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Category 3 Sunglasses Women’s

Cat Eye Polarized Sunglasses For Woman

Ray-Ban Most Stylish Women’s Sunglasses of 2022 | SportRx

This pair of cat eye polarized sunglasses for Woman is suitable for all women who are looking for a retro and singular frame. For this new Spring/Summer 2022 collection, #K36 frame comes in both neon and futuristic colors, but also in timeless and distinguished natural patterns. Dare the elegance of the French Riviera with this new colorful summer collection that imposes its chic and trendy style. We’ve edited the famous 50s butterfly frame, by rounding it out to make it more comfortable and less vintage. The frame is slightly thicker and bolder around the eyebrows and the temples are quite thin. This creates a harmonious balance. Ultra-light and pleasant to wear, it has everything to seduce you. Flexible temples provide a unique comfort by wearing the sunglasses and a feeling of lightness. Polarized lenses feature category 3 UV400 protection and help reducing glare while increasing contrast. This pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes 100% from UV rays so you can tan by the pool without being dazzled. This frame is suitable for all faces: thin, elongated, round or oval. Injected plastic frame provides great strength and real lightness.

Prescription Sunglasses For Children

Children under 16 are at a higher risk of UV damage to their eyes because their pupils are larger and the structures of their eyes are clearer letting in up to 70% more light than adults.1 The simplest way to make sure your childs eyes are protected against long-lasting sun damage while theyre enjoying time outside is with a pair of high-quality sunglasses.

Uv400 Sunglasses: What Level Of Protection Do I Need

When buying a new pair of sunglasses, theres more to consider than just the style its also important to think about how well they will protect your eyes from UV damage. With different lens categories and levels of UV protection to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to know which is the best sunglasses option for you so weve put together this guide to help.

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Gqueen Womens Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses

Price: $While oversized sunglasses may feel synonymous with celebrities of the early 00s, theyre making a comeback for both fashion and your health. The AAO recommends bigger sunglasses that offer more coverage, as it limits the opportunity for UV rays to damage both your eyes and the sensitive surrounding skin.As far as fashion statements go, these polarized GQUEEN sunglasses come in 15 mirrored hues, while the cat-eye frames say hello from the start. While the 4.3-star Amazon rating speaks for itself, wed be remiss not to mention the packaging your sunglasses arrive in. The manufacturer notes its eco-friendly and includes a waterproof pouch and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Protection For Specific Eye Conditions

Womens Polarised Hiking Sunglasses Category 3 MH530

Its important for everyone to protect their eyes from UV damage but especially those with specific eye conditions. People with or glaucoma can experience a particular sensitivity to sunlight which can cause eye pain and discomfort, so its particularly important to wear UV protection to help manage these symptoms. You might even decide to add polarising lenses which can help to block out bright sunlight glare reflected from flat surfaces like water.

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Tips To Buy The Best Category 3 Sunglasses

Buying the best category 3 sunglasses for under $500, $200, $100, or $50, you should be aware of the following six tips. These will help ensure that your purchase is successful and creates value in your life or business. Read on for more!

What’s been the best category 3 sunglasses you’ve ever bought? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know what we can do to improve our site so that others may share this experience with you.

Do these tips make sense when thinking about how to find and buy products online?

Have there been any other actionable takeaways from this blog post for buying products online? We would love you to let us know by commenting below – we read every comment and reply as soon as possible!

1. Research the product and company before making a purchase

The decision to buy a product is an important one, and you should never make it lightly. Research the company before making your purchase.

Ask yourself if this company has done anything in the past that would make you feel unsafe about their products.

Get information about how long they’ve been around and what kind of customer service they offer.

If there are any complaints against them online, read those as well, so you know upfront what other people think of this brand or specific product line–you might be surprised!

When it comes to gift ideas, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Amazon. Read more

2. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller

What Are The Categories Of Sunglasses Out There

One of the most frequent questions that come to us is in regards to the category or tone of our lenses. Before we answer, we want to first tell you about what these categories and filters mean.

Its an ISO standard thats called ISO 8980-3. All right, well, you might have stayed the way you were, right? Dont worry, well explain what an ISO standard is.

The acronym ISO is derived from the International Organization for Standardization, so an ISO standard is a standardization of products and services that are provided by this organization.

That means that each category or filter of sunglasses has been assigned a certain value. And this is done in order to guide consumers about what they are purchasing.

Because the sun is not equally intense at all times, during all seasons of the year or at all latitudes around the world, it may be advisable to wear a different category of sunglasses for each situation.

Before we go any further though, you need to know this:

The category of sunglasses is not the same as their UV absorption filter. When we talk about the category or filter of sunglasses, we are referring to the level of darkness provided by the sunglasses, also known as the level of light absorption. This is called Visible Light Transmission, VLT.

Its possible to find very dark glasses that absorb a lot of sunlight but dont have a good UV filter: this type of sunglasses are commonly found in your everyday supermarkets.

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Design Polarized Sunglasses In Details

Polarized sunglasses are designed in family and in France. Each polarized sunglasses is designed in shapes that are both elegant and bold, and practical and lightweight. Our Design team carefully selects timeless colours and composes its own mix of prints according to its inspirations and the seasons.

How Can Uv Rays Damage Your Eyes

Decathlon Quechua Polarized Sunglasses Grey | Adult Hiking Sunglasses MH140 – UV Category 3

Sunlight contains many different types of light rays, including invisible, high-energy rays called ultraviolet rays. While small amounts of sunlight can be beneficial for your body, frequent exposure to UV rays can have a negative impact on your vision especially if you arent protecting your eyes correctly.1 The two types of UV ray that could potentially cause the most damage to your eyes are UVA and UVB rays.

Short-term overexposure to harmful UV rays can lead to a type of sunburn to the outer layer of the cornea that can happen after spending too much time at high altitudes with limited sun protection . Symptoms can include red, swollen eyes, although they are usually temporary and should clear up quickly. Without the proper care and protection, UV light can also have an impact on your eyes over time. For example, long-term exposure to UV rays could increase the risk of specific eye conditions such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration , and some types of eyelid cancer.2

The good news is that you can give your eyes a better chance of staying healthier for longer by wearing a good-quality pair of sunglasses with UV protection.

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What Do The Different Sunglasses Categories Mean

When buying sunglasses, you may notice that they come in a range of different categories. The category of a pair of sunglasses simply refers to how dark the lenses are. These range from 0 to 4, with 0 being the lightest shade and 4 being the darkest:

  • Category 0 clear or very light lenses for fashion and indoor use
  • Category 1 pale lenses for overcast days
  • Category 2 moderate lenses for protection against glare
  • Category 3 dark lenses for bright days
  • Category 4 very dark lenses for intense sunshine

Category 4 sunglasses are ideal for snowboarding or skiing activities, as they let in less than 8% of UV light. However, this category is not recommended for use while driving as the lens is too dark to see clearly. Only sunglasses with a filter category of 0-3 are considered safe for driving.

Do All Sunglasses Have Uv400 Protection

While UV400 lenses might offer the best level of sun protection not all sunglasses have them. Its entirely possible to buy a pair of dark-tinted shades that do not provide adequate UV protection. Fashion sunglasses, for instance, can look both safe and stylish, however they may not always protect your eyes from UV damage.

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Choosing The Right Frames For Your Face Shape

There are six face shapes: square, round, heart, oval, rectangle, and diamond. You can find your face shape by taking a selfie and tracing your finger around your face. Certain types of sunglasses frames tend to flatter certain face shapes better than others.

Heres a few styles to try depending on your face shape.

  • Square: aviators, cat-eye, or anything with a rounder shape
  • Round: wayfarers, rectangular frames, or frames with rounded bottoms
  • Heart: square-shaped frames, cat-eyes, or aviators
  • Oval: aviators, square-shaped frames, or anything with a rounder shape
  • Rectangle: rectangular frames, aviators, or anything with a rounder shape.
  • Diamond: rectangular frames, aviators, or wayfarers

The Best Sunglasses For Women Of 2022

Womens Polarised Hiking Sunglasses Category 3 MH530

Searching for the best women’s sunglasses available today? We hunted through hundreds to find and test the top 12 currently available. We paddled lakes, played in parks, drove long distances, and went for hikes and runs in various weather and conditions. We wore them midday in high mountain towns, walking directly into the sun at dusk, and on snow and water adventures. We checked their fit on different face sizes, their ability to stay put and keep us protected, and gauged their likeability and style across preferences. No matter your personal fashion or face shape, we’ve lined up some of the best sunglasses for your lifestyle and budget.

If you’re on the hunt for some new sunnies, we’ve got you covered from multiple angles. From the best options for men to stellar deals to sport-focused frames, we’re here to help you feel great without squinting your way through the day. Spend most of your time on a bike? We’ve got lenses for that too, as well as a comprehensive lineup of the best of each of these subcategories.

Editor’s Note: This review was updated on August 11, 2022, to include new options for some of this summer’s hottest and most promising new models.

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Analysis And Test Results

To thoroughly analyze contenders, we divided our assessments into five separate metrics. By combining the outcomes of tests in each metric, every pair of women’s sunglasses ends up with an overall score that makes them easily comparable. Here we tease apart each metric and discuss the top contenders in specific areas.

Why You Should Trust Us

comprehensive sunglasses testingfive key metrics

  • Style and Versatility

Our main tester for women’s sunglasses is Senior Review Editor, Maggie Nichols. Maggie has been wearing glasses since she was 4 years old and knows what constitutes the right fit and look for a pair of frames. She’s obsessed with protecting her eyes, as she’s been working in sunny outdoor environments for over 20 years, from being a kayak guide in the Caribbean and leading students snorkeling along the equator to backpacking the sunny Sierra Nevadas and researching wildlife on the African savannah. Maggie has been our lead sunglasses tester from running and paddling to summer vacations and gardening since 2018.

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What Are Category 3 Sunglasses

Category 3 sunglasses are a bit of a mystery to some people. Simply put, it refers to the level of tint that the lens has within your sunglasses. Category 3 is characterised as a medium level of tint, ideal for day to day use.

If you are wondering about the broader scale, then fear not, it’s very simple to digest. The lens in your sunglasses will be graded on a scale between 1 and 5. 1 represents the lowest amount of tint, whilst 5 represents the highest. That is not to say that 1 is better than 5 or vice versa, it’s all about what you need sunglasses for and how you are likely to use them.

Realistically you aren’t likely to come across many manufacturers selling sunglasses with category 1 lens, the tint that they have isn’t going to do much more than take the edge off the sunlight. The same applies to a lesser extent for category 2. You will more often than not find that the majority of brands favour category 3.

This is where the lens becomes dark enough that you can wear them without squinting on a sunny day. That said, you won’t be using these in overly bright situations with lots of reflections or direct light. What the category 3 lens represents is a good all rounder. If you wear your sunglasses as an accessory or so you can comfortably walk around doing your normal routine on a sunny day then it’s going to be a category 3 lens that you’ll want.

Suncloud Womens Contemporary Sunglasses

Best Ray-Ban Women’s Sunglasses | SportRx

Price: $$Much like oversized sunglasses provide more protection, the AAO says wraparound-style glasses can lower the risk of UV rays entering your eyes from the side.This pair from Suncloud features an 8-base frame and lens curvature, which means itll wrap on your face more. A more traditional 4-base pair tends to sit flat.The lenses have a hefty number of features, too. Not only are they polarized and anti-reflective to filter glare and bump up the contrast , theyre also designed to feel light and airy while nixing distortion and adding impact resistance.

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How To Know If Your Sunglasses Fit

Your sunglasses are a good fit when they dont move around on your nose or face. Theyll feel snug around your ears and nose but not so snug they leave marks or indents when you take them off. You dont want a pair of glasses that pinches or squeezes.

Check to see if your eyes are in the center of the lenses and whether at least half of your eyebrows show above the frame. This can help you gauge if a pair of sunglasses fit.

To get a precise fit, measure the distance between your temples. Many sunglasses list the temple size on the inside of the arm.

Looking for more information about the best sunglasses for style and safety? Take a look at these frequently asked questions.

Smith Optics Lowdown 2 Sunglasses

Price: $$A quality, stylish pair of wayfarers is great for anyones sunglasses collection, as the versatile design works for most face shapes.Plus, this pair from Smith Optics has a variety of options for lens and frame color mixing. You can take a more classic route or add a pop of personality .These also offer all the tech features you need: full UV protection, polarized lenses , impact resistance, and smudge-, moisture-, and reflective-resistant coatings.

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What Type Of Sunglasses Offer The Best Sun Protection

The AAO recommends choosing sunglasses that have 100 percent UV protection or UV400 protection to block both UVA and UVB rays. Any sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection should do a good job of protecting your eyes. Oversized sunglasses provide additional coverage so UV rays cant enter your eyes from the side.

Diff Eyewear Bella Ii Sunglasses


Price: $$When youre in need of a versatile pair of sunglasses, a chic tortoiseshell delivers especially when it comes in a modern cream-grey gradient. But this pair from DIFF Eyewear is extra special.

According to the World Health Organizations 2019 World Report on Vision , at least 1 billion people worldwide are living with a vision impairment that could have been prevented or hasnt been addressed.To help fix this, DIFF partnered with international development charity Sightsavers. For every pair sold, someone in need receives eye exams, glasses, medication, or surgery.As for the shades youll receive, the 4.8 stars and over 200 reviews scream positivity: The oversized frames provide added coverage, and the lenses are scratch-resistant. Note that reviewers say these run a little large for someone with a smaller head.

Learn more about DIFF Eyewear here.

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How To Choose The Right Sun Protection For Your Eyes

Its important to protect your eyes as much as possible from harmful UV rays even on cloudy and overcast days. Always have a pair of good quality sunglasses to hand, especially during months when the sun shines a little brighter. If you wear prescription glasses, you might consider adding a UV coating to your lenses so that your eyes are protected at all times. You can read our guide to UV protection for prescription glasses to find out more.

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