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Blue Light Blocking Reader Glasses

Daytime Or Nighttime Use

Fetrrc Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses Review!

Different blue light blocking lenses are recommended for use at different times of the day. Artificial blue light may contribute to digital eye strain and affect your sleep cycle, explains Dr. Hernandez. Since your body still needs to be exposed to blue light during the daytime hours to preserve your circadian rhythm, clear or yellow lenses are better for daytime use, says Dr. Hernandez.

If youre struggling with insomnia or using your laptop or smartphone late into the evening hours, on the other hand, you may want to choose darker lenses. Red lenses actually block 100% of blue light along with nearly all green and violet light, which means they block all varieties of light that may be disruptive to your sleep cycle and may help you fall asleep faster if you wear them a few hours before bedtime.

Adults Who Have Trouble Sleeping Can Benefit

The role blue light plays on human sleep patterns is well established, so experts say a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses can help adults snooze better. The best way to achieve a better nights rest is by using blue-light-blocking glasses at night and reducing screen brightness and exposure before bedtime. Those things definitely make a difference, said Winter. Even a dimmer switch for your home can help. As for both daytime and evening use, our experts said the science is still out on whether wearing blue-light-blocking glasses all day will be beneficial or detrimental to long-term health.

Blue-light glasses may even help you sleep better if you have limited vision or a complete loss of sight, though its best to consult your doctor. For some, these glasses could help improve sleep, Winter noted, because blue light can still affect how some people with color blindness secrete melatonin. Similarly, people who are blind can experience significant disruptions to their sleep because the light pathway in the eye is still absorbing blue light, even though the visual pathway cant see it.

How Does Blue Light Affect Us

Our constant connection to our smartphones, tablets, and laptops may contribute to headaches, sore eyes, and stiff necks all symptoms of digital eyestrain. With the majority of our waking hours spent in front of a screen, paired with harmful blue-violet light* from digital devices, its no surprise that our eyes are working harder than ever.

*Disclaimer: Harmful blue-violet light is between 415-455nm.

HEV Light

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Benefits Of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Research on the effects of blue light glasses is limited because this issue is novel. However, studies have shown that eyewear with blue light filters is an effective treatment for LED-induced melatonin suppression.

The main benefit of blue light blocking glasses is improved sleep. Wearing them after 5 or 6 pm can prevent melatonin suppression.

Many eye doctors and patients have reported decreased digital eye strain and an increased ability to focus in people who have high screen times. Though it is unproved, blue blockers may also help prevent against ocular conditions such as macular degeneration, as well as other serious health conditions.

Can Blue Light Glasses Damage Your Eyes

4 Pairs Reading Glasses, Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Computer Reading ...

Probably not, but that doesnt mean you should wear them all the time. The medical community doesnt believe blue-light glasses can damage your eyes but, most adults shouldnt wear these glasses outdoors or 24/7 because your eyes still need to absorb natural blue light from the sun to tell your internal clock when its daylight or nighttime .

Similarly, most children shouldnt be wearing blue-light glasses all day. Their eyes actually need that wavelength from sunlight because a deficiency of natural blue light in maturing eyes can lead to myopia .

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Best Prescription: Warby Parker Thurston Glasses

  • Not a universally flattering style

No one wants to spring for prescription glasses that turn out to not fit their face or style, but the try-before-you-buy possibilities available through Warby Parker make these blue light blocking glasses the best prescription option around. In testing, we found these glasses to be lightweight and super comfortable around the nose bridge, with a clear tint that didnt obscure our vision. Our testers also noticed a long-term improvement to eye strain symptoms throughout the length of the testso while there wasnt immediate relief, testers eyes did feel less tired around day four of use, especially after wearing them for a full eight-hour work day.

On top of comfort and clarity, Warby Parker excels at assisting you in choosing the right style. While our testers didnt love the Thurston frames , there are dozens of other options to choose from, and a virtual try-on tool is accessible for app users with the iPhone X or above. If you dont have those capabilities, dont stress: you can also choose up to five frames to receive and try on at home, at zero cost to you, making it easy to commit to prescription blue light blockers from Warby Parker.

Price at time of publication: Starts at $145

Sizes: medium and wide | Prescription Option: yes | Virtual or Home Try-on: yes | Return Policy: returnable within 30 days

Does Increased Blue Light Exposure Impact Sleep Quality

Blue light emissions from intense sunlight exposure have been linked to macular degeneration, risk of cataracts and some other eye conditions but electronics aren’t known to emit enough blue light on their own to cause eye strain or serious damage, experts at the AAO have concluded. Where blue light may be more impactful, then, is negatively influencing our circadian rhythms and late-night computer, phone and television users often experience disruption in their natural sleep cycle.

“Sleep is where blue light is likely an issue while there isn’t ophthalmic evidence, blue light likely messes with your circadian rhythm, if you’re using a lot of blue screens at night,” Dr. Eichenbaum says. “It’s good to not sit on your phone at night, or instead read a book with a yellow light or, use your blue light glasses, if you have them. That would be the appropriate time to use them.”

While blue light glasses may indeed be most effective in the evening hours, Dr. Khuruna adds that many of the best electronics today have settings to limit blue light emissions in the evening. Using these settings and new features may have the same counter effect against blue light exposure at this time of night. Blue light glasses and brightness reduction technology are just two options for working to reset your circadian rhythm and other DIY sleep enhancement tips.

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Do You Need A Prescription For Blue Light Glasses

Only if you need a prescription normally. If you dont need prescription glasses to begin with, you dont need a prescription for computer glasses. Blue light filtering glasses, also known as computer glasses, can be bought with both prescription and non-prescription glasses. Our SightRelax glasses offer a section of the lens designed for reading giving you the best of both worlds.

Devices That Can Cause Digital Eye Strain

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Test Comparison Review

Any digital device with a visual screen emits blue light, including computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, e-readers, and TVs. You’re at risk for symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome if you use any of these devices for more than two hours per day, which many of us do before we even leave for work! If you spend significant amounts of time in front of a computer at work, reading on a tablet at home, or watching TV, these blue light blocking* readers are your key to happy eyes.

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The 10 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses Of 2022 Tested By Our Editors

The Benicci Glasses are lightweight with clear lenses that refract blue light

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Blue light is a type of light emitted by cell phones, computers, and televisionsin other words, the same devices most of us spend huge parts of our day using. Blue light glasses are glasses with special coatings designed to eliminate the short wavelength of blue light, says Brian Lojka, OD, an optometrist at Clarkson Eyecare and medical officer of optometry for EyeCare Partners. These can be lenses with prescription or without people who feel stress or strain upon their vision after looking at computer or phone screens might want to wear them.

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Best Style: Caddis Hooper Blue Light Blockers

  • Limited frame colors

If you want to reduce the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to, but also look like you keep up with current trends, we recommend the Caddis Blue Light Blockers in the 70s-inspired Hopper style. Sure, theyre trendybut in our testing, we also found them to be comfortable, stable even when we were active, and quite clear, despite their light tint.

More importantly, our testers definitely noticed eye strain improvement: My eyes did not experience any strain while I used these glasses, says one tester. Usually I experience strain after an hour or so, so this was an improvement.

These glasses wont be the right stylistic choice for everyone but if youre interested in the aviator shape, we recommend themespecially since their blue light blocking power means they arent just for show.

Price at time of publication: $109

Sizes: one size | Prescription Option: no | Virtual or Home Try-on: no | Return Policy: returnable within 60 days

What To Consider When Purchasing Blue Light Blocking Glasses

2 Packs Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking for ...

From fit and color to cost and customer service policies, keeping certain key factors in mind can help you narrow down your choices when shopping for blue light blocking glasses.

Comfort and FitIts important that the glasses you choose sit comfortably on your face without causing any pain or irritation. If the manufacturer lists the specific dimensions of the frames, you can compare the size of the frames to your own prescription glasses or to the measurements of your face. Some frames are also made with flexible materials designed to adapt to different face shapes.

Light BlockingBlue light blocking glasses come in a range of different light blocking abilities. Consider what time of day youll be using your blue light glasses, and how much blue light blocking you really need. Glasses with red- or orange-tinted lenses block a wider spectrum and larger percentage of blue light. However, they can also distort the colors on your computer screen. Clear or light yellow-tinted glasses are designed to target a narrower range of high-energy blue light commonly emitted from artificial sources. These may be more appropriate for daytime use.

Size OptionsFor the best chance at finding a pair of blue light blocking glasses that fit your face, youll want to search for a model that offers multiple size options. Before buying, try them on or double-check the dimensions. Two of the most important measurements to take note of include the width of your face and nose.

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Do Blue Light Glasses Have To Be Yellow

In the early days of blue light glasses, the lenses were a distinct yellow, and the frames were notoriously uncool. However, these days, blue light glasses are super-stylish and designed to only filter out blue light at the higher end of the spectrum. The lenses are not noticeably yellow at all. So, while they are imperceptibly yellow , no one will ever know, unless you tell them.

Tips For Dealing With Digital Eye Strain

While blue light glasses may not help, here are a few things you can do to provide relief to your eyes.

Wear light sensitivity glasses

If someone has light sensitivity due to migraines or other light-sensitive conditions, they can get an FL-41 tint, which is a better option than blue light glasses, says Dr. Bajic.

The FL-41 tint, which ranges from a pinkish color to an amber-like color, filters out wavelengths of blue and green. Those colors are bothersome to patients with light sensitivity. A study cited photophobia, the medical term for light sensitivity, as the most bothersome symptom for those with migraines.

You can find options for light sensitivity glass online and at most optometrists. While FL-41 tint might not be covered by most insurances, check with your provider.

Practice the 20-20-20 rule

By looking a further distance away, it forces the eyes to relax by breaking accommodation, says Dr. Bajic. It also helps you to blink again at your bodys normal rate.

Use artificial tears

Using eye drops throughout the day can help keep your eyes lubricated while you work at a computer.

Regular artificial tears should be used no more than four times a day, as the eyes can be sensitive to the preservatives in them. If someone needs to use them more often, they should switch to preservative-free artificial tears.

Sit an arms length away from your screen

People should sit a comfortable distance away from screens, says Dr. Bajic.

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How Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work

Blue light blocking glasses are glasses that are designed to prevent blue light from reaching your eyes. The concept of blue light blockers is based on the discovery that exposure to blue light suppresses the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Blocking blue light is therefore thought to be an easy and inexpensive way to help people sleep after using electronics in the evening. Glasses designed to filter out only the most high-energy blue light may also help reduce eye strain during the day.

Natural blue light emitted by the sun is crucial for regulating your sleep-wake cycle. During the day, exposure to sunlight promotes alertness. At night, darkness stimulates the release of melatonin. Without these natural light cues, your body would have a hard time knowing when to wake up and when to fall asleep.

Due to the ever-increasing availability of artificial light sources such as light bulbs and computer screens, many of us are exposed to light late in the evening. Electronic screens in particular are rich in blue light, meaning they have a similar effect to sunlight. Extensive research has shown that excessive screen time, especially before bed, can disrupt the natural regulation of your sleep-wake cycle.

Who Should Wear Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Blockers Glasses: Readers to Protect Your Eyes from Device Eye Strain

Eye-care professionals are quick to point out that theres no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your eyes, but in our research and testing, the most compelling use case for blue light glasses is to help you if you have trouble falling asleep at night. If youre considering blue-light-blocking glasses, its best to talk to your eye-care provider first. If you have headaches after spending all day at a desk, it may be an ergonomic setup thats to blame, or perhaps just general eye fatigue. For others, it could be that their vision has changed and they need a new prescription.

Adults who have trouble falling asleep may benefit from a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses. Combine the glasses with reducing your screens brightness, and limiting your exposure to other sources of synthetic blue light, like your bedside lamp, for maximum effectiveness.

Kids shouldnt wear these glasses, even those who are enrolled in distance learning, because their eyes need the blue light found in sunlight to prevent their maturing eyes from developing nearsightedness.

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Can Blue Light Glasses Help With Eye Strain

It may surprise you, but many eye issues that are caused by digital screens arent due to blue light.

Dr. Bajic says many people experience eye discomfort from digital screens, but most of the issues actually fall under a term called computer vision syndrome . Some symptoms include:

  • Hard time keeping your eyes open.

CVS is a broad range of eye strain and discomfort issues. Your eyes are constantly shifting focus and moving while looking at the screen. Plus, the glare and contrast can be tough on your eyes. So, although you may be experiencing eye irritation from a long day working on your computer, your eye discomfort is not directly from the blue light itself.

When we stare at a digital screen or device for too long, were not blinking as often as we normally would, which causes the cornea to become dry and irritated, says Dr. Bajic. When we focus our eyes on something close up, like a screen or even a book, our eyes are strained and contracted, which can cause eye discomfort. But if you look ahead to a distant object, our eyes relax.

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