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Do You Need Glasses For Astigmatism

Why Is My Vision Still Blurry With Astigmatism Contacts

Astigmatism Explained

The two most likely reasons are that the contacts are new and your eyes are still adjusting, or they are old and your prescription has changed.

If it has been longer than three or four days since you got the contacts, you should return to your eye doctor to make sure the prescription is accurate and that the contacts are fitted properly. Likewise, if its been more than a year since your last eye exam, you should see your eye doctor for a comprehensive exam and to have your prescription updated.

Contact lenses for astigmatism are more difficult to fit than regular lenses. It may be a good idea to find an eye doctor whose primary focus is specialty lenses to ensure you get the best type of lens and fit for your eyes.

What Degree Of Myopia Requires Glasses

Generally speaking, you should start wearing eyeglasses at a mild myopia level which is around -0.50. This requires you to wear glasses on seeing things far away since faraway objects will start getting blurry in this grade.

This does not mean that you should wear glasses all the time. There are instances where you dont need glasses on a mild myopia level, such as when typing on your computer or writing some notes in class.

It is always recommended that you wear glasses, especially when driving or crossing the sidewalks, in order to avoid accidents.

This is a table that will summarize if you need to wear glasses based on your eye grade. Remember that you might need to wear glasses all the time after -4.00. I have also included the Snellen Score in case you only have that data.

Snellen Score
Moderate myopia Need Glasses All the Time

Can Lasik Correct Astigmatism

LASIK and other laser refractive surgeries are usually effective options for correcting regular astigmatism. If you have mixed astigmatism or irregular astigmatism, you may still be a good candidate, depending on your lens prescription.

Be sure to find a laser surgeon who is experienced with astigmatism corrections for an in-depth consultation.

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Where Can You Get Glasses For Astigmatism

Local optometrist

In most cases, your optometrist will let you order your glasses through their clinic once your astigmatism is checked.

While this is not always the cheapest option, it may be convenient because you can return to your doctor to ensure the lenses fit correctly and are positioned correctly for your eyes. Here at Look Optometry, we always put your specialized and individualized needs first.

Retail optometry locations

The sale of glasses is offered in many towns at standalone stores. Optometry clinics are also located in large retailers like Walmart. Glasses are usually available at these retail locations in a wide range of prescriptions and astigmatisms.

Aside from blurry vision, astigmatism can also cause headaches and eye strain. Most likely, these are caused by squinting and straining to see clearly. Distorted or blurred vision is a common symptom of many conditions. If you notice new or worsening symptoms, schedule an eye exam with your eye doctor. During the evaluation of your vision, be sure to inform your eye doctor of any symptoms you are experiencing.


Astigmatism-friendly lenses are available on many eyeglass websites. Check the company’s ability to make your prescription before getting too attached to a particular set of frames.

Retailers with an online focus include:

  • Difficulty with night vision
  • Squinting a lot

Can Astigmatism Get Worse Or Better

How To Read Eye Prescription Astigmatism

Unfortunately, astigmatism can worsen over time, and it wont get any better after around the age of 25. The natural aging process or other eye conditions can cause the shape of the eye to gradually change, which can intensify astigmatism.

However, progressing astigmatism can usually be easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses, just like other progressing refractive errors. It may be best to wait to correct astigmatism with refractive surgery until any progression has stopped.

Contact a local eye doctor to schedule an eye exam if you think your astigmatism is getting worse. It might simply be time to update your lens prescription.

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How To Know When To Get Glasses For Astigmatism


If you are far or nearsighted, you may have an astigmatism, too. While the root cause of the vision condition is unclear, it can develop at as early as infancy and progress throughout your life.

An astigmatism diagnosis is nothing to fear, and its simple to correct with prescription lenses. Lets start by discussing what astigmatism is.

Do You Need Glasses For Astigmatism

So, youve been diagnosed with astigmatism. What are your next steps?

Astigmatism refers to an uneven curvature of the eyes cornea . Because the slope of the cornea is irregular, light rays arent refracted normally in an eye with astigmatism. Instead, light gets scattered into multiple focal points by the uneven cornea, which can cause blurry vision, poor eyesight at night, eye strain, and other symptoms.

Chances are, treating your astigmatism will improve both your vision and your quality of life. You have a few different treatment options, but the most common one is simple, affordable, and stylish: glasses.

Read on to understand how glasses correct astigmatism and which types of glasses are best suited for the job.

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What Tests Might I Need

Various tests measure how your eyes focus light and what type of lenses you need to improve your vision. Astigmatism tests include:

  • Visual acuity: You read letters on a distance chart and receive a measurement . Alternative methods are used for young children and non-verbal patients.
  • Keratometry/topography: This instrument measures the curve of your cornea. Your provider focuses light on the cornea and measures its reflection. This number is important for getting contact lenses that fit correctly and diagnosing regular versus disease-induced astigmatism.
  • Refraction: Your provider measures how light focuses within your eye to create a clear or blurry image. This can be done with or without your input, so it can still be done in children and non-verbal adults.

Can Astigmatism Get Worse

Progressive Lenses for Astigmatism? | SportRx

Yes, especially if it isn’t corrected properly. Other reasons can be congenital or due to trauma, dry eye syndrome or because of bad habitssuch as excessive squinting or erroneous use of glasses or contact lenses. Sometimes, though, it can get worse for no reason at all. This is why eye check-ups are fundamental and must be repeated periodically.

More often than not, astigmatism remains stable or changes gradually as we age . When these changes occur, it is likely that our prescription needs adjustment.

In general, according to researchers, in most cases astigmatism remains relatively stable until 50 years of age, increasing progressively faster after 60.

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What Does Mixed Astigmatism Mean

In mixed astigmatism, the principal meridians of the cornea are significantly different in curvature, causing one meridian to be nearsighted, and the other to be farsighted.

Mixed astigmatism is relatively uncommon. In most eyes with astigmatism, the principal meridians are both nearsighted or both farsighted, but in different degrees.

Can Glasses Help Astigmatism

Yes, glasses can correct astigmatism and dramatically clarify your eyesight. Glasses for astigmatism are fitted with corrective cylindrical lenses that help to properly refract light onto the retina of the eye. Theyre prescribed and calibrated to match the exact nature of your astigmatism .

These prescription lenses counteract the effects of having an uneven corneaand some of them can correct for nearsightedness or farsightedness, too.

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Moderate Astigmatism: 100 To 200 Diopter

Moderate astigmatism is a little more serious and generally requires corrective lenses or laser surgery in order for you to see clearly. While you may be able to get by without wearing glasses or contacts, chances are that you will notice the symptoms of moderate astigmatism and glasses and contacts can certainly help.

How Do You Know If You Need Glasses For Astigmatism

Astigmatism Scale

Astigmatism often presents with the following symptoms:

  • Blurry vision at all distances
  • Squinting to make vision clearer
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Eye strain or eye fatigue

If youre experiencing any of those symptoms, schedule an eye exam. They dont necessarily mean you have astigmatism, but your optometrist will be able to tell you for certain.

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What Are The Levels Of Astigmatism

There are 4 levels of astigmatism: Normal , Mild Astigmatism , Moderate Astigmatism and Severe Astigmatism . All of which corresponds to the level or distortion in the images seen or can also be the degree of discomfort one can have in astigmatism.

This is a visual representation of what a person with astigmatism can see. As you can see, people with astigmatism tend to see a doubling of an image or text which makes is uncomfortable to look at, causing numerous symptoms of astigmatism such as headaches and dizziness.

Progressive Lenses For Astigmatism

When vision needs correction for near- and farsightedness as well as astigmatism, progressive lenses are an optimal choice. Progressive lenses are especially beneficial for those experiencing age-related farsightedness who also have astigmatism.

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Extreme Astigmatism: > 300 Diopter

Extreme astigmatism will require treatment so that you can see objects both near and far with ease. If you do not treat extreme astigmatism, you will not be able to see clearly at all.


There are five types of astigmatism: simple myopic, simple hyperopic, compound myopic, compound hyperopic, and mixed. They are categorized into different levels of severity: mild, moderate, severe, and extreme.

What Makes Astigmatism Different From Nearsightedness And Farsightedness

Best Men’s Eyeglasses to Handle Your Astigmatism | SportRx

Astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness are all types of refractive errors. Refractive errors happen when light rays cant hit the retina properly due to the shape of the cornea, the lens or the eye in general.

With nearsightedness, the curvatures are symmetrical but are too round, or the whole eye is too long from front to back. This causes light entering the eye to be refracted to a focal point in front of the retina, rather than on the retina.

Farsightedness is the opposite the curvatures are symmetrical but not quite round enough, or the eye is too short from front to back. Light rays that enter the eye end up at a focal point somewhere behind the retina.

With astigmatism, the curvatures are asymmetrical. They are shaped like the side of an American football rather than round like a baseball. This creates multiple focal points of light within the eye, rather than just one. Astigmatism usually occurs along with myopia or hyperopia.

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Can You Have 20/20 Vision And Still Need Glasses

Yes, it is possible to have 20/20 vision and still need corrective lenses. This is a measurement of visual acuity, or the ability to see small details.

However, this doesn’t measure peripheral vision, depth perception, how well you see colors, your ability to see movement, or how well your eyes work together.

These, along with other factors, such as your eye health, make up your ability to see clearly. Even if you have 20/20 vision, it’s possible that glasses could help you see better.

What Causes Infant Astigmatism

On a basic level, astigmatism is caused by abnormal curvature in the eyes cornea or lens. However, there is not a specific cause for the abnormality its simply an irregularity within the structure of the eye.

While its relatively common for children ages 6 to 12 months to have astigmatism there are a few factors that may increase the likelihood of infant astigmatism.

These factors include:

  • Family history It is suspected that astigmatism is hereditary, which means the trait is passed down to the baby from their parents, grandparents, etc.

  • Myopia If another common refractive error, commonly called nearsightedness, is present in the child, it can heighten the chances of astigmatism occurring as well.

  • Hyperopia Also referred to as farsightedness, this refractive error is myopias counterpart. Its presence in children also makes astigmatism more likely.

  • Smoking during pregnancy Studies have shown a link between maternal smoking during pregnancy and astigmatism in the child postnatal.

The ethnicity of a child can also determine their likelihood of having astigmatism. A research study on preschool astigmatism found that African American and Hispanic children are at a higher risk of astigmatism than non-Hispanic Caucasian children.

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What Level Of Astigmatism Require Glasses

Being diagnosed with astigmatism is normal. Luckily, glasses are here to aid our vision. Astigmastism is a common vision problem to have as it is caused by an irregular-shaped cornea or an irregularly shaped part of your eye. With this irregularity, how the light passes through changes.

Astigmatism is normally combined with farsightedness or nearsightedness and can develop as early as infancy and progress throughout ones life. Lets first go over what astigmatism is. Your local eye clinic probably uses that word often, but what does it really mean? Here’s a quick definition:

Astigmatism is a common vision problem caused by an imperfection in the curve of your eyes cornea or lens.

If you have Astigmatism symptoms, it is important to understand how to correct your condition with glasses. Depending on whether your symptoms are bothering you or if you are free of other refractive errors, vision correction may not be necessary, but regular eye exams at Look Optometry are always needed.

A good time to get glasses for astigmatism is when your vision is blurry or you are experiencing eye strain. To balance the refraction of light, your eye doctor may prescribe cylinder-shaped lenses. Single-vision lenses are most common.

An optometrist should be contacted if you notice troubling or different symptoms after wearing corrective eyewear to determine if you need a new prescription.

Let’s look at two types of Astigmatism.

What Happens To The Eye In Astigmatism

Do You Need Glasses if You

Our eyes have a spherical, or round, shape. When light enters the eye, it refracts evenly. Refraction mean light changes direction when it enters your eye at an angle. When light refracts evenly, it focuses precisely on the retina at the back of your eye. You see objects clearly.

If you have astigmatism, your eyes shape is like a football or the back of a spoon. When light enters the eye, it refracts unevenly more in one direction than the other. The light cant properly focus on the retina. When that happens, only one part of the object is in focus at a time. At any distance, things look blurry and wavy. Some people with astigmatism experience eyestrain rather than blur, while others experience both.

The curvature can change, so astigmatism can increase and decrease over time.

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What Causes Astigmatism

Astigmatism is usually something youre born with and is also more common in premature or low birth weight babies. Astigmatism can sometimes develop later on in life and may occur following trauma or surgery to the eye.

Its not clear why it happens if you are born with it, but its most likely linked to your genetics and tends to be hereditary. Astigmatism is commonly found in conjunction with long or short-sighted prescriptions, mild levels of astigmatism are very common as very few eyes are perfectly spherical.

More significant astigmatism is often seen if you suffer from an eye condition known as keratoconus which causes your cornea to get progressively thinner and more irregular in shape. This then leads to a more irregular focus with your eyes and results in astigmatism that can develop rapidly as the eye shape changes as the condition progresses.

Lots of children are born with astigmatism, but as they grow and their eyes change shape, it can improve with age. If astigmatism is in one eye only it may cause a lazy eye , a condition that often occurs in children as a result of one eye not seeing as clearly as the other during the development of the childs vision. Its important to get your childs eyes tested to ensure that they can see okay, especially prior to starting school.

Astigmatism could also develop after:

How Is It Measured

Astigmatism is measured in diopters , a unit of refractive or optical power. A perfect eye has 0 D. Most people have a mild prescription, between 0.5 to 0.75 D. They may not really notice it in their daily lives. People with a measurement of more than .75 D may need contacts or eyeglasses to correct their vision to see clearly. Here are a few measurements you may take away from your vision exam:

Sphere: Measures your degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness . A plus sign indicates you are farsighted. A minus sign means you are nearsighted. The higher the number, the stronger your prescription.

Cylinder: This is the severity of astigmatism or how irregular the cornea or lens is shaped. It is measured in diopters.

Axis: Locates the position of the irregularity on the cornea or the lens. Axis is measured in degrees of an arc, like the curve of your eye, from 0 to 180.

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Lens Coatings And Layers

Coatings can be put on a lens to offer additional benefits, like scratch resistance and anti-fogging. People with astigmatism may see better with an anti-reflective coating on their lenses to reduce glare.

And remember, astigmatism is about how light is being reflected to the retina. The more you can do to keep the lenses of your glasses clean and glare-free, the better youll see.

Will Astigmatism Get Worse If My Glasses Prescription Is Wrong

How I Fixed My Astigmatism | SEE CLEARLY

Wearing glasses cant make astigmatism worse, even if they are the wrong prescription. Astigmatism is caused by the shape of the eyes cornea or lens, and glasses cant change those.

However, wearing glasses with an incorrect astigmatism prescription can cause other problems, including blurry vision, eye strain and headaches. Depending on how wrong your prescription is, your corrected vision may not be legal for driving.

You should see your eye doctor at least every other year to make sure your glasses prescription is up to date.

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