs.

Instead, darker colours like greys and browns are more suitable our top pick in this list of the best driving sunglasses, the Maui Jim Wiki Wiki Sunglasses, feature a brown lens, which is ideal for driving.

Second, youâll need to consider the frame of your sunglasses. Victoria Beckham-esque sunglasses that are about three sizes bigger than your actual face arenât practical, as they interfere with your peripheral vision. Instead, you should be looking out for slim frames, such as those of the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses, which feature in our list.

Look out for the tint level of your sunglasses, too. Mid level lenses are the best all-rounders while lighter lenses are good for duller conditions.

The darkest lenses should only be used in the bright light of high altitude, mountainous driving. You should aim to get polarised lenses â they’re the best sunglasses for reducing glare but often come at a premium price.

With all that in mind, weâve come up with a list of the best driving sunglasses to help you remain safe behind the wheel in sunny weather.

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What Glasses Are Best For Night Driving

If you drive to work, you may find yourself in that situation every day in rush-hour traffic, surrounded by competitive drivers who only think they can drive like Mario Andretti or Josef Newgarden.

Driving when the sun is low in the sky and directly in your line of vision can be temporarily blinding. When theres a curve in the road, the sun can pop up at unexpected spots, rendering a visor almost useless.

Once the sun goes down, youre dealing with a different problem: reduced visibility and glare from oncoming headlights. While they do block glare, at night, polarized lenses block too much light to be a safe option.

This is where a different lens coating on your regular glasses helps: anti-reflective coating, also known as anti-glare coating.

Anti-reflective coating reduces the distracting reflections that bounce around your eyeglass lenses, including those caused by bright headlights and streetlights.

AR coating can come in particularly handy as you get older, when it gets harder for your eyes to see in the dark and adjust to the stark contrast between the darkness around you and oncoming bright headlights.

The coating only helps if you already wear prescription glasses at night. If you dont wear glasses normally , you dont need to get a pair of non-prescription glasses for their anti-glare coating alone.

You might see products marketed as “night driving glasses” with yellow- or orange-tinted lenses.

The Best Sunglasses For Driving

best sunglasses for driving sun glare

Need to shade your eyes from the sun behind the wheel? Here are your best options.

Unless you drive exclusively at night, it’s a good idea to have a pair of sunglasses in your car. Get caught without a pair near dusk or dawn, and you could be driving into a blinding ray of light that could put you in danger. Here are six pairs of sunglasses we highly recommend.

Fiore offers an affordable, stylish choice for male and female drivers wanting to protect their eyesight behind the wheel. They claim to block 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The lenses are also polarized, meaning they don’t create as much glare as your average pair of standard sunglasses. And those side windows mean you won’t be blinded when the sun is to the right or left of your forward-facing driving position.

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What Type Of Sunglasses Are Suitable For Delivery Drivers

Various aspects influence whether or not a pair of sunglasses are suitable for driving. Different lenses allow varying amounts of light. When it comes to UV protection, 100 percent UV protection is your best bet to avoid burning your eyes.

Its also vital to consider the tint of your sunglasses. Amber, grey, and copper-tinted lenses are the finest for driving since they maintain color differences. However, blue, red, pink, and light green lenses can distort critical colors, making it difficult to see traffic lights.

Lists Of Best Driving Sunglasses

Because of the glares distortion, illusions, and blind spots, the sun can occasionally be more dangerous for driving than thunderstorms. Purchasing a good set of driving sunglasses is crucial if you want to ensure that you are prepared for this. But there are some important elements that you need to take into account it is not as easy as just going to your neighborhood high street store and purchasing a fashionable pair on the cheap.

There are several features that are simply off-limits when looking to purchase a good pair of sunglasses to wear while driving, even if they arent specifically designated as such. That is why in this article, well be making a review on the best driving sunglasses that can help improve your vision behind the wheel and also makes look good.

Note: this is not a sponsored post, reviews are made based on the top-performing sunglasses that are suitable for driving. You can discover the product to get more information or click the image to get the product.

So, lets dive in!


The followings are the list of best driving sunglasses you should consider:

  • Maui Jim Wiki Sunglasses Polarized
  • Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer
  • Island Sol Rimless Driving Sunglasses
  • William Painter Aviator Driving Sunglasses
  • Santos De Cartier Aviator-Style Leather-Trimmed Gold-Plated Sunglasses
  • American Optical Original Pilot Sunglasses
  • Costa Del Mar Loreto Driving Sunglasses
  • Serengeti Geary

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Driving Sunglasses: A Complete Buyers Guide

Anytime youre on the road under a blinding sun, driving sunglasses are essential. Of course, its not just direct sunlight you need to watch out for. Reflections off passing cars, windows, and road signs can cause an irritating glare whenever youre in heavy traffic.

If you drive regularly, especially during rush hour, its best to keep a pair of driving glasses handy to make every trip safe and enjoyable. Heres our guide to finding the best driving sunglasses for you!

The Best Driver’s Sunglasses You Can Buy Today:

Top 5 Best Prescription Driving Sunglasses of 2021 | SportRx

From the Serengeti’sâs Driving Heritage Collection with fine lines and a round design, these Geary sunglasses are inspired by the emblematic cars from the â50s. Just think how perfect they’d look on you as you stepped out of a Jaguar E-Type or Mercedes 300SL Gullwing.

They’re composed of beautiful handcrafted Acetate and enhanced by Serengetiâs mineral lenses. The photochromic lenses are designed to adapt to any light condition, reduce glare, relieves eye fatigue, and provide optimal clarity. So they really are perfect for driving.

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Best Overall: Oakley Sonnenbrille Square Wire Driver Sunglasses

Oakley are a well-known brand within the sunglasses industry and their Sonnenbrille Square Wire style of sunglasses are a great option to consider for driving. This is because they use a polarized lens that provides great quality all the way to the edges and the frame itself is made using a lightweight C-5 alloy material. In terms of the sizing, the lens is 60.1 x 37.7mm, frame is 135mm and the arm length is 123mm.


  • Built to the highest of standards
  • Polarized lens enhances the colour, contrast and detail
  • Very stylish and ideal for wearing outside of the car
  • Ultra lightweight construction that’s very comfortable to wear
  • Supplied with a protective case
  • Replacement lenses are readily available
  • Reputable brand backing


  • Relatively expensive when compared to other sunglasses for driving

Oakley are a brand that are known for their high quality products and these Square Wire sunglasses follow that great reputation. They are an excellent pair of sunglasses for driving that are also great for wearing as a casual pair outside of the car too. Although expensive, they are a worthwhile investment that you certainly wont regret.

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Choosing The Best Style

Thick frames can block your peripheral vision, while tints like pink, green or blue can make it difficult to distinguish some colours. Other than that, its really about personal preference, says Brady, with good options available at a variety of price points.

No matter the brand, getting sunglasses adjusted to you will pay benefits as too loose, or too tight glasses may distract you when driving.

Top Choice Driving School Reviews

best sunglasses for driving sun glare

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Top 5 Best Polarized Sunglasses For Driving

If you’ve ever been behind the wheel driving towards a sunset, you know how hard it can make it to see the road. At SportRx, we understand this problem all too well living in sunny San Diego. Our expert opticians know how critical clear vision is while youre driving and put polarized driving sunglasses to the test. We’ve pulled together the top 5 polarized driving sunglasses that cancel out harsh light and glare. Join us as we reveal our picks for the best polarized sunglasses for driving that allow you to enjoy the view and serve classic style.

Persol P03152s Driving Sunglasses

The sunglass manufacturer has sets of glasses for both athletes and pilots. You will also find some pop idols adorning these cool sunglasses. Firstly, Persol uses a different material on the frame than traditional sunglass makers. Cellulose acetate composite is hypoallergenic as it is derived from cotton. This makes the frame durable while at the same time being lightweight. The lens is unique as it is made from ground crystals. It resembles glass and this offers great optics. You also do not have to worry about UV light destroying your eyes as it filters this.

  • Available from a wide range ofoptions

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Sunglasses For Driving Pricing

Driving sunglasses can range from hella cheap to holy crap expensive and depends on the brand, the materials, and its scratch resistance. If youve only got the dough for something cheap, you dont have to spend more than $15 for a set of two on Amazon thatll serve you well until you inevitably scratch the heck out of them. And then there are those sunglasses that cost what a good day at the track will bein the several hundred dollar range. This just means youve got options.

Best For Skiing: Oakley Holbrook Square Sunglasses

Best Lens Colors for Driving Sunglasses | SportRx

Courtesy of Oakley

  • Available in different lens colors

  • Scratch- and impact-resistant

Polarized, snug-fitting shades are essential for the high-glare conditions of a ski slope, and youll want lightweight lenses that have scratch- and impact-resistant features. Oakley, a leader in sports sunglasses, fits the bill with its Holbrook sunnies: they have the brands PRIZM lens technology, which augments your vision in glare conditions to navigate the backwoods and off-piste areas easier. Our tester noted that the 28-gram sunglasses felt light and were snug without squeezing. Even during high-speed skiing and biking, the glasses felt secure

Price at time of publish: $212

Lens Width: 57 millimeters| Nose Bridge Width: 18 millimeters | Polarized: Yes | Unisex: Yes

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Light Sensitive Lenses And Driving

While many people like to wear sunglasses with light sensitive or ‘photochromic’ lenses which see tint density change depending on the degree of UV light exposure, standard photochromic or Transitions lenses are not suitable for in car use. The presence of the windscreen can block up to 40% of UV light and delay the speed at which the lenses change colour, meaning drivers could end up driving with unsuitable shades on at any point .

However, Transitions Xtractive or Transitions Drivewear are specifically designed for use behind the windscreen and are safe for use when driving. These lenses are great if you drive in varying levels of sunlight, although they will not go completely clear indoors.

What Are Todays Most Popular Best Sunglasses For Driving Sun Glare Models

There are many best sunglasses for driving sun glare items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every best sunglasses for driving sun glare model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.

Inevitably, certain products will only appeal to particular types of people. Which products are the most popular amongst customers as a whole, you could ask. If you’d want a list, we have one here. Check out our wide range of products that look to be appealing to people of various ages, genders, and places.

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Donkervoort X Brett Theo Sunglasses

Donkervoort is a Dutch sports car maker that has evolved the Lotus Seven into an ultra-exclusive, Audi-powered, carbon-fibre-clad track car. Attention to detail in its cars is second-to-none, so its no surprise to find its range of sunglasses is of equally high quality.

The car maker teamed up with French eyewear brand Brett to create the Donkervoort Eyewear collection, which includes the Theo model you see here.

We love the uber-cool design, which seems to be the result of an unholy union between some Ray-Ban Wayfarers and a pair of Aviators. But a supercar twist comes through the use of carbon fibre frames, which makes the Theo both ultra-lightweight and ultra-strong.

Exposed screws add to the Donkervoort feel, while weight reduction and rigidity is further improved through the use of titanium and stretched titanium for the nose pads and temples respectively. In fact, the Donkervoort x Brett durable construction is deliberately designed so that they can be used underneath a crash helmet.

The lenses? They come from Leica, which is a brand renowned for optical excellence, and Donkervoort chose the top-specification available: Aquadura Vision Pro lenses, which include a coating to protect against water, dirt and grease damage while maintaining ultra-clarity.

Top marks, too, for the exceptionally high quality presentation case and hard carry case that come with these Donkervoort glasses.

Comfort 5/5

How To Choose Driving Sunglasses For Autumn And Winter

Top 10 Best Sunglasses For Driving 2022 Reviews &  Buying Guide

The summer is over. The nights are drawing in and the weather is a little less bearable. However, sunglasses shouldn’t be hidden in a drawer until spring. It might not feel like it, but the sun is always present. And when driving it is often blinding and uncomfortable. We run down what to look for to make driving easier and more comfortable by choosing the right driving sunglasses for autumn and winter.

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