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Best Sunglasses For Wide Heads

Monrich Polarized Sunglasses For Men

Best Sunglasses for Big Heads | SportRx

When you have activities outdoors, be it traveling, sports, or driving, your eyes are at constant risk of being damaged by the harmful sun rays. Thats how wide sunglasses for men come in handy. Not only do they protect your eyes, but they also help put your outfit together for a great look! That is what Monrich Polarized Sunglasses for Men have to offer. Theyre lightweight sunglasses with polarization and blocking glare functions that help protect your eyes from the sun.

The 100% UV400 protection coating blocks harmful UVA/UVB and UVC rays to prevent damage. These large sunglasses for men also reduce glare thats reflected off various horizontal surfaces you may encounter during your outdoor activities. All this protection comes in a lightweight frame with durable arms, complete with excellent elasticity. These prevent the glasses from breaking easily, so you can enjoy your activities with ease. You can hardly feel them on your face, and they fit great. The retro rectangular design gives you a fashionably classic look, too!

  • Lightweight and fashionable sunglasses for men with big heads

Oakley Mens Sliver Xl Aero Grid Sunglasses

The Oakley Mens Sliver XL Aero Grid Sunglasses has an extended lens height thats great for wider faces or those who want an expanded field of downward view. The sleek style makes for a great accessory for your outfit. To make it even more suitable for your personal style, they offer some color choices ranging from the timeless Black Iridium to a fun 24K Iridium. Its safe to say that youll look extra great whenever you put these extra-wide sunglasses on!

Made in the US, these sunglasses for men with big heads are ultra-lightweight, and the frame is made of NanOmatter material, high in durability, and stress-resistant. The Plutonite lens material provides UV protection, filtering out 100% UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm. The Prizm technology offers control of light transmission, which maximizes contrast and enhances visibility. Polarized and Iridium lens options are available, or you can also have them with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses.

  • Sleek sunglasses with various lens options

Best Sunglasses For Wide Head

If you are looking for the best sunglasses for wide head, you will quickly find that there is a lot of choice on the market. You also have to pay attention to many different criteria when buying, such as accuracy of fit, UV protection, workmanship and price-performance ratio and of course design. If all of this is too time-consuming for you and you just want to make a quick but good purchase decision, youve come to the right place.


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In this article, we filtered out the best wide head sunglasses for you. All you have to do is choose. We can unreservedly recommend the Justin RB4165 from Ray-Ban , because the glasses shine thanks to their excellent workmanship in connection with a good variety of variants and a firm fit. Alternatively, the Holbrook W / Warm from Oakley is also available Highly recommended, because it is of high quality, sits very firmly and securely and the glasses can be ordered in different colors. You can check also best sunglasses for flared ears.

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How Do You Know If Your Glasses Are Too Narrow

Apply the three-point rule to know if you have a good fit: the frame should touch the nose, the top of the right ear, and the top of the left ear. If you notice there are pressure points on these three parts or on your temples or the frame sits too high on your nose, the glasses are too narrow for you. If you have a small face, then check out aviator sunglasses for small faces instead?

What Are The Best Sunglasses For Big Heads

Extra Wide Sunglasses For Big Heads

The best sunglasses for big heads provide a larger lens width, bridge width and temple length. These enlarged aspects give greater comfort, style and potentially even better sun protection.

With that in mind, this handy guide is to help you find the perfect sunglasses frame for you.

Check out the following 9 tips explaining what to look for in a large pair of sunglasses

Let’s delve in.

Just like clothes or footwear, sunglasses follow a standard sizing system.

But how are sunglasses measured?

Most sunglasses show their dimensions on the interior of the frame, usually printed or etched on the temples Always measured in mm, theyll look like this

  • 145 = temple length

The best sunglasses frames for a big head will tend to have a large lens width of 55mm or more and a temple length of 145mm or more.

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Finding The Right Fit

While understanding the right measurements for your sunglasses is key, finding the perfect fit is even more important.

When picking out and trying on sunglasses, the key is comfort. A frame that feels too snug is probably too narrow and may cause headaches. While a frame with short earstems can rub and irritate your ears.

When youre shopping, make sure you choose frames that fit your face and your head. Try on as many pairs as you need to determine your preferred measurements and dont compromise. A fashionable frame that causes pain is not worth the money.

How Do I Know If I Need Big Sunglasses

People who have big heads tend to already know, but you may find you benefit from a larger fit if:

  • Regular sized sunglasses squeeze the sides of your face, leading to headaches and pain.
  • The edges of the frame are level with, or further in than, your cheekbones.
  • Youve broken sunglasses from pushing out their temples too far.

With SportRxs sunglasses for big heads, however, youre sure to find a frame wide enough to fit you and look good.

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Tip #: Pick Sunglasses That Suit Your Face Shape

When it comes to finding the best sunglasses, frame shapes arent a one-size-fits-all affair. Mens faces can be oval, square, round, oblong, rectangular, diamond, heart-shaped or triangular. What looks great on one man may look cartoonish and goofy on another.

Generally speaking, men with larger heads have round face shapes, curved chins, and fuller cheeks. These face shapes look best in square or angular glasses like the Harvey, which has a flat-top brow design and square lens. Together, these features define the face better and give it a smaller, narrower look.

Which Oakleys Are Best For Big Heads

Get the Right Size with the Best Sunglasses for Big Heads! | SportRx

Oakleys current lineup is better than ever with options for larger heads. Between big frames and XL options, weve narrowed down our favorite Oakley sunglasses for big heads.

Its also important to note that this list features currently available models. So you wont find some of our favorite old-school large Oakley frames like the Monster Dog. If youre interested in those frames, be sure to check out our complete guide to buying discontinued Oakleys.

Holbrook XL

The Holbrook is a classic lifestyle frame. The square lens design looks good on most large faces and wont be going out of style. The Holbrook XL offers the same classic design in a bigger frame. This is an excellent choice for someone looking for a durable, quality, long-lasting pair of everyday sunglasses.

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Oakley Crankshaft Polarized Sunglasses

The Oakley Crankshaft Polarized Sunglasses can be an excellent choice for those with bigger heads. These glasses provide a comfortable fit that isnt too tight and will stay on well on your head. The sunglasses are durable, so you can go on many adventures under the sun without worrying about damaging them just from wear. Theyre sturdy and fit perfectly on your face. The lightness adds to the comfort youll hardly feel like youre wearing any glasses at all.

The polarized lenses provide a great shade from the blinding sunlight. They have clear optics that wont give your eyes a strain, and you can still see clearly and sharply with them on. With a modern look, these mens sunglasses for big heads will level up your outfit no matter where you wear them driving, a barbeque party, or fishing. So just put them on, look great, have fun, and enjoy the day!

  • The most stylish polarized sunglasses for men with big heads

What Brands Offer Xl Sunglasses

Several high-quality brands offer eyewear specifically sized for larger heads and faces. While these arent your only options they do provide an easy selection of large frames.

  • Oakley offers XL size sunglasses, which are typically 10-15% larger than standard size models, but feature the same design. You can read more in our Oakley Size Guide.
  • Costa has a range of oversized sunglasses that are larger than their standard frames. Some, like the Ferg, are about 5% larger than their standard counterpart. Others are more than 10% larger, like the Costa Permit, that are designed in their original form to be very large, equivalent to a double XL frame.
  • Ray-Ban offers many of its iconic frames like the Wayfarer or Aviator in large sizes . Other styles are specified as oversized, denoting their larger size.

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Best Sunglasses For Men With Big Heads

  • 13 Best Sunglasses for Men
  • Sunglasses are one of those fashion items that can improve an outfit instantaneously, but it doesnt stop there. Theyre also important to have, especially when you have activities that you do under the sun. Direct sunlight can be very harmful to your eyes, and sunglasses can help you minimize or even prevent the damage. Sure, there are a lot of sunglasses to choose from, but it can be especially hard to look for a pair when you have a big head. Here, we have picked out 13 sunglasses for men with big heads, so you dont have to spend too much time looking for them!

    Sunglasses For Large Heads 2 Pack XL Polarized Men

    Theres nothing worse than ordering a pair of sunglasses that just dont fit quite right. Those of us with large faces and big heads know this better than anyone: sometimes, shades are just a little too small, whether it be how wide they are, how large the lenses are, or just an incorrect fit on the nose bridge. Whether shopping for style, function, or perhaps a little bit of both, its important to have sunglasses that fit your face appropriately, which is why weve compiled a group of our frames that will fit larger heads and faces the best.

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    These Affordable Sports Sunglasses

    For more demanding activities or for a sleeker style, there are these sports sunglasses. The shatterproof lenses are polarized to reduce glare while youre moving, but the durable frames also have soft, grippy silicone arms and a single-piece nosepad that resists sweat and slipping. Additionally, they provide 100% UV protection but the biggest draw for many reviewers? While the frame width is only slightly larger than average, the temples have a spring-like design that offers both security and flexibility. They also come with a free case and cloth.

    One reviewer wrote: I have a bighead and these sunglasses fit perfectly they don’t squeeze my head and give me a headache. they block out the sun very well and are polarized great for fishing and at the perfect price. They come with a fantastic storage case, cleaning cloth and a little storage sack.

    Lens width: 64mm | Frame width: 140mm | Polarized: yes | UV protection: 100% | Available color options: 19 |

    What To Consider When Shopping For Mens Sunglasses

    • Online Versus In Person: Shopping online gives you the widest selection the downside is that it can be hard to judge how each pair will fit on you. If youre unsure, rely on brands that offer virtual try-on technology thats easy to navigate, such as Raen and Warby Parker. Los-Angeles-based fashion stylist Vanessa Powell also recommends measuring your face, just to be sure. Many people make the mistake of wearing sunglasses that are too big or too small for their face. It doesnt look natural and feels uncomfortable, almost like wearing a pair of shoes that dont fit well. Another option: Measure a pair of glasses you already own and like and use that as a guide when shopping.
    • Materials And Hardware: Beyond style, always pay attention to construction details, says celebrity stylist and creative curator Avon Dorsey. High-quality pairs are often made of acetate, which is lightweight and considered more rugged than plastic, and polarized lenses to minimize the suns glare and reduce eye strain. The hardware on the glasses is also a key component to design and durability, adds Dorsey. Look for barrel hinges, for example, that allow your glasses to flex at the temple easily. As Dorsey notes, better hardware means higher resistance to wear and tear.

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    Be Ahead Of The Game Wearing Extra Large Sleek Athletic Sunglasses

    High-performing and stylish, extra large sport wrap sunglasses are equipped with performance features to help you get the most from all your outdoor work, sports and activities.

    • Ear to Ear 28.5cm

    Shipping is FREE to all 50 US states and United States Minor Outlying Islands. Orders that are placed and confirmed before 2pm eastern time are generally shipped same day via USPS First Class Mail. All orders are shipped from Rochester NY. Delivery time is 1-5 days. A tracking number will be emailed to you once your order is processed for shipping.

    Find The Best Oakley Sunglasses For Big Heads And Faces So You Can Get The Perfect Fit

    Top 7 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Big Heads of 2021 | SportRx

    Do you have a big head? No, not a big ego, but really, just a big head? Youre not alone. Whether youve got a large, wide, or just big head, youve likely struggled to find hats and sunglasses that actually fit you.

    Luckily weve got you covered with our list of the best Oakley sunglasses for big heads, including wide heads. Needless to say, this list is full of big Oakley sunglasses, but you dont need a large head to wear any of these if thats your style.

    Also, be sure to check out our list of the Top Oakley Sunglasses for 2021 for more great frames!

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    Locs Mirrored Lens Gangster Oversized Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are a must-have in the summer, but they also come in handy whenever you have outdoor activities all year round. You can get them online, but most of them come in sizes that dont fit everyone. For those with bigger heads, the Locs Mirrored Lens Gangster Oversized Sunglasses is a great option! The longer width can provide a much better fit for wider heads than normal-sized sunglasses. This way, you can comfortably put on your shades and enjoy fishing, driving, or any other fun activities while protecting your eyes.

    The sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, which will prevent your eyes from being damaged by the harmful rays of the sunlight. The lenses are made of polycarbonate material, which is more resistant to impact than plastic or glass lenses. You wont have to worry too much about scratches! Theyre non-polarized with mirror coating, and they come in Size 5 7/8 x 2 . Theyre also available in several colors, so you can choose whichever suits you the best: All Black, Blue Mirror, Silver Mirror, or Teal. Either way, these wide sunglasses for men surely look great on you!

    • Stylish sunglasses that fit great for wider heads

    How Do I Best Style Sunglasses

    Sunglasses should never take away from the outfit, finds Powell. They should feel like an extension of one. Your outfit tells a story and sunglasses should fit the theme of what youre going for. Dorsey also pays attention to color. The easiest trick is to match your sunglasses to the color of your outfit or use your sunglasses as a pop of color to contrast with your outfit.

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    What Is Considered A Big Head

    Sunglass sizing can be inconsistent between brands and the likelihood that a frame will fit you depends on the style. Here at SportRx, weve come up with a standardized measuring system you can use between brands and styles. We call it the SportRx Frame Width, or SFW for short. To find yours, measure a pair of eyeglasses that fits you well from the inside of each temple. This measurement in millimeters is your SFW.

    For men, an SFW of 136 or up is what wed consider a big head. For women, its an SFW of 133 and up. The sunglasses on our list have SFWs of 140 and up, so theyre XL fits perfect for the biggest heads.

    Knockaround: Great Value For The Price

    proSPORT Reading Sunglasses Full Lens Sun Readers for Large Head Sizes ...

    Why its great: If you tend to lose your sunglasses and dont want to invest in an expensive polarized pair, Knockarounds are a good alternative. They include basic amber polarized lenses, which provides full UV400 protection, and are molded out of high quality materials, so they can handle wear and tear. Key criticism: These frames are on the larger side so they might be difficult to fit in a pocket. Other options: Check out the Torrey Pines frames for a bold look or the Premiums for something more practical.

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