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Do Blue Light Glasses Help With Fluorescent Lights

Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses All Day

Do glasses that block blue light help your eyes?

Its important to understand that while blue light can be detrimental to your eye and physical health, eyes do need some blue light, and it can actually be quite beneficial.

A moderate amount of blue light, like the small amount we get from fluorescent lighting, will help keep your sleep pattern consistent, increase alertness, and improve memory and cognitive function.

For these reasons, you should not wear blue glasses all day long. Its important to take breaks by taking your glasses off for short periods of time, even if your office is lit by fluorescent bulbs.

However, on the other hand, some experts have reported that blue light glasses dont actually reduce the amount of blue light as much as manufacturers say, which means that even when wearing the glasses, your eyes are still being exposed to substantial blue light.

If you forget to take your blue light glasses off throughout the day, dont worry, they are not causing your eyes any harm. In fact, as a general rule of thumb, you should wear your blue light glasses more often than not, as we are most likely getting more than enough blue light throughout the day!

Remember that the most harmful aspect of fluorescent lighting is not actually the blue light but the UV rays they emit. In order to keep your eyes safe, you should take breaks from fluorescent bulbs throughout the day and make sure not to look directly at them, even if you are wearing blue light glasses.

How Does Blue Light Affect The Eyes

The eyes are not good at blocking blue light. Nearly all visible blue light passes through the front of the eye via the cornea and lens.

From here, it reaches the retina. The retina contains cells that convert light for the brain to process into images.

Consistent exposure to blue light may damage retinal cells over time. This may cause vision problems like age-related macular degeneration.

Blue light exposure can also contribute to:

  • Growths on the clear covering over the white part of the eye
  • Poor sleeping patterns

Exposure to blue light before sleeping can affect sleep patterns. It affects when our bodies make melatonin.

Children are more vulnerable to blue light than adults because their eyes absorb more blue light from digital devices.

Short-wavelength, high-energy blue light distributes more easily than other visible light.

Computer screens and digital devices emit a lot of blue light. This reduces contrast and can contribute to digital eye strain.

People also tend to blink less when using digital devices. This can further contribute to eye strain and dry eye.

Other common symptoms of eye strain include:

  • Neck and shoulder pain

Approximately 27 to 35 percent of people reported experiencing one of these symptoms after using digital devices.7

People are exposed to more blue light than ever because of the everyday use of devices that rely on LED technology.

The following all use LED technologies that emit blue light:

  • Computer and laptop screens

Option #3 Request To Use Incandescent Or Other Gentle Bulbs

Warm white LED or incandescent lights arguably provide the best lighting for eyestrain headache sufferers. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, they emit a warm glow with nominal blue light. Excess amounts of blue light have been shown by research to trigger migraine attacks.

Asking your HR department to replace overhead fluorescent lighting in favor of desk or floor lamps can be a great way to start.

But remember:

Theres a regulation by OSHA that requires offices to have a certain degree of lighting.

Another problem with using different bulbs in different office zones is what we call office lighting wars. Many Americans admit that office lighting disputes are not unusual. But theres an obvious conclusion to this debate. Workplace lighting is a clash of health and productivity- both individually and collectively. One such victim of office lighting wars sums up the scenario:

Our cubicle farm office is undergoing lighting wars. One person asked to have the lights above his cube removed because the glare gave him headaches. That prompted another person to ask if the lights above her cube could be taken out, and then another, and another. Whole swathes of the open-plan floor were suddenly plunged into total or semi-darkness, with no light source but glowing monitors.

Unfortunately, fluorescent bulbs are more efficient and affordable, making them a preferred option for many offices across the globe, but it is still worth the swipe.

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Computer & Gaming Use

Certain tints applied to eyeglass lenses are said to ease the eye strain that may be caused by harsh blue lighting from digital screens like TVs, computers, and smartphones. Blue light has been shown to be related to symptoms like eye strain, blurry vision, headaches, dry eye, and sleep disturbances with overexposure. Tinted eyeglasses, often called blue light glasses or blue blockers, are designed to lessen the effects of blue light. However, new research shows they may not be effective. If blue light bothers you, talk to your doctor for advice.

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What To Consider When Purchasing Blue Light Blocking Glasses

BOOLAVARD GAMMA RAY Anti UV Glare Harmful Blue Light Computer Glasses ...

From fit and color to cost and customer service policies, keeping certain key factors in mind can help you narrow down your choices when shopping for blue light blocking glasses.

Comfort and FitIts important that the glasses you choose sit comfortably on your face without causing any pain or irritation. If the manufacturer lists the specific dimensions of the frames, you can compare the size of the frames to your own prescription glasses or to the measurements of your face. Some frames are also made with flexible materials designed to adapt to different face shapes.

Light BlockingBlue light blocking glasses come in a range of different light blocking abilities. Consider what time of day youll be using your blue light glasses, and how much blue light blocking you really need. Glasses with red- or orange-tinted lenses block a wider spectrum and larger percentage of blue light. However, they can also distort the colors on your computer screen. Clear or light yellow-tinted glasses are designed to target a narrower range of high-energy blue light commonly emitted from artificial sources. These may be more appropriate for daytime use.

Size OptionsFor the best chance at finding a pair of blue light blocking glasses that fit your face, youll want to search for a model that offers multiple size options. Before buying, try them on or double-check the dimensions. Two of the most important measurements to take note of include the width of your face and nose.

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Digital Eye Strain Syndrome

What is digital eye strain? Digital eye strain occurs when we look at electronic screens for too long. When we stare at laptop screens, TV screens, phone screens, and any other blue light-emitting screens for too long, we can begin to feel fatigued behind the eyes, sore, itchy eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision, neck and shoulder soreness, and even reduced sleep quality.

Block Fluorescent Lights At Work With Fluorescent Light Covers

Being exposed to fluorescent light for long periods can cause a headache or migraine. It can also cause light sensitivity. This can be made worse if you are using a computer or screen at work with fluorescent lighting. The brightness of the fluorescent lights make it difficult to see the screen or monitor. Causing you to squint or strain your eyes to see. Luckily, fluorescent light covers diffuse the harsh UV and blue light, making it easier to focus on work tasks.

According to a study by theNational Institute of Health, long term exposure to fluorescent lights can increase your risk of eye disease. It is recommended that you try blocking the light with Fluorescent Light Covers, such as Octo Lights . This will make it easier for you to focus and concentrate on work tasks.

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Is Blue Light Bad For You

Because your eyes are not really excellent at blocking blue light naturally, blue light is bad for you. Almost all visible blue light passes through the cornea and lens prior to reaching the retina.

Excessive blue light exposure can damage light-sensitive cells in your retina. This leads to modifications comparable to those of macular degeneration, which can ultimately cause irreversible vision loss.

In a nutshell, studies show that blue light exposure can result in:

Bon Charge Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Do blue-light glasses help with prolonged exposure to screen?

BON CHARGE, formerly called BLUbox, is among the leading brands in blue light blocking technology. The business is based in Perth, Australia, and was founded by business owner, Andy Mant.

The business recently altered their name from BLUblox to BON CHARGE due to the fact that theyve expanded its series of health care items beyond only offering blue light blocking glasses.

The company now produces other products that help secure individuals against blue light, but blue light blocking glasses still remain their signature item.

BON CHARGE blue light blocking glasses are available in the following materials:

Not just do BON CHARGE blue light blocking glasses feel and look great, but theyre also one of the very best brands on the marketplace to secure you from blue light exposure. This is excellent because this suggests you will have assurance knowing that your eyes are secured and you look stylish at the exact same time!

BON CHARGE blue light blocking glasses are science-supported, FDA approved in USA, and classified as a medical device in Australia. This provides all wearers assurance that they are buying a quality item that will in fact do what its supposed to do.

You can select your preferred width, nose bridge, and style on the BON CHARGE site. This way you will be able to get the best-looking glasses that match your unique face, feel comfortable and boost your physical appearance.

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The Healthiest Light Is Sunlight

Its trueLED lights, while much better for the environment, contain enough blue light wavelengths to disrupt human sleep patterns. The healthiest light for human beings is sunlight. But modern lifestyles do not typically allow us to live by the light of the sun, especially when the days grow short in the winter. To protect your and your workers eyes from exposure to blue light, it is wise to invest in lights specially designed to mimic the suns natural light. These types of lights are proven to increase productivity, daytime alertness, sleep intensity, visual comfort, and mood.

How Do You Protect Your Eyes From Fluorescent Lights

It is impossible to turn off the lights in a commercial office, even if your desk has overhead fluorescent lighting. However, there are some things you can do to make your workday more comfortable.

But first, lets go over what good lighting is.

Too bright or harsh lighting can be bad for your eyes and health. You dont need an expensive lamp to get good lightinga 60W bulb is bright for most purposes. The light should come from above or the side of your head and shouldnt shine into your eyes directly . Utilizing this lighting tip can help reduce eyestrain and headaches.

Other ways to protect your eyes include:

  • If you have a window nearby, its a good idea to use it as a light source too. Natural lighting provides less strain on your eye and better color contrast for looking at computer screens or reading.
  • Exercise your eyes by focusing on objects far away and then close up.
  • Replace harsh overhead fluorescent lights with more comfortable lights.
  • Another option is to use LED lamps instead of overhead fluorescent lighting in your work area. LEDs give off a warmer light, and they dont put off as much ultraviolet radiation as fluorescents.

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Use The Reflection Test

Another easy blue light glasses test you can do at home is the reflection test. When you use them, the reflection test assists to identify what color is showing off the lens of your glasses.

That indicates your glasses are filtering some blue light if the reflection color is blue. A violet or green reflection means that blue light is not being filtered successfully.

Usage The Reflection Test

allwomensdiscountdesignershoes: Do Blue Light Glasses Help Migraines

Another simple blue light glasses test you can do at home is the reflection test. The reflection test helps to identify what color is showing off the lens of your glasses when you wear them.

That indicates your glasses are filtering some blue light if the reflection color is blue. A violet or green reflection suggests that blue light is not being filtered efficiently.

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Reduces Risk Of Eye Diseases

Your cornea and natural lens are effective at blocking most UV light from reaching the retina. However, they cannot block blue light.

Damage to the retina can increase your likelihood of developing macular degeneration. This condition is a leading cause of blindness.

Blue light may also increase your risk of developing cataracts.

Wearing blue light glasses may help prevent the development of these eye diseases.

How Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work

Blue-violet light reaches our eyes unfiltered, which means that it penetrates deep into the eye, all the way to the retina. Its safe to say that an extended exposure to blue light can damage the light-sensitive cells and cause many adverse effects to our vision.

Blue light blocking glasses have a layer that filters blue-violet light that is radiating from our LED screens and fluorescent lights. They do not block out all the blue light, as blue light is beneficial to our health in moderate amounts: it boosts our energy and mood, makes us more alert and productive, and suppresses the production of melatonin, which could make us drowsy while we still have to finish a few spreadsheets.

Blue light filters eliminate the most harmful frequencies that fall in the range between 400 and 440nm, which can help ease many of the symptoms linked with the extended use of digital devices and exposure to the fluorescent lights. They still allow some blue light to come through to keep us in sync with natural day-night cycles, while helping our eyes relax and feel less strain.

It is safe to say that wearing blue light blocking glasses while exposed to the unyielding glare of the fluorescent lights, as well as our digital devices, can alleviate the adverse effects of unfiltered blue light. Not only is it beneficial to our productivity, mood, and energy levels, but it can reduce the harmful consequences to our eyes that might cause many serious medical issues.

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Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Blue Light Glasses

Nowadays, people tend to spend more time using digital devices, whether watching television or using phones and tablets. People in these groups are most exposed to blue light because of the increased use ofLEDs, organic LEDs, and active-matrix organic LEDs in technology.

Blue lightcan cause fatigue in your eyes, loss of focus, and cause many other symptoms. That’s why it’s a great relief to find that blue light glasses can filter out the blue light and reduce its harmful effects.

Ensures That You Can Use Your Devices Longer Without Worrying

Ask an Expert: Do Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses Help with Sleep?

Nowadays, most of your daily tasks require that you use your smartphone, tablet, or computer, which may keep you glued to the screen for hours each day.

These devices emit blue light, which bombards you continuously. By wearing blue light glasses, you can protect your eyes without increasing your risk of vision problems. Children who wear computer glasses are also more likely to maintain good eye health. While it is also common for kids and teens to use technology for learning purposes, you should encourage them to wear blue-light-blocking eyepieces whenever they use their computers and mobile devices.

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Do You Have Fluorescent Light Sensitivity

According to the Vision Council 2015 study statistics, there are many symptoms associated with overexposure to fluorescent bulbs.

  • 22.8% report experiencing dry eyes
  • 23.3% report experiencing blurred vision
  • 24.0% report experiencing headache
  • 32.6% report experiencing back/shoulder/neck pain
  • 32.8% report experiencing eye strain

Reducing headache and blurred vision associated with flickering displays is not a walk in the park. Proper illumination or lighting has long been regarded as a vital workplace aspect affecting visual comfort, says another study.

A different 2007 study also asserts that task-lighting does have a substantial impact on productivity. Yet there are many often contradicting issues you should consider when setting up the perfect work environment: visual ambiance, job stimulation, and optical performance.

If you work in an office, the chances are that you are sitting underneath fluorescent bulbs for 6-8 hours on the fly. Since switching off all the lights or getting a lamp may be out of reach, how can you block fluorescent lighting when at work?

First: What Exactly Is Blue Light

While people often associate blue light with phone screens, it can also come from fluorescent light, LED light, and even sunlight, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Blue light in particular has been linked to sleep issues, by delaying the release of melatonin , and disrupting the body’s circadian rhythm, according to a 2015 study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Sellers of blue-light blocking glasses also claim blue light is linked to permanent eye damage, like vision loss, though there’s no solid evidence of that yet, per the AAO.

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Option #2 Have A Few Wide

It may seem obvious, but a circular, wide-brimmed hat can offer full coverage from bright, flickering, overhead lighting. While this solution can help to shade your eyes, its probably difficult to find an office setting where employees are free to wear hats whenever they want .

If you cant tolerate glaring fluorescent bulbs, seek permission from HR to wear one of these hats. Find a style that offers protection and compliments your sense of fashion . In the long run, youll find the hat a priceless asset during your day-long office schedule.

A baseball cap might also be a viable option but is often not as effective in blocking fluorescent lighting or glare in the way a wide-brimmed, round hat would. It is also essential to check the extra sensitivities from the added weight a hat can put on your head.

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