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Color Blind Glasses For Sale

How Color Blind Glasses Work

OLLIE SEES COLORS FOR THE FIRST TIME! (Color Blind Enchroma Glasses)

Color vision begins in the retina in the back of the eye. The retina contains specialized cells called photoreceptors that respond to light. There are two types of these cells: rods and cones. Cone photoreceptor cells make color vision possible.

According to Enchroma , most color vision deficiencies are caused by an abnormal overlapping response to light by different types of cone cells. This problem most often affects cone cells that normally are sensitive to either red or green wavelengths of light. The abnormal overlap of sensitivity to these wavelengths results in red-green color blindness, which is the most common type of color vision deficiency.

To compensate for this abnormal cone response, color blind glasses contain proprietary optical materials that filter specific wavelengths of light where this overlap occurs. The result: more accurate color perception because the brain can now better distinguish red wavelengths from green wavelengths.

Though colorblind glasses do not cure color blindness or produce 100% normal color vision, they allow colorblind individuals to perceive colors they have never seen before and experience closer-to-normal color vision while wearing the specially tinted lenses.

People with color vision deficiencies who try color blind glasses for the first time often are amazed by what they see. Typically, they immediately see a broader array of colors and greater vibrancy of colors than what was “normal”for them without the glasses.

Who Can Colorblind Glasses Help

People with mild to moderate forms of colorblindness may benefit from colorblind glasses.But they do not work for everyone with colorblindness.

Some people with severe color blindness do not experience improvement in color perception when they wear the glasses.

In most cases, people must have some degree of color perception for the glasses to work. This means they generally wont be effective for those with complete color blindness.

Some studies show that the effectiveness of colorblind glasses improves with sustained wear.

Adapting To Your Color Blind Glasses

When first put on, the lenses may make the environment appear to have a strong reddish tint to it. For example, white would look red as opposed to truly white.

Naturally, the eyes adjust to this color imbalance after wearing the lenses for 90 -120 seconds. White is then seen as white again, and color constancy is rebalanced.

This is known as chromatic adaptation and is an important part of the color blindness correction process. This video demonstrates the process by which chromatic adaptation takes place and knowing when it is complete.

Color blindness correction and chromatic adaptation

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Will Enchroma Color Blind Glasses Work For Me

Color blindness is not a singular condition. It encompasses a range of conditions, from mild to severe, that can cause each person to see color differently. EnChroma glasses are designed to improve color vision of people with forms of anomalous trichromacy, which are estimated to comprise four out of five cases of color blindness. The most common types are Protanomaly and Deuteranomaly, which are forms of partial red-green color blindness. In the most extreme cases, the complete absence of one of the cone photopigments, called Protanopia or Deuteranopia, are considered dichromats who may see limited results due to the complete inability to see red and green color differences. Reduced color discrimination of shades of blue and yellow is called Tritanomaly, or Tritanopia which is not a type of what is commonly referred to as red-green color blindness, but is also a form of color vision deficiency. EnChroma glasses are designed to address forms of red-green color blindness and are not intended to assist the vision of people with Tritan-type deficiency. Fortunately, most cases of color blindness respond well to EnChroma spectral lens technology, enabling the perception of bright, vibrant color. Learn more about types of color blindness.

Enchroma Color Blind Sunglasses

Outdoor Sport Square Corrective Color Blind Glasses Red Green ...

EnChromaâs color blind sunglasses contain cutting-edge technology to improve outcomes for people with a range of visual color deficiencies.

The company offers both indoor and outdoor lenses. EnChromaâs lenses are designed for those with red-green colorblindness only, so they are unlikely to work for those with blue-yellow problems. Their lenses offer 100% ultraviolet protection, are scratch-resistant, have an anti-reflective coating and can be ordered with or without prescription.

Though the company is based in Berkeley, CA, some of their products are Italian-made, including these sunglasses. Their styles are stylish and can be worn over contact lenses if need be. The high-quality lenses and frames do drive up the cost of these glasses.

Pilestone glasses offer several lens options depending on the type of colorblindness. This particular pair comes with lens type B, which is a universal, indoor-outdoor, red-green deficiency lens. Lens types A, B, C and D are for various types of red-green deficiency. Lens type E is for blue-yellow deficiency.

Their lens guide helps to figure out which lens will work best for a particular individual. Lenses can be ordered with or without a prescription. Some are suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear, while others are intended for indoor use only. They are fashionable and one of the most cost-effective options available.

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What Is Color Blindness

Most types of color blindness occur when there is an excessive overlap of the M and L color cones in the eye, causing distinct hues to become indistinguishable. As a result, the number of shades of color a typical color blind person can see may be reduced by as much as 90%.

The Science Behind EnChroma Lens Technology

EnChroma develops optical lens technology that selectively filters out wavelengths of light at the precise point where this confusion or excessive overlap of color sensitivity occurs. The M and L cones are altered in such a way that there is a greater amount of difference in color discrimination along the so-called confusion line for that individual.

Our lens technology increases contrast between the red and green color signals, alleviating symptoms of color blindness for a richer experience of the world. With the application of science, optics, mathematics and more than 10 years of clinical research, EnChroma continues to advance the field of color vision research and bring new products to market that solve unique color deficiency issues. Learn more about theaccidental discovery of this revolutionary lens technology.

Our lens technology increases contrast between the red and green color signals, alleviating symptoms of color blindness for a richer experience of the world.

Our lens technology increases contrast between the red and green color signals, alleviating symptoms of color blindness for a richer experience of the world.

How Do Colorblind Glasses Work

It is important to understand how color blindness occurs in the human eye in order to comprehend color blind eyewear.

Within the retina of the human eye, there are three distinct color-sensitive receptors known as cones. Red, green, and blue are determined by these cones and sent to the brain, where the information is processed and interpreted.

But if the photo-pigment in these cones is low, they might offer an erroneous perception of the color of the items you are looking at. The most common faulty cones are the red and green ones, where the red cone may produce a higher reading of the reds than are genuinely in an item, essentially negating or modifying the greens in the object, hence the term red-green color blind.

Color blind glasses alter the saturation of the items you see through them, making them appear more heavily saturated in the hues that your eyes have difficulty seeing. This allows your brain to see the thing as if there was no impairment in your eyes at all, compensating for the missing hues.

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How Does Enchroma Work

EnChroma lenses are designed specifically to help patients who suffer from red-green colour deficiency. They work by selectively filtering out the red and green wavelengths of light at the precise point where the colour sensitivities overlap before hitting the retina, causing far greater contrast between the colours and enabling the patient to be able to distinguish between them.EnChroma® lenses, which are made from cutting edge Trivex® lens material for optimal clarity, lightness, strength and 100% UV protection are available in a selection of modern, fashionable frames, making it possible for you to find a pair of EnChroma®glasses to suit your style, whatever that may be. The result, the clearer, more vibrant vision that you deserve provided by glasses that make you feel confident and ready for your bright and beautiful future. If you would like to learn more about EnChroma® glasses and how they can restore you with colour vision, please dont hesitate to get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable eye care team by calling our offices in Rosedale, AUK on 09-884-0034.

Eyemyeye Color Blind Glasses The Gateway To A Colorful World

John color blind glasses

Colors are in everything we see around, and they help to calm our agitated minds and reenergize ourselves. But for some, perceiving colors is not easy. Such inability to perceive colors is termed as color blindness. Despite the fact that theres no cure for this condition, such individuals can still use the Color Blind Glasses and enjoy the enhanced color vision.

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Shop Color Blind Glasses By Eyemyeye Online

Color Blindness is generally of three types, Red-Green, Blue-Yellow, and Complete/Total Color Blindness. The second type being less common and the third type being absolutely rare. These color blind glasses at EyeMyEye helps 80% of people suffering with Red-Green Color Blindness*. The lenses of these specialty eyewear are crafted to offer assistance in perceiving colors accurately, along with enhancing the overall visual clarity & comfort. Plus, these glasses are available in a wide range of stylish shapes like Pilot, RetroSquare, Round, Clubmaster & Rectangle.These are designed to suit the facial contours of both men & women. Crafted from high-quality material, these give you an extra level of comfort too.So, grab these Color Blind Glasses and enjoy the colors around you to the fullest!

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What Is Normal Color Vision

Normal color vision occurs when white light, which contains within it all the colors of the rainbow, enters the eye. This light activates three kinds of photopigments, one in each of the three photoreceptors sensitive to different parts of the visible spectrum: blue, green and red.

Normal color vision to color deficient vision.

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Color Blindness Glasses For Men

  • IMPROVE YOUR DAILY LIFE with a pair of elegant colorblind corrective glasses for adults that will allow you to perceive all colors better. No need to struggle with indistinguishable greens and reds anymore.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STYLISH COLOR CORRECTION GLASSES for men who do not want to sacrifice style for functionality. Made from TR material, our comfy color blindness corrective glasses will become your go-to glasses.
  • SEE COLORS NORMALLY with our premium colorblind correction glasses for men, which are designed to help minimize distortion and increase contrast for all colors – not only green, red, yellow or blue
  • UNLIKE OTHER COLOR BLINDNESS CORRECTION GLASSES that only focus on red green colorblind people, our color blind corrective glasses are equipped with the latest technology lenses that enhance all colors.
  • GET YOUR COLORBLINDNESS GLASSES RISK-FREE: In the improbable case that you are not 100% thrilled by our color corrective glasses, we promise to issue a full refund on the spot. No questions asked.

What Are Color Blind Glasses

Color Blind Corrective Glasses Red Green Blindness Weakness Eyesight ...

Color blind glasses are eyeglasses with specially tinted lenses that help a colorblind person see colors more accurately. Color blind glasses do not cure color blindness or produce 100% normal color vision. But they enhance and partially correct certain color vision deficiencies of colorblind individuals.

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Take The #1 Online Color Blind Test In 2 Minutes

To find out if you are color blind–and what type and severity of color vision deficiency–take our brief EnChroma Color Blindness Test. It is one of a kind proprietary screening test that takes just 2 minutes to help you determine if you have normal color vision or if you are color blind. It was the first test of its kind to also determine the type and level of severity of color blindness to help you choose the right EnChroma lens for you.

Types Of Colorblind Glasses

Colorblind glasses come in different tints, based on the type and severity of color blindness you have.

Though most types of colorblind glasses look like sunglasses, they are available with different kinds of lenses:

  • Non-prescription colorblind glasses. Color blind glasses with non-prescription lenses are less expensive than prescription colorblind glasses. These are the ones to buy if you don’t have vision problems and have 20/20 visual acuity without corrective lenses. They also can be worn over contact lenses if you need vision correction. Oversized color blind glasses are available that can be worn over prescription eyeglasses.

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How Much Do Color Blindness Glasses Cost

A pair of adult EnChroma lenses cost between $200 and $400. For children, the glasses start at approximately $269.

Insurance plans do not currently cover color blindness glasses. If you have vision protection, you can ask about receiving EnChroma glasses as prescription sunglasses. You may be given a discount or voucher.

Colorblind Glasses: Everything You Need To Know

People See Color For The First Time With Glasses That Fix Colorblindness | CNBC

Colorblind glasses offer a way for those with color blindness to see the world around them more vividly.

It used to be that if an eye care professional told you that you had color blindness, there wasnt much you could do. Most likely, you would have been told that color blindness was a genetic condition and nothing could change it, and that you should probably avoid certain jobs that require accurate color vision.

But thanks to colorblind glasses, people with color blindness can enjoy enhanced color perception.

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News Famous: Pilestone Tp

  • Please visit our company website to determine which lens type you might need to order. Please do not order a random lens type.
  • Please contact our customer representative if you need any help in selecting lenses
  • 60-day Return Policy
  • Might be covered by vision insurance
  • There is a 10-15% chance that our glasses completely dont work even if you pick the one suggested by the test

Where Can I Buy Color Blind Glasses Online At The Lowest Price In The Singapore

As a color blindness lenses retailer we have been serving color blind people around the world.Covisn color blind glasses sell on Hong Kong,China,South ,West Asia and US,CA over 5 year. Our goal is to help our clients improve their quality of life just like countless others out there have done.

Dont waste any time and order your pair today!

Red green color blind are 99% of color blind types in the world.Our glasses are best works red green color blind.Most of brand color blind glasses are over 100 USD,we offer cheaper price but same quality glasses which service for our 1000+ happy customers.

Before purchase,youd better check if you are red green color blind,or you know you are red-green colour blind.

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Color Blindness Correction Glasses For Men For Red

  • IMPROVE YOUR DAILY LIFE: Our color blind glasses achieve life-changing results for just one thing. See real color for the first time and turn washed-out colors into bright, vibrant colors. Experience the true beauty of the world in scenic locations outdoors and indoors, while watching TV, playing games, surfing the Internet, and much more.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1x colorblind glasses,1x glasses case,1x Glasses bag,1x Glasses cloth, 100% manufacturer and own brand, reliable quality, The glasses will not be effective for everyone. If you think the glasses can’t help you, please inform our customer service of your situation, and we accept your full refund.
  • GOOD GIFT: This is a great gift for people with red-green blindness to help them experience life-changing events suitable for both indoor and outdoor use though it works with better results in a brighter environment.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STYLISH COLOR BLINDNESSGLASSES: for men who do not want to sacrifice style for functionality. Made from TR material, our comfy color blindness glasses will become your go-to glasses.
  • COLOR BLIND GLASSES THAT MAKE PEOPLE SEE COLOR: See colors normally with our premium colorblind correction glasses for men, Improve your daily life to perceive all colors better. No need to struggle with indistinguishable greens and reds anymore -be able to see the true beauty of the world.

Color Blind Glasses Cost


Color blind glasses typically cost $200 to $450 or more. Cost depends on many factors, including the technology and quality of the lenses. Also, customized prescription color blind glasses often cost significantly more than non-prescription versions.

Beware of cheap color blind glasses sold online or in convenience stores. These products often are sunglasses with tinted lenses that provide little or no benefit for people with color blindness.


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About Colorlite Color Blind Glasses

How can I get color blind glasses?

2. Have a color blind diagnostic exam and receive a prescription3. Choose your favorite frame4. Get your Colorlite glasses

Contact one of our affiliates Eye Care Professional for your personalized exam. The color blindness diagnostic and correction process takes about 1 hour. The test will be implemented with the Colorlite color vision and Ishihara test books.

Colorlite color blind glasses are personalized to your unique color blindness and vision prescription with most kind of frames. If you are satisfied with the improvement, you can order your colorblind glasses. The production of your personalized colorblind glasses takes approx. 2-3 weeks.

After an individual color blindness diagnostic exam, we provide prescription color blindness correction lenses to help see more colors and hues that were previously indiscernible.

Where can I try the color blind glasses?

You can try the Colorlite color blind glasses and choose any kind of frames, if you visit one of our affiliates Eye Care Professionals.

How much does a pair of Colorite color blind glasses cost?
When can I get my color blind glasses?

About 4 weeks after ordering.

Can I incorporate the color blind lenses with vision prescription eyeglasses?

Yes, it can be used any kind of prescription glasses and any kind of frames. Images of the color blind glasses.

Can I order bifocal, multifocal, prism or cylindrical lenses?
Can I use the Colorlite color blind glasses with other frames?

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