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Blue Light Filter For Prescription Glasses

Request The Transmittance Spectrum Certificate From The Brand

You need this Eye Glasses with Blue light filter lens – Intellilens Eye Protection

Prior to buying your blue light computer glasses, it is necessary to request a spectrum report. The transmittance spectrum report is an in-depth report of just how much blue light is filtered by your computer glasses.

Its important to focus on the percentage of blue light discussed in the report. Your daytime glasses ought to filter a minimum of 30% to 50% of blue light throughout the spectrum for them to be valuable or user-friendly. Anything less than that percentage wont protect your eyes efficiently.

It is necessary to keep in mind that computer glasses, which are often created with clear lenses, are specifically for daytime usage. After sundown, they do not filter excessive blue light.

Equipped With A Special Coating

Our BlueReflect lenses come with a HMAR/UV coating, which is a hard multilayer coating with strong anti-reflection properties to reduce glare. It also offers UV protection and helps reflect HEV blue light, improving visual comfort for the wearer. BlueReflect lenses also have scratch-resistant properties.

Blue Light Prescription Glasses: Final Thoughts

Blue light prescription glasses are a must for those who spend long periods of time working on the computer, love reading books on tablets, or spend countless hours scrolling through social media.

Whatever you use your screen time for, make sure you are protecting your eyes from blue light with blue light prescription glasses!

Our team at bluwinx believes that you have the right to a good nights sleep. Thats why we offer fashionable frames with KODAK Total Blue® Lens technology that provides unsurpassed protection against harmful blue-violet light.

If you are interested in learning more about blue light, visit our blog, and read more about blue light and sleep-related topics.

If you have any additional questions, dont hesitate to reach out email us at!

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Factors To Consider When Buying Blue Light Filter Glasses

Frame material

The first and the most important point to consider when buying any type of glasses is their framework material. Normally, eyeglasses are manufactured from a wide range of materials, including plastic, wood, and even titanium. But while all of them have their pros and cons, it all comes down to your preference and comfort. With blue light blocking glasses, you want something that is not only functional but also comfortable to wear for long periods too.

When youre shopping for your blue light filter glasses, invest in one that has a good quality framework. By doing so, you can ensure that your spectacles will last a long while with no constant frame change. Also, you want something that is not only practical to use but also adds a sense of style to your look.

If you want them for casual use, you can easily get a plastic framework as it’s lightweight and easy to style. Similarly, if you are planning to use them in professional work, you might want metal frame for a chic look.


Because you will be using your blue light blocking glasses a lot, buy a pair that is sturdy and durable. There is almost no point in investing in a pair of expensive glasses only to see them break or get loose after a few uses. One way to check the sturdiness of eyeglasses is by looking at their hinges.


Sometimes it is better to splurge on a good-quality product rather than compromising on a cheaper but subpar version of it.


Are Blue Light Glasses Effective

fold Glasses Blue Light Filter Glasses Anti Harmful Anti Glare ...

Our blue light filtering glasses are effective at reducing your exposure to potentially harmful blue light between 415-455nm. This blue light exposure comes from long hours spent in front of digital devices, like laptops, smart phones, and televisions.

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What To Consider When Purchasing Blue Light Blocking Glasses

From fit and color to cost and customer service policies, keeping certain key factors in mind can help you narrow down your choices when shopping for blue light blocking glasses.

Comfort and FitIts important that the glasses you choose sit comfortably on your face without causing any pain or irritation. If the manufacturer lists the specific dimensions of the frames, you can compare the size of the frames to your own prescription glasses or to the measurements of your face. Some frames are also made with flexible materials designed to adapt to different face shapes.

Light BlockingBlue light blocking glasses come in a range of different light blocking abilities. Consider what time of day youll be using your blue light glasses, and how much blue light blocking you really need. Glasses with red- or orange-tinted lenses block a wider spectrum and larger percentage of blue light. However, they can also distort the colors on your computer screen. Clear or light yellow-tinted glasses are designed to target a narrower range of high-energy blue light commonly emitted from artificial sources. These may be more appropriate for daytime use.

Size OptionsFor the best chance at finding a pair of blue light blocking glasses that fit your face, youll want to search for a model that offers multiple size options. Before buying, try them on or double-check the dimensions. Two of the most important measurements to take note of include the width of your face and nose.

Do Blue Light Glasses Have To Be Yellow

In the early days of blue light glasses, the lenses were a distinct yellow, and the frames were notoriously uncool. However, these days, blue light glasses are super-stylish and designed to only filter out blue light at the higher end of the spectrum. The lenses are not noticeably yellow at all. So, while they are imperceptibly yellow , no one will ever know, unless you tell them.

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It Starts With Sharp Vision

Blue light glasses can help reduce the effects of digital eye strain and may help you sleep better after late-night work sessions. But making sure your eyeglass prescription is the right one is just as important.

If youre upgrading to blue light blocking glasses make sure to receive an eye exam before making the switch. This is also an opportunity for your eye doctor to assess your digital eye strain symptoms and make other recommendations. We dont always want to spend as much time on our digital devices as we do. But the demands of modern life sometimes make it hard to step away. Schedule an eye appointment and take the next step in protecting your vision.

Prescription Glasses With Blue Light Filter Must Know Info

Are Blue Light Filter Glasses Really Effective? – Know the Truth by Dr. Rahil Chaudhary

If youre experiencing digital eye strain, interrupted sleep, or computer vision syndrome as a result of blue light exposure, then it may be time for you to invest in some blue light blocking glasses. Prescription Glasses With Blue Light Filter

Do they really work, and which brand is the best?

In this post I address all our blue light concerns, and expose the most relied on brand on the marketplace for blue light blocking glass.

Lets get to it!

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How Much Do Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses Glasses Cost

Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses traditionally add hundreds of dollars to the cost of prescription eyeglasses, but at Eyebuydirect, lenses can cost as little as $100. Combine that with our affordable frames, and youve got a great deal! We even carry special frame packages that automatically include Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses for a lower price.

Can Blue Light Damage Your Eyes

The short answer to this question is: yes, but probably not at the levels at which you are exposed to it.

A lot of the marketing around blue light lenses is focused on screen use during the day Bailey Nelson’s website claims their filter “helps reduce eye strain and fatigue caused by screens and devices”, while the Oscar Wylee blue light lens is “for those who spend their days in front of a computer screen” and how this can supposedly lead to eye strain.

However, Melbourne optometrist and Optometry Australia spokesperson Sophie Koh says more evidence is needed as to whether blue light exposure specifically causes eye strain, a notion which has come about as a result of “limited, smaller studies and anecdotal evidence”.

“Research is ongoing in this area and there are many other components which contribute to digital eye strain or ‘computer vision syndrome’,” she says.

As for more serious eye problems, it is unlikely these can be caused by your smartphone habit.

A 2018 report by New Zealand government science organisation Royal Society Te Aprangi found that, while retinal damage can occur following high intensity exposure to blue light, this would require a level of blue light far greater than that emanated by an LED screen.

With this evidence, Koh says “at this stage… we dont need to worry about computers or phones frying our retina”.

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Are Blue Light Glasses Bad For Your Eyes

Trying new things can often trigger concerns. If youre weary of trying blue light glasses because youre worried theyre bad for your eyes in some way, you can throw that fear out the window. Blue light glasses are not bad for your eyes. In fact, their main purpose is to shield your eyes from the damaging effects of blue light. In fact, GUNNARs range of blue light glasses also address other digital eye strain symptoms associated with digital screen use including tired eyes, blurry vision and dry eyes, so the benefits extend beyond blue light protection. With so much time spent on digital devices these days, wearing blue light glasses is an easy and stylish way to protect your eyes without disrupting your work or entertainment.

Do I Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses

GAMMA RAY Vintage Style Anti Eye Strain Blue Light Filter Computer ...

If your eyes are experiencing signs of exhaustion after prolonged use of digital screens, you may benefit from blue light blocking glasses. It is possible you may not even notice the beginning signs of eye strain and other effects of blue light.

People may not realize that their eyes are working really hard to give them that vision. Mid-range glasses for working at the computer can make an enormous difference.’ -Rachel Bishop, chief of the Consult Services Section at the National Eye Institute.

Pay close attention to what your body is trying to tell you. There are some warning signs to look out for that tell you if you are in need of Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses.

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, youd benefit from the relief blue light blocking glasses offer:

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Best For Video Meetings: Felix Gray Jemison

  • Includes case and dust cloth

If youre constantly attending video meetings while wearing your glasses, youve probably noticed some lenses cast a very noticeable reflection on your screenthis experience was something we were happy to miss when we tested the Felix Gray Jemison Glasses. Its how they became our top pick for video meetings.

In addition to minimizing that annoying glare during video calls, the Felix Gray pair were also also comfortable to wear throughout several eight-hour work days without needing adjustment. There was no slipping or pinching, either. As for clarity, our testers thought the untinted lenses were crisp and clear, though there was a more subtle rather than dramatic improvement to eye strain symptoms than with other glasses. Overall, if you need a pair of glasses that doesnt cause a distracting, glare-y reflection during video calls, the Felix Gray Jemison is your best bet.

Price at time of publication: Starting at $100

Sizes: wide | Prescription Option: yes | Virtual or Home Try-on: yes | Return Policy: returnable within 30 days

How To Purchase Prescription Glasses Online

If youre new to buying prescription glasses online, it may seem a bit complicated, but that doesnt have to be the case. As long as you have the correct information handyand you purchase from a trustworthy retailer that offers a fair return policyyou can shop with confidence, at your convenience, and save money, too.

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Are Blue Light Blockers Budget Friendly

Usually priced less than $50, blue light blocking glasses can be a budget-friendly choice. Blue light blocking glasses with prescription lenses generally have a higher price range, though some of the cost may be offset by insurance. Prescription blue light glasses may also be eligible for vision insurance coverage and may be an eligible expense through a health savings account or flexible spending account.

Choosing The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Do BLUE LIGHT GLASSES work? – Fact or Fiction

Before selecting a pair of blue light blocking glasses, its helpful to understand the available options in terms of fit and style, blocking strength, tints, and prescription lens availability.

  • Blocking strength: Tinted blue light blocking glasses generally absorb the most blue light, making them a good option for nighttime use. Clear lenses typically block less blue light and may be more suitable for daytime wear.
  • Tint: Tint is highly related to blocking strength. Those seeking the most blue light blocking capability from their glasses should generally opt for tinted lenses. However, wearing tinted lenses during the day may negatively impact wakefulness and may also affect the way colors appear.
  • Fit: Blue light blocking glasses fit similarly to other types of glasses. Just like regular prescription glasses or sunglasses, a properly fitting pair shouldnt pinch, squeeze, or feel overly tight.
  • Style: Frame styles for blue light blocking glasses vary widely. Most shoppers should be able to find a frame shape and color that works for them.
  • Prescription lenses: Using prescription blue light blocking glasses can be helpful for people who need corrective lenses. Options include single strength lenses, progressive lenses, and readers. Availability of prescription lenses varies across brands and styles.

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Use A Dimming Software

If you must use electronic devices at night, consider installing dimming software. Software programs such as f.lux adjust the type of light that your screen emits. Using this software, your screen releases more blue light in the morning to keep you alert but slowly shifts to low-energy red light as you approach your bedtime. Some devices also come with built-in nighttime settings that switch to a black background at night, or automatically decrease the brightness of your screen and shift your display to warmer colors late in the evening.

Can Blue Light Glasses Damage Your Eyes

Probably not, but that doesnt mean you should wear them all the time. The medical community doesnt believe blue-light glasses can damage your eyes but, most adults shouldnt wear these glasses outdoors or 24/7 because your eyes still need to absorb natural blue light from the sun to tell your internal clock when its daylight or nighttime .

Similarly, most children shouldnt be wearing blue-light glasses all day. Their eyes actually need that wavelength from sunlight because a deficiency of natural blue light in maturing eyes can lead to myopia .

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Blue Light Glasses: Are They Worth The Investment

If you are worried about having sore eyes from sitting at a computer all day, Koh recommends seeking the advice of an optometrist to rule out common vision problems like uncorrected refractive errors or dry eye.

There are also other measures, such as following the 20-20-20 rule every 20 minutes look up from your screen and at least 20 feet into the distance for 20 seconds or using an app like F.lux or Apple Night Shift to filter out blue light on your smartphone, which may be useful.

But if you are mainly looking to improve the quality of your sleep, Associate Professor Cain says he would be “very much supportive” of someone wearing blue light filter glasses in the evenings, particularly putting the glasses on at the same time each night to encourage the body to develop a regular circadian rhythm.

However, he would warn against wearing glasses with strong blue light filters during the day, as this could “potentially” impact alertness.

“It’s not been tested directly, but we know that blue light is alerting during the day, so exposure to lots of blue light during the day could be quite good for, not just for alerting you, but giving your body a strong signal that it’s day,” he says.

“If you’re blocking that, you’re in a situation where there isn’t enough of a signal to your clock to tell the difference between day and night. I think it would be a terrible idea to wear these things at all times of day.”

Why Trust Good Housekeeping

Cyxus Floral Print Blue Light Filter UV400 Computer Glasses, Anti Eye ...

In his role as health editor, Zee Krsticroutinely works with analysts in the Good Housekeeping Instituteto write product reviews featuring their test results. To highlight consumer-facing input from leading health experts, he interweaves doctors’ and other healthcare providers’ expertise into shopping guides to better educate readers. He also independently reviews new products and services in the wellness space for Good Housekeeping, which he has done previously for and Cooking Light.

Zee has been shopping and wearing blue light glasses without prescription lenses since November 2018, and has worn blue light-blocking lenses consistently on weekdays beginning in July 2020 in the hopes of stemming eye strain caused by increased exposure to digital screens outside of work hours. He coordinated testing for this guide in 2022 and has personally reviewed each of the pairs listed above, as well as solicited feedback from editorial staff members who participated in hands-on review.

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