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Blue Light Glasses Help With Headaches

What Are Blue Light Glasses

Do You Actually Need Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light blocking glasses have specially crafted lenses that are said to block or filter out the blue light given off from digital screens. The lenses are often marketed with lofty claims that they protect your eyes from eye strain and can help reduce potential damage to your retina from prolonged exposure to blue light.

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Should I Buy Computer Glassesanti

Do you find yourself hooked on digital devices more than you realize? Having technology at our fingertips has changed the way we work. Its the digital exhaustion you experience after sitting in front of your computer all day that causes frequent headaches and blurry visions. The stock market can go up and down, but dont let the vision in your eyes be unstable.

The anti-blue light glasses are the solution to protect your eyes from the constant light emitted by these devices you use every day. And this is not only for adults but also for small children exposed to these digital rays very early on. If your work schedule is busy, it might not be monitored. Still, we suggest using blue light blocking glasses as a vision correction accessory and modern protection against digital screens. Dont let your standard goal create real productivity issues. Digital blue glasses are the best precaution against modern devices.

Eye problems can, indeed, lead to serious headaches. The most common cause is hyperopia , poorly or not corrected, combined with excessive activity, for example, computer work. These patients all describe the same symptoms: after long activity, their eyes begin to sting, to burn, they see blurry, sometimes double, they are tearing, adds Catherine Vignal-Clermont. And the Headache appears.

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Blue Light Glasses And Headaches

When it comes to headaches, multiple doctors claim that blue light is not the cause of headaches. Unlike ultraviolet light, there is insufficient evidence that blue light can physically harm the eyes structures, cells, or physiology.

The cause for headaches lies in reflexive tightness in the orbicularis muscle . This is a common cause of eye strain and may lead to headaches. The issue is usually not connected to the blue light exposure, but has to do with the overuse of digital screens.

Although blue light glasses might not help with headaches, there are other simple solutions to help with eye strain and headaches while spending time on digital devices:

  • The 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Take breaks from continuous screen time, and consider keeping eye drops close to your workspace to refresh & lubricate your eyes when they become dry.
  • Enhance your environment: Optimize the air and lighting in your room. Very dry spaces or an area where the A/C or heater is blowing on your face can cause moisture evaporation in your eyes leading to dryness and eye strain.
  • Check the lights: Working in bright fluorescent light or an environment with reflected light around the workspace will increase eye strain, especially with people who may be predisposed to migraines.

If you already have blue light glasses, theres no need to worry. They are not a miracle cure for headaches, but there are areas where blue light blocking glasses may help you.

Does Increased Blue Light Exposure Impact Sleep Quality

Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Anti Eye Strain Headache (Sleep Better ...

Blue light emissions from intense sunlight exposure have been linked to macular degeneration, risk of cataracts and some other eye conditions but electronics aren’t known to emit enough blue light on their own to cause eye strain or serious damage, experts at the AAO have concluded. Where blue light may be more impactful, then, is negatively influencing our circadian rhythms and late-night computer, phone and television users often experience disruption in their natural sleep cycle.

“Sleep is where blue light is likely an issue while there isn’t ophthalmic evidence, blue light likely messes with your circadian rhythm, if you’re using a lot of blue screens at night,” Dr. Eichenbaum says. “It’s good to not sit on your phone at night, or instead read a book with a yellow light or, use your blue light glasses, if you have them. That would be the appropriate time to use them.”

While blue light glasses may indeed be most effective in the evening hours, Dr. Khuruna adds that many of the best electronics today have settings to limit blue light emissions in the evening. Using these settings and new features may have the same counter effect against blue light exposure at this time of night. Blue light glasses and brightness reduction technology are just two options for working to reset your circadian rhythm and other DIY sleep enhancement tips.

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Blue Light And Migraines

While bright light is generally a cause for irritation, blue light is typically the most painful hue for migraine sufferers.2 Its also the color that is most commonly emitted by screens on our computers and smartphones. The blue light from these electronic devices may trigger migraine attacks.3 Many migraine specialists recommend limited screen time to those who routinely experience severe headaches and light sensitivity.3

Will Blue Light Glasses Help With Headaches What You Need To Know

If youre experiencing digital eye strain, interfered with sleep, or computer vision syndrome as a result of blue light exposure, then it might be time for you to buy some blue light blocking glasses. Will Blue Light Glasses Help With Headaches

Do they really work, and which brand is the finest?

In this short article I respond to all our blue light concerns, and reveal the most trusted brand on the market for blue light blocking glass.

Lets get to it!

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How Blue Light Lenses Can Help With Headaches

These days, screens are an unavoidable part of our lives. Whether you work on your computer, use your phone to text throughout the day, or like to unwind at the end of the day in front of your tv, at some point during the day you are looking at a screen.

In fact, you probably look at more than one at the same time too. Thats how prevalent they are in our lives. Technology is not a bad thing, but it does come with a cost.

Many adults report getting regular headaches. Can wearing blue light lenses while we look at screens help reduce them? In this guide, were going to explore the benefits of blue-light-blocking glasses and why everyone who looks at screens all day should use them. Lets get started.

What Is Glare In Glasses

Blue Light Blockers Glasses: Readers to Protect Your Eyes from Device Eye Strain

All surfaces reflect light to some extent. Lens glare is when light bounces off lenses. Whether a camera lens, binoculars or telescope lenses, all lenses have a level of refraction.

Most eyeglasses let 90% of the light pass through and refract about 10%. Even though its a small percentage, the glare reduces clarity, causing people to see halos around street lamps and white reflections in the lens itself.

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself wearing glasses and noticed that the lenses looked white? Thats glare. Glare also makes it difficult for others to see your eyes.

Gamers feel the effects of glare strongly because the slightest reduction in clarity causes a drop in performance.

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What Exactly Is Blue Light

Natural blue light and alertness and consciousness are intimately related. The suns blue light awakens us in the mornings, and its disappearance signals that it is time to go to bed. You can easily observe how natural blue light raises brain activity, awakens you, and elevates your mood by just going outside on a sunny day. All colors of visible light, including blue, greenish, red, and orange light, are present in sunlight. Unseen infrared and ultraviolet rays are also included. Blue light by itself is a different matter.

Blue light can be found in:

Computer monitors Plasma televisions fridge lights

To avoid interaction with blue light, we should use blue light blocking glasses that are very helpful for us in taking care of our eyes.

How Do Blue Light Lenses Work

You may have read those blue-light-blocking lenses can help reduce how much blue light your eyes take in from your screen. How does this actually work?

Our eyes are not able to block or filter blue light on their own, and blue light penetrates deeply to the back of the eye. Eventually, it can damage the retina, and it is even more harmful than UV rays.

Blue light lenses can filter and block blue light from reaching your naked eyes. They do not completely block 100% of blue light however, they can still drastically reduce the amount that your eyes take in.

Depending on your needs, there are different levels of blue light blocking capabilities. Some blue light glasses block only 25% of the blue light you take in, while others can block up to 60% of blue light.

Using glasses with a blue light filter is effective headache prevention if you work in front of screens all day. Plus, there are other benefits to blue light protection, like better sleep and less eye strain. Blue light glasses are also a great way to protect your vision and eye health long-term.

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How Do I Clean Blue

You can clean blue-light-blocking glasses like any pair of lenses with these steps: Remove any visible gunk with a cotton swab rinse the glasses under warm water to dislodge excess grime squirt a pea-sized drop of dish soap onto the lenses and rub the soap in with your fingers rinse off the soap shake the glasses dry and wipe them down with a microfiber cloth. Our post on How to Clean Your Glasses offers a little more detail.

Other Ways Blue Light Can Mess With Your Health

Anti Blue Light Eyewear Anti Glare Fatigue Headaches Glasses for Boys ...

Besides headaches, there are several other ways that blue light can wreak havoc on your health, including:

  • Dry eyes. You may not realize it, but youre likely not blinking enough when youre staring at a screen for long stretches of time. This creates a lack of moisture production, causing dryness to settle in.
  • Blurred vision. Its easy to find yourself down a social media rabbit hole, but too much scrolling without breaks can cause wonky vision. Taking regular screen breaks can help keep things crystal clear.
  • Eye damage. A small study with animals found that prolonged exposure to blue light may cause serious damage to your retina. While more research is still needed, looking at blue light is not looking good for your eye health.
  • Trouble sleeping. Does too much blue light = not enough Zzzs? A research review suggested that blue light can lower your melatonin levels, leading you to have trouble falling and staying asleep.

On the flip side, blue light might have some benefits. A small study suggested that blue light may help give your memory and productivity a boost.

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So Do Blue Light Glasses Work

Blue light glasses are designed to filter the blue light rays to prevent them entering your eyes. You can read more about how blue light lenses work here. Were now going to look at their effectiveness and just how good blue light lenses are at reducing headaches and other symptoms.

As blue light lens technology is relatively new, there is little scientific research that proves whether or not blue light glasses work. That said, the design and innovation of the technology speaks volumes.

A perhaps better way to address the effectiveness of blue light glasses is to look at the technology of the glasses and how they work. It is mainly through something called micro-layer technology.

How Does Artificial Blue Light Affect Gamers

If youre a gamer you probably look at screens for long stretches and are exposed to excessive levels of artificial blue light.

You may be at risk for

Digital eye strain:

You may experience dry, irritated eyes and blurred vision. This can lower performance.

Damage to your retina:

Also called phototoxicity, studies have shown that exposure for even small periods of time can be harmful.

Permanent eye-damage:

Blue light has been shown to trigger the release of toxic molecules in photoreceptor cells on the retina and cause age-related macular degeneration, a disease in which there is permanent vision loss.

Poor sleep:

During the day, blue light from the sun signals to the body that its daytime and the lack of blue light after sundown, indicates to the body to prepare for bed. Gaming and using screens after bed confuse the bodys natural rhythm and make it hard to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning.

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Can Blue Light Glasses Give You Headaches

A number of people have reported experiencing headaches when using blue-light blocking glasses. However, there are no convincing studies that link headaches to the glasses. Still, it is possible for new glasses or a new prescription to cause headaches, especially when your prescriptions have been changed.

Other Products Provided By Bon Charge

What you need to know before buying blue-light glasses

BON CHARGE also provides other blue light blocking products, consisting of:.

  • Blackout sleep masks
  • Traffic signal therapy devices such as night lights, makers, and lamps
  • Blue light blocking torches, lamps, and bulbs
  • EMF radiation-blocking headphones, earphones, phone pouches, laptop mats, baseball hats, and beanie hats
  • Cold and heat therapy massage guns

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Benefits And Reasons To Use Screen Protection Eyeglasses

We are completely surrounded by screens and spend approximately nine hours a day on them on average. All of these gadgets emit blue light, which might be harmful because our eyes arent shielded from excessive exposure. To protect our eyes from these screens, we should need to wear screen-protection eyeglasses.

Why Do My Eyes Hurt When Wearing Blue Light Glasses

Your eyes get hurt when wearing blue light glasses because your eyes are constantly changing focus, moving and staying in front of the computer screen. Moreover, the glare and contrast on the computer can be quite straining on your eyes. So, even though you may be feeling eye discomfort and stress from being up on your Mac for a really long period of time, it’s possible that your eyes are wearing you down from this, and not from the blue light that comes from the screen.

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Use The Lens Pigment Test

To do this test, hold your glasses as much as your eyes and stare at something bright white, such as a sheet of paper or a white background on a screen.

This recommends that there are special pigments inside the clear lens designed to absorb blue light as it goes through the lens if white colors rather warm up.

Do Blue Light Glasses Help Headaches

Cyxus UV420 Blue Light Filter Blocking Glasses Reduce Fatigue Headache ...

Eye experts say the low levels of blue light from your computer screen probably arent the thing giving you a headache, so blocking them wont help by much. Instead, the root cause is more likely that while intensely focusing on your screen, you blink less. This can lead to digital eyestrain, and potentially blurry vision, dry eyes, and headaches. Its similar to how you might feel after periods of intense focus, such as reading a book.

In our testing, our reviewer who suffers from tension headaches and migraines said the blue-light-blocking glasses actually caused more migraines than they prevented, and it had nothing to do with the lenses. Bad glasses with tight frames, pinching nose pads, or acute light reflections may worsen your headache symptoms, rather than relieve them.

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Are There Other Benefits

Alleviating the pain youre feeling is one of the things that these glasses could assist you with, however, there are other things as well. The other benefits you could come across include:

  • Lower Discomfort when people use their devices often, it could lead to digital retina strain, a condition that can cause discomfort in your eyes. If you choose to wear these glasses, you could decrease the strain you have been feeling. Additionally, itll also help you focus on your tasks ahead. This will result in your eyes feeling less painful and tired, and itll increase your productivity as well. Yet another thing that you could try is taking frequent breaks.
  • Your Sleep Will Improve when youre exposed to your screens, you might sleep uncomfortably or you might not be able to fall asleep. However, when wearing these glasses throughout the day, or at least when youre using a screen, youll be able to adjust your sleep patterns.
  • New Survey Data For Blue Light Glasses

    Clinical research doesnt tell the entire story, which is why our team here at TheraSpecs directly surveyed light-sensitive patients with a variety of underlying conditions about their overall satisfaction with these types of glasses. This led to a wide range of responses, reflective of the varying brands and effectiveness of tinted eyewear for blue light.

    Overall, the average rating among respondents who tried some eyewear with a blue light filter was 7.3 on a 10-point scale . Nearly half of all survey participants evaluated their experiences with these types of glasses as very favorable in terms of impact. It’s also important to note that 93% of these individuals self reported as having some condition that causes photophobia, with three out of every four specifically citing a primary headache or migraine disorder.

    Coupled with other anecdotal indicators, such as 3rd-party reviews on websites like Amazon as well as medical expert recommendations, it certainly suggests that more people find at least incremental relief for their neurological symptoms with these lenses than those who do not. However, the vast differences in the quality and design of blue light glasses requires that we look more granularly at specific lens options.

    Beyond just universal satisfaction, people seem to have particularly good results with blue light blocking glasses for nine of the fifteen symptoms about which we asked, specifically:

    • Headache, head pain
    46% 21%

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