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Can Scratched Glasses Be Fixed

Using Liquid Dishwashing Soap

How to Remove Scratches From Plastic Lens Glasses

Have you ever imagined that liquid dishwashing soap can be used to clean sunglasses? It sounds strange. But yes! It’s true you can use dishwashing soap to clean your sunglasses. Firstly apply the dishwashing liquid to your sunglasses and then wash the glass with lukewarm water. Now, wait a few minutes so that the lens becomes dry. Now by using a gentle glasses cleaning cloth, gently clean your sunglasses lenses. By applying this homemade trick, you can remove scratches effectively. Also, for an added hack, you can mix a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap with water and place the liquid in a small spray bottle, this would make for your own DIY sunglasses cleaner liquid spray on the go!

How To Fix/replace Eyeglasses Hinges

Integrated right on the frame, fixing broken hinges is a tough task. If your glasses break from the hinge, then you are left with the fewer options. Either replace the entire pair or fixing them. If you dont want to count on buying new glasses, try these methods that can help.

Replacing the lost screw:

If you are willing to trust your skill, you can easily fix the broken hinge using a repair kit or other household item.

Using a repair kit to fix arms:

One can easily find the emergency glasses repair kit at a local drug store. A standard kit contains a screw , a screwdriver and a magnifying glass- everything that lets the job done conveniently.


As a temporary method, try using a toothpick to replace the lost screw. Line up the holes of both parts you want to join and insert the toothpick. Trim the excess length of the toothpick.

What Not To Do

Do not use toothpaste, baking soda or any other home remedies to try to remove scratches off your lenses.

Toothpastes contain abrasive chemicals that will not only not remove the scratch but will also damage any protective coatings such as hard coat, UV coating, anti-glare treatments or tints.

Baking soda can actually cause a warp to your lenses and also erode away any previous lens treatments. The lenses may also become opaque, which will further worsen your vision and lead to more headaches.

For sunglasses, these abrasives can remove the tints and coatings and reduce the lens ability to protect your eyes from UV rays.

While home remedies may be recommended by your well-meaning neighbor as a quick fix to a lens scratch, they can actually end up causing further damage to your lenses, which will only further impact your vision.

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Fixing Very Minor Scratches

  • 1Apply liquid to the lenses. You can run the lenses under water for a minute, or you can use specialized cleaning solution designed for use with glasses.XResearch source Window cleaning sprays also work well.
  • Do not yet apply any chemical that contains abrasive materials or has a high acid content . Glasses typically have layers or coatings over the lens itself. As you are polishing or cleaning, you are really just wiping this exterior coating. When you remove scratches, you are buffing or removing a small amount of the exterior layers. It is best to keep this to a minimum in the initial phases of scratch removal.XResearch source
  • 2Find a soft, microfiber cloth specifically designed for cleaning. You will use it to clean the lenses.XResearch source Do not use rough fabric. Though these may seem better designed to peel off layers of material, you really want to keep it to a minimum.
  • It is essential to use microfiber cloth because the incredibly small size of the fibers makes any new scratches or buffing marks so small that they are invisible to the naked eye.
  • 3Use side-to-side wiping motions to go over the lenses with the cloth. Do not use swirling or circular motions, as these can create circular smudges on the exterior of the glasses.
  • Get Rid Of Scratches On Glasses At Home

    How To Fix Scratches On Sunglasses Lens

    It’s important to note that if your glasses have extremely deep scratches, you should take them to your eye care professional. They can remove the scratches properly without causing further damage. However, if your lenses have very faint or shallow scratches, you can easily remove them with a few simple items and some time. You’ll need to grab a soft microfiber cloth, baking soda, and bowl.

    • Clean your glasses with a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning wipe to remove dust and excess grime.
    • Mix one to two tablespoons of baking soda with warm water until it forms a thick paste.
    • Apply the baking soda-water mixture directly to the scratched part of your lenses using a cotton ball or a clean microfiber cloth. Use a consistent, circular motion and gentle pressure without pushing down too hard.
    • After the paste is spread over your lenses., rinse them with clean water to remove everything.
    • Clean the glasses again with a new cloth until they’re completely dry.

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    Use Brass Silver Or Metal Polish

  • Liquid metal polish can remove small scratches and stubborn dirt from your lenses. Its designed to fill in nonporous surfaces, like glass. It works best on small, superficial scratches . Rub a small amount of polish into the scratch with a clean microfiber cloth. Then, wipe them down with rubbing alcohol.XResearch source
  • Remove any remaining polish or alcohol with a good rinse. Finish by cleaning your lenses with eyeglass cleaner.
  • For minor scratches, try skipping the polish and just apply rubbing alcohol with a microfiber cloth.
  • Polish Your Lenses With Car Wax

  • Use car wax to fill in the scratches on your lenses. Dampen a clean microfiber cloth with car wax and rub your lenses in a circular motion.XResearch source Check and make sure the car wax fills all the scratches on your lenses. Use a fresh microfiber cloth to buff your glasses.
  • If you still see scratches, repeat this process multiple times until your lenses are clear.
  • Car wax usually comes in either spray bottles or tubs, but either variety will work.
  • The wax fills in the scratches and wears off over time, but you can reapply it to maintain the quality of your lenses.
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    Wash Your Glasses With Dish Soap And Water

  • Clean your glasses before dealing with the scratches. Go to the kitchen sink, turn it on, and make sure the water is room temperature. Place your glasses underneath the running water. Squeeze a small drop of dish soap onto your index finger and your thumb. Use gentle pressure to rub your lenses. Rinse your glasses off. Then, dry your lenses with a microfiber cloth.XResearch source
  • Dish soap loosens up any buildup, like dust or sweat, that might coat your lenses.
  • A microfiber cloth wont get lint on your glasses or smudge them. When you use it to dry your glasses, itll be a lot easier to see the scratches on your lenses.
  • How To Choose Eyeglasses

    Eye Wear Maintenance : How to Remove Scratches From Eyeglasses Safely

    The quality of your eyeglasses is determined by the types of lenses that you choose. You may be able to get along fine with a basic plastic lens at level CR-39, or you may need polycarbonate or high index lenses, which are thinner but pricier. These are usually better for strong prescriptions.

    Once you pick your lenses and frames, there are several different types of lens coatings to choose from. From scratch resistance to light reduction, each one has its own properties. Some coatings are cosmetic only, but some can potentially improve your safety and comfort, depending on your prescription needs. Some coatings are included in your insurance eyeglass benefits price. Others may add up to 100 dollars to the total price. Some coatings like glare reduction have a wide range of pricing points, and experts agree that the most costly option does not definitely insure better quality.

    Some in-house brands are comparable to premium brands.

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    Clean Your Glasses Regularly

    We recommend cleaning your glasses on a regular basis but you should always ensure you use the right materials to prevent scratching:

    Cleaning solution. We recommend using an optical lens cleaning solution or lens wipes. Never use highly concentrated household cleaners as these can damage the coatings on the lenses.

    Cleaning Cloth. Always use the cleaning cloth supplied with your glasses. Never use a paper towel, tissue or corner of your shirt as these materials can lightly scratch the lenses.

    Buff Out The Scratch With Car Wax

  • Car wax is designed to buff and polish coated surfaces without causing damage. For glasses, it works best on plastic coated lenses. Put a small amount of wax over the scratch. Rub the wax in gentle, slow circles with a microfiber cloth. Once the scratch is gone, rinse off the wax and clean the lenses with eyeglass cleaner.XResearch source
  • Car or vehicle wax can be bought online, at auto parts stores and mechanics, or at most home goods stores.
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    Rub Baby Oil Into The Scratch

  • Baby oil can buff out light scratches and gently polish coated lenses. Pour a small dot of oil over the scratch and buff it with a microfiber cleaning cloth until the scratch comes out. Afterwards, rinse off the remaining oil and dry. Eyeglass cleaner may be needed to fully remove oil from the lenses after buffing.XResearch source
  • How To Make Diy Eyeglass Cleaner

    Helpful Eyeglass Scratch Removal Tips

    DIY eyeglass cleaner is the safest option for getting scratches out of glasses. Heres how you can make some at home.

    Youll need:

    • A spritzer bottle

    You will need to dilute the rubbing alcohol with water. Combine them so the mixture is three parts rubbing alcohol and one part water. Then add only one to two drops of dish soap.

    Mix the ingredients together, and pour the solution into your spritzer bottle. Using a funnel can make this easier to do without spilling.

    Spritz the solution onto a cloth to wipe the scratch on glasses in small circles. This solution will also help clean your glasses.

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    Replacing Scratched Sunglass Lenses

    Several major sunglasses brands offer replacement lenses for some frame styles, so its always worthwhile to check with the manufacturer to see if replacement lenses are available.

    If your lenses originally came with a scratch-resistant coating, replacement might even be covered under a warranty. Call the sunglasses manufacturer or an optician to find out if yours are covered by a warranty.

    Invest in high-quality sunglasses frames and lenses with a scratch-resistant coating, and then protect your investment by developing good habits when wearing and caring for your sunglasses. Youll have clear vision through your shades for a long time to come.

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    Brass Silver Or Metal Polish

    Another product which can be used on plastic frames for removing scratches is of brass, silver or metal polish.

    • A small amount of polish should be applied on the scratched part by using cotton wool or soft cotton cloth
    • Rub it for a good few minutes, after which the extra polish should be removed from the lenses with a clean soft cloth.

    This remedy should not be tried on lenses, as it may harm the coatings. A time-consuming and expensive method, that is why not many people will try this.

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    How To Fix Scratched Glasses Lenses:

    Dont let scratches blur your vision, use simple hacks for your eyeglasses.

    Glasses are more likely to get scratches when used for a while. We all know how annoying it gets to use the scratched lenses that clouds your vision and affects your eyes.

    If these scratches are minor, you do not need to rush out for a new pair of glasses. You can remove the scratches easily without heading to the optical store. There are products available both in the market and even in your house to fix scratches.

    NOTE: Before you try the below-mentioned technique, clean your glasses properly.

    Read this guide on how to clean your glasses.

    Smart ways to remove scratches from eyeglasses:

    • Gently clean glasses with a microfiber cloth or a high-quality cotton cloth.
    • Use warm water and a glasses cleaner to rinse dirt and dust.
    • Clean both sides of the lenses using the same trick.
    • After cleaning, its high time to switch to the scratch removers. We have listed here three products that can help:


  • Apply an ample amount of non-abrasive or non-gel toothpaste on the scratched area of the glasses.
  • Gently rub the toothpaste in small circular motions using a soft cotton ball for 30 seconds.
  • Rinse the paste with cold water and dry them with a clean cloth.
  • Repeat the process till the scratches go off completely.
  • Baking soda:

  • Clean your glasses well with lens cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of baking soda in water to form a thick paste.
  • Scratch removal product

    Vehicle cleaning wax:

    How To Tighten Eyeglasses

    How to Repair Scratched Glass | Apartment Therapy

    Whether your glasses are too tight to cause headache or too loose to slide off the nose, there are many ways to tighten the glasses and make them fit right for your face. Fortunately, the method of tightening a loose frame is too easy and costs nothing.

    How to adjust the nose pad:

    Case 1: When the frame sits too high on the face:
  • Grab the frame with one hand
  • Gently pinch one of the nose pads to bring it out
  • Repeat the steps for the other nose pad and push it enough to have the proper fit
  • Try them to make sure that they sit above the skin of the nose
  • Case 2: When the frame sits too low on the face:
  • Grab the frame with one hand
  • Gently pinch one of the nose pads to bring it closer
  • Repeat the steps for the other nose pad and push it enough to have the proper fit
  • Try them to make sure that they feel comfortable on your face
  • Ways to adjust temples of eyeglasses:

  • Run the frame temple into warm water for 20 to 30 sec to make eyeglasses material easy to bend.
  • Tighten the temple by applying the pressure downwards or upwards depending on the need.
  • Repeat the process for the opposite side, until you get the right fit.
  • Steps to adjust temple arms for tightening eyeglasses:

  • Hold the glasses firmly with one hand.
  • Run the frame arms underwater to make it malleable.
  • Bend the temple arms into a deeper curve or relaxed curve depending on the issue, loose or tight fit respectively.
  • Keep Trying to find the right fit.
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    How To Remove Scratches Out Of Glass

    One of the biggest challenges to filling your home with beautiful glass products is that it can be very difficult keeping them in pristine condition. Glass, while it can often be very strong and durable, can also be very fragile in certain circumstances. Even if it is not cracking, it can be burdensome to many homeowners when it comes to fix scratched glass.

    Scratches can greatly diminish notonly the aesthetic of the glass but also the value. It is important that anyhomeowner who wants to invest in the beauty of glass products, such as glasstable top, kitchen backsplash glass, and even wall mirrors, also knows how togo about fixing scratched glass to keep these products looking brand new foryears.

  • Why You Should Buy Treated Glass Here at Glass Genius
  • Tips To Prevent Scratches

    If you want to extend the life of your glasses, you might want to follow these tips to prevent scratches. Accumulated scratches will, over time, make your glasses more difficult to use, and replacing them doesnt come cheap.

    • Try to keep your glasses on.
    • Carry your case with you when traveling.
    • Make sure your case has a hard protective surface.
    • Dont drop your glasses lens down.

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    Dry Your Lenses With A New Microfiber Cloth

  • Use a clean cloth so you wont get grit on your lenses. Fold the microfiber cloth over your glasses and dry both sides of either lens.XExpert SourceDavid Felsted, DOComprehensive OphthalmologistExpert Interview. 12 August 2021. Pinch each lens and rub them with your microfiber until youve removed all the moisture.
  • Try to use a new microfiber cloth every time you polish your glasses. A used microfiber may have dust or dirt on it and scratch your lenses again.
  • Abrading With Baking Soda

    Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses
  • 1Clean the glass. Use a clean microfiber cloth so you dont introduce debris into the scratch. Dampen the cloth with lukewarm water and wash the glass as you normally would.
  • 2Mix equal parts baking soda and water. You only need a spoonful or less of each ingredient. Its best to place them in a bowl so you can mix them with a spoon to remove large clumps of baking soda. When mixed, youll have a pudding-like paste.XResearch source
  • 3Pick up the paste with a microfiber cloth. Again, use a fresh cloth. It helps to wrap the cloth around your finger and press the cloth into the paste. This way, youll pick up a small amount of the paste.
  • 4Rub in the paste in a circular motion. Place the paste on the glass and buff out the scratch by moving the cloth in a circular motion. Do this for 30 seconds maximum, watching for any sign of the scratch disappearing.XResearch source
  • 5Rinse the area. Rinse the glass or apply a fresh cloth. Dampen the cloth in lukewarm water and pass it over the scratched area, making sure all the baking soda paste is removed.
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    Tips For Keeping Your Lenses In Good Shape

    Getting scratches on your glasses can be uncomfortable and costly. Here are some tips for keeping your lenses clean and clear.

    • Always keep your glasses in their case when youre not wearing them. A hard case is best. It can protect the lenses from being scratched in your bags, drawers, and desktops where you might leave them.
    • Dont leave your glasses in the car or in direct sunlight. Heat can damage the protective layer of your lenses, leaving them more susceptible to scratches and cracks.
    • Only clean your glasses with eye doctor-approved lens sprays or light dish soaps. Other cleaners can strip your lenses of their protective layers.
    • Do not wipe your glasses clean with your clothes. Instead, use a microfiber cloth. Certain fabrics might seem soft but are still abrasive on lenses.3
    • Dont leave your glasses lying around where they can get knocked around. Be careful when putting them on and taking them off, and store them in a safe space.4
    • Wear contact lenses or sport-specific glasses. Consider contacts and sports glasses when youre doing activities that can cause damage to your everyday prescription glasses.2

    Eye protection is essential. You need to protect your eyes, but you also need to protect your glasses.

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