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Costa Del Mar Fishing Sunglasses

Weather Conditions Youre Fishing

Costa Untangled Fishing Sunglasses: UPDATE! | SportRx

Even when the clouds are overhead, sunglasses can be highly beneficial to an angler, allowing them to better see into the water.

For cloudy days red or bronze tinted sunglasses work the best.

Sunny days are when we think of needing sunglasses the most.

The lens colors that work best on sunny days are greens, grays, and browns. Blue lenses also help but they arent ideal.

They Handle High Speeds Well

You will not have a problem with the Costa Permits sliding or moving on your face. Period.

I have put many miles on em at full throttle and they dont lift up my nose or shimmy as I reach the 70 mph mark. Since Ive owned these frames, I havent had to take my hand off the steering wheel a single time to adjust my sunglasses.

Best Slim Fit: Native Eyewear Penrose Sunglasses


  • Designed especially for narrower face shapes

  • Resin frame promises both lightness and durability

  • Limited choice of frame/lens color combinations

  • Emphasis on style rather than fishing-specific performance

If you have a narrow face, choosing sunglasses specially designed for a slim fit makes all the difference. Native Eyewears Penrose model fits this description, with a frame width of 126 millimeters and a 6-base curve for a flatter front profile. The glasses are available in three frame and lens color combinations: tortoiseshell with bronze reflex lenses, natural wood with brown lenses, and matte black with blue reflex lenses. All of them are polarized, and all offer 100 percent UV protection.

As with most more-affordable sunglasses, the lenses are made of ophthalmic-grade polycarbonate rather than glass. However, these boast a hard coating for increased scratch resistance and are both oleo- and hydrophobic. The upshot: Having your vision blurred by water droplets or dirty fingerprints should be a thing of the past. Other pros include a lightweight, bio-based resin frame capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and hypoallergenic non-slip grips for keeping your glasses firmly in place.

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Why Anglers Like It

Costa del Mar sunglasses are largely used by people who enjoy playing outdoor sports or going fishing, due to the comfort and versatility they offer to the wearer.They act as a great protection for the eyes, which is an essential feature to look for when you spend out all day in the bright sunlight.Costa sunglasses also offer superior contrast and enhance vision, making it easier to spot and catch the fish.

They come in three different fits to better suit any face shape: narrow, regular and wide.

Sunglasses For Low Light

Costa Del Mar Zane Fishing Polarized Sunglasses ZN 69 OCGLP

I recently completed my sun protection three-stage with a pair of Costa del Mar Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses. These are the most eye-friendly shades in my quiver. The yellow lens and light silver mirror lets in 30 percent of sunlight, compared to 12 percent for their other lenses) which is perfect for early morning and dusk.

They still offer 100 percent polarization and UV protection. The shades wont miraculously clear the clouds on an overcast day or allow me to sight fish in the dark, but the light weight 580 polycarbonate lens is a nice break from my heavier glass lenses. I also find myself grabbing the Sunrise Silver Mirrors on land, too.

They are so comfortable without straining my eyes that I wear them anytime Im not on the water. The yellow color improves target separation and the light silver mirror knocks down glare for high-definition performance. The best thing is all three lenses come in my favorite Tuna Alley frame that fits my face while still allowing ventilation to clear fog and sweat.

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Best Floatable: Boll Holman Floatable Sunglasses

I mean, we feel like everyone needs a floatable pair of sunnies. We can’t even begin to explain how many times we’ve dropped a pair of sunnies over the boat, off the dock, or from a pier. If you spend enough time on the water, those things will happen. That’s why we love Bollé’s Holman Floatable sunnies. We also love how lightweight and comfy they are. Thanks to some proprietary thermoplastic rubber in strategic places, the Holman’s actually get grippier when wet.

We also dig that these sunnies have 100 percent UV protection and fit slimmer faces well. Bonus: All Bollé products come with a two-year warranty, and these sunnies are at a solid mid-range price point. So, even if you do somehow lose them, it won’t hurt as much.

The Clarity Has Impressed Me Most

Its tough to overstate the clarity these lenses provide. I chose the Green Mirror lens color and the amount of contrast is leaps and bounds above anything else Ive put on my face. Whether Im fishing in sunny or cloudy conditions, these lenses make everything pop and allow me to see both hidden cover and bass in shallow water.

This color also seems to brighten your view on those lowlight days, which Ive really enjoyed. I can put them on while Im running across the lake to shield my eyes from raindrops or water droplets coming off my trolling motor without sacrificing my vision or safety. Ive also been using them a lot when driving my truck in wet or rainy conditions. That might sound weird, but the polarization drastically decreases the glare from my windshield and again, the Green Mirror color brightens everything up and allows me to see clearer than I can with my naked eye.

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They Fit My Face Like A Glove

Im sure everyones face shape will dictate which frames work best for them, but I can certainly say that these Costa Permits feel like theyre tailor-made for my face. The inside of the frame is lined with Hydrolite Polymer which creates a snug fit and very unified feel on my face. They stay snug, even running 70 miles per hour in my bass boat, and never slide down my nose or temples. With other sunglasses Ive worn, I would often notice significant ear fatigue at the end of the day the arms would dig into the tops of my ears and at the end of a long day, it would actually feel like I had bruises.

I have worn these glasses for 12 hours at a time and never felt any discomfort whatsoever and I forget Im even wearing them.

How To Choose The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing

Best Men’s FISHING Sunglasses from COSTA for 2021! | SportRx

Not all fishing sunglasses are the same because not all fishing situations are the same.

Like everything else regarding fishing gear, its a matter of angler preference and situation.

There are numerous quality fishing sunglasses on the market, so how do you choose the best pair of sunglasses for you?

The two most significant contributing components to good fishing sunglasses are the frames and the lenses.

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Available At Tackle Warehouse

Although you might have to save a little more money for these sunglasses, I personally believe theyre worth every penny. I spent a solid decade replacing mid-tier sunglasses when either the lenses would chip, the frames would get too loose or the polarization would peel off the lenses. My desk drawer is full of discarded pairs, but I just cant bring myself to throw away all that money. Ive spent over $500 playing that game. Im always very apprehensive of fads and the Costa craze isnt a fad. Theyre darn good sunglasses and Im upset that it took me so long to catch on.

Sunglasses For Bright Light

I originally picked up a pair of Costa del Mar 580 glass blue mirror gray lenses for offshore fishing. The gray lenses and blue mirror block the harsh offshore light bouncing off sapphire blue water to spot a white marlin chasing a ballyhoo. Recently, I started wearing the gray lenses inshore during the brightest part of the day. A few years ago, I started returning from inshore sight fishing trips essentially blind. My eyes were so sun stressed that I could hardly drive. I may lose a little target separation, but I save my eyes. As the sun gets lower, Ill switch back to the copper lenses.

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Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Review

No More Costas

Costa Del Mar used to be the go-to brand of sunglasses across the board for boaters and fisherman. They came with a hefty price tag but you knew that you were going to get a quality pair of sunglasses that were backed up with a solid warranty and great customer service. Personally, I have been wearing Costas for the past 20 years and I would say that at least 75% of other professional charter boat captains that I know of also wear Costas to protect their eyes. So, what is going on with the Costa Del Mar brand these days? Well, unfortunately Costa was bought out by a large corporation called Luxottica in the spring of 2020. Luxottica is the same corporation that also bought big brands such as Ray Ban, Oakley and Lens Crafters.

So, what does this mean for us as consumers who really dont care about the big corporate dealings and just want to get a good pair of sunglasses? I recently had to deal with the new Costa Del Mar and from my experience its not good. First off, the price increased by about 35% for the exact style of sunglasses that I bought just 2 years ago. Second, that great lifetime frame warranty that you got with your sunglasses has been slashed to a limited 3-year warranty. Moreover, Luxottica is reneging on all of the old warranties so even if you bought your glasses from Costa before the merger dont count on getting your glasses fixed if they break.

Shades For Sun Sand And Sea

Costa Del Mar Hammerhead Sunglasses  Glasgow Angling Centre

Men angling for the best-looking, highest-performing shades will be glad to get hooked on Costa Del Mar mens sunglasses. Wrap styles like the Costa Del Mar Blackfin or Jose offer secure sun protection that stays put, with Costa Del Mar lenses for maximum clarity and glare reduction. Surfers can keep everything above board with Costa Del Mar polarized sunglasses to reduce the glare from the waves. Enjoy the sun, sand and saltwater, but keep them out of your eyes with Costa Del Mar Brine shades, in classic tortoise Havana frames with deep-sea green lenses. Whether you prefer wrap, oval or aviator styles, set a course for for the best selection of Costa mens sunglasses.

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Q: Do I Need A Prescription With Fishing Sunglasses

A: You do not. Do they exist? Yes, but they arent necessary when you get polarized lenses. Prescription sunglasses typically arent polarized, and while you may have a bit more visibility in the right light, youre going to have a harder time spotting fish.Prescription sunglasses magnify, and so youre getting an altered image of the water. When we look through water, everything morphs. Theres something called Snells Window, where we see light through the water when were under it, because of the way light fractures through it . When were above water, this doesnt happen. The light is reflecting, and working against us.

In the end, your prescription sunglasses arent going to help with spotting the fish polarized lenses are what you want. You may, however, want to opt for prescription polarized fishing sunglasses.

Lenses For Land And Lakes

For water-loving women, finding the perfect shades for sailing, surfing and other seaside fun can feel like a hunt for buried treasure. Costa Del Mar womens sunglasses give you maximum sun protection without throwing style overboard. On the lake or at the shore, Costa aviators like the Southpoint shades are a catch. In gold or silver frames, these seafaring sunnies let you keep your kayak on track. Stormy grey or ocean blue polarized lenses keep glare at bay.

Sign up and save

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Where Youre Fishing Trip Takes Place

Your eyewear will perform best in different environments, depending on your lens material and tint.

When offshore fishing, you will face more intense sunlight reflecting off of the waters surface.

This is why having frames and lenses that completely protect your eyes is extremely important.

Gray lenses with a blue mirror coating will perform the best while on open water.

When inshore fishing, you will likely have objects that help to block or absorb some of the sunlight.

When fishing, freshwater rivers, lake edges, and ponds, trees will cast a shadow on the water, making it difficult for your eyes to see into the water.

A green mirror or bronze with copper mirror shines under these conditions.

Best Budget: Tifosi Swank Sunglasses

Best Everyday COSTA Sunglasses for Women! | SportRx
  • Hydrophilic pads for a secure, non-slip fit

  • Polarized lenses with 100 percent UV protection

  • Review-backed performance at an affordable price

  • Limited choice of lens colors

  • Polycarbonate lenses are easier to scratch than glass

Tifosi Swank Polarized Sunglasses offer an alternative option at the other end of the price spectrum if you’d rather not spend hundreds of dollars on your fishing eyewear. The Swank’s are a solid choice for those like us who are hard on or lose sunnies. Coming in at roughly a fifth of the price of the most expensive glasses on this list, they combine a casual, retro-style with all of the essential features necessary for a comfortable and safe day out on the waternamely, polarized lenses with 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. The glasses also come in a non-polarized version for even greater savings.

The polycarbonate lenses cannot compete with glass for clarity but have one significant advantagethey’re 20 times more impact-resistant than glass and are therefore often considered the safer choice. The frame is made of high-strength nylon for durability and lightness, while hydrophilic pads on the nose and earpieces mean that the more you sweat, the more the sunglasses will grip in place. Choose from a range of frame and lens colors.

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Comparison Table The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing

  • Sweat channels and eye wire drains


  • Price. You pay for all the fancy extras.

Why We Chose It

In short, because of the Costa name. They stand behind their quality products and always provide a solid warranty which they back 100% of the time.

Costa is the best brand of fishing sunglasses, no contest.

Specifically, the Fantail Pro sunglasses are the best Costa sunglasses for fishing.

Designed with the angler in mind, Costa thought about blocking the sun rays and keeping sweat out of the anglers eyes with their patented sweat management technology.

So if youre like me and sweat a lot, you will appreciate this feature!

They are very comfortable, especially since you can adjust the nose piece to better fit your face.

The side shields and hooding will keep unwanted light from reaching your eyes so that you wont squint your entire fishing trip.

If you have a larger head, these are the frames from you.

The multiple frame and lens colors to choose from means you can order the pair that best suits your needs and personality.

For instance, I primarily bass fish in lakes and ponds, so the copper-based lenses work best for me.

But if youre offshore fishing, gray lenses with a blue mirror coating will be a better suit for you.

Theyre Lighter Than I Expected

I agonized over my lens choice for a several days before ordering these sunglasses. My research taught me that the glass 580G lenses would be a bit heavier, but have better clarity. I also learned that the polycarbonate 580P lenses were lighter, but were much more durable. After some thinking, I bit the bullet and decided to go with the glass 580G lenses and Im really glad I did.

These lenses are much lighter than I expected and they feel similar to polycarbonate lenses Ive worn in the past I can barely tell a difference. Like I mentioned earlier, youll feel very little, if any, fatigue at the end of a long day on the water. If you find yourself stressing out over your lens choice, I would absolutely recommend the 580Gs.

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The 10 Best Fishing Sunglasses Of 2022

The Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley PROs offer enhanced definition and clarity

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

The Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley PRO sunglasses boast 100 percent UV protection, use sweat channels and eyewire drains to eliminate moisture, and come in a variety of frame and lens colors. For an affordable and well-reviewed pick, reach for the Tifosi Swank sunglasses.

Quality fishing sunglasses protect your eyes from sun damage, reduce glare, and act as a barrier against flying hooks and sinkers. Whether you prefer glass or polycarbonate lenses, your priority should be maximum UV protection when choosing sunglasses. As the owner of P& A Eyecare, James Michael, says, exposure to UV light has been linked to certain eye conditions including cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, which can ultimately cause serious vision problems and even a total loss of sight. Defending yourself against these conditions is therefore of utmost importance.

Fishing sunglasses should also be polarized, according to optometrist Bryan Wolynski. By choosing polarized lenses, you will not only reduce glare, but also improve your ability to see beneath the surface, making it more comfortable to spend long hours on the water. Other factors to look for include lens color, fit, and frame material .

Time Of Day Youre Fishing

Costa Del Mar Fisch Sunglasses  Glasgow Angling Centre

Early in the morning or late in the evening, you might not consider wearing your sunglasses.

However, these are vital times for sight fishing. In these low-light conditions, yellow lenses work the best.

You can switch to your cloudy or sunny pair when the sun is shining brightest the rest of the day.

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