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Distance Between Eyes For Glasses

What Is Pupillary Distance Used For

How To Measure Your PD (Pupillary Distance) |

Pupillary distance is used to design prescription eyeglasses. Aligning the optical center of the lenses of your glasses results in comfort and visual clarity.

For those with a low myopia prescription and no need for astigmatism correction, PD is less of a factor. Being within a millimeter or two is enough to alleviate problems.

However, for those with a high myopia prescription, especially if there is a need for astigmatism correction, PD measurement is critical.

The further you drift from the optical center of your lenses, the more light will hit the retina of the eye and bend it in various ways. A mistake in the measurement of PD creates blurriness.

What Happens If The Pd Is Wrong

There are a number of reasons why your PD needs to be wrong, and now we are going to talk about how you will feel and about the things you may notice if this measurement is not correct. Users explain that the first thing you may feel is like youve got the wrong glasses and that you are using a product that was not made for you. However, when you get a new pair of prescription glasses, and especially if youve never worn a pair before, you may feel strange. Your eyes will need time to adjust, so it is difficult to figure out if your eyes are just not used to them, or if the PD is wrong.

Note that you will feel like something is just not right, and no matter how much time passes, you will still feel like there is something wrong every time you put your glasses on. When you first try them on, and during the first 24 hours of using a new pair, this feeling is relatively normal, so you should not think of the worst right away. Give your eyes time to adjust and see if you have the same feeling in the next day or two.

How Do I Find My Pd For Glasses

At Oscar Wylee, we recommend that you get your PD measured in-store by one of our team members. This can be done when you are being fitted for your new glasses using a pupillometer or PD metre.If that is not an option for you, you are able to measure your pupillary distance at home using the provided guides below.

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What Is Single Vs Dual Pd

SINGLE PD is the pupillary distance between the center of one pupil to the other, which can be a distance PD or near PD. Distance PD can be used to order any type of prescription glasses except reading glasses. Read below to learn how to calculate near PD for reading glasses.

DUAL PD, or monocular PD, consists of two numbers and is the distance between the centers of each pupil to the bridge of the nose. Dual PD is usually written in the following notation: 32/30. The first number is always the right eye measurement, and the second number is the left eye .

How To Measure Your Pd At Home

Glasses Online Frame Size

Your eye doctor will usually measure your PD during an eye exam. If for some reason it wasnt given to you, you can measure it at home using 4 simple steps and a ruler. If you dont have a one on hand, you can print out Zennis PD ruler here.

  • Stand 8 inches away from a mirror and hold amillimeter ruler against your brow.
  • Close your right eye and align the 0 millimeter mark to the center of your left pupil.
  • Look straight ahead and then close your left eye and open the right eye.
  • The millimeter line that lines up to the center of your right pupil is your PD.
  • Need more visuals? Watch the video below to see how easy it is for you or a friend to measure your PD in the comfort of your home.

    Now that you know your personal PD measurement, start shopping for your perfect frame from our wide selection of styles.

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    How To Measure Pupillary Distance Using Old Glasses

    You can also measure your pupillary distance at home if you have an old pair of glasses, a non-permanent marker and torch as above.

  • Stand roughly 20 centimetres away from a mirror wearing your glasses.
  • Close one of your eyes and place the torch below the other.
  • With the other eye open, put a dot with the marker directly over the light reflection seen in the pupil of the open eye on the lens.
  • Without moving your head, repeat the previous step on your other eye so that you have two dots over each of your pupils.
  • Measure in millimetres the distance between these two dots on the lenses to get your pupillary distance.
  • What Is Mono Pd

    Pupillary distance isnt always the same for each eye, which is why its important to get a professional to measure yours.

    Mono PD, is when the measurement from the center of one pupil to the center of the face is different from the other. So for instance, you could have measurements that are R :32 L: 30.

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    Does Pupillary Distance Have To Be Exact

    The pupillary distance needs to be exact to avoid problems in binocular vision. Therefore the Eyecare industry constantly strives for optimized ways to measure pupillary distances. Today it is normal for opticians to measure the pupillary distance with an accuracy of one-tenth of a millimeter.

    This ensures repeatable results produce a better visual performance for the person wearing the glasses and eliminates complaints effectively. To be fair depending on the person measuring the pupillary distance the measurement could suffer repeatability no matter what tools are used. It is always good to have a craftsman performing the measurements who do this daily and knows the technical pitfalls.

    Average Pd For Men And Women

    How to Measure Your PD (Pupillary Distance) For Glasses At Home with GlassesOn App

    An interesting fact about pupillary distance is that it seems to be somewhat consistent between men and women. Though face shapes vary widely and eyes can have a variety of placements in relation to the nose, it seems that there is still an average that proves pretty accurate. In general, a persons PD will usually range somewhere between 58mm and 68mm. For men, the average has been documented at 64mm. Meanwhile, the average PD for women is about 62mm. These numbers are not set in stone, of course, and your own distance could fall anywhere in the range.

    When it comes to picking out new glasses from , you want to have all of your information ready to go before you even begin your search. Take time to get a better idea of areas like what is PD in order to feel confident in your decision. With a little research, youll have all the knowledge you need to select the perfect pair of glasses.

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    How To Measure Your Pupillary Distance At Home

    Measuring your pupil distance at home is very useful when you want to order prescription glasses online and already have your prescription but dont know your PD. You can measure your own PD using a millimetre ruler and a mirror.

  • You will need a ruler, a mirror and torch .
  • At a distance of about 20cm away, look front on into the mirror.
  • Hold the ruler directly above your eyes and place it against your brows, making sure you keep your face front on to the mirror. Place your phone below your left eye, shining the light towards the mirror.
  • Close your right eye and align the ruler from zero to the centre of the light reflection in the left pupil.
  • Without moving your head or the ruler, open your right eye, close your left eye and move the light below your right eye. Read the millimetre line that lines up with the centre of the light reflection in your right pupil. This number represents your PD in millimetres.
  • Repeat the entire process a few times to get a consistent measurement.
  • How To Measure Your Pd With A Friend

    Measuring with a friend is the preferred method to measure your pupillary distance at home. For this tutorial, you will need a friend and our special ruler. If a friend is not available, scroll further for our tutorial on how to measure on your own.


      1 Print our tip sheet, which includes a special ruler to measure your PD. Ensure it’s scaled properly by comparing your Driver’s License against the key.
      2 Have your friend stand approximately 8 inches away or more. Hold the center of the special ruler straight over the bridge of your nose.
      3 To measure your right eye, stare straight ahead and close your left eye. Your friend should close their right eye and note the mm mark on the ruler directly above the center of your right pupil.
      4 To measure your left eye, stare straight ahead and close your right eye. Your friend should then close their left eye and note the mm mark on the ruler directly above the center of your left pupil.
      5 Repeat this process at least three times to ensure you have an accurate measurement.


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    Pd Measurement Online Tool

    The Pupillary Distance is the distance between the centers of your pupils in each eye. This measurement is required to place prescription glasses orders. With this measurement we can ensure that the optical centers of your lenses are aligned correctly with your pupils to give maximum comfort and effectiveness. We highly recommend leaving this measurement to the experts! Follow our instructions below to measure your pupillary distance online with us.

    How To Measure Your Pupillary Distance

    Multifocals, Bifocals &  Trifocals (What

    Most people have their PD measured when visiting their eye doctor and getting fitted for a new pair of prescription eyeglasses. Its also possible to measure PD at home. You do this by:

    • First, stand 8 inches from a mirror and hold a millimeter ruler against your brow bone with your eyes open
    • Close your right eye and align the rulers 0 mm with the center of your left pupil
    • Looking straight ahead into the mirror, close your left eye and open your right eye
    • The mm line that lines up with the center of your right pupil is the PD measurement

    There is another method for measuring PD if you already wear prescription eyeglasses. Youll need a non-permanent marker.

    • With your glasses on, stand about 12 inches from a mirror.
    • Close your right eye and put a small mark on the left lens of your glasses in front of your pupil
    • Holding your head still, close your left eye and open your right eye
    • Looking at your reflection in the mirror, place a small mark on the right lens as you did the left, right in front of your pupil
    • Remove your glasses and measure the distance between the two dots to determine your PD

    You can compare the measurement you take to what you find on your prescription or whats in your medical history.

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    What Is Single Vs Dual Pupillary Distance

    Your single glasses PD is one number that describes the distance between the center of one pupil to the center of the other. This can be used for prescription glasses, but not reading glasses. For those, you need to measure your Dual PD.

    Your dual glasses PD is also called your monocular PD and consists of two numbers. The first number always refers to the right eye and the second describes the left eye.

    Simple Steps To Measure Dual Pd

    Dual PD is also known as monocular PD. It is the distance between one pupil to the centre of your nose bridge. It comprises of two measurements and is generally indicated as 30/33.

  • Place the zero line of the ruler at the centre of your nose bridge.
  • Measure the distance between your nose bridge to the centre of your left pupil.
  • Repeat the same procedure with your right pupil.
  • Quick tips:

    • Ask a friend: measuring your PD on your own might be a little tricky, so having a friend will be easier.
    • Hold still: the more still your eyes are, the more accurate the result.
    • Ask your optician to measure your dual PD if you want the most accurate results.

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    How Do I Know If I Need Distance Eyeglasses

    As their name implies, distance eyeglasses enable wearers to see distant objects more clearly. People generally start using them before they reach the age of 40. After this point the eye’s ability to change its focus from one distance to another, known as the amplitude of accommodation, is no longer sufficient to see clearly at all distances. This results in a diminished ability to focus on near objects, a condition experts call presbyopia. Different solutions are then required to meet these contrasting needs, either by switching between distance eyeglasses and reading eyeglasses, or by switching to bifocal or .

    Short-sighted eye

    What Is Pupillary Distance

    How to Measure Your PD (Pupillary Distance) for Glasses at Home | Eyebuydirect

    Pupillary distance is the distance between the pupils of your two eyes. It is an essential measurement when buying a new pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses. For greatest comfort and clarity, the optical center of each lens of your glasses should be aligned directly in front of the center of your pupil.

    PD is measured in millimeters . The average pupillary distance for an adult is about 63 mm, but this is not a number youll want to assume. Pupillary distance can vary widely roughly between 51 mm and 74.5 mm for women and 53 mm and 77 mm for men.

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    Is Pd Different For Reading Glasses

    Yes, PD is widest when looking into the distance and narrowest when looking at closer objects, like reading a book.

    To find your PD for reading glasses, subtract 3 mm from your single PD or 1.5 mm from your right and left dual PD measurements.

    For example, if your single PD for regular glasses is 63, it is 60 for reading glasses, and if your dual PD measurements are 33 and 30 for regular glasses, they are 31.5 and 28.5 for reading glasses.

    How To Measure Your Pupillary Distance For Your Glasses

    All of us have different distances between the two eyes. The distance between the centers of pupils of both eyes is called as pupillary distance or inter-pupillary distance . This distance is important when you want to use glasses for sight. The power of the lens in the glasses is not equally distributed. It is usually more in the center and lesser in the periphery of the lens. Therefore, the alignment of the center of the eye with the centre of the lens is important for us to see clearly with the prescribed lenses.

    If you want to order your glasses online, you will need to inform them about your pupillary distance . Here is a simple method to find out your PD. You will need an iPhone and a credit card. You will need to install a free app called PD Measure by GlassifyMe. The credit card is used for its size. Here is a video which explains how to measure the PD:

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    How Do I Find My Pd On My Prescription

    In most cases, your optician will include your PD measurement in your prescription after the eye examination. If not, just ask for it! Your PD will be listed in a section separate from your eyes prescription either as two numbers for each eyes distance from your nose bridge or a total number for the distance between your eyes. Give them a call if youre unsure, or and we will take a look for you!

    Why Measure Your Pupillary Distance With Yesglasses

    So You CanâT Read with Your Progressive Glasses? 2 Fixes

    Trust our eyewear experts to determine your PD. This measurement is essential to providing you with your correct prescription lenses.

    When you measure your PD with Yesglasses, we will automatically update your order! You can continue shopping for your perfect pair of eyeglasses and well make sure your order is accurate with the correct PD measurement.

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    What Happens If Your Pupillary Distance Is Off

    Pupillary distance makes your glasses prescription comfortable and clear. If you have the wrong measurement, it might cause blurriness, headaches, or eye strain.

    Mistakes can happen whether you measure it manually or your optician does it with a PD meter. Usually, thatâs because the meter was too low on your bridge or you werenât looking straight ahead. Still, itâs best to have a professional measure your PD, especially if you wear special lenses that need exact measurements, like progressive lenses.

    If youâre ordering childrenâs glasses, you struggle to get the measurement, or youâre nervous the number isnât right, you can ask an eyeglasses provider or eye doctorâs office to measure it for you. Some might do it for free, while others might charge you a fee.

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    How Does Pd Impact My Prescription

    While PD is an important measurement when it comes to the fit and function of your glasses, its not technically a part of your vision prescription or eye examination. Your eye examination will be performed by an optometrist in most cases, and your PD may be measured by an optician the provider that creates the right eyeglasses to fit your prescription.

    Measuring PD is especially important when you need multifocal lenses like bifocals. In this case, you may also need to measure vertical distances and more to find the right fit. In many cases, the measurements needed to ensure the right fit for your eyeglasses are set by the manufacturer of those lenses.

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