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Cartier Eye Glasses For Woman

The Eyewear Lunettes Cartier

Why Cartier rimless glasses ALWAYS deserve a tint

Glasses from Cartier are the symbol of status and prosperity. The brand is responsible for creating some of the most expensive designer sunglasses that are truly jewellery for your face. Their eyewear line is so extensive that no one can really say that theyve seen it all. From numerous current collections to vintage eyewear pieces, no two pairs of Cartiers are the same. Each pair of glasses are uniquely designed with exquisite detailing.

Cartier glasses are distinguished for their classic frames and exceptional designs along with trust that comes automatically with the brand name of Cartier. Cartier designers transform accessories and turn them into objects, which are precious, surprising, and unexpected. Cartier glasses are luxury pieces that are made to last and epitomize beauty.

Who Owns Cartier Eyewear

Cartier is part of the Richemont Group, a Paris-based luxury conglomerate specializing in high-end jewelry and watch brands.

In March 2017, Kering and Richemont announced a partnership agreement for the development, manufacturing, and worldwide distribution of the Maison Cartier and some of their other brands eyewear categories, resulting in Richemont becoming a shareholder of Kering Eyewear.

The group owns and operates 27 different brands and retailers, including Cartier high-end jewelry peers like Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Cartier Bubinga Wood Mens Sunglasses C Decor Collection 2009 Review & How To Verify Authenticity

Hi everyone, so this blog/site to be will not just focus on sneakers, and clothing but accessories and everything else life has to offer. Cartiers Bubinga Wood Collection is amazing, but very pricey , but as with everything Cartier makes, these sunglasses are made with the best quality. Bubinga wood is a precious wood from Africa . These sunglasses rest very comfortably on your ears, and come in I believe two levels of sun protection on the lens .

If your looking to purchase a pair of these on eBay for less I would be very cautious. Ebay is loaded with fakes, and here is how to protect yourself.

One, if its too good to be true it is. No one is selling these for 200 dollars.

Two, check the sellers feedback and check what other items they are selling. If they are selling a few of these that should be a tip off that this person is selling fakes as not many stores carry them let a lone individuals with no feedback.

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What Is Cartier Eyewear

Cartier is the iconic French jeweler and luxury brand known for its watches and wildly-popular Love bangle bracelets made with precious metals. The labels collection of optical eyeglasses and sunglasses is summarized as timeless aesthetics and luxurious precision.

The eyewear collection from the jeweler has a cult following in cities like Detroit, where the frames are ubiquitous, and a strong tradition within the NFL.

Cartiers Eyewear line follows many of the maisons most popular motifs first introduced on items of jewelry and on timepieces, including Santos, Panthère, Première, and Pasha.

The frames are made using titanium metal primarily, but also come in special editions made with real horn, rare woods, and even calfskin leather, all paired with iconic gradient lenses which can be made with a prescription or not.

Think of Cartier glasses as an extension of the brands aesthetics into jewelry you just happen to wear on your face and see clearly through. Just because its functional doesnt mean it cant be highly precious and a stylish statement.

Shop Cartier Eyewear At Cohens Fashion Optical

Trinity de Cartier Collection

Whether youre after retro-inspired, cat-eye sunglasses, classic aviators or modern eyeglasses, Cartier offers an extensive collection of eyewear to complement your personal style. To shop the hottest Cartier eyewear trends, visit Cohens Fashion Optical.

Following your appointment with our onsite optometrist for your comprehensive eye exam, our eyewear specialists will assist you in finding the perfect pair of Cartier glasses or sunglasses.

Exclusively available at select stores.

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Cartier Eyeglasses For Men And Women

La Maison Cartier offers you its new collection of prescription glasses at Visiofactory, the leading online optician according to the ranking made by Capital. Treat yourself to luxury eyewear with these models that stand out for their exceptional manufacturing quality, and their unique style. Gold, vintage, elegant frame, you can select the pair of your choice and add BBGR or Nikon lenses, single vision or progressive. We take care of the rest!

Best sellers

Cartier Eyewear On Sale

This collection is available now on, and as you might have guessed, can be had for a significant savings over listed retail price throughout the world.

If you know which style you like, and have confirmed that it fits your face shape and personal style, our selection comes directly from some of Italys best luxury optical boutiques at a huge savings.

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