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Clear Frame Blue Lens Sunglasses

Are Oakleys Available With Clear Lenses

Zenni Optical Best Clear Frames BLOCKZ Transition Lens Sunglasses Blue Light Unboxing Review Blokz

Lets start with the basics, Yes, Oakley sunglasses are available with clear lenses.

And no, were not just talking about eyeglasses. Instead, Oakley offers its non-prescription sunglasses with clear and photochromic lenses to protect your eyes.

Typically these lenses offer a 93% Visual Light Transmission which means they block about 7% of light.

Sunski Dipsea Tortoise Aqua

With circular retro frames, the Sunski Dipsea Tortoise Aqua shades are perfect for summertime outfits, as they give off positive vibes all around. The 48mm shades feature solid polarization to help you see clearly so you can view the world around you in high contrast. The San Francisco-based company truly knows how to make a quality pair of sunglasses. In fact, Sunski is so confident in their work that these shades come with a forever warranty. And if you purchase the Dispsea Tortoise Aqua sunglasses, a portion of the proceeds goes to environmental non-profits.

Blue Light Blocking Lenses Vs Blue Tinted Lenses

Blue light blocking lenses offer specific protection against blue light and are useful for people who spend a lot of their day looking at a computer screen or other devices. Blue light blocking is an option for clear lenses. Yesglasses offers the most advanced blue light blocking lenses for protecting eyes from blue light.

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Ocean Tint: 12 Best Blue Lens Sunglasses

Category: Style

Most of the time when you think about sunglasses, you immediately picture dark lenses. Although theyre not as common, sunglasses with blue lenses are just as stylish and provide more functionality than other colors. No, theyre not as effective when the sun is beaming down on you with no clouds to dilute its wrath during the summer, but blue lens sunglasses are highly efficient during foggy weather and snowy conditions.

Investing in a pair of quality blue lens sunglasses is a smart move, but just like any other eyewear lens color, there are tons of options from which to choose. Weve sifted through various frames from several brands with glowing reputations, looking for blue lens sunglasses that are both fashion-forward and effective for ambient lighting conditions. For your consideration, weve compiled a list of a dozen of the very best blue lens sunglasses to keep your eyes protected when the sun isnt on full blast.

Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin


With pre-WWII rectangular frames, this gorgeous pair of shades features blue CR39 lenses that are handcrafted in Japan. The lenses provide 100% UV protection and have an anti-reflective treatment for crystal clear vision. Everything used to make these sunglasses is top-notch, including a sterling silver signature arrowhead pin, a custom silver hairline engraved wire core design, burgundy dome 3D metal logo, and silver tension-secured custom hinges. These shades are limited to 350 examples, so youd better act fast if you want a pair.

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Our Review Are They Worth It

We tried out a pair of Oakley Fuel Cell glasses with clear lenses and had a great time. The frame itself is similar to the Gascan design but a bit larger. You can read our full Fuel Cell review here.

From first putting on our clear lenses, it was easy to forget we were even wearing them. This is likely because were used to wearing dark Oakley tints like Prizm Sapphire and Prizm Black.

But overall we really enjoyed the clear lenses, especially during household projects where it felt like we had an added layer of protection providing peace of mind.

At the end of the day, wed recommend clear lenses for anyone needing safety glasses or eyewear protection for shooting, projects, or indoor sports.

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Thom Browne Navy Sunglasses

With a more refined take on the classic wayfarer design, the Thom Brown Navy Sunglasses are a classy pair of shades to go along with more formal attire. Their blue lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB and feature an anti-reflective coating, protecting your eyes from the blinding sun. They also have titanium temples, custom tri-colored signature temple tips, and gold arms to complement the blue frames. The 49mm shades are slightly smaller than the original design for a modern fit. Yes, they will set you back a bit, but once you wear them youll see theyre worth the price tag.

Who Can Wear Blue Sunglasses

Maui Jim Clear Lenses Explained | SportRx

Blue glasses look good on everyone! No matter your skin tone, its pretty much a guarantee that blue lenses will fit your complexion. They fit a wide variety of styles, and Yesglasses offers a huge selection of frames to go with blue tinted lenses.

Blue lens glasses are also very fitting on both men and women. We recommend finding your face shape to get started on the perfect frame to fit your facial features. We offer mens blue lens glasses and womens blue lens glasses with many frames to choose from. If you love flash mirrored sunglass styles, be sure to take a look at our blue flash mirrored sunglasses, also offered for men and women.

Whether youre into winter or water sports, blue glasses will cut down glare and allow for increased visual clarity. They can even enhance the natural blues in the sky or ocean. Blue sunglasses also make a great choice for more leisurely outdoor activities, like golfing or spectating sporting events.

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M Frame 30 Industrial Safety Glasses

If youre looking for ANSI certified safety glasses, the Industrial M Frame 3.0 has you covered. These are one of the most popular frames amongst military and law enforcement because of their shield lens for maximum coverage and durable design. This frame is also a part of the Oakley Standard Issue program if you qualify.

Read more in our full Oakley M Frame review and guide.

Industrial M Frame 2.0 Highlights

  • Chemical resistant O-Matter frame and Plutonite lenses with HDO Optics for high mass impacts and high-velocity eye protection
  • Unobtainium nosepad for maximum grip even when wet or sweaty
  • Meets EN166 and ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses standards

Why Wear Clear Lenses

Clear Oakley sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes in low-light conditions or situations where tint isnt needed.

And since all Oakley clear lenses are made of impact-resistant Plutonite material featuring High Definition Optics , your eyes are protected.

Many athletes prefer clear lenses for indoor sports and training like basketball or track and field. But these lenses are also useful to protect your eyes during DIY projects or manufacturing.

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Where To Buy Clear Lens Oakleys

You can buy Oakley clear glasses with a variety of lenses including clear and photochromic options directly from Oakley or authorized retailers.

But if youre looking to save on your purchase, youll want to search online. Thats because you can often find 30%+ off new Oakleys through sales or aftermarket dealers.

Oakley typically runs seasonal sales throughout the year where you can find up to 50% off Oakley site purchases. For more details, check out our complete guide including the full Oakley sales schedule.

Now, if youre not looking to wait, you still have plenty of options to save through aftermarket sites like our Oakley Fourm Exchange or eBay. You can usually find 30%+ off new Oakleys through these sites, especially for the most popular frames like Frogksins, M Frames, and Fuel Cells.

Ansi Rated As Safety Glasses

Oakley Oo9353

Even more, they are ANSI Z87-1 Safety Standard Impact rated. Therefore, they qualify as safety glasses for any job or activity that demands a high level of eye protection.

Furthermore, Curv Inc owns the registered trademark and exclusive manufacturing rights for the authentic Curv brand. And to top it off, we sell them at a price point that is easy on the budget. Should you lose them, youre not out hundreds, as with some glasses.

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Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun

If blue is a color you adore, Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun shades will be your go-to pair of eyewear. With a bold new take on the wayfarer design, these sun blockers stand out with a more square-bottomed look. They feature hand-laid functional pins for extra adherence between the hinge and frame front, in addition to universal fitting nosebands for a personalized fit. The blue polarized glass lenses cut down reflective glare and provide optimal clarity while blocking out 100% of UVA and UVB.

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Lenses To Change Your Perspective

More ways to improve your vision? Were glad you asked…

  • See yourself in a pair of light-reflecting sunnies. Learn more

Our 365-Day Guarantee means youre eligible for a one-time replacement for faulty frames within 12 months of purchase.

With 14-Day Free Returns, you can get a one-time replacement or refund within two weeks of receiving your order no questions asked!

Our customer service team is available to answer all your eyewear questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, email, or live chat on our contact page.

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The Benefits Of Blue Lens Glasses

mirror lens clear frame wayfarer sunglasses

Blue lenses have a lot to offer and are highly appealing. Blue tints enhance color perception and improve the contours of objects. This means youll be able to distinguish between different objects more easily while wearing blue lens tints. All tinted lenses by Yesglasses come with anti-scratch, anti-reflective and 100% UV protection properties.

Blue lenses also have a calming effect on the eyes, offering a peaceful filter to viewing your surroundings. This can help to ease eye strain during longer wear times and adds serenity to your perspective.

Blue lens glasses are especially great at reducing glare in snowy or icy conditions, which makes them ideal for winter sports and other outdoor activities during the colder months. Blue lenses are known to work well in low-visibility conditions like fog, mist or snow.

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The Best Blue Lens Glasses & Sunglasses

Choosing the right frames to go with your cool, blue lenses is an important consideration. If metal frames are what youre looking for, blue tinted lenses match well with silver or titanium. Plastic and acetate frames can have a bit more flexibility. Black goes well with everything, but you might want to experiment to find something that perfectly suits your style.

There is also the darkness of the tint to consider. Yesglasses offer blue lenses in dark, medium, and light tints. We also offer blue flash mirrored sunglasses in a wide variety of frames. Keep in mind, regardless of tint strength, youre always getting the same level of UV blocking power in your sunglasses. Choosing between tint strengths or mirrored lenses comes down to what you want to use your sunglasses for or what look youre going for.

Persol Po0714sm Steve Mcqueen

Designed several decades ago and immortalized by Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair, the Persol 714 shades are the most dapper blue lens sunglasses ever created. The Italian eyewear brand utilizes their signature Meflecto technology, crystal lenses for immaculate clarity, and acetate frames to make this model one of the best on the planet. Every time theres a special edition colorway, they go fast, but you cant beat the original blue lens version. Channel your inner Steve McQueen with a pair of these timeless sunglasses and look slicker than a thief.

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