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Can I Order Prescription Sunglasses Online

How Much Uv Protection Do Sunglasses Give

Buying prescription glasses online: What they don’t tell you

Sunglasses give almost 100% full UV protection if they have UV400 protection. Our gradient, mirrored, and polarized coating options offer this level of protection, so weve got you covered! Shop our range of UV protection sunglasses today for a pair that looks good and keeps your vision safe at the same time.

Getting Started: Can I Buy Prescription Glasses Online

Yes you can! Many people purchase prescription glasses through online retailers like us. Just like eyeglasses you might buy from an optical shop, eyeglasses that you order online can accommodate almost any prescription and help you see clearly.

Your glasses dont even need to be prescriptionif youre looking for reading glasses or trendy frames without any vision correction, you can find and order those online too.

How To Fit Glasses

If you already wear glasses that fit, youâve got a head start on finding and buying new ones. Take a favorite pair of frames and look at the inside arm: Youâll probably find three numbers that tell you, in order from the left, the lens width, the bridge width, and the temple arm length. If not, and you remember where you bought your last pair of specs, give the shop a call. Thatâs what I did with my favorite pair of glasses, which were unmarked . The store was happy to give me the frame measurements and designer over the phone, since Iâd purchased the glasses there.

Of the retailers we tested, EyeBuyDirect, Firmoo, GlassesUSA, and Zenni Optical allow you to limit viewable frames to a variety of toggleable desired size parameters. Note that even when a frame has nearly the exact same official measurements as another, style and fit can vary dramatically.

If you donât have frames that you already know fit, youâll probably need to try some on, either in person or through the in-home try-on services. Though the virtual try-on services are better than nothing, especially for a seasoned glasses wearer who knows their face, to find flattering frames, a novice in need of specs should probably take a bit more care the first go-round.

Likewise, if the temple arms are too long for you, the glasses can slip forward and off your face or dig in behind your ears, an issue that can sometimes be mitigated with an in-person fitting with a professional .

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Who This Is For

More than 76% of US adults use some form of vision correction, according to research from the Vision Council, a nonprofit trade association. The average pair of prescription glasses is priced at $576, according to vision insurer VSP. So itâs no surprise that, according to the Vision Council, eyeglasses are a $43 billion business in the US .

If you buy glasses online, you can cut your bill by up to half the brick-and-mortar price , with comparable frame and prescription lens pairings from our picks going for anywhere from $12 to $237 at the time of our research. Note, though, that with optional upgrades or specialty-lens needs, your online costs can quickly add upâsometimes even matching what you might encounter in person with an optician.

Buying prescription glasses online is not ideal for everyone. The collective advice from the eight eye-care professionals we talked to was that buying online is generally okay if you have a low or uncomplicated prescription. Individuals who have very strong prescriptions or other complications, such as the need for prism correction or progressive lenses, may feel more comfortable getting glasses from a brick-and-mortar shop to ensure prescription accuracy . There is no official designation for what constitutes a âstrongâ prescription, but, in general, it means prescriptions of +/-6 power or more, Dr. Neil Pence of the Indiana University School of Optometry told us.

Get Ready To Shop For Prescription Glasses Online

Can I buy prescription sunglasses online?

Before you start browsing online, youll need two sets of numbers your new EyeGlass Numbers and your Pupillary Distance measurement. PD is a measurement thats often left off of your issued prescription, yet without an accurate PD, your new glasses wont do their job.

PD is the distance measured in millimeters between the centers of the pupils most adults have a PD between 54mm to 74mm. This is important because it delineates the optical center of each eyeglass lens. If the PD is wrong , a person will not be able to accurately focus both of their eyes together, resulting in blurry vision or headaches.

But fear not! Weve got two ways to collect your PD.

The EyeQue PDCheck is a set of patent-pending frames and a smartphone app that accurately captures your pupillary distance instantly and is as easy as taking a selfie. It is extremely accurate: our patented frames create a stable reference point and image processing can determine your PD to an accuracy of +/-1 mm. It is convenient: there is no need to print a paper ruler or hold a credit card against your head or pay another visit to the eye doctor. All you have to do is take a selfie or have a friend snap a picture of you. PDCheck is included with a purchase of VisionCheck or you can pick one up on its own.

Learn more about PDCheck here.

Another way to measure PD is with a ruler. Personal Vision Tracker orders placed in the EyeQue store receive a PD ruler, which is also super easy to use.

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How Is The Quality Of Your Discount Eyeglasses Compare To The Glasses Sold In A Retail Store

Our discount eyeglasses are of the same, if not better, quality as the glasses sold in a normal retail store, just with a steep discount.

We have been a manufacturer of commercial grade optical products for over 20 years. Seeing the need for cheap or discounted, high-quality prescription glasses in the market, we decided to launch this website to bring ordinary consumers our professional grade products and service at a huge discount.

Further, the discount eyeglasses also come with free UV400 treatment and Scratch Resistance Coating at no extra cost.

How To Buy Your Prescription Glasses

Buying your glasses or sunglasses online in four simple steps:

1. Choose your frames

Take your pick from our collection of glasses and sunglasses. You can try on your favourites virtually with our Frame Styler tool to see which ones suit you best. Once youve settled on your perfect pair, just pop them in your basket.

2. Add your prescription details

To make sure we get the right strength lenses for your specs, youll need to fill in the details from your most recent prescription, including your pupillary distance and vision type. Dont worry if youve never read your prescription before well guide you through how to do it. If you dont have your prescription to hand, just contact your local store for help.

3. Choose your lenses

Now you can add any extras or treatments to your lenses. Add UltraClear SuperClean to help to reduce reflections and make your lenses stay cleaner for longer or go for Extra Thin + Light lenses. Make your chosen frames into sunnies by adding a sun tint and UV treatment or choose polarising lenses for your sunglasses to help reduce glare.

4. Wait for your delivery

After that, all thats left to do is place your order and wait for your glasses to arrive. Theyll usually be with you within 10 days of your order, but well let you know if they take any longer. Once you have them, you might need to come into your local store to have them fitted and make any necessary adjustments.

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Get The Best Of Both Worlds With Prescription Sunglasses

Clearly prescription sunglasses give you precise, clear vision while protecting your eyes from the sun and taking your look to the next level. We offer the best prescription sunglasses in a range of shapes, sizes, colours, and prices. Whatever you need for vision or want for style, Clearly has you covered.

Frame size is determined by the three key measurements found inside the frame arm: lens width , bridge width , and arm length .

Lens height is essential for multifocal prescriptions, such as Progressives, which require a minimum measurement of 28-30mm. They are also recommended for Rx sunglasses.

How Can I Virtually Try On Sunglasses

How to Order Glasses Online

The best sunglasses are the ones that protect your eyes AND look amazing when theyre on! One of the best parts about shopping with us is that you can try on any pair in the comfort of your own home and see how they look. Our popular Virtual Try-On tool lets you virtually try on sunglasses from your phone or computer camera in seconds, so you can find your fave pair in the easiest way possible.

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Browse Frames That Suit Your Style

Learning how to buy glasses online is less of a skill and more of an exercise in personal taste. Youll want to look through frames that complement your sense of style, whether theyre subtle or bold.

First, consider what type of glasses youd like to wear. Are you someone who goes for a full-rimmed or semi-rimless frame? Do you like the look of metal or acetate glasses more?

Next, think about what glasses styles and shapes speak to you. Do you gravitate toward statement cat-eye frames? Bohemian round ones? Stately rectangular ones? Are you looking to branch out into new and daring geometric shapes or stick with reliable classics?

Finally, ask yourself what colors you like best. Glasses come in hues from matte black to semi-transparent crystal shades and everything in between. A pop of color from your frames can be a perfect complement to an outfit, whereas monochrome glasses never go out of style.

How To Buy Glasses Online: Find Your Next Pair In 6 Steps

For many people, buying glasses online can seem like a balancing act of convenience and guesswork. Its great that we can order new frames at the click of a buttonbut, you might be asking, what if they dont look or work how I expect?

This guide is here to ease those doubts. Well explain how to order prescription glasses online in six simple steps, from confirming your prescription to finding the right frames and lenses for you.

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Different Markets For Different Needs

Another factor to consider is where youre going online to purchase the safety glasses. Different stores will offer different kinds of safety specs to match certain needs, with some only focusing on one type of manufacturer and that manufacturer may, too, focus on only one area of a certain industry.

In other words some stores might sell you prescription safety glasses for the carpentry and construction industries, whereas other stores may focus on selling prescription safety goggles for schools and science labs. Your needs in safety glasses, or even safety goggles, need to match the qualities of the store from which you purchase.

Look Sharp And See Sharp With Our Multifocal Lenses

Infinity If8243 Purple

Are you tired of changing glasses based on what youre doing? For correct age-related vision problems, check out our range of eyeglasses that are eligible to add progressive lenses. These lenses are perfect for getting freedom from switching between farsightedness and nearsightedness correction. Also, the Varilux lens option enables you to get sharp, effortless vision for near, far, and everywhere sights instantly with smooth transitions. Choose progressive lenses today for clear vision and continue pursuing personal and professional activities with confidence.

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Read Prescription Glasses Online Reviews

Throughout the process of buying prescription glasses online, keep an eye out for reviews of the products and websites youre considering.

Generally, youll find positive reviews on the more popular sites because theyve worked hard to overcome initial service flaws and make the shopping process more user-friendly. But negative reviews are there too, and its up to you to decide if these are warranted and mean you should keep away, or if they simply indicate a glitch here or there. The most important thing to check for, perhaps, is how past customers say the website handled any complaints.

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Best Places To Buy Glasses Online

Want to buy the best online glasses and get a deal on prescription lenses? Here’s the skinny on the top online retailers out there.

David Carnoy

Executive Editor / Reviews

Executive Editor David Carnoy has been a leading member of CNET’s Reviews team since 2000. He covers the gamut of gadgets and is a notable reviewer of mobile accessories and portable audio products, including headphones and speakers. He’s also an e-reader and e-publishing expert as well as the author of the novels Knife Music, The Big Exit and Lucidity. All the titles are available as Kindle, iBooks, Nook e-books and audiobooks.

When shopping for glasses, it can be discouraging seeing the price tag of your favourite frames and lenses. That’s why you should always shop online when it comes to buying a new pair of spectacles. Buying glasses on the internet is not only convenient, it’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to shop as dozens of online retailers have a huge variety of awesome designer frames without the shocking price tag. You can also compare several prescription eyewear options to make sure you get the best price. And with tons of deals and offers, you can fight eye strain without putting a strain on your budget.

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How To Choose Prescription Sunglasses

To narrow down your search for prescription sunglasses, consider the following:

  • 100 percent UV protection. When buying online, read the product description carefully. If youre buying in person, look for a manufacturing tag that lists UV protection.
  • Size. Larger frames provide more coverage, which can reduce sun damage to your eyes and the surrounding skin. Choose oversized or wraparound sunglasses.
  • Polarized lenses.Polarized lenses dont offer more UV protection, but they do improve vision clarity and reduce light glare, reflection, and eyestrain. Alternatives to polarized lenses include anti-reflective, mirrored, and photochromic lenses.
  • Cost. Sunglasses are available at all price points and while you dont have to spend a fortune, it may be worth investing in a quality product that will last longer. If you want to buy multiple pairs and test out new styles, you may prefer cheaper options.
  • Company reputation. Read online reviews to get a feel for customer satisfaction regarding product quality, customer service, and shipping and return policies.

How Do You Choose Sunglass Lenses

How to Order Prescription Ray Ban Sunglasses | SportRx

All of our sunglasses offer high quality UV protection to keep your eyes shielded from the sun for a squint-free view. But, as well as keeping you safe and protected, there are many choices when it comes to lens coatings depending on what youll be doing with your sunglasses on. Whether you need em for driving, sports, reading in the park or shopping around town look no further than our selection. If youre on the hunt for the best UV protection sunglasses and your next great pair, youre in the right place!

See our latest collections & exclusive offers before the crowd!

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How We Chose The Best Places To Buy Prescription Glasses Online

As glasses-wearers ourselves, the Forbes Vetted team members who assembled, edited and continue to update this list know what it takes to find the right pair of glasses. We spent hours researching each companys reputation and what they offer in terms of selection, value, insurance eligibility, return policy and turnaround time. We also throughly browsed each site to test out the user-friendliness of the glasses-buying process and discover special features like virtual or at-home try-ons and prescription renewals. Finally, we enlisted the help of eye care expert Dr. Sandra Young, OD, to share expert tips on choosing and buying the right glasses for you.

Determine Your Best Frame Width

Your glasses should fit your face comfortably and provide clear vision through the lenses. At Warby Parker, we have five frame widths spanning from extra narrow to extra wide. Our app can even suggest the best width for you through its Virtual Try-On tool.

That said, we dont want you to stress too much about exact sizingthe default medium width works well for many people, and you can select a wider or narrower frame depending on what you think will work best for your face.

We also offer Low Bridge Fit frames for people with low nose bridges, high cheekbones, and/or wider faces.

Having a rough idea of what size eyeglasses you want will help you narrow down your selection once you start browsing frames online.

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How To Buy Prescription Glasses On 39 Dollar Glasses

  • Go to the 39 dollar glasses deal page.
  • Choose the frames you like.
  • Click VIRTUAL TRY ON to try the frames. You need to connect it with your Facebook or Google account first.
  • Scan the QR code with your phones camera to try-on glasses virtually.
  • After deciding the frames, click SELECT LENS TYPE.
  • Follow the instructions and enter your prescription information.
  • Choose the lens according to your need, then click ADD TO CART.
  • Get a coupon code and use it before checkout.If youre going to buy two pairs of glasses, use our coupon to buy one and get another 50% off. Or, you can get 15% OFFfor your total order.
  • Finish the payment and wait for your nice glasses.
  • Thats it! If you want more information about the coupons or deals, please check our Coupon Site or search on our SuperEasy website, well provide you reliable and useful information.

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