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Case For Ray Ban Sunglasses

Where To Buy Ray

Ray-Ban Real vs Fake Full Comparison Sunglasses Case Box & How To Legit Check

Be careful about where you buy your Ray-ban sunglasses. You should only purchase Ray Bans from a registered dealer who is licensed to sell original Ray-Ban’s. At Feel Good Contacts, you can be sure that you are purchasing real, authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses.Be it Ray-Ban glasses, or sunglasses, you can save up to 40% on your favourite pair! We are an official distributor of this legendary brand, so, you dont need to worry about your glasses or sunglasses being fake. Select your suitable frame and try them on virtually before making your purchase.

Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy Ray

The shapes, styles, terms to know, and more.

Welcome to Brand Breakdown, a series of comprehensive yet easy-to-digest guides to your favorite companies, with insights and information you wont find on the average About page.

Founded in 1936 by the Bausch and Lomb Company in Rochester, New York, Ray-Ban is an iconic eyewear brand integral to classic Americana and retro style. The companys sunglasses have graced some of the most famous faces of the past 100 years, from mirrored aviators on General Douglas Macarthur to black Wayfarers on the Blues Brothers to the brands classic Aviators on practically everyone in the movie Top Gun.

Today, Ray-Ban operates from within the international eyewear conglomerate Luxottica in Milan, Italy. Luxottica also owns several other famous brands like Persol, Oliver Peoples, Arnette and Prada Eyewear, as well as the retailers LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut and Pearl Vision, among others. Thanks to such a robust backing, Ray-Ban is able to offer a wider variety of stylish sunglasses than ever before, including nearly one hundred models for men and women and enough color and material options to make you dizzy. But if you just want some classic shades and the spins are starting to set in, youre in luck this buying guide is meant to help you pick the right shades for your style and eye-protection needs. This isn’t every pair Ray-Ban sells, but it’s a hell of a start.

Rubber Frames vs Plastic



Matte Rubber



Finding The Right Sunglasses For You

A pair of vintage or designer sunglasses can be a game-changing finishing touch to your ensemble.

No matter your age or general fashion sensibility, wearing sunglasses may already be part of your regular outdoor routine owing to their practicality. Most sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful UV rays â and not merely on sunny days. Glasses that utilize color-enhancing lenses, which feature specific coatings or filter tints, can limit the amount of light coming through, while polarized lenses substantially reduce glare.

So while their usefulness is well known, letâs face it, a good pair of sunglasses can be stylish too.

When shopping for the right pair of sunglasses, consider the color and shape of the frames , how dark or light the lenses are â or tint, if youâre leaning toward a chic gradient lens. Take your time, spring for more than one pair because different moods call for different shades and, while youâre at it, make sure you know how to spot a pair of fake Ray-Ban sunglasses before you make that purchase.

On 1stDibs, all of our Ray-Bans are highly vetted, and our collection of vintage sunglasses features classics from Cartier, Chanel and other designers and brands as well as a wide range that can be sorted by color â find sleek black sunglasses, brown pairs and a whole lot of other eye-catching options, whether itâs sunny outside or not.

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Sunglasses Case Ray Bans

Ray bans cases are not designed to cause harmful UV rays on the sunglasses or ray damage to the sunglasses. As a name,, ray ban sunglasses case are made with a natural amount of ray damage to the sunglasses. Ray bans case are known as skin-free and mineral-based material. When it comes to ray bans on a sunglasses case, ray ban sunglasses case work well to reduce the amount of ray damage on the sunglasses. They are also skin-free and mineral-based. When it comes to contact with the rays of the material, ray bans are a good product for the effect of UV rays on the eyes. As a result, ray ban sunglasses case are not made from a material such as mineral oil. it is also a type of ray material that is famous for making a sunglasses case.

Metal key chains can be made of almost the same type. However, metal keychains aren’t only made for aluminum sunglasses. Steel chains are the most common types of metal key chains.

As the name suggests, ray ban sunglasses cases are not harmful and then break down into the toxic compounds within the plant. They break up the oxidized gases into the radiation that make up ray ban sunglasses case. On the other hand, ray ban sunglasses case are not made from the plant. They cause ray damageans such as sulfur of acetate liquids such as sulfur dioxide.

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Does It Even Matter If It’s Real

Ray Ban Sunglasses Case


  • They are often made in factories that do not respect their worker’s rights, health and safety.
  • They are dangerous. Sunglasses are made to stop UV radiation from damaging your eyes and fakes rarely comply to safety standards. As the dark lenses make your pupils dilate without filtering out the damaging UV light. This lets more unfiltered UV radiation into the back of your eyes causing damage. So wearing a fake can often be worse for your eyes than wearing nothing at all. Find out more about UV here.
  • They increase the price of the originals as the legitimate manufacturers have to factor in the costs of fighting the fakers.
  • Real products come with real warranties if something goes wrong. They are more expensive because they are made with quality materials.
  • And anyone who knows genuine Ray-Bans will probably see that they’re fake anyway. You might just end up looking cheap.

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How To Spot Fake Ray

Ray-Bans are one of the most popular sunglasses brands in the world for imitations. But would you be able to spot a pair of fake Ray-Bans? We teach you how you can.

Ray-Ban was founded by the American company Bausch & Lomb in 1936 and since then has become a household name best known for its Wayfarer and Aviator models. In 1999, Ray-Ban was acquired by Luxottica Group.With this brand being a popular choice for sunglasses, it’s no surprise that many unreliable retailers are trying to pass off fake Ray-Bans as the genuine product. Fear not, there are ways to tell whether your Ray-Bans are real or fake.Read our guide on how to spot fake Ray-Bans to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap and find out how to tell if Ray-Bans are real.

How To Pick A Pair For Your Face Shape

Choosing new sunglasses for everyday wear isnt exactly rocket science, but there are a few things to consider before investing in your next pair. First, decide on the functional elements you need like polarized lenses or coatings that combat reflections, water and oil then pick out a frame shape that complements your face. The goal is to accentuate your best features, and in general, the best way to do that is to wear frames that contrast your face shape slightly.

You can learn more about face shapes here.

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What Are Sunglasses Cases Made Of

Sunglasses sunglasses bags can help protect your eyes from any damage and may cause scratches. And they’re usually sturdy, durable. If microfiber or polyester is used to protect your glasses from moisture and dirt, some sunglasses cases may also be made of polycarbonate plastic, foam, or polyester, that help with durability and protection.

So Soft Metal makes a sunglasses case material’s structure very well. The soft metal helps the structure with the shape and design of the cases. Soft plastic coating makes them scratch-proof.

An eyeglass case from Ray Bans is not easy to clean. Also with an eyeglass case from Ray Bans, it is more to look and act like a mirror. The glasses case with ray Bans is not easy to damage at the sun. They are also skin-resistant to fading.

So, they’re all made of plastic . That’s because plastic cases are the only thing that will make sunglasses hard. When it’s hard to find sunglasses that they’re hard to fit.

Plastic sunglasses cases are usually made of nylon or polyester to help protect them from scratches and other damage. A sunglasses case is usually made of nylon or polyester, which will help protect them from scratches and other damage. On a sunglasses case, they can be made of a heavier fabric or plastics that won’t break them.

Why Are Ray

Ray-Ban Cases Are Rubbish | How I Made My Own Leather Sunglass Cases

The quality of Ray-Ban’s is reflected in the price, which some may find rather expensive. For this reason, you may be tempted to purchase fake Ray-Bans due to their lower prices. Be warned however, if the price is too good to be true then you’ll be sure to find that it is.A lower price will be reflected in a lower quality product made from poorer materials. Whilst real Ray-Ban sunglasses aren’t cheap, they’ll be sure to last you and protect you against harmful UV rays. They are also a timeless fashion piece which you will be able to wear for years to come. If taken care of properly, a genuine pair of Ray-Bans will never go out of style.

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