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Different Types Of Drinking Glasses

Why Is It Called A Highball Glass

Drinking 101: Different Kinds of Cocktail Glasses

The highball glass first came to be associated with whiskey in 1898. At that time, ball was bartender slang for glass. The word high was put in front indicating the size of the glass, which was typically between 8 ounces and 12 ounces. Today, youll see these glasses go even higher. People really like their whiskey!

Which Glass Is Not Used To Drink Wine

The cordial glass is not typically used to drink wine. Cordials are more commonly used for serving liqueurs or other types of drinks.

If you are looking for a glass to drink wine out of, you may want to choose a goblet, tumbler, or old-fashioned glass. However, any of these glasses can be used for any type of drink. It simply depends on your personal preference.

Different Types Of Drinking Glasses & Their Uses

Drinking is not just about the drink in your hand, but also the experience that comes with it. If you want to relish your enjoyment to the fullest, the right types of drinking glasses can make all the difference.

From cocktails to margaritas, drinking is a chasm of many flavors and textures infused together. For each type of premium liquor, there is a particular type of glass with peculiar features to enhance each separate drinks properties.

Some glasses have a narrow mouth to retain the aroma some have a long stem to prevent the drink from warming up by body temperature. Each glass is designed to make the drink better, and they actually do work.

However, with the wide variety of drinks out there, it can be confusing to keep up with the many available glasses. Here is a list of the different types of drinking glasses for best aesthetics and tastes.

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Why Dont You Fill Wine Glasses To The Top

You dont fill your wine to the top so you have room to swirl around the wine and release the aromas inside. The smell, after all, is almost as appealing as the taste!

White Wine Its recommended that you fill a glass with white wine no more than halfway to the top. This mixes the wine with the right amount of oxygen to release the aromas.

Red Wine Its recommended that you fill a glass with red wine no more than one-third full. You can then swirl the wine around without worrying about any spills.

A wine glass will fit between 12 to 14 fluid ounces, but you want to only pour about 5 ounces into your cup. If you want more wine, its all about finding a bigger glass! No judgement.

Juice And Table Glasses

Guide to Different Types of Drinking Glasses  MyGift

In addition to water glasses, you should be sure to keep some glasses for juice and other flavorful beverages. You may want a few different shapes and styles. As far as size goes, the best drinking glasses for everyday use within this category fall into the 8- to 12-ounce range.

Think of your water glasses as the workhorses of your kitchen glassware. Drinking glasses for juice can be a little less practical and a lot more fun.

Create an elegant atmosphere by serving juice in delicate hand-blown glasses. Colored glasses with a retro feel can add visual appeal to kitchen and your table settings.

A narrow and tall Collins or highball glass works wonders for a drink you want to sip slowly. Even the plainest beverage can feel like something special when you have a colorful or embossed glass in your hand.

One word of caution, avoid anything with a fluted or bulbous lip. This design feature often leads to a dripping glass.

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What Is The Difference Between A Shot Shooter And Jigger

A shot and shooter are glasses that you drink from, whereas a jigger is used to actually serve the drink. One other key difference is that jiggers are almost always made from stainless steel, while shot and shooter glasses can be made from a variety of materials like metal, glass, ceramic, or plastic.

Jigger a 1.5 ounce measuring cup used to make cocktails, shots, and other alcoholic drinks

Shot a 1.5 ounce alcoholic drink that can be straight alcohol or mixed with other ingredients

Shooter a 2 to 3 ounce alcoholic drink that is always mixed with other ingredients to add flavor

The Types Of Drinking Glasses You Need In Your Kitchen

When you open your kitchen cabinets, do you see too many drinking glasses that you never use? While you may have plenty of cups and mugs, you might not have the everyday drinkware that you really need.

The right types of drinking glasses can keep your cabinets more organized and add to the appeal of your table settings. Plus, you may even enjoy what youre drinking a little more.

This guide covers the types of drinking glasses you need in your kitchen. It includes options for water, juice, coffee and tea. Youll find cocktail glasses in another guide, however.

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Why Invest In Different Types Of Cocktail Glasses

The reason is simple: to enhance the drinking experience. Each type of cocktail glass is designed to bring out the complexities in aroma, temperature, color and flavor for the beverage in question. Additionally, many connoisseurs consider presentation to be important, as the effect of layered and blended drinks tends to get lost when served in the wrong type of bar glasses. And sometimes using a specific kind of drinkware is just a more sensible approachthink libations that are served in the same vessel that theyre prepared in.

And Those Are The Types Of Drinking Glasses

Types of Glassware IHG World Class Beverage Academy 101 Essentials | Hotel Training

Now hosting a party should not be so intimidating. Having the right type of glass for all of the different types of drinks can enhance the drinking experience by far. Each glass is uniquely designed to highlight the strong features of the drink.

You can best enjoy your liquor fanaticism without compromising on the aesthetics. The design of the drinking glass does not only cater to this aspect of the drinking experience, but also must be comfortable for use.

There are plenty of glasses available. Ultimately, it all comes down to the type of drink you are having that will lead you to pick a certain type of glass. Remember, picking the wrong glass can really mar the drinking experience , so choose correctly.

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Cleaning & Storing Of Drinking Glasses

While most types of dishwashers are a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning a tall pile of plates, they are not helpful with glassware. Drinking glasses should always be gently washed by hand and rinsed thoroughly to remove any soap residues and cloudy substances.

Glasses should always be kept or hung upside down. This prevents particular top-heavy glasses like margarita glasses from being knocked over. This also prevents any dry watermarks or the collection of dust in the bowl of the glass.

Drinking glasses are aesthetically pleasing to look at if you want to display your drinking glasses, dust them regularly. Another tip for storing glasses is to store them in appropriate racks.

Racks are made, especially according to the glasses’ width to store them securely, so not all types of drinking glasses can be placed in one rack.

Best Highball: Riedel Highball Glass

Its hard to get by without a good highball glass just ask Tom Collins. This Riedel model is easy on the eye and was designed by spirits specialist Zane Harris. The vertical stripes alone are a nice touch, and the size is perfect slender overall but with a large enough diameter to take on your larger, special occasion ice cubes.

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Drinking Glasses For Water

A tumbler, which may be made of glass or plastic, is quite possibly the best water glass you can choose. By definition, a tumbler is a flat-bottomed drinking glass without a foot or stem. This shape feels great in your hand. When weighted on the bottom, this kind of glass deftly avoids tipping over .

Youll find it easy to drink out of a tumbler. It doesnt have a drip-inducing raised lip. A tumbler is also bigger around than the body of a Collins or highball glass, which can seem too narrow.

Tumblers come in a wide range of sizes. For water, between 14- and 16-ounces will serve you well. This size holds a fair amount of liquid without being too heavy to hold. Anything over 16 ounces can be tough to manage.

You can find tumblers made in several different materials. Tempered glass makes for a relatively shatterproof glass and ensures durability.

However, if youre more comfortable with plastic, dont shy away from it. Some plastic glasses are insulated, which means they will keep an ice-cold glass of water cooler longer. Youve just got to know what youre looking for when youre looking at plastic glasses. Read the product label and make sure youre purchasing a BPA-free plastic vessel.

Heres a few things you should know before you buy plastic tumblers:

The only kind of plastic that contains BPA, or bisphenol-A, is polycarbonate. This type of plastic is hard and virtually unbreakable. However, studies have shown that being exposed to BPA can have negative health effects.

The 11 Best Glasses For All Of Your Home Bar Needs

Pin by Gold_Dust SdotD on COME HOME

Its far too easy to get lost in the maze that is glassware. Theres a vessel for every kind of drink, from specific cocktail styles to wine grape varieties. Many of us lack the cupboard space or interest in having hundreds of different cups. Fortunately, you can still pull off a stand-up home bar and host drinking gatherings properly with the basics. Better, you can do so with the stylish flair that matches what ends up being poured into those very glasses.

Now, were not one to talk you out of having glasses engineered specifically for Oregon Pinot Noir or a particular century-old cocktail. Were just trying to get you set up with the foundation you need. Turns out, all of the glasses below are great at multitasking. Want to really sniff that Belgian-style beer? Call up a wine glass or a snifter. Making a mule but dont have a copper mug? Chill down a regular mug in your freezer itll keep the refreshing cocktail just as cold. You get the idea. Just because a glass says Old Fashioned doesnt mean it cant be employed to take on other drinks.

Here are the 11 best glasses to get that home bar in tip-top shape.

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When Was The Martini Invented

Its a bit of a mystery as to when the martini was invented. Most historians believe it came from Martinez, California during the Gold Rush in the mid-1800s. A miner went to a bar to celebrate his days good fortune, and the bartender mixed him a drink that contained gin, vermouth, bitters, maraschino liqueur, and a hint of lemon. It became known as The Martinez Special, or later, the martini.

Types Of White Wine Glasses

As opposed to red wine, white wine is generally served in glasses with significantly smaller bowls. Opting for a smaller glass with white wine helps to deliver more aromas, maintain a cooler temperature, preserve floral notes, and express more acidity in the wine.

However, youll notice that white wines that are more full-bodied such as White Rioja, orange wines, Viognier, and oak-aged Chardonnay are best enjoyed in a larger bowl. With that said, lets take a look at the five different types of white wine glasses.

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Types Of Glassware Guide

This quick reference guide will help you remember what glassware you need for your next event. Fancier events will call for more sophisticated glasses, while a stemless wine glass could be perfectly appropriate at a backyard barbecue. Understanding what glass to use and when will help you elevate your drinking experience, whether youre enjoying a beverage at a bar or hosting a formal cocktail party.

Best For Hot Drinks: Sweese Glass Mug

A Detailed Guide To Different Types of Beer Glasses

A handled vessel is great to have around, as with many drinks, youd like to hang on to the serving temperature, whatever that may be. These double-walled mugs are transparent, so you can eye your drink, and theyre reinforced, far more durable than their glassy look suggests. Use them for coffee or cocktails youd like to keep insulated, like a warm Hot Toddy or frosty White Russian.

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Types Of Red Wine Glasses

Choosing a red wine glass has a lot to do with alleviating the bitterness of tannin or spicy flavors in the wine to deliver a smoother taste. Tannins are naturally occurring polyphenols found in seeds, bark, leaves, wood, plants, and even the skin of fruits. Most commonly found in red wine, tannin is generally caused by the fermenting of skins or from aging in wooden barrels. It adds complexity, astringency, and bitterness to your wine.

In general, youll find that tasting a red wine from a glass that has a wider opening yields a much smoother taste. Of course, the fact that there is a larger distance from your nose to the liquid will impact the aroma hence, influencing the taste. With that said, lets examine the six different types of red wine glasses.

Best Snifter: Dorset Brandy Glass

Built for brandy but equally good for any other aromatic drink you really need to get your nose in, a good snifter is all kinds of important. This handcrafted Slovenian glass allows you to get intimate with your drink, whether its to analyze the color, gauge the viscosity, or simply take in everything thats blooming from the glass.

Editors’ Recommendations

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Highball And Collins Glasses

Highball and collins glasses are very similar to each other. They can be used interchangeably for tall drinks and hold the same volume, though that can be anywhere from 8 to 16 ounces.

Nearly identical in shape, it can be difficult to distinguish the difference:

  • The collins glass tends to be taller and narrower, more of a chimney shape.
  • The highball is typically more stout and tops off at 10 ounces.

Very useful, tall glasses are essential in any bar. They’re used for tall mixed drinks that can be as simple as a shot of liquor topped with juice or soda. Quite often, the drinks are built directly in the glass by pouring the ingredients over ice and stirring to mix. At home, highballs also make excellent everyday glasses for soda, juice, iced tea, and other nonalcoholic drinks.

Despite the large volume, drinks served in these glasses do not typically include 10 ounces of liquid. Instead, the glass is designed to be filled nearly to the top with ice. This keeps tall drinks like the Tom Collins and bloody Mary cold while you drink. Additionally, the more ice you add, the slower it will melt and the longer you have to enjoy a semi-undiluted cocktail.

What Is A Standard Pour Of Wine

Types Of Whiskey Glasses

Whether you are an avid wine drinker or not, youre likely somewhat aware of the standard pour. Although this concept doesnt actually exist legally, the general rule of thumb is that a pour is somewhere around the 5-ounce mark. You may be wondering what the reasoning behind 5-ounces when a standard glass of water is usually 8-ounces.

The standard pour takes care of two birds with one stone: it limits the amount of alcohol you consume, which allows you to fully appreciate the wine, while also allowing your host to get five glasses out of a bottle of wine.

Therefore, in restaurants, you can expect the standard pour to be roughly five ounces. Whereas, the standard for wine tastings is around two ounces. This is sufficient enough liquid to allow you to experience both the flavor and aroma of the wine, without being too quickly affected by the alcohol it contains. Additionally, some dessert wine servings tend to be two ounces, as these are much sweeter and have more alcohol.

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Nick And Nora Glasses

Nick and Nora glasses are starting to become as common in craft-cocktail bars as coupes. Nick and Noras are more bell shaped, in between a coupe glass and a very small wine glass, says Piacentini. In a perfect world, I love Nick and Nora glasses for stirred-up drinks and coupe glasses for shaken-up drinks, because the smaller Nick and Nora glasses fit three to four ounces of liquid perfectly. Though if you are looking to keep your glassware to a minimum, theres nothing you would serve in a Nick and Nora glass that you couldnt also serve in a nice coupe. Nick and Noras are also generally a little bit more specialized and therefore harder to source.

Why Are Wine Glasses Shaped Like They Are

Wine glasses have a wider base and a narrower top, and theres a science to why! Some glasses are shaped for the sip to land on the tip of your tongue, while others aim for the roof of your mouth. Each area will elicit a different flavor response.

The glasss shape is also designed to enhance the aroma of the wine youre sipping. Wines can be floral, citrusy, fruity, vegetal, earthy, and a variety of other scents, depending on how theyre stored during the winemaking process.

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What Is The Difference Between A Shot And Shooter

A shot can be drank directly without any mixers and is the smallest glass at 1.5 fluid ounces. Shooters, on the other hand, are between 2 to 3 ounces and are almost always mixed with other ingredients like energy drinks or lime juice.

The shooter is pretty recent in the world of alcohol. It was first used sometime in the 50s or 60s, serving lackluster spirits mixed with more delicious flavorings. It made people actually want to consume the tasteless alcohol that used to be served at bars!

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