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Best Sunglasses For Square Shaped Face

What Is A Square

Best Glasses For Square Face Shape | 3 Best Frames For Square Face Shape

Good question! Theres a reason its so easy to spot a celebrity with a stunning square-shaped face. Each square face has the same key ingredients:

  • A broad foreheadAt the top of your face is a broad, bold and beautiful forehead.
  • A balanced faceSquare faces are typically as long as they are wide. In this way, theyre similar to the round face shape, but more angular.
  • Striking cheekbonesIts common to see prominent cheekbones that catch the light and break up the smooth contours of your face.
  • A strong jawlineThe finishing touch is a prominent jawline that sits flat at the bottom, bordering the rest of your features. Its the classic hallmark of a square-shaped face and the envy of the rest of us mere mortals.

However these might be the classic building blocks for a square face, but you dont need to tick every box to use the advice in this article. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you love how your glasses look on your own face. However, heres what the fashion experts usually have to say

Oversized Sunglasses For Oval Faces

An oval face shape is one of the most versatile, as they look good in practically any pair of sunglasses. If youre lucky enough to have an oval face, then your symmetrical features and thin cheekbone structure means your face is already proportional, so you wont have to look too hard to find something flattering. Aviator, cat eye, wayfarer, and round frames are just a few great styles that will extenuate the features you already have.

We also love a classic oversized frame, like the iconic Hepburn sunglasses by Privé Revaux. They have a thick, polycarbonate resin frame and UVA/UVB lenses, so you know theyre as durable as they are fashionable.

GUCCI Havana from FASHIONPHILE are the perfect pair for sunglasses for oval Shaped face.These stylish sunglasses have large square havana brown rims. The glasses feature yellow lenses, protection as well as fashionable.

Measure Your Face Length And Width

Using a mirror or selfie, pay attention to your face length and width. Measure your face length from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Next, measure the width of your face from the left to the right side of your face. This measurement should be taken twiceone for your cheekbones and the other for your jawline.

  • Long faces fall under oblong, oval, or diamond shapes
  • Wide faces fall under heart, square, or round shapes

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How Do You Know Which Face Shape You Have

You might have an idea of what your face shape is based on what people have told you, or even just from looking at yourself in the mirror. If you dont, its perfectly normal: since face shapes just slightly resemble geometric shapes, they are often hard to define. If you are not completely sure what face shape you have, heres a simple way to find out: all youll need is a tape measure.

Start by measuring your face length, from the hairline to the bottom of your chin. Then note how large your face is by measuring it at three different points: your forehead, the width from cheekbone to cheekbone, and the width of your jawline.

If your face length and width are similar, you could have a round or square shaped face. The main difference?

– The round face is curved all around

– The square face has a stronger, prominent jawline.

Instead if your face is longer than it is wide, youre most likely a diamond, oval or heart-shaped face.

Diamond faces have a pronounced chin

Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead while their jawline is noticeably smaller

Oval face shapes have a similar forehead and jawline width.

Love Your Face Shape And Love Your Glasses

How To Choose Sunglasses for Square

Go forth. Embrace your striking square face shape, and find glasses that make you feel confident and comfortable every day. Which glasses are best for your square face shape? The glasses that make you happiest.

Whether you cant wait to start browsing or are still feeling a little overwhelmed with so many options, you can give virtual try-on a whirl. Or, check out our guide on how to buy glasses online.

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Which Sunglasses Will Suit My Face Shape

One of the most common questions people ask when buying sunglasses is: which sunglasses will suit my face shape?

The first thing that should be said is – the sunglasses you like the most and that make you feel great are the ones you should buy. Our recommendations are merely a style guide to help you make a decision. Given our extensive and fabulous range of designer sunglasses, this isn’t always easy.

Here are the most common face shapes and which sunglasses we recommend you buy for each one.

Sunglasses For Square Faces

The best sunglasses for a square face can either complement its sharp angles or help tone them down. You may want to make the most of your high cheekbones or grab a pair that makes your face appear more rounded. We can help you find the right pair to suit your face in your favorite style and color.

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What Glasses Feel Better To Heart

The sunglasses in medium size are ideal for people with heart-shaped faces. When you try them the frames should not touch your cheeks. This balances the features of your face. You can also opt for slightly wider frames on the top, which will help you to define your face a little. Here our star recommendation for girls with a heart-shaped face are the Wendy glasses. You can also opt for light frame glasses. Fine frame sunglasses highlight the profile of your face. We recommend you to take a tour of our selection of glasses with metal frame if you want a look that highlights your face.

Charly recommendations for her: Wendy, Elisa & Gigi

Do You Have A Square Face Shape

The Best Glasses For You (it’s not just about face shape)

Not sure what face shape you have? No problemjust take a look in a mirror or snap a quick selfie looking straight at your camera. In the mirror or your photo, see if you spot some of these traits, which are commonly associated with a square face shape:

  • A flat, squared chin
  • A broad forehead with a wide hairline
  • A strong horizontal jawline with sharp angles
  • Equal width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw
  • Flat cheekbones that are in line with the jaw

Square faces are similar to round faces, but the key difference lies in the angular jawlinepeople with round faces tend to have softer, rounder features. Some celebrities with a square face shape include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Cameron Diaz.

Keep in mind that everyones face is unique, and you might not see all of the characteristics listed above in someone with a square face. In fact, most people find their faces to have traits from more than one shape. Just consider the different face shapes out there, and use your best judgment on which one seems the most similar to yours.

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Sunglasses For Triangular Faces


Pick up sunglasses with a broad upper half and a large frame. Cat-eyed glasses are good for your face shape. If you want to opt for a less playful look, go for a frameless pair.

Sunglasses are a completely badass accessory. You can go for edgy aviators, bold oversized frames, or sassy cat-eyed sunglasses. They never fail to make a statement. So, lets take a look at the many kinds of sunglasses out there to help you find your style!

Rimless Sunglasses Of Diamond Faces

If you have a narrow forehead, taped jawline, and full cheekbones, then you should probably look for sunglasses without a thick frame or rim around them. Classic styles with plastic frames or wires can add too much volume to the widest part of your face, so its better to opt for something lighter and less bulky. While rimless sunglasses may be harder to find compared to framed ones, there are a few options that will look stunning with diamond faces, including the colorful Bree sunglasses by Diff. Choose from black/grey, golden brown, or silver seafoam, and be prepared to turn heads down the street!

People with diamond faces might also choose to wear wraparound sunglass styles. Since they conform to the curves of your head, they wont look as oversized as other types of fashion sunglasses.

If you prefer to wear contacts and not be limited to only prescription sunglasses, order your contacts at 1-800 CONTACTS. They offer tons of brands to fit your needs. Find the right pair for you and save 30% on your first order!

Sunglasses are one of those must-have accessories that will elevate your style. If youre looking for more fashion inspiration then weve got you covered. Check out some of our favorite fashion trends this season, or take a look at what outfits you can wear with shoes that arent heels.

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Sunglasses For Heart Face Shape

The heart-shaped face has a broad forehead, a wide cheekbone area but a narrow jawline or chin area. The broad forehead and the heaviness in the cheeks due to the width makes your face look heftier. Thus, you need to avoid any chunky sunglasses that may add more weight to how your face appears.

In fact, you need light and thin-rimmed sunglasses for face shape that help to balance the bulky appearance. So avoid overly embellished sunglasses, aviators, browlines, and oversized sunglasses. Each of these adds weight to the already heavy-looking top of your face.

The best sunglasses for heart shaped face are cat-eyes, wayfarers, round and oval sunglasses. An even better choice would be rimless. How about round rimless frames?

Frames You Might Want To Avoid

The Best Sunglasses for a Square Face

Whilst we think youll probably look great in anything, theres a few frames that might take the shine off the way you look, in comparison to the ones weve just listed. Classic rectangular shades are in fashion in some quarters, but they are too similar to the natural shape of your face to really bring the best out of the way youre styling yourself. Opt for smooth curves and aviators instead and youll be on the right track.

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The Best Sunglasses If You Have A Square Face Shape

As the temperatures soar and the sun shines brighter, it’s time to try on a fun new pair of sunglasses for the season. Picture it an ice cream truck popsicle melting in your hand, your new bikini under your cutoffs, and the perfect uber-chic shades to match. This summer, it’s all about sunglasses that are just a tad minimalist and retro. As per Who What Wear, huge trends to watch out for this 2021 are sportsman-style 1970s frames, anything “retro round,” extra-angular cat-eyes, and anything considered “XXL.” While all these trends are extremely covetable, it’s important to always think about what the most flattering shades are for your specific face shape whether it’s a pointed-chin heart-shape or an angular, elegant square.

Rectangular Sunglasses For Round Faces

Women with round face shapes need to look for sunglasses that accent their soft features. Looking for angular or rectangular sunglasses is your best bet, as they add structure and give the appearance of a longer and thinner face shape. C-Suite sunglasses by eyebobs are great for round faces. Not only do they come in four different colors , but theyre also available with blue light lenses for those long days behind the computer.

A classic wayfarer or aviator style also suits the curvy features of round faces and can offer a stylish yet sophisticated touch to your wardrobe.

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Still Not Sure If You Have A Square

You might feel like youre stuck between categories here, which is why we want to offer a simple trick. Its obvious if you have a round face or an oval face, but figuring out whether youre square or rectangular is a little tricky. Rather than trying to guess, do a rough measurement of the width and height of your face. The closer those two numbers are to one another, the more square your face shape is. Dont worry if you find youre not square-shaped after all at Mouqy we sell eyeglasses for all face shapes. Check out our full guide on the 6 different types of face shape that you might fall into.

Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

How To Choose The Best Glasses And Frames For Your Face Shape

We invite you to a new complete guide curated by our fashion specialist. Today we are going to talk about sunglasses and face shapes. As we always say, the most important thing is your personal style. However, some tips on which are the best sunglasses according to your face can be useful if you feel a little lost with your choice..

We chose the four most common face shapes: sunglasses for heart-shaped faces , glasses designed for square faces, glasses for round faces and sunglasses for oval faces. First, go in front of a mirror , observe and think about what type of face you feel most identified with. When you made up your mind, scroll until your option and read our recommendations.

Follow up to the end of the note for some extra tips )

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The Best Type Of Sunglasses For Square Faces

Sure, they might have an entourage of style experts to thank but we all know that it doesnt hurt to look great while protecting your eyes from the sun. But sadly, not all of us have the luxury of a personal stylist.

It doesnt mean, however, that you cant find the best sunglasses that will flatter your square-shaped face.

How To Measure Your Face

  • Measure Cheekbone to Cheekbone: Place the end of a tape measure just below your eye to find the top of your cheekbone. Measure to the same point on the other side of your face. Write down this number.
  • Measure Jaw Line: Feel below your ears to find the ends of your jawbone. Measure from the end of your jawbone to the other end around the bottom of your face. Write that down too.
  • Measure Face Length: Measure from the center of your hairline straight down over the front of your nose to the bottom of your chin. Write that one down too.
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    Best Glasses Shapes For A Square Face

    Rememberdont sweat it! You can go right ahead and fall in love with any glasses frames you want. But if you want to learn how certain styles of glasses can complement the features of a square-shaped face, read on.

    When people choose glasses based on their face shape, they are typically looking for frames that will either highlight or contrast their most prominent facial features. Check out some considerations below.

    How To Know If You Have A Square Shaped Face

    The Best Sunglasses for a Square Face
    The Best Sunglasses for Square Faces

    It can sometimes be tricky to identify which category your face shape falls into. Sometimes, your face could have features that are more rounded or more square but it doesnt mean that it fits the standard for a face shape perfectly.

    So how do you determine the shape of your face? Its actually very simple. You just have to know what your most prominent features are. People with square-shaped faces have:

    • A strong jawline
    • The width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw should be the same
    • Angular features
    • Flatter cheekbones
    • Broad forehead with a wide hairline

    People with square-shaped faces have clearly defined angular jawlines and flat chins. Unlike round-shaped faces where there are soft curves present, square faces have few to no curves.

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    Sunglasses For Oval Face Shape

    An oval face has a face length larger than its cheekbones width. Its jawline/ chin looks slimmer than the forehead. And the jaw angle is round rather than sharp.

    If you have such a type of face, you probably have a narrow shape. The best sunglasses for narrow heads include aviator-shaped sunglasses. These shades will deliver excellent balance to your oval face.

    Other frames that can match well with oval faces are square and cat-eye sunglasses. These will give you a simple yet versatile and neutral color look. Geometric angular sunglasses type for face shape involving an angular jawline is also a precise match.

    Similarly, for a trendy and flattering look, you can pick oversized, d-squared, and half-rimmed. Or to enhance facial features, the most elegant and sophisticated option is browline frames. Fortunately, most types in the realm of eyewear can be called the best sunglasses for oval face shape.

    Best Sunglasses For Square Shape Faces

    With the correct choice of sunglasses, it would be easier for you to feel more confident and louder with glasses on your square face. And the best sunglasses for square faces are round, browline, coloured oval, and aviator shaped sunglasses. These glasses help to round out the sharpness of the face giving it a more balanced look.

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    Things To Consider When Buying Sunglasses

    -Question: What type of sunglasses is best?Answer: Sunglasses with 100% UV Protection lenses are the best choice. These types of sunglasses will offer the full protection you need from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays!

    -Question: How can we tell our sunglasses are UV protected?Answer: We have to look for the label that says a hundred percent protection against both UVA and UVB. Sometimes it says hundred percent protection against UV400.

    -Question: Do darker sunglasses provide more UV protection?Answer: Darker sunglasses lenses decrease the amount of visible light passing. On the other hand, the lens with lighter tints does not provide more excellent protection from UV rays.

    -Question: How can we determine face shapes?Answer: Determine face shape, measure the width from ear to ear. Then both our forehead and jawline at a distance between the top of the forehead and our chin. We’ll find out our shaped face from these proportions.

    -Question: How do we measure frames?Answer: Knowing the right measurement for our frames is essential to shopping online. Some numbers are inside of the temple arm, and they are our frame measurements. We can also try measuring by hand. We need to measure from the temple screw to the temple screw. For temple length, we need to measure from the temple screw to the temple tip. For more information on sunglasses size measurements, check out our Sunglasses Size Guide!

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