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Can I Use My Hsa For Glasses

How Does An Hsa Work

Can You Use HSA/FSA Funds on Prescription Eyewear? | SportRx

Health savings accounts are truly like rainy-day funds. The account is not only tax-free, but it also gains interest over time. However, not everyone has access to an HSA. Only employees with high-deductible health insurance plans can qualify for an HSA. Most health insurance providers offer HSAs, but if yours doesnt have one, you can open your own at most financial institutions.

The money goes in before taxes, grows with interest tax-free, and the money can come out tax-free. And unlike FSA accounts, the money rolls over year after year without the pressure of having to spend it. The 12/31 deadline does not apply here!

How Does Fsa Work

If youre signed up for a flexible spending account, a certain amount of funds is automatically deposited from your paycheck, before taxes apply to your salary . This means that you basically get more funds that can be used towards your medical and eyewear expenses that are not included in your vision insurance plan, for example.

However, despite the fact that you are the one who has to open the account, your employer is the one who actually owns the FSA .

Other Ways To Pay For Prescription Eyewear

The HSA and FSA are just two options for paying for prescription eyewear. Those who don’t have such accounts, or who would prefer not to use the funds in their accounts for vision care do have other options.

It’s possible to add vision care and dental care to Medicare plans, and those on the lowest incomes may qualify for Medicaid. Additionally, those aged 65 and over may be eligible for support from organizations such as EyeCare America.

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How To Order Glasses Online With Fsa/hsa

Your prescription from your doctor is the most important part of the entire process, as is the case regardless if you decide to order online or go to the shop. The rest is a piece of cake.

Whether you want to use your FSA/HSA to order prescription glasses or sunglasses on, you wont need to do anything special . You just need to place your order and have an up-to-date prescription from your doctor. The beauty is that payment is super-simple with an HSA. Eyeglasses and sunglasses can be purchased with a debit card issued by the bank where the account is held. Its as easy as swiping your regular card!

  • < ::marker> If you have an FSA or HSA debit card, you can enter that cards information at check-out, just like you would a normal credit card.
  • < ::marker> If you do not have an FSA or HSA debit card, you will have to make your purchase using another credit card and seek reimbursement directly from your FSA or HSA provider.
  • < ::marker> You can use your Health Spending Card to pay , or simply attach the itemized receipt to your providers reimbursement form before submitting your claim .

Vint& York is an out-of-network provider for most vision insurance plans. However, we are happy to issue an itemized receipt upon request for qualified purchases.

You will have to submit your glasses order for reimbursement in three steps:


We dont work with insurance providers directly.

How To Use Fsa Or Hsa Benefits For Prescription Glasses

Buy Glasses Online with Insurance

You can use your FSA & HSA benefits on glasses and sunglasses at Christopher Cloos learn how to claim your vision benefits on prescription eyeglasses below

Save money and make the most of your benefits package by using your FSA or HSA funds to pay for your prescription glasses, blue light glasses, or sunglasses depending on your provider, you may be able to claim back the entire cost of your order!

Its important to note that everyones insurance is a little different. Be sure to check the details of your plan before you shop, so you know whats covered under your FSA eyeglasses or HSA plan.

Here, well tell you everything you need to know about claiming eyewear benefits for prescription eyeglasses with Christopher Cloos, including how to use your FSA or HSA card .

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How Does An Fsa Work

This special account is usually available through your employer. Details, guidelines, and registration should be available through your employer as well. As of 2022, FSAs are limited to $2,850 per year. These funds can be used for certain medical expenses as well as to pay for deductibles and copayments. Plan carefully this money expires on December 31 of each year.

Faqs About Using Fsa And Hsa Funds On Eyewear

Whether employees are first-time HSA and FSA account holders or have used these accounts for years, theres no shortage of questions about HSAs and FSAs. Weve rounded up a list of questions related to using FSA and HSA funds on eyewear:

  • Are prescription sunglasses FSA- and HSA-eligible? Yes! While its well-known that eyeglasses and readers are eligible for HSA and FSA spending, employees dont always think about prescription sunglasses. Most of the time, insurance covers either prescription glasses or contacts, or a combination of both. But for people who also need prescription sunglasses, its good to keep HSA and FSA funds in mind.
  • Can I use my funds for LASIK surgery? Yes, you can use your FSA or HSA funds to reimburse for LASIK eye surgery. However, LASIK usually costs anywhere from $2,000 to over $3,000 per eye, and according to All About Vision, the average cost in 2019 was a little over $2,200 per eye. Since this is over the annual contribution limit of an HSA, it may be best to plan on spending your HSA and FSA funds on something else. Its also important to note most insurance companies dont cover LASIK eye surgery because its deemed as an elective or cosmetic procedure.
  • What about non-prescription sunglasses? No, both non-prescription sunglasses and non-prescription eyeglasses are not FSA- and HSA-eligible. This is mainly because they are not considered a medical instrument, while prescription sunglasses and glasses are.
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    Best Places To Buy Glasses With My Hsa/fsa

    Our number one choice for glasses is Warby Parker. They are an independent retailer that sells stylish glasses and sunglasses. They also sell contacts.

    Warby Parker frames are stylish, durable, and comfortable. Their customer service is impeccable. They also let you try on 5 pairs of glasses at home, for free with their home try-on program.

    You can use your HSA or FSA funds at Warby Parker.

    Does Fsa Cover Blue Light Glasses


    Your FSA plan may cover sunglasses with blue light filters. However, these glasses are a grey area since not all providers agree if blue light filters constitute vision care. Still, you have a good chance of qualifying if an optometrist or optician prescribes your blue light sunglasses.

    Finally, check with your provider to ensure that blue light filters are covered under your plan. Some people are sensitive to blue light emissions from computer or smartphone screens. Sensitive people may develop vision problems and insomnia from blue light. So it is easy to see why this may be considered a valid medical expense.

    Again, a dependent care flexible spending account doesnt cover blue light sunglasses or any type of prescription sunglasses.

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    Are Oakleys Ray

    Yes, you can spend FSA and HSA funds on top prescription sunglasses brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban. And this is useful since brand-name prescription sunglasses can be expensive. But many eyewear providers allow you to stack your insurance payments and coverage.

    For example, you can use your FSA funds to pay for a portion of the sunglasses, such as the prescription lenses. Then, you can use your regular vision insurance to pay for the frames. To find out if youre plan allows this, youll want to contact your eyewear provider and insurance company. They should be able to provide details on how to stretch your FSA dollars.

    Also, keep in mind that FSA funds expire at the end of the calendar year of your coverage period. So remember to use your funds before December 31st, or youll be forced to forfeit them. That means you can choose to indulge in designer eyewear before your funds expire. Alternatively, you can stock up on good replacement frames or contacts for when you need them.

    Conversely, HSA funds do not expire and simply roll over to the following year. So you can use your funds any time you like.

    Why Open An Hsa

    The HSA comes as a support to your already high deductible insurance plan, in order to cover those expenses that are not eligible on your plan. Just as with your FSA, your health savings account money is tax-free, subtracted from your gross salary, allowing you to get more out of your salary.

    Withdrawals from your HSA account are also free of tax, as are the interest earnings that can be accumulated. And since any unused money is not forfeited at the end of the year, your savings will continue to grow tax-deferred, according to HSA Center .

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    Faq: Can I Use My Fsa/hsa On Glasses

    By Anna Barden

    Prescription eyeglasses are eligible for reimbursement through flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts . You can also get your money back if you are enrolled in a health reimbursement account and a limited care flexible spending account .

    Prescription eyewear is not eligible for reimbursement under a dependent care flexible spending account a pre-tax account used to pay for eligible dependent care services.

    To be eligible for reimbursement, eyeglasses must be used to correct vision problems and/or be designed to treat a specific medical condition. See an eye doctor to get your most up-to-date prescription.

    Why Should You Get An Fsa is the BEST Way to Shop Eyewear online #LookEyeConic

    If you have ongoing medical expenses that youre aware of, which is the case with vision care , setting up an FSA will only save you money on taxes by allowing you to get more healthcare treatments with some of the money that would have otherwise gone towards your taxes.

    You also have control of the amount that is deducted from your salary, as youre the one deciding how much you want to contribute and, depending on your benefit plan, your employer may also contribute to your FSA.

    Another big plus is that there is no limit to the number of eye exams and glasses renewal youre allowed to have. The only limit is the amount of money on your account.

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    Whats Eligible Under Fsa And Hsa Accounts

    FSA and HSA funds cover a variety of vision expenses, including:

    Prescription sunglasses Again, the keyword is prescription. Your sunglasses must have prescription lenses to qualify for reimbursement. FSA and HSA accounts also cover specialty prescription sunglasses lenses such as , mirrored, and polarized lenses.

    Blue light glasses Most FSA and HSA plans cover sunglasses and eyeglasses lenses with blue-light filters. But you may need to refer to your plans coverage. However, from our experience, most plans cover these types of glasses.

    Prescription eyeglasses Including all corrective clear glasses such as progressive, bifocal, over-the-counter reading glasses, and plain eyeglass frames. And dont be afraid to add extras such as scratch-resistant or anti-reflective coating. Your plan covers these options too. The one option not included is any insurance or protection plans for your prescription glasses. These have to be covered out-of-pocket.

    Prescription contact lenses The FSA and HSA cover all kinds of prescription contact lenses. These include extended-wear, monthly, or disposable contacts. However, the plans dont cover non-prescription contacts, such as colored contacts for fashion use.

    Safety goggles Just make sure that the safety goggles have prescription lenses. The FSA doesnt cover regular safety goggles.

    What’s The Benefit Of Using My Hsa Or Fsa

    Because HSAs and FSAs are tax-exempt accounts used to offset the cost of healthcare, every penny you put into it can pay for eligible expenses, tax-free.1 And since some vision-related expenses are not covered by health insurance, you can save money by using your HSA or FSA to cover those costs.

    Looking at our data, from spend made via card transactions, around 25 percent of dollars spent from HealthEquity HSAs and HRAs are for dental and vision expenses.

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    Can I Use Fsa Or Hsa For Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Most providers will let you use your FSA or HSA accounts to buy blue light blocking glasses. Blue light blocking glasses filter out the blue light from televisions, phones, and computer screens that can negatively affect sleep and cause eye strain. Some wearers report less eye fatigue, especially when wearing blue light blocking glasses while looking at screens at night. In this case, its best to check with your provider to find out whether blue light blocking glasses are covered by your plan.

    Affordable Glasses For Everyone

    How To Use Your FSA & HSA on AMAZON!

    It’s important for everyone to get their eyes tested regularly. It’s common for eyesight to change as you age, and because the changes are usually quite gradual, they can often go unnoticed.

    Those who drive should have their eyes tested regularly to ensure their vision is clear while on the road. Even those who cant or who no longer drive should have regular checkups because uncorrected vision can lead to headaches, difficulty concentrating and other issues.

    At JINS Eyewear, we have a variety of frames and lenses to choose from allowing adults and children to choose a look they love. There are more than 1,800 styles to choose from, ranging from high-end designer looks to affordable yet stylish designs for those on a budget.

    Try our virtual try-on app today to see how our selection of frames would look on you without having to leave the house. This tool lets you test out our vast range of eyeglasses, trying different frame shapes and colors until you find the perfect style for your face.

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    What Are The Fsa And Hsa Contribution Limits For 2021

    In 2021, employees can contribute up to $2,750 annually to their FSA.

    The contribution limit is $3,600 for self-only HSAs, and $7,200 for family HSAs. Those 55 and older can contribute up to an additional $1,000.

    Both FSA and HSA contributions can be used for vision care and other overall health care needs.

    How Does Hsa Work

    In short, an HSA is just like a bank account. When it comes to the health savings account, you are only eligible if you have a high deductible plan . Your employer can help with this, and even self-employed individuals can take contribute.

    Just like the FSA, the money can be automatically deposited from your paycheck pre-taxes .

    Unlike the FSA, however, the HSA account will be owned by you and not your employer and anyone can be a contributor to this account: you, your employer or even a relative .

    But there are some limitations to the minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited , according to HSA Center :

    • < ::marker> The annual deductibles must be at least $1,350 or $2,700
    • < ::marker> You can save up to $3,450 for an individual and $6,900 for a family
    • < ::marker> Annual out-of-pocket expenses cannot exceed $6,650 for self-only coverage and $13,300 for family coverage.

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    When Your Hsa Comes With A Deadline

    If youve combined an HSA with whats known as a limited-purpose FSA , you do need to put a big red circle around December 31 on your calendar as a reminder to spend that money.

    Smaller in scope than regular FSAs, an LPFSA lets you use pretax money for vision and dental expenses only. Theyre a good option if youre trying to hold onto HSA funds for major medical expenses or for your medical needs in retirement and know that youll need replacement contact lenses or to upgrade an eyeglass prescription.

    As the name implies, LPFSAs dont cover a whole lot. Some only pick up the cost of eye exams, contact lenses, and prescription glasses, for example. Before you head to the shop to use your leftover funds, make sure you understand what your LPFSA covers. Check to see if you can use it for these typical expenses.

    Use Your Flex Spending Plan/hsa For New Designer Glasses

    Eye Wares: First Louisiana Optical Shop to Carry Valentino Eyewear ...

    If you have a Flexible Spending Account , you deduct money from your paycheck all year into that account to use for all types of health expenses. In addition, these are tax-free dollars that you can use on much more than just a teeth cleaning, including a state-of-the-art digital eye exam, prescription glasses and sunglasses from top brands like Ray-Ban and Chanel, contact lenses and more.

    Yes, you read that right: You can use your Flex/HSA allowance to buy new designer glasses and sunglasses. And if you dont spend that Flex/HSA allowance by the end of the year, you lose it! So why not use the money youve already spent on an incredible new look from dozens of designer brands, including brands that are exclusive to Ragsdale & Martin Optical?

    Did you know RMO is the only Chanel retailer in East Texas? Did you know RMO has its own brand, Mike & Martin eyewear, that you can only get in East Texas? Use your Flex/HSA allowance on these great options and more.

    Need a rundown? Use your Flex Spending Plan/Health Savings Account allowance on:

    • Digital Eye Exams

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