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Costa Del Mar Sunglasses For Women

Lenses For Land And Lakes

Best Everyday COSTA Sunglasses for Women! | SportRx

For water-loving women, finding the perfect shades for sailing, surfing and other seaside fun can feel like a hunt for buried treasure. Costa Del Mar womens sunglasses give you maximum sun protection without throwing style overboard. On the lake or at the shore, Costa aviators like the Southpoint shades are a catch. In gold or silver frames, these seafaring sunnies let you keep your kayak on track. Stormy grey or ocean blue polarized lenses keep glare at bay.

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Are Costa Sunglasses Lightweight

Yes, absolutely. In fact, each of the Costa del Mar sunglasses is constructed with lightweight and durable materials. Theyâre made to support an active lifestyle and are capable of delivering high performance.

And while were on the topic of sunglasses, why dont you check out our best aviator sunglasses for women. Find the perfect pair to carry you through summer and spring!

Costa Del Mar Women’s Panga Polarized Sunglasses


These items are available only in 48 contiguous United States. For orders Outside the Continental United States contact our Special Order Team at

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Light and versatile with deep, winding curves like the beachfront boats of the Caribbean and Central America, Panga is a large female frame for surf and sand. Tri-fusion bio-resin construction, integral hinge and CAM systems, combined with classic West Coast styling and polarized lenses that offer 100% UV protection, make the Panga the ultimate companion for all your sun-filled adventures.

  • Frame material: Bio-Based Nylon
  • Frame color: Shiny Taupe Crystal
  • Lens Color: Copper Silver Mirror 580P

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Costa Del Mar Womens Waterwoman

Costa del Mar Womens Waterwoman was such a pleasant surprise. Let us tell you weve gone through dozens of pairs of sunglasses in our entire lives. Ray-Ban, Oakley, Under Armor, weve worn them before. And you know what? The Waterwoman is actually two steps above those sunglasses! Theyâre well made, have impressive quality, and are highly fashionable. We simply fell in love with this pair of sunnies!

Its polarized lenses work flawlessly in reducing glare. Other than that, the sunglasses stayed in place, whether weâre looking down or scanning the surroundings. And since there are rubbers inside the arms of the goggles, the Waterwoman wont slip easily when you put them on your hair. Its a really nice detail. So if youâre looking for a good pair of Costa del Mar female sunglasses, this one is worth considering.

And while youre here, check out our best aviator sunglasses for small faces. Get the dramatic look youve always wanted without making your face look silly!

  • Theyâre well made, have impressive quality, and are highly fashionable

Costa Del Mar Kare Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Women

Oh, how we love a beautiful pair of sunglasses! Costa del Mar Kare Sunglasses are really nice. They have the right frame size and flatter our face shape. Weve worn these glasses on long-distance trips, and they dont slip at all. If you live in a warmer state, Kare will make a great purchase.

Made entirely in the United States, Costa del Mar Kare Sunglasses promise impeccable assembly quality. The frame is made of high-quality resin, which is both flexible and strong at the same time. Meanwhile, the lenses are made of plastic. While not as strong as glass, theyâre much lighter. This is what makes the Kare great for outdoor activities. They wont weigh you down and help you see better. If youâre in the market for Costa del Mar sunglasses for women, Kare is highly recommended.

  • Made exclusively in the USA, promises impeccable assembly quality.

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Are Costa Sunglasses The Same As Costa Del Mar

Costa del Mar, also known as Costa, is a Daytona Beach, Florida-based brand. Its name is taken from the Spanish language, which means âthe coast of the sea.â For more than four decades, Costa has been widely recognized as a manufacturer of high-performance fishing glasses with their fantastic 580G and 580P lens technology.

Costa Del Mar Womens Isabela

Whats there to love about Costa del Mar Womens Isabela? Well, a lot! First of all, these sunglasses are simply lovely. The frame is unique and highly stylish. The lenses provide more than adequate protection against the sun. If youre planning on getting a pair of Costa del Mar sunglasses for women, this one is guaranteed to be one of your favorites!

But before you decide to go with these sunglasses, thereâs one important detail. Compared to other Costas, Isabela is huge. If you dont have bigger heads, then forget about it. These fishing sunglasses wont even touch your temples! So, be sure to read the sizing details carefully before making any purchasing decisions.

  • Simply lovely sunglasses. The frame is unique and highly stylish.

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Costa Del Mar Womens Maya

Influenced by the crystal clear royal blue waters and the beauty of the Yucatan peninsula, the Costa del Mar Womens Maya is a feminine sunglasses thatâs sure to elevate your style. The frame is lightweight, allowing you to be constantly active while still looking presentable. The cat-eye shape is great for any occasion, whether its a kayaking adventure on the wild rivers of South America or a peaceful afternoon on the coast of Bali.

And in case youâre concerned about the authenticity of this product, dont. Weâve contacted Costa and the brand to confirm that the Maya sold on Amazon is 100 percent legit. These Costa del Mar female sunglasses are valid for a warranty claim or repair service, provided you make your purchase from verified sellers.

  • The frame is lightweight, allowing you to be constantly active while still looking presentable.

Costa Del Mar Womens Egret

Costa May Sunglass Review | SportRx

Want something with a bit of a designer touch? Go with Costa del Mar Womens Egret Sunglasses. Theyâre stylish yet unbelievably great. The polarizing lenses help you see clearly. They enhance colors and contrast significantly. Weve had these sunglasses for almost two months, and weve barely run into any issues. The nose pads are great. They keep the sunglasses in place, even when youre leaning over.

As for the frame size, Egret is a little smaller than we expected. However, if you have smaller heads and a narrower jawline, then these are the best womens Costa del Mar sunglasses for you. Definitely check them out if you can.

  • The polarized lenses help you see clearly. They enhance colors and contrast significantly.

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Costa Del Mar Womens Inlet

Costa del Mar Womens Inlet is simply amazing. If youve never spent 150 bucks on a pair of sunglasses, then now is the time! Seriously, these sunglasses are a great long-term investment. They look great, and the lenses are amazing. Weve taken these sunglasses to a variety of places, including super-bright deserts and reflective open waters, and weve gotten nothing but a sharp, crisp vision.

A little side note, though. If you have bigger heads, then you might want to check out our other best womens Costa del Mar sunglasses. This is because the Inletâs arm is a little too snug. So unless you want to have a tight fit over your face all day long, we suggest looking into some other alternatives.

  • They look great and the lenses are amazing. These sunglasses will make a great long-term investment.

Costa Del Mar Womens Sullivan

Costa del Mar Womens Sullivan comes in awesome shades. These sunglasses are well constructed and look stylish. Although we included these sunnies in our list of Costa del Mar sunglasses for women, theyâre actually unisex. As you would expect from the leading brand in the fishing sunglasses industry, Sullivan boasts the best-polarized lenses. Theyâre great when you need to do anything that involves outdoor environments and reflective open water.

Another thing we love about Sullivan is the nose piece. If you have a closer look, youâll notice that thereâs a solid nose holder there. This will help the sunglasses stay on your face, no matter how intensely you move around. In short, if you want something beautiful and clear, Sullivan is definitely ticking all the boxes.

  • Boasts the best-polarized lenses. Perfect when you need to do anything that involves outdoor environments and reflective open water.

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Costa Del Mar Womens Gannet

Weâre rarely disappointed with Costas glasses, and this one is no exception. Costa del Mar Womens Gannet is of really great quality. The frame looks amazing, and the lenses provide crystal clear vision. For each purchase, Costa includes a cleaning cloth and a storage case. This way, you can ensure that your precious sunglasses are fully protected when theyâre not in use.

If you enjoy kayaking or fishing, these best womens Costa del Mar sunglasses will serve you well. Theyâre comfortable, look good, and are of high quality. The lenses will make colors look sharper while protecting you from the sun. Apart from that, the temples are flexible, which makes them perfect for water activities.

  • The frame looks amazing and the lenses provide crystal clear vision

Costa Del Mar Womens Victoria

Buy Costa del Mar Gannet WOMEN

If we could only buy just a pair of sunglasses online, we would definitely pick up the Costa del Mar Womens Victoria. They come in fantastic material, so they wont slide off your nose which is a common problem with most sunglasses. Other than that, the polarized lenses work great. They allowed us to see better while on the water. If you cant get your hands on a pair of Costa Waterwoman sunglasses, the Victoria will make a good substitute.

Another thing we love about these sunglasses is how they have a perfect fit. Weâre pretty sure these glasses will look great on any face shape. Apart from that, Victoria also represents an extraordinary way to reduce plastic pollution. The frames they use are made from recycled fishing equipment. So if you want to do something nice for Mother Nature while looking stylish, these Costa del Mar female sunglasses are for you.

  • The sunglasses come in a fantastic material, so they wont slide off your nose.

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Costa Del Mar Womens Panga

Our next pick for this list of Costa del Mar sunglasses for women is Panga. These sunglasses are an absolute keeper. Theyâre actually making our vision clearer. Apart from that, the frame feels light and comfortable against our faces. And after spending countless hours with sunglasses that pressed against our ears and caused persistent dizziness, weâre truly relieved to have found Panga!

As this review is written, weâve been wearing the Costa del Mar Womens Panga for almost a month. No headaches, no red ears, no weird marks, nothing! Seriously, these sunglasses are simply awesome. Theyâre great for open water fishing and cool enough for everyday wear.

Speaking of sunglasses, check out our best Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses for women. All of them have UV protection and are of high quality. If you want something great to dazzle your eyes as summer rolls around, be sure to check them out!

  • They actually made our vision clearer. The frame feels light and comfortable over our faces

Are Costa Sunglasses Sold On Amazon Fake

Of course not. All Costa products available on Amazon are 100 percent authentic. You just need to make sure you buy from verified sellers. Apart from that, all Costa sunglasses purchased online are eligible for a return or exchange warranty claim.

A travel blogger and the founder of WOW Travel, Peter is a crazy dreamer with an insatiable desire for adventure who could never settle for an ordinary life or conform with the norm. After visiting more than 50 countries, he aims to travel with a purpose and inspire people to do the same.

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Shades For Sun Sand And Sea

Men angling for the best-looking, highest-performing shades will be glad to get hooked on Costa Del Mar mens sunglasses. Wrap styles like the Costa Del Mar Blackfin or Jose offer secure sun protection that stays put, with Costa Del Mar lenses for maximum clarity and glare reduction. Surfers can keep everything above board with Costa Del Mar polarized sunglasses to reduce the glare from the waves. Enjoy the sun, sand and saltwater, but keep them out of your eyes with Costa Del Mar Brine shades, in classic tortoise Havana frames with deep-sea green lenses. Whether you prefer wrap, oval or aviator styles, set a course for for the best selection of Costa mens sunglasses.

Costa Del Mar Womens Loreto

Costa Del Mar Sunglass Collection | SportRx

You cant imagine how excited we were when we found these Costa del Mar Womens Loreto sunglasses! Theyâre exactly the ideal pair of fishing sunglasses weve been craving for so long! The frame is solid and fits snugly, perfect for those with smaller faces. Whats more, these sunglasses wont slip off as you lean forward. If you love aviator style, these Costa del Mar womens sunglasses are going to be great.

Our only complaint is that these sunglasses come with plastic lenses instead of glass. Theyâre not that good at reducing glare. However, we can understand Costas decision as plastic is much lighter and more flexible, which makes it ideal for water activities. So if you want to look great while out in the open water, these Costa del Mar Womens Loreto Aviator Sunglasses should be on your must-have list.

  • The perfect aviator glasses for smaller faces. Great for those who love aviator style.

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Best Costa Del Mar Sunglasses For Women

  • 13 Best Costa del Mar
  • Fishing is no longer an exclusively male activity. If youre a woman and have a big passion for throwing bait and making perfectly timed hooks, youre going to need a good pair of fishing sunglasses. In that case, look no further than Costa del Mar sunglasses for women. Developed exclusively in Daytona Beach, Florida, the Costa del Mar female sunglasses are one of the best choices any angler can have.

    However, choosing which one to get can be quite tricky since hundreds of best women Costa del Mar sunglasses are available. So in this article, were going to help you with some tips on what to look for when choosing a Costa. But before we get into that, lets check out our reviews of some of the best Costa waterwoman sunglasses below.

    How To Choose The Best Costa Del Mar Sunglasses For Women

    Ask any angler, and theyll agree that Costa del Mar sunglasses for women are the go-to choice when you want tough, complete eye protection. In the last three decades, Costa has transformed itself as a leader in the fishing sunglasses market. Their products are built for demanding situations and can offer unrivaled clarity. Costa del Mar sunglasses are developed and designed to take on rough waters while keeping your vision optimal.

    That being said, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing the best womens Costa del Mar sunglasses. You need to think about things like fit, lens color, and material. Keep reading for more details on these crucial factors.

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    Costa Del Mar Womens Anaa

    After some serious consideration, we decided to purchase a pair of Costa del Mar Womens Anaa. We picked the combination of the tortoiseshell and black frame because we thought it was cute. And as soon as the package arrived, we could immediately tell we had a gorgeous pair of Costa Waterwoman sunglasses in our hands. Straight out of the box, these sunnies are perfect. Theyâre well built and look terrific on our smaller faces.

    The gray lenses are pretty clear. Weve gone on a lake fishing trip with these sunglasses, and they provide an impressive perception of depth and sharpness. As for the packaging, Anaa comes with a storage case and a cleaning cloth. If youâre someone with petite frames, dont hesitate to go with these sunglasses.

    • The perfect pair of sunnies. Theyre well constructed and look terrific on smaller faces.

    Costa Del Mar Womens Paloma

    Costa Del Mar Isabela Sunglasses Womens

    Beautifully named, the Costa del Mar Womens Paloma is everything you could imagine from a perfect pair of sunglasses. The word Paloma itself is taken from Spanish, which means dove. And that seems like a perfect fit since these sunglasses have gorgeous frames. Other than that, the colors look amazing, with fantastic little details.

    Featuring polarizing lenses with 100 percent UV protection, the Paloma would be great for a fun day at the beach or casual driving on sunny days. Apart from that, its unique butterfly shape is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. So what are you waiting for? Get these Costa del Mar female sunglasses, and have a fabulous summer!

    Dont have hundreds of dollars to spend on a nice pair of aviator sunglasses? Dont be sad, because we have good news for you. Check out our list of best aviator sunglasses for cheap and find some more affordable alternatives to keep you looking cool during the summer!

    • Beautiful sunglasses with gorgeous frames. The colors look amazing, with fantastic little details.

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