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Best Sunglasses For Small Faces 2021

Top 10 Sunglasses Styles For Small Faces

5 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2021 | SportRx

A good pair of sunglasses does far more than block the glareit provides the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. It helps you bring that steez level up a notch. Moreover, the right pair of sunglasses can work with many different looks, says All About Vision, an online resource for visual health and wellness based in Irvine, TX. And unlike anything else that you wear, sunglasses can transform your face

When shopping for sunglasses, it helps to start by identifying your face shape. Some sunglasses vendors list which styles work best for certain face shapes, but it helps to develop a critical eye of your own, All About Vision advises. If you find it hard to pinpoint your face shape, you are not alone. Faces are often a combination of shapes and morph a bit as you age, gain or lose weight or change hairstyles. Also, bear in mind that sunglasses dont have to work alone: You can also complement your face shape dramatically with different hats and hairstyles, opening up all kinds of options for the perfect sunglasses.

What Are The Best Oakleys For Small Heads

Fives Squared

The Fives Squared is a fantastic all-around small frame with a squared lens shape. This means theyll look great on people with round face shapes. Measuring 128mm across, theyre a fantastic option for smaller heads.

Fives Squared Features:

Check out our complete guide to the Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses.


One of Oakleys most popular frames the Gascan is a fantastic small to medium size pair of sunglasses. The O matter frame material means its lightweight but still durable. Plus the variety of frame and lens colors including Prizm lens options means you can make them match your style.

Gascan Features:

  • Can be customized through the Oakley Custom Program
  • Available in Standard, Polarized, Prizm and Prizm Polarized lenses plus prescription options

Check out our complete guide to the Oakley Gascan Sunglasses.

Radar XS

The Oakley Radar XS takes everything we love about the visor lens Radar line and shrinks it down for smaller faces. With a width of approximately 129mm across, its a fantastic sports frame for smaller heads. The Unobtainium earsocks and nose pads provide extra grip so these wont slip off your face even in the sweatiest conditions.

  • Lightweight O Matter material sports frame perfect for baseball, cycling and more
  • Large wrap around visor lens provide maximum coverage
  • Available in Standard, Polarized and Prizm lenses plus prescription options

Check out our complete guide to the Oakley Radar line.

Holbrook XS

Holbrook XS Features:


Do Aviators Look Good On Small Faces

Yes, aviator sunglasses are a great choice if theyre the right size. Before buying, check the width of any aviator-style frame and the temple length to be sure that the frame will be comfortable and not overwhelm your facial features.

With the right size, aviator sunglasses can be flattering on almost anyone!

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Where To Buy Small Oakley Sunglasses

If youre looking to buy small Oakley sunglasses your first stop is likely Oakleys website or store. An Oakley or SunglassHut store will likely give you the best options to try on frames in person. However youll also probably be paying retail prices.

If youre looking to save on your next pair of Oakleys youll want to check out aftermarket exchanges. Your top options include the Oakley Forum Exchange Areas and sites like eBay. Be sure to check out our complete guide to never paying retail again for Oakleys!

How To Choose Best Sunglasses For Small Faces 2021

12 Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2021

Buying the best product is no big deal if you know well the required features and specifications of the product. It takes a long time to research and understand in depth the working mechanism to find the best product that meets your needs.

To make your shopping experience smooth, weve done the work for you. And here are some quick and effective tips.

Here are 7 effective tips to become a smart customer:

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What Sunglasses Are Best For Smaller Faces Female

If you are smaller faces, womens. You have to carefully choose sunglasses. Thats sunglasses make you look fashionable, comfortable & fit.

Try to wear oval, rectangular & cat-eye sunglasses with your petite face. These can be an ideal sunglasses style for you.

Also, you have to be avoided some sunglasses styles. Try to stay away from aviators, oversized frames, thick frames & tall leans.

Try Bold Colors With Thinner Frames

There is a relationship between color and thickness. It makes sense that thick black frames will be more assertive than thin black frames, simply because theres so much more of it on the thicker pair.

If you like the look of thick glasses, but havent been able to make them work, try a dramatic color on a thinner frame. That gives you the bold look you want, without overwhelming your features.

A light, bright color that is opaque will look very assertive. For example, opaque white, turquoise, or pink will pop off your face. Colors like this might look best on a thinner frame, just the same as very dark colors.

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Top Mens Sunglasses For Small Faces

Men with smaller faces may prefer oval, eye-cut, or rectangular sunglasses.

  • Ray-Ban Junior Aviator RJ9506S: This is one of the top choices for men with smaller faces. While aviators would perhaps not be the sunglasses of choice for most people with smaller faces due to their larger lens, the smaller junior version allows both small and big-faced people to look sharp.
  • Nike Dash: For more active people with smaller faces, the Nike Dash model is a popular selection because its flexible-fit frame allows for it to adapt to many different facial sizes. They also fit snugly to prevent falling during workouts.
  • Oakley Frogskin XS: These sunglasses are designed for children and teens, but they also work well for adults with small faces. They are essentially smaller versions of the original Frogskin model.

The Best Sunglasses For 2022 Are:

Best Golf Sunglasses for Small Faces of 2021! | SportRx
  • Best overall James Ay mirage: £135,
  • Best for classic design Bloobloom pal: £95,
  • Best for a pop of colour Sun Buddies Ethan in pink: £125,
  • Best for giving back Bottletop x Togetherband eyewear the rae: £40,
  • Best retro design sunglasses Jimmy Fairly Scarlett: £129,
  • Best cat eye sunglasses Asos Design recycled frame chunky flare cat eye sunglasses: £12,
  • Best white sunglasses Sunday Somewhere calypso: £191,
  • Best Prada sunglasses dupes & Other Stories squared thick frame sunglasses: £27,
  • Best circular sunglasses Taylor Morris bonchurch sunglasses: £160,
  • Best rectangular sunglasses Finlay & Co Kendall: £150,
  • Best designer sunglasses Prada PR 23YS sunglasses: £345,
  • Best Seventies-inspired sunglasses Quay total vibe sunglasses: £49,
  • Best unisex sunglasses Ray-Ban 0RB2180: £128,

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What Brands To Buy At Nordstrom

Obviously you can find just about anything you want at Nordstrom. So when searching for sunglasses I recommend ordering as many of the options you have to choose from online are not available at the stores.

Ordering online with Nordstrom is completely stress free because they have free shipping and free returns all the time, no minimum order total required.

You can buy a pencil and get free shipping! Anyone else hate it when you have to spend $150 to get free shipping?!

When Every Pair Is Too Large

You visit your local eyewear store. You try dozens of frames. Nearly all of them are much too big. Theres only a handful that fit, and you dont like any of them. Have you had this frustrating experience?

You may need petite glasses. Petite glasses are made for small or narrow faces. Their size, shape, and style features are all specially designed to fit and flatter small faces. If you want great-looking glasses that fit you the way they were meant to, read on.

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Tips For Buying Sunglasses For Small Faces

  • Opt for thinner frames or even semi-rimless frames.
  • Cat-eye, oval, and rectangular sunglasses tend to be the preferred choices by people with smaller faces. These shapes traditionally fit well with small faces, so try them first.
  • Choose lighter colored frames. Black or very dark sunglasses can sometimes overwhelm a petite face. Try lighter colors instead.
  • How To Find The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

    12 Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2021

    The Everygirls product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

    Source: Illesteva

    When you find the right pair of sunglasses, they become more than just a sun-blocking necessitythey are a fashion statement and a powerful accessory. Think of sunglasses as you would any item of clothing: the most flattering pieces are the ones that are tailored to you. Just like a pair of jeans or a power suit, sunglasses look best when theyre styled for the curves, shapes, and sizes that are unique to you.

    While your tailor cant alter or hem your sunglasses, finding the right size and style of frame for your unique face shape can enhance your features and elevate your style. Finding the perfect pair doesnt need to be rocket science. All you need is to know are your face shape and what will flatter it most.

    Ready to find the sunglasses that you can wear for years to come? Were breaking down the most flattering frames for every face shape and have found the best options for each.

    In this article

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    Current Fashion Favors Taller Bigger Lenses

    This means:

  • Stores are carrying fewer short rectangular and oval frames. If you havent updated your frames in a while, you may find that the in-store selection is very different than when you bought your last pair. One more reason why it is hard to find glasses for small faces!
  • You can probably pull off a bit more lens height than you did in the past, since it is the look of the moment. My current frames have the same width as my old pair, but are nearly double in height! If you are feeling adventurous, you might consider a pair with a few mm more lens height than your old pair.
  • Zerouv Small Frame Women Aviator Sunglasses

    For ladies looking for womens aviator glasses for small faces, the zeroUV Small Frame Women Aviator Sunglasses can be an ideal pick. First of all, letâs appreciate how cheap these sunglasses are! Theyâre the cheapest option on this list, but that doesnât mean they donât have anything good to offer. For instance, they have a lightweight, high-quality metal frame.

    Besides that, we also like that they offer 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. The gradient lenses are so stylish and offer crystal-clear views. Plus, theyâre available in several color options. The nose pads are also equally comfortable, which is amazing. Best of all, they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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    Tifosi Swank S/l Sunglasses

    Say hello to our top pick for this list! Tifosi Swank S/L Sunglasses is a great choice for those looking for perfect sunglasses to frame petite faces. With fashionable clear frames and rounded square lenses, these sunglasses will look good on anyone! Of course, these womens sunglasses for small faces are affordable, comfortable, and functional.

    Looking at the quality, its mind-blowing that these are rather inexpensive. Their lightweight and comfortable frames are made of high-quality plastic. They also feature scratch-resistant lenses and a hydrophilic nose grip that is perfect as activewear. Did we mention that these sunglasses for small womens faces come in amazing color selections too?

    • Affordable sunglasses with scratch-resistant lenses and great color selections.

    The Top 5 Best Sunglasses For Small Faces Of 2021

    Top 5 Best Running Sunglasses for Small Faces of 2021! | SportRx

    Ina Vanderpoel4 months ago

    Do you have trouble finding the right sunglasses to fit your small face? Theres no bigger letdown than thinking a pair of sunglasses will look great before putting them on and watching them slip right off. Luckily for you, SportRx has compiled a list of the best sunglasses for small faces so youll never have to worry about an ill-fitting frame again.

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    Best Aviator Sunglasses For Small Faces

  • 13 Best Aviator Sunglasses for
  • Defined by their dramatic teardrop lenses, aviator sunglasses continue to be one of the most popular sunglasses to date. Almost everyone, including A-listers, literally wear them, so if you want to look good and protect your eyes simultaneously, these glasses are a great accessory. However, their oversized lens can quickly look huge on people born with small faces. The design might overwhelm your delicate features unless you have a perfect fit. Thatâs why weâve made this list for people like you! Here, we have selected all the best aviator sunglasses for small faces that you can find on the market. To know more about them, keep on reading!

    Estimate The Width You Need

    You can estimate the total width that you need. Simply take a ruler and measure the width of your face at the widest area . Stand back from the mirror at least a foot. .

    You can also measure the width of your current pair of glasses, if they fit you well. Or, if they are too wide, then just measure how far they extend past your face, and subtract that amount from the total width to find the width you need.

    Some online retailers include total width in their measurements, which makes this number very useful.

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    Best Quay Sunglasses For Small Face

    Quay Australia is a very popular brand online as well. From what I can see they have great quality sunglasses with a variety of sizes for everyone. Including sunglasses for a small oval face.

    But again, just be careful to watch the width size as quay has a ton of styles that are 60 mm + in size. I didnt know to look at the sizes before and ordered a pair that I saw a girl wearing on instagram and they looked on her. I felt like her head was about the same size as mine. I was wrong, they were HUGE!

    Small Sunglasses For Small Faces

    The Best Sunglasses For Skinny Face : Recommended For 2021

    I just recently went to Old Navy and figured I would give a few pairs of their frames a try. To my surprise they ALL fit perfectly!

    They have the best sunglasses size for a small face! Its like they were made for women like me. And one of the best parts is they are basically all under $12.

    I always like to have a few pairs of sunglasses that I can keep in the car or take hiking etc. that are really inexpensive so that I dont stress if anything happens to them.

    Old Navy is always a great option. Shop their newest sunglass collection here.

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    Foster Grant Womens Sutton Polarized Sunglasses

    Foster Grant Womens Sutton Polarized Sunglasses are designed with an alluring brown tortoise frame. A classic stylish choice for an understated yet fierce look. With their modern angles, these bold sunglasses will shield your eyes with glamour. Bring your outfit to the next level with these sunnies!

    The brown tint also helps reduce glare for a more comfortable sight. The square shapes also look great on oval, round, heart, and diamond face shapes. It complements smaller faces well, too. Get these womens sunglasses for small faces now because they have a lot of fans!

    • Comes in several frame and lens color options in addition to a stylish and comfortable design.

    Best Sunglasses For Runners

    The Expert: Im a longtime distance runner and outdoors gear reviewer for Runners World, Bicycling, and other sites. I also live in Texas, where sunglasses are a year-round necessityand finding the perfect pair that can handle my general sweat output without sliding, bouncing, or steadily disintegrating from overuse is an endless personal quest. To select these recommendations of the best sunglasses, I worked in collaboration with the Runners World editors and test team, who tried dozens of different pairs to tease out their favorites.

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    What Does Xs Mean On Oakleys

    If youre looking for small Oakley sunglasses youve likely come across Oakley XS frames. Youll typically see these denoted by the XS at the end of the frame name, such as Holbrook XS.As you might have guessed, the XS stands for Extra Small. Sometimes these are also called Youth Fit sunglasses but if you have a small face they may be the perfect fit. In recent years Oakley has begun to offer more and more small variations of their most popular frames.

    For more information on every Oakley fit, check out our complete Oakley Sunglasses Size Guide!

    For The 80s Barbie Dreamers

    Can’t Find the Right Fit? 5 Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2021! | SportRx

    I liked every style I tried from this brand, but this model was my absolute favorite. I feel like an 80s-tastic hybrid of Malibu Barbie and the Terminator every time I wear them. The frames are lightweight, sturdy, and colorfast. Spy Optics Happy lens tech purportedly can help boost the positive feelings that come along with a sunny day. I can’t empirically test those claims, but I could see more clearly wearing these than I could while wearing other color-enhancing polarized lenses.

    Another Favorite From Spy Optic: I tried the Flynn 50/50 and I lovingly call them my Danny McBride sunglasses. I don’t exactly look cool in them, but I do love them and that’s what matters. It has what the brand calls Happy Boost, which is slightly different than the Happy Lens. The former makes colors more vivid while still blocking the bright sun. I loved it for driving but also just for hanging out outside. You get to enjoy colors without squinting, instead of seeing just a sepia-tinted world. Just make sure you select the color with the HB logo.

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