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Clear Lens Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses We Also Tested

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Guide to Clear vs Orange Lenses

In our Lab test, we identified 20 pairs of blue light blocking glasses worth noting, but only included 10 on our final list of recommendations. The remaining pairs of glasses seemed to reduce much of the eye strain associated with blue light, but our testers found that fit and comfort varied widelythey were too big, too tight, too looseand that, often, these glasses had tinted lenses .

  • : Our testers thought the fit of these glasses was comfortable and the clarity was excellent, but the lenses themselves were so oversized, they made us look goofy.
  • : These glasses reduced glare exceptionally well and were super comfy, but again, our testers found them to be too large and oversized.
  • : We thought these glasses were comfortable to have onuntil we had to look at a computer screen, at which point the yellow tint was distracting and interfered with our clarity of vision.
  • Felix Gray Turing Glasses at Our testers thought these glasses were cute and stylish, along with providing a clear line of sight, but they were so small and tight-fitting they were painful to wear.
  • : These glasses were affordable and on-trend, but nowhere near as well-made as the other glasses on this list, per our testers, and the tinted lenses made their use extra uncomfortable.

Blue Light Glasses: The Basics

Generally, blue light glasses with clear lenses block up to 20% of blue light, while blue light glasses that have a yellow or amber tint tend to block more blue light than those with clear lenses.

Some blue light glasses with orange or other specialty tints can block nearly 100% blue light, but these lenses significantly affect your color vision as well.

But its important to know that all blue light is not equal. The term blue light encompasses a broad range of high-energy visible light with different wavelengths and amounts of energy.

The energy of visible light is determined by its wavelength, which is measured in nanometers .

The entire blue light spectrum includes HEV light with wavelengths ranging from 400 to 500 nm. Shorter-wavelength blue light has more energy than longer-wavelength blue light. Its more important to protect your eyes from this highest-energy portion of the blue light spectrum sometimes called violet-blue light as this appears to be more potentially damaging to the eye than blue light with longer wavelengths .

So, its actually more important to know what type of blue light your glasses are protecting you from, rather than the percentage of total blue light being filtered by them.

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What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Blue Light Glasses:

A market full of blue light glasses has sprung up over the last few years, with a range of affordable options to prescription-backed designer options that may even be partially covered by your optical insurance. But finding the right pair of blue light glasses can feel overwhelming, as standalone opticals aren’t regulated by any healthcare organization, and distinguishing a well-made pair among low-cost options can be quite difficult. Try to use the following parameters to help you pick the best pair of blue light-blocking glasses when shopping around:

Tinted versus opaque lenses: Without advanced tools and in-the-know experts, it’s impossible to tell how much blue light a pair of glasses is capable of filtering just by looking at them. The best way to see if a pair of glasses actually aim to curtail exposure to electronic light is to examine the tint on the lenses closely previously published research suggests that amber-tinted shades filter out blue light more effectively than clear, translucent lenses, especially over an extended period of use. Generally speaking, a darker tint equates to more blue light exposure being effectively blocked while there are clear lenses used in blue light-blocking products, they may not be as effective as a tinted option. Tinted lenses are visible to most consumers when reviewing products in person, but you can ask retailers about the level of tint on their products when online shopping, too.

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Ask The Manufacturer For A Spectrum Report

  • A spectrum report shows the full range of light blocked by your lenses. If the manufacturer is reputable, they wont hesitate to send you a report . For clear computer glasses, check to make sure the lenses filter out at least 30% of blue light before you buy a pair.XResearch source
  • Yellow evening or driving lenses should block about 65 to 70% of blue light.
  • Orange and red nighttime lenses designed for sleep should block 95 to 100% of blue light.
  • Spectrum reports are useful no matter the color of your lensesclear, yellow, orange, or red.
  • Can You Test For Blue

    Blue light blocking glasses Clear Lens Glass Frame Eyewear Transparent ...

    Many online resources that suggest you can test blue-light-blocking glasses at home with DIY tricks, such as looking at some overlapping blue circles on your screen or shining a light through the lenses onto photosensitive paper. We tried these methods, but we couldnt find any difference between the pairs we tested and, short of a $5,000 spectrometer, theres no way to know for sure how any particular pair will perform. The best way to determine whether a pair of glasses will work for your eyes is to try them .

    When youre ready for an upgrade, The Vision Council, which represents optical manufacturers like EyeBuyDirect and Zenni, said buying prescription glasses from a professional with medical-grade blue-light-blocking lenses is the safest bet. And if you want to confirm the results for yourself, you can ask them for a spectral report, which details how much light and at which wavelengths their lenses actually block.

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    What To Look For In Blue

    Shopping for glasses online is tricky because you cant try them on to find a pair thats both comfortable and complements your face shape. Most over-the-counter glasses are sold in only a size or two, while prescription pairs and some higher-end non-prescription sunglasses usually have three numbers etched into the arms, such as 50-16-135. These are millimeter measurements that correspond to the lens width, bridge width, and arm length, respectively. Remove some of the guesswork by using a pair of well-fitting glasses to figure out your size. Either look at the numbers or, if theyre missing, measure the frames yourself. Try to stick to glasses that closely match those measurements, particularly the bridge and the arm.

    Then consider the lens color. All of the glasses Wirecutter tested appeared to be colorless at first glance, but when we wore them, we noticed they all have a faint to moderate orange tint. Orange lenses block blue light because they only let through light with similar wavelengths, like orange and red. The stronger the orange tint, the less blue light gets through, decreasing the amount your eyes are absorbing and potentially helping to counteract negative effects.

    The Truth: Blue Light Is All Around Us

    You may not see it, but Blue Light is everywhere, all around us. Emanating from the sun, LED lights, computers, tablets and smartphone screensBlue Light is virtually inescapable. Unfortunately, too much Blue Light can irritate the eyes and can disrupt sleep patterns. Blue Light can be okay in appropriate doses and boost alertness, memory, and other cognitive functions. However, too much of it can irritate the eyes and disrupt sleep patterns. Too much of a good thing can be an issue.

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    Best For Streaming: Mvmt Everscroll Glasses At Amazon

    • May be too small for those with larger heads

    If youve noticed that your eyes cant keep up with your TV watching habits, the MVMT Everscroll Glasses performed well in our testing when it came to streaming videos. They were gentle on our eyes, somehow making screen images crisper but also less harsh than other glasses . And the benefits manifested pretty quickly, too, which is also a bonus for anyone who just wants to stream their favorite show without ending up with eye strain.

    As for the other attributes, the MVMT blockers werent the absolute best fitting pair we tried they didnt fit one of our testers as well as some other glasses, causing them to recommend this pair for people with smaller heads or narrower faces. However, choosing a different style frame from MVMT might solve the fit problem, since the glasses themselves are well made and the frames come in two different sizes.

    Price at time of publication: $78

    Sizes: 51 mm and 54 mm | Prescription Option: no | Virtual or Home Try-on: no | Return Policy: returnable within 30 days

    Why Trust Good Housekeeping

    Zenni Optical Best Clear Frames BLOCKZ Transition Lens Sunglasses Blue Light Unboxing Review Blokz

    In his role as health editor, Zee Krsticroutinely works with analysts in the Good Housekeeping Instituteto write product reviews featuring their test results. To highlight consumer-facing input from leading health experts, he interweaves doctors’ and other healthcare providers’ expertise into shopping guides to better educate readers. He also independently reviews new products and services in the wellness space for Good Housekeeping, which he has done previously for and Cooking Light.

    Zee has been shopping and wearing blue light glasses without prescription lenses since November 2018, and has worn blue light-blocking lenses consistently on weekdays beginning in July 2020 in the hopes of stemming eye strain caused by increased exposure to digital screens outside of work hours. He coordinated testing for this guide in 2022 and has personally reviewed each of the pairs listed above, as well as solicited feedback from editorial staff members who participated in hands-on review.

    See More:

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    Why Trust Verywell Health

    Sarah Bradley has been writing health content since 2017: everything from product roundups and illness FAQs to nutrition explainers and the dish on diet trends. She knows how important it is to receive trustworthy and expert-approved advice about over-the-counter products that help you manage everyday conditions. Although she didnt personally test the glasses for this list, she has experience testing other personal care products for Verywell Healthand as a migraine sufferer, she understands the importance of finding a pair that actually helps.

    Try Them Out For A Few Days

  • Wear your glasses for several days and notice if your sleep improves. If your lenses are blocking sufficient blue light, youll notice that your quantity and quality of sleep will get better, giving you more daytime energy and increased productivity. Theres no harm in wearing blue light blockers, even if they arent reflecting blue light.XResearch source
  • Many manufacturers offer a trial period so you can test out the glasses and see if they work for you.
  • Trials work for any lens color, but orange or red lenses will have a greater impact on sleep than clear ones.
  • The effects are especially noticeable for night owls who go to bed later in the night.
  • Blue light blockers dont help with eye strain. They only support better sleep since blue light disturbs your circadian rhythm .XTrustworthy SourceCleveland ClinicEducational website from one of the world’s leading hospitalsGo to source
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    Clear Protection From Damaging Light Rays

    All eyes are vulnerable. From sunlight to digital devices, ultraviolet and high-energy blue light is everywhere. Clear Blue Filter lenses can help protect eyes from the harmful effects of powerful rays.

    3x more blue light filtered than standard polycarbonate lenses
    100% UV blocking, so youre protected indoors and out

    Best Style: Caddis Hooper Blue Light Blockers

    2 Pairs Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Anti Eyestrain &  UV ...
    • Limited frame colors

    If you want to reduce the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to, but also look like you keep up with current trends, we recommend the Caddis Blue Light Blockers in the 70s-inspired Hopper style. Sure, theyre trendybut in our testing, we also found them to be comfortable, stable even when we were active, and quite clear, despite their light tint.

    More importantly, our testers definitely noticed eye strain improvement: My eyes did not experience any strain while I used these glasses, says one tester. Usually I experience strain after an hour or so, so this was an improvement.

    These glasses wont be the right stylistic choice for everyone but if youre interested in the aviator shape, we recommend themespecially since their blue light blocking power means they arent just for show.

    Price at time of publication: $109

    Sizes: one size | Prescription Option: no | Virtual or Home Try-on: no | Return Policy: returnable within 60 days

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    Computer Glasses & Gaming Glasses For Daytime

    If you spend hours every day inside under artificial light and on digital screens, then computer glasses are the perfect solution for you. At BlockBlueLight, we offer both our ScreenTime Clear Lens Glasses and our DayMax Yellow Lens Glasses range, which have been designed specifically to reduce blue light exposure while you are using computers or other devices that emit blue light. Whether you are a gamer, an office worker, or anyone else who spends much of their day in front of digital screens, our blue light gaming glasses and computer glasses can help protect your eyes and improve your visual comfort and performance. With our products available in Australia, there is no reason not to invest in blue light blocking glasses today. So why wait? Shop our range of incredible blue light computer glasses and gaming glasses!

    What Should I Look For In Blue Light Filtering Glasses

    Generally speaking, you should look for the same things you look for in any pair of glasses. Start by choosing frames that are the right size for your face shape. Then, find a pair of blue light filtering glasses that match your personal style. If you need reading glasses, consider a pair of glasses with SightRelax lenses. If you wear prescription glasses, you can just add a blue light filtering feature to your prescription at checkout.

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    Clear Lens Blue Light Glasses What You Need To Know

    If youre experiencing digital eye strain, disrupted sleep, or computer vision syndrome as a result of blue light exposure, then it might be time for you to invest in some blue light blocking glasses. Clear Lens Blue Light Glasses

    But do they actually work, and which brand is the best?

    In this short article I address all our blue light questions, and expose the most trusted brand on the marketplace for blue light blocking glass.

    Lets get to it!

    What Are Clear Blue Light Glasses

    Do BLUE LIGHT GLASSES work? – Fact or Fiction

    Clear blue light blocking glasses are glasses with clear lenses that block a percentage of blue light.

    At GUNNAR, we use GUNNAR Blue Light Filter to label the amount of blue light filtered by our lent tint options. The higher the GBLF rating, the more blue light that is blocked. Our Amber lensesthe yellow-tinted lenses typically associated with blue light glasseshave a GBLF of 65, meaning they filter 65 percent of blue light from reaching your eyes.

    Our blue light glasses with clear lenses, on the other hand, have a GBLF of 35, meaning they filter 35 percent of blue light.

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    Where To Get Cute Blue Light Glasses

    The best thing about blue light lenses, other than the fact that they reduce digital eye strain, is that they can be added to any of our frames! So, if youre on the hunt for your next pair of cute blue light glasses, your first step should be looking for your favorite frame on our eyeglasses pages. Then, take it from there at the lens selection step of the checkout process. Its as easy as that!

    Protect Your Eyes With Blue Light Filtering Glasses

    Both our non-prescription and prescription blue light filtering glasses and prescription computer glasses are designed to protect your eyes from extended exposure to harmful blue-violet light. The premium features found in our EBDBlue Plus, EBDBlue 360, and SightRelax lenses make the unavoidable hours of screen time more comfortable, too. Whether youre wearing them for gaming glasses, working into the wee hours of the night, or binge-watching your favorite show, blue light filtering glasses and glasses for computer use are the way to go.

    Many of my patients are spending more time on screens. I’ve recommended they try blue light filtering glasses, and most agree they can tell an improvement in their eye strain and fatigue levels.

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    Do Blue Light Glasses Prevent Retinal Damage

    Cell culture experiments and animal studies have determined that blue light can damage the retina of your eye.3, 4, 5, 6 However, there is not enough research evidence to suggest that blue light absorbing devices are beneficial for reducing the risk or progression of retinal conditions such as age-related macular degeneration .1

    Alongside this, many regulations have been put in place to limit the amount of blue light emitted by everyday objects. Due to these safety limits, the levels of blue light that are emitted from objects like light bulbs and digital screens are not high enough to cause retinal damage. This means that wearing blue light blocking glasses when using digital screens is not really necessary.

    Noticed a change in your eyesight?

    1 in 3 people in the UK have reported deteriorating eyesight as a result of increased screen time.9 If youre considering glasses for screen use, youve probably noticed a recent change in your vision too, or are experiencing some new eye symptoms. Our opticians can take a look at your eyes to check for any changes, and advise on the best lens options for you if needed.

    When To Use Bluereflect

    Vazrobe Computer Glasses Men Women TR90 Blocking Blue Light Gaming ...

    At work

    For those who work mainly using computer screens, digital protection glasses are a must for maximum comfort. Keep a pair at your desk so those long hours dont go unprotected.

    At home

    As you relax at home, your eyes are still working overtime. Protect them while browsing online or watching TV to benefit your optical health.

    On the go

    Even when you are out and about, you will still need to use your phone at some point, whether it’s for texting, social media or directions. BlueReflect adds extra protection.

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