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Best Sunglasses For Triangle Face Shape

What Sunglasses Should You Get

Choose The Best Sunglasses | How to know face shape [Giveaway Closed]

There are four basic face shapes, each one with a distinctive defining feature. The sunglasses that each face shape needs typically balances out those features. So, as a rule of thumb, if your features are very soft you are looking for an angular or square frame. If your features are more angular, you are looking for rounder styles. Read on below for more specifics on each of the four faces shapes.

Round Face:

If your face has softer angles with slightly full cheeks and an equally wide forehead and jaw, you have a round face. Round faces typically have a rounded chin and are equal in length and width.

Round faces with curved featured benefit greatly from adding angles! Look for shades that are rectangular, angular, or square.

Round Faces Should Look For:

Men: Square, Wayfarer, Straight Top

Recommended: Lido and 3 Rooker. Lido is our square shape and 3 Rooker is our wayfarer shape.

Women: Square, Oversized, Angular Cat Eye

Recommended: Lido. Lido is our square shape.

Oval Face:

Oval faces have very slightly wider cheekbones and gentle narrowing at forehead and jaw. Oval faces are typically very balanced and are longer than they are wide.

If you have an oval face, you are pretty lucky. Oval faces look good in just about anything! When picking out styles, just keep the proportions of your face in mind and avoid picking large, blocky frames that cover your features, or tiny frames that are too small for your face.

Oval Faces Should Look For:

Heart Face:

Square Face:

How Do You Determine Your Face Shape

An easy method to determine your face shape is as simple as grabbing a mirror and marker and outlining around your hairline and jaw.


Your beautiful face


  • Grab your dry erase marker, find a mirror, and pull your hair back away from your face.

  • Hold or look at your mirror level with your face.

  • Outline around your face from your chin to your hairline, paying attention to angles.

  • Compare the shape you made with the face shapes: round, oval, heart, or square.

  • Unsure About Your Face Shape

    Triangle face shapes are characterized by the widest dimension of the face being the lower jawline, and the narrowest portion being the forehead. Hairstyles can also help to create this look. When choosing the best sunglasses to suit, the trick is to de-emphasize the wider lower portion of the face with a frame style to balance your features.

    We’ve selected a range of the best sunglasses to suit triangle face shapes for some style inspiration, so go ahead, take a look! Use our Virtual Try-On tool to test any pair and if it’s one that fits, add it to your cart. Our styles are changing all the time, so theres always something new to see.

    There are plenty of sunglasses styles to suit triangle face shapes and youre just a few clicks away from finding your perfect pair. But first, theres one important thing to remember: Be careful not to order your frames too big! Triangle faces look great with sunglasses because of their evenly placed facial features at the bottom, so oversized sunnies could throw that balance out of the window. Be sure to choose the right size according to your pupillary distance and temple length. For more tips on how to find your frame size, check our size guide.

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    Crucial Factors For Choosing Sunglasses That Fit Your Face Shape

    Finding the best sunglasses for your face doesnt have to be a daunting, mysterious process. Its actually really simple, so why does it seem so confusing?

    Heres my theory theres a lot of unhelpful advice out there. Choosing sunglasses is all about size and proportion, but most advice focuses on face shape.

    Every video, blog post and infographic I could find about buying sunglasses says you have to figure out what shape your face is, and then choose your shades accordingly.

    But the thing is, our faces arent shaped like triangles or circles. Most people dont fall neatly into one category .

    Most people are somewhere in between, which is why it doesnt make sense to try to figure out what object your face is shaped like.

    Thats why the face shape method for choosing sunglasses is just confusing. Lets forget about shapes and focus instead on these three things:

  • Facial features
  • Thats it. Every single face is a combination of these three factors.

    You might have a short, wide face with round features. Or maybe you have a tall, narrow face with angular features.

    Lets learn about each of the three factors.

    Nothing Matches Your Search

    [Download 30+] Glasses For Triangle Face Shape Men

    There are no matches for “” – check the spelling or try a less specific search term.

    Features of a base down triangle face shape include a wide, strong jawline, that gradually leads into narrower cheekbones and a narrow forehead. The triangle face shape is also known as a pear shape face.

    To help balance your strong jawline and narrow forehead, you should opt for frames with a heavier top rim, such as aviators and cat-eye sunglasses.

    You can also see the best glasses for a triangle face shape, and the rest of our sunglasses. If you still unsure about your face shape, you can see our guide for choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape.

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    How To Work Out Your Face Shape

    When figuring out your face shape, look for the shape that is the most like yours its likely your chin is a little more pointed than the typical oval, or your forehead a little wider than the usual triangle.

  • Look at your jawline in the mirror is it curved or angular?
  • Now look at your forehead is it wide or narrow?
  • Finally, time for your cheekbones are they soft or prominent?
  • Once you have these answers, you should have a general idea of what shape your beautiful face is.

    The Best Sunglasses For Every Face Shape

    Theres a certain magic to sunglasses. They have a transformative power: the right pair can make you feel instantly confident and take a great outfit to the next level. But with an infinite array of shapes and colors to choose from, how are you supposed to you know which style suits you best? You could go the trial and error route and try on a million pairs, or you could consult our guide to the best styles of the season for every face shape. See all of our picks, below.

    W Shop is W Magazines shoppable guide to editor-approved buys in fashion, beauty, wellness, and lifestyle. We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

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    The Best Sunglass Styles For Triangle

    Heres a few style tips that will be worth their weight in gold when theres sunshine out and about:

    • Aviators are a retro throwback that wont be going out of fashion anytime soon.
    • Clubmasters have it all on top, which is exactly what you want to balance out the lower half.
    • Anything oversized has to be worth a look too because, once again, its all about balancing out that striking jawline of yours.

    Glasses For A Small Face

    Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape & Skin Tone

    For a complementary fit, choose glasses that are as wide or slightly wider than your facelook for a lens width of 50mm-52mm and nose bridge of 14mm-16mm. Consider glasses in a shape that adds definition without overpowering your features, such as rectangular, oval, or cat-eye frames.

    When looking for glasses for long faces, opt for a shape and style that brings contrast, such as square or geometric frames or a taller, oversized style. Two-toned glasses can also draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

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    Tom Ford Lola Sunglasses

    Tom Ford’s Lola sunglasses are the perfect way to protect your eyes from the sun in style. The acetate frame is lightweight and comfortable, while the anti-reflective lenses ensure excellent clarity.

    The non-polarized lenses are perfect for reducing glare, and the mirror coating adds an extra touch of style.

    The glasses come complete with the original case and cleaning cloth, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to look good and feel confident in their sunglasses.

    Saint Laurent’s SL213 Lily sunglasses are designed with a glossy acetate frame and non-polarized lenses.

    The UV protection coating helps to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

    Plus, the soft case and cleaning cloth make it easy to keep your sunglasses looking their best.

    Glasses For Square Shaped Faces

    Square faces often have bold, angular features and cut a clean, straight line from the forehead to the jaw.

    Look for rounded, thinner frames that are wider than your cheekbones, while remaining proportional to the length and width of your face:

    • Roundframes: Bring contrast to angular features
    • Ovalframes: Soften and balance defined square face lines
    • Coloured frames: Draw attention to the eyes

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    Make Sure Your Lenses Cover Your Eyewear Sweet Spot

    A guide to buying the right sunglasses for your face shape

    Width: Roughly as wide as your face.

    Height: Roughly from the center of your eyebrows to 2/3rds down your nose.

    This is the “sweet spot” in terms of sunlight protection and field of view

    Buying frames with lenses within this sweet spot lets you know the frame fits.

    Frames in your sweet spot are the most flattering.Theyre not too small or too big, theyre just right.

    Examples of glasses that are the wrong size for a man’s face

    Frames that are too narrow reduce sun protection and field of view. They also tiny on your face! Frames that are too wide or tall can look comically oversized. While these can be stylistic choices, if youre going for a balance of flattering and functional, stay within the sweet spot.

    Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape: Triangle

    How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses to Suit Your Face Shape

    Choosing glasses for a triangle face can be quite the adventure because it pairs perfectly with so many bold, statement frames. A triangle face is the opposite of a heart-shaped face, featuring a narrow forehead and broad jawline. If you have a triangle face and want to find eyewear staples for your shape, read on for the lowdown.

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    Tips For Choosing Glasses For Your Face Shape

    And now, the fun part.

    Once youve chosen which glasses are the best option for your face shape, youll be able to find a pair that will complement your features and bring a natural balance to your profile.

    We have frames for round, oval, square, diamond, triangular, and heart shaped faces. . If you need help narrowing down the options, follow our face-shape shopping tips.

    Use the Virtual Try On tool: Simply click try on, enable your camera, and you can get a sense of how your favourite styles look. Remember Virtual Try On isnt an indicator of fit, so be sure to enter your PD and check glasses measurements to help get a sense of sizing.

    Not sure what your PD is? Learn how to measure PD at home.

    Find your measurements: When shopping for the best fit, getting your glasses measurements right is key to finding a pair that make you look and feel great learn how to find your glasses measurements.

    Pick a colour: If youre not sure which glasses colour or material to go for, check out our guide on glasses frame colours for advice on which styles might complement your hair colour and skin tone.

    Whether you opt for something bold or subtle, vintage or modern, statement or versatile, weve got plenty of frames to fit your beautiful face. If youve got questions or want to chat more about style, you can reach out to our Customer Service team 24/7 by chat, email, or phone.

    Make sure to share your selfies with us using #SeeClearly on Social.

    Sunglasses For Heart Face Shape

    The heart-shaped face has a broad forehead, a wide cheekbone area but a narrow jawline or chin area. The broad forehead and the heaviness in the cheeks due to the width makes your face look heftier. Thus, you need to avoid any chunky sunglasses that may add more weight to how your face appears.

    In fact, you need light and thin-rimmed sunglasses for face shape that help to balance the bulky appearance. So avoid overly embellished sunglasses, aviators, browlines, and oversized sunglasses. Each of these adds weight to the already heavy-looking top of your face.

    The best sunglasses for heart shaped face are cat-eyes, wayfarers, round and oval sunglasses. An even better choice would be rimless. How about round rimless frames?

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    Prada Women’s Pr16rs Sunglasses

    Made from acetate and imported from Italy, these sunglasses are perfect for any woman looking to protect her eyes from the sun.

    The plastic frame and composite lens are both non-polarized and treated with a UV protection coating, meaning they’ll offer you complete protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

    With a width of 56 millimeters and a bridge of 19 millimeters, they’ll also provide ample coverage and fit comfortably on most faces.

    Finally, the black frame with a light grey gradient lens is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

    Looking for a pair of sunglasses that are as stylish as they are practical? Look no further than Illesteva’s Los Feliz sunglasses.

    These handmade and high-quality beauties feature non-polarized lenses, so you can stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays all day long.

    Plus, the sleek plastic frame and versatile design make them perfect for any outfit. The lenses are 55mm wide and offer excellent protection from the sun’s heat to your eyes. The glasses come with a hardshell case for protection when not in use.

    Whether you’re hitting the beach or running errands around town, these sunglasses will keep you looking chic and cool.

    My Advice Try On Lots Of Sunglasses

    Good glasses & sunglasses for your face shape | Justine Leconte

    Now that you know how to pick sunglasses for your face, you need to try on a bunch of different pairs. I recommend using the Warby Parker Home Try-On program.

    But there are plenty of brands offering free home try ons these days.

    Make sure to measure the width of your face and try on frames that are the right width for you. That way you can maximize your home try on experiences.

    Test drive a few different shapes to get a better sense of the concepts you learned from this guide.

    I hope this guide helps you understand which sunglasses are the best choice for your face shape.

    Questions? Comments? Leave them below!

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    Wayfarers Work For Almost Everyone

    One classic sunglasses style has withstood the test of time for good reason the Wayfarer.

    These frames have the perfect mix of round and angular features, and they look good on many different types of faces.

    The one problem many people have with Wayfarers is the size. Theyre often too wide for people with narrow faces.

    But you can find narrower Wayfarer style sunglasses, such as the Warby Parker Beckett .

    Best Sunglasses For Triangle Shaped Faces

    Do you have a triangle-shaped face?

    If you do, then you know that finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is not as easy as it seems. Most sunglasses are designed for people with oval or round faces, and they dont always look good on those with triangular faces.

    But dont worry weve got you covered.

    Weve searched high and low to find the best sunglasses for triangle shaped faces, and were excited to share them with you.

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    The Best Style For Triangular Faces

    You see: Titan Accent Shades 8174 in 3530 SLM Glossy Rosé Mirror

    Triangular faces, sometimes called heart-shaped, are best paired with angled cat-eye or butterfly shapes to create pleasing proportions. These classic styles flare up and out at the sides to flatter a triangular face shape, creating lift around the cheekbones and balancing out a narrower chin.

    Carolinas recommendation: An angular cat eye is a bold look, so a great way to test out this shape is with a subtle butterfly-wing lens, like model 8174 from the Titan Accent Shades collection.

    Style Guide: How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

    How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses to Suit Your Face Shape

    After months in lockdown, the call of the great outdoors has never been more appealing. Being out in the sun, whether on your sundeck, at the beach or in your local park, is one of this summers simple pleasures so theres never been a better time to look for a new pair of high-quality sunglasses.

    Thanks to Silhouettes superior raw materials and diligent craftsmanship, the brands range of sunglasses are renowned for standing the test of time. And when youre investing in a long-lasting, classic accessory, you want to make sure to choose a pair that complements you perfectly.

    As each person is unique, Silhouettes style consultant, Carolina Lober, is on hand to determine which sunglasses style best suits your face shape.

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    The Best Style For Oval Face Shapes

    You see: Golden Gate 8169 in 3520 Glossy Caramel

    Most sunglasses styles look good on a well-proportioned oval face. A butterfly-shaped frame will flatter your even features, with the slight flare adding definition to the focal point of your face. Round and square frames also favor this face shape, which complement and contrast to the oval face.

    Carolinas recommendation: Silhouettes Golden Gate is the perfect match for oval faces. The lenses are slightly uptilted to create a butterfly effect and the half-finished frames further enhance the tapered shape.

    Check Out These Sunglasses That Look Great With Triangle Face Shapes

    Rectangle Sunglasses

    Rectangle sunglasses are one of the most versatile eyewear styles available, and pair well with any outfit or face shape. That means theyre a great fit for triangle face shapes, too, and can elevate your style to a new level while complementing your features. Look around and see how your favorite pair looks with our Virtual Try-On tool.


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