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Costa Sunglasses For Big Heads

What Are Oakley Xl Sunglasses

BEST Costa Sunglasses for BIG heads! || SportRx

Oakley XL sunglasses are larger versions of some of the brands most popular frames. To appeal to larger heads, Oakley makes these sunglasses in both regular and XL sizes.

This gives people with large faces or heads even more options. And you can find these frames simply by looking for the XL, denoting Extra Large in the titles of the frames.

Currently, Oakleys XL styles include a variety of frames such as the Flak 2.0, Half Jacket 2.0, M2, Mainlink, and Sliver.

Keep reading for our top picks for the best large Oakley sunglasses, including these XL frames.

Your Buying Guide For Costa Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar sunglasses, often simply referred to as Costa glasses, are popular polarized sunglasses that are particularly designed for fishing and out aquatic/outdoor recreation. They are designed for visual performance and durability in the most challenging environments. The following information will help you to decide if these sunglasses are right for you and which pair you should buy.

Xxl Mens Extra Large Wayfinder Polarized Sunglasses

Everybody should be able to look good and feel comfortable wearing sunglasses, including those with big heads. Its possible with XXL Mens Extra Large Wayfinder Polarized Sunglasses. This pair is designed with wider faces in mind and has a more extended width than most sunglasses available online. You can rest assured that you wont look ridiculous having it on instead, youll look fantastic with these large sunglasses for men!

These extra-large sunglasses have a masculine look that will give you an incredible silhouette, no matter which outfit you pair them with. The frame is made with a polycarbonate material, which makes for a lightweight pair of sunglasses. They wont be a burden even after wearing them for a long duration. The polarized triacetate cellulose lenses come in Black, Blue, Chrome, and even Blue Light Blocker. Paired with a classic wayfarer design with a great fit for most face shapes, these sunglasses make for a good accessory to have wherever you go. Take these mens sunglasses for big heads with you as you go traveling under the sun!

  • What We Love:
  • Classic design that fits amazing for big heads
  • Pros:
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    Big News Legendary Costa Frames Now Come In A Larger Size

    Costa Sunglasses For Big Heads

    Costa Sunglasses, is expanding its core performance line to include extended sizing in two of its best-selling frames, Ferg and Spearo. The Ferg and Spearo XL deliver performance and comfort in an extended size to keep every angler well-equipped for long days on the water.

    Ray Ferguson founded Costa in 1983 with high standards and the frame bearing his name, the Ferg, continues in his legacy. The durable, 580® lens is polarized and color-enhancing for superior clarity. Top and side hooding helps protect your eyes from the harsh sun, and Hydrolite® nose pads and temple grips ensure your glasses stay in place. The vented and fully-adjustable nose pad provides a customizable fit and helps to reduce fogging. And now in an XL size, every angler can sport the legendary frames comfortably.

    The Spearo, named for spearfishers, combines sleek style with adventure-ready performance for the silent hunters of the sea. The frames are lightweight and boast Hydrolite nose pads and temple grips to keep your glasses just where you want them all day. The embedded spring hinges provide a comfortable and secure fit. With the performance-ready features and style you are looking for in your sunglasses, the Spearo is now available in a larger than life XL fit. This season, go big or go back to the dock with Costas new XL collection.

    The Ferg and Spearo XL debuted March 1, 2021. For more information about Costa Sunglasses and its new XL collection, visit

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    Best Costa Sunglasses For Big Heads

    Do you love Costa sunglasses but have a hard time finding a pair that fits properly? Are you one of those many individuals who has a bigger head? At SportRx we understand the importance of finding a pair of sunglasses that fit properly when you have an extra-large fit. Which is why Eyeglass Tyler and Costa Expert Ryan, are here to present the best Costa sunglasses for big heads.

    Want to see which of these models were also included in our video of the Best Costa Sunglasses of 2019? We have a Complete Guide to Costa 580 Lens Technology if you want to learn more about Costas all polarized color-enhancing lens tech.

    The Clarity Has Impressed Me Most

    Its tough to overstate the clarity these lenses provide. I chose the Green Mirror lens color and the amount of contrast is leaps and bounds above anything else Ive put on my face. Whether Im fishing in sunny or cloudy conditions, these lenses make everything pop and allow me to see both hidden cover and bass in shallow water.

    This color also seems to brighten your view on those lowlight days, which Ive really enjoyed. I can put them on while Im running across the lake to shield my eyes from raindrops or water droplets coming off my trolling motor without sacrificing my vision or safety. Ive also been using them a lot when driving my truck in wet or rainy conditions. That might sound weird, but the polarization drastically decreases the glare from my windshield and again, the Green Mirror color brightens everything up and allows me to see clearer than I can with my naked eye.

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    Picking The Best Sunglasses For Big Heads

    Gone are the days when buying sunglasses will be based on style. Today, people consider their facial dimensions and shapes in looking for the right sunglasses. If the sunglasses are bigger for you, you can constantly adjust them to fit your face. However, the opposite situation will be impossible.

    This article will tackle all you need to know about sunglasses for big heads, tips on how to get the perfect one, and suggestions on a few of the bests in the market today.

    Theyre Lighter Than I Expected

    Get the Right Size with the Best Sunglasses for Big Heads! | SportRx

    I agonized over my lens choice for a several days before ordering these sunglasses. My research taught me that the glass 580G lenses would be a bit heavier, but have better clarity. I also learned that the polycarbonate 580P lenses were lighter, but were much more durable. After some thinking, I bit the bullet and decided to go with the glass 580G lenses and Im really glad I did.

    These lenses are much lighter than I expected and they feel similar to polycarbonate lenses Ive worn in the past I can barely tell a difference. Like I mentioned earlier, youll feel very little, if any, fatigue at the end of a long day on the water. If you find yourself stressing out over your lens choice, I would absolutely recommend the 580Gs.

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    Finding The Right Fit

    While understanding the right measurements for your sunglasses is key, finding the perfect fit is even more important.

    When picking out and trying on sunglasses, the key is comfort. A frame that feels too snug is probably too narrow and may cause headaches. While a frame with short earstems can rub and irritate your ears.

    When youre shopping, make sure you choose frames that fit your face and your head. Try on as many pairs as you need to determine your preferred measurements and dont compromise. A fashionable frame that causes pain is not worth the money.

    What Brands Offer Xl Sunglasses

    Several high-quality brands offer eyewear specifically sized for larger heads and faces. While these arent your only options they do provide an easy selection of large frames.

    • Oakley offers XL size sunglasses, which are typically 10-15% larger than standard size models, but feature the same design. You can read more in our Oakley Size Guide.
    • Costa has a range of oversized sunglasses that are larger than their standard frames. Some, like the Ferg, are about 5% larger than their standard counterpart. Others are more than 10% larger, like the Costa Permit, that are designed in their original form to be very large, equivalent to a double XL frame.
    • Ray-Ban offers many of its iconic frames like the Wayfarer or Aviator in large sizes . Other styles are specified as oversized, denoting their larger size.

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    Order Your Costa Sunglasses Today

    Check out the full Safety Gear Pro catalog of Costa sunglasses today. This brand is known for making excellent fishing glasses, a reputation that is well-earned. You can find the perfect sunglasses for all your aquatic and outdoor recreation needs. Place your order and get ready for some fun in the sun.

    How Do You Know If Your Glasses Are Too Narrow

    Best Costa Sunglasses for Big Heads

    Apply the three-point rule to know if you have a good fit: the frame should touch the nose, the top of the right ear, and the top of the left ear. If you notice there are pressure points on these three parts or on your temples or the frame sits too high on your nose, the glasses are too narrow for you. If you have a small face, then check out aviator sunglasses for small faces instead?

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    Monrich Polarized Sunglasses For Men

    When you have activities outdoors, be it traveling, sports, or driving, your eyes are at constant risk of being damaged by the harmful sun rays. Thats how wide sunglasses for men come in handy. Not only do they protect your eyes, but they also help put your outfit together for a great look! That is what Monrich Polarized Sunglasses for Men have to offer. Theyre lightweight sunglasses with polarization and blocking glare functions that help protect your eyes from the sun.

    The 100% UV400 protection coating blocks harmful UVA/UVB and UVC rays to prevent damage. These large sunglasses for men also reduce glare thats reflected off various horizontal surfaces you may encounter during your outdoor activities. All this protection comes in a lightweight frame with durable arms, complete with excellent elasticity. These prevent the glasses from breaking easily, so you can enjoy your activities with ease. You can hardly feel them on your face, and they fit great. The retro rectangular design gives you a fashionably classic look, too!

    • What We Love:
    • Lightweight and fashionable sunglasses for men with big heads
  • Pros:
  • The 10 Best Costa Sunglasses In 2022

    Sunglass is an accessory which works as a persons style statement. A pair of glares is enough to make a dull look spunky and exciting. A pair of stylish sunglasses and a beautiful watch, and that is all in the name of accessories a man needs to look stylish.

    In the case of women, less is never more. However, there are days when one doesnt feel like wearing makeup or accessories. A pair of sunglass proves to be the savior in their no makeup look days. With wearing a sunglass, people can feel new found confidence in them, and it brings out the best of their personality.

    Having said that sunglasses are not just for fashion or making a style statement. They are protection for our eyes as well. The radiations present in sunlight are extremely harmful and can severely damage the eyes.

    Squinting, blurring, eye fatigue, watery eyes, and the worst losing vision, all this can happen due to radiations of the sunlight. A sunglass is what one needs to escape from all the eye issues due to sunlight and UV rays and also look stylish.

    If there is one brand which is known for making the best sunglasses, then it has to be Costa. All the sunglasses created by Costa, rather, all the best Costa sunglasses are worth all the hype.

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    Multiple Frame Materials Available

    There are a few different material options for your frames. These are the options you need to know about:

    • Bio-Based Nylon: With this co-injected, bio-based nylon material, your glasses will be lightweight and extremely strong. This is the most common material for Costa prescription sunglasses and non-prescription models.
    • Acetate: Many people enjoy the warm, luxurious feel of acetate. It is strong, light and hypoallergenic. It is ideal for layered designs with rich colors.
    • Metal: Glasses have always had metal frames as an option. With marine-grade, corrosion-resistant Monel and titanium frames, Costa offered metal glasses that are ready for aquatic use.
    • Combination: With nylon, acetate and metal, these frames offer a great combination of durability, performance and style.
    • Rimless: Some people love the look of rimless glasses. You can find these in a few of the above material options. They are ultra-light and look great.

    Costa Del Mar Permit Sunglasses Review

    Top 7 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Big Heads of 2021 | SportRx
    By Walker Smith· Sep 26, 2018

    Youll rarely see me outdoors without a pair of sunglasses on, and Ive never done it for looks. I have light-blue eyes and theyve always been incredibly sensitive to sunlight. Even on an overcast day, I can barely keep my bare eyes open outside. So Ive always had to rely on good sunglasses to function outdoors like a normal human being.

    To be honest, Ive never owned a pair of Costa sunglasses until recently. I tried on a pair of my buddys, however, and I immediately ordered my own pair. I decided to go with the Costa Del Mar Permits and I can confidently say that theyre the best pair of fishing and all-purpose shades Ive put on my face. Whenever I find a product Im crazy about, I always want to share it with our readers, so Ill quickly outline what has impressed me most about them.

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    J+s Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses

    Protect your eyes while looking amazing with J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses. The classic aviator style automatically elevates your outfit, and there are so many different colors to choose from. Whether youre driving in the afternoon or enjoying some fun outdoor activities like golfing or fishing, youll appreciate having a pair of these sunglasses on your face. The large lens width makes them some of the best sunglasses for men with big heads.

    The frame of these sunglasses for a large head is made with metallic alloy material, making it ultra-lightweight for extra comfort. You can hardly feel it on your face! The legs are spring-loaded hinged, and the silicone nose pads are adjustable, which further provides maximum comfort and flexibility. They are also rated 400UV, which means it protects your eyes from 99-100% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation. The lenses are also tough, lightweight, and scratch-resistant with high optical clarity, so theyll be perfect and ready for any adventure youll have with them!

    • What We Love:
    • Stylish and durable large sunglasses for men with maximum protection from the sun
  • Pros:
  • Protection from UVA and UVB radiation
    • Ultra-lightweight

    Costa Del Mar Mens Rincon Rectangular Sunglasses

    Stylish, comfortable, and durable. With Costa Del Mar Mens Rincon Rectangular Sunglasses, you can look great while protecting your eyes from sun damage during any outdoor activities. Made in the USA, these mens sunglasses have a resin frame and glass lenses for big heads. The 63mm lens width, 11mm lens height, 11mm bridge, and 140mm arms make it a good fit for those with slightly wider faces than average. There are so many color options to choose from, so you can maximize your look with your authentic personal style the best.

    The lenses are 100% Nylon, which is light and flexible. They are Costas most high-tech lenses with 580 glass that provide superior clarity and protection from scratches. The 100% UV protection prevents your eyes from taking damage due to exposure to direct sunlight. They also claim to have the best polarizing efficiency available. The co-injected bio-based nylon frame material ensures that it stays comfortable while being tough and durable. These bad boys are so good we did a whole review about Costa Del Mar Sunglasses.

    • What We Love:
    • Comfortable but durable stylish mens sunglasses for big heads
  • Pros:
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