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Does Ezcontacts Sell Authentic Glasses

How Much Is An Eye Exam At Costco

Real or Copy?! EzContacts Unboxing | Versace Tribute sunglasses

A Costco eye exam will generally run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $79 to $110, depending on where you live. Most major insurance plans are accepted.

Costco Optical employs independent doctors of optometry who are located within the store or next to it.

Because the doctors are independent contractors, several posters on this Reddit thread suggest finding out the doctors name at your local warehouse club. That way you can read reviews about them online before making an appointment for your Costco eye exam.

Monthsstill Not Deliveredstill Won’t Reply

Ordered glasses beginning of Nov and two months later still have not received them. I have made at least 4 inquiries through their web page over the past several months with zero responses and have now called 2 times and both times received an automated message that they are closed. I’m now going to dispute the charge with my bank to get my money back as they charged me two months ago for a product I’ve yet to receive and they won’t even answer messages to tell me why.

Date of experience:January 02, 2023

Reply from

Hi Dereck,Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, we did not receive any further information regarding your order. It can be challenging to pinpoint the exact issue without these necessary details.Instead, we can only address what we know. Due to significant supply chain delays, many eye products are delayed. The ETA that was put in place was based on what our manufacturer notified us.With all of that in mind, it sounds like we can definitely improve the way we communicate this to our customers. We do apologize for the inconvenience it caused. We’d be happy to chat with you further and find a solution. You can reach us at and we’ll be glad to assist you further!

Getting Your Glassesusa Order

The processing time needed to make your glasses ranges from 3 to 6 business days. Regular prescriptions take less time than multifocal prescriptions do. Stronger prescriptions and sunglasses also require more time.

Once theyre ready to ship, you can expect to get your glasses within 7 to 10 days, if you live in the United States.

You can purchase expedited shipping, which gets your glasses to you within 3 to 5 days, for $12.

International shipping is available for around $25.

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Does Ezcontactscom Sell Authentic Sunglasses And Eyewear

Yes, from our experience ordering from EZContacts, the Oakley sunglasses we received were 100% authentic.

As weve discussed before, most of the designer frames they sell, including Oakley and Ray-Ban are all owned by eyewear mega-company Luxottica, so it makes sense that you see them stocking these side-by-side.

Do Fake Sunglasses Have Uv Protection

Fake sunglasses here refer to the ones that do not provide UV protection and here is why they are more dangerous than not wearing them at all. There is a round opening in the centre of the coloured part of each eye. That opening is known as pupil and its function is to control the amount of light entering the eye.

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Worried About The Authenticity Of Your Purchase

Perfectly understandable. All of our products are guaranteed to be a hundred percent authentic. But don’t take our word for it- just read on to find out more. It’s ok. Don’t feel embarrassed about visiting this webpage- we’re not going to track you down. And you’re certainly not the only one making sure our sunglasses are authentic designer originals. In fact Skeery Jones was just as skeptical as you are. We don’t take it personally either so feel free to read on and convince yourself.

All of the eyewear we sell is One Hundred Percent Authentic. The reason we have so many people asking about authenticity is because we give away our sunglasses at such good prices that many buyers find it hard to believe that they are real designers. In addition, many people experience some degree of insecurity when they purchase expensive products online. Truthfully, many of our customers openly admit their initial skepticism only to come back with rave reviews about the legitimacy of our site and the authenticity of the products we sell. However, we do understand your confusion regarding our unbelievable prices. Allow us to explain.

Ezcontacts Promotions & Discounts

Its always fun to save on those bigger purchases, and glasses are no exception. There are a few different ways to save money on the EzContactswebsite.

  • Currently, all orders placed in the U.S. receive free shipping
  • Use the coupon code EXTRA5 at checkout to receive an additional 5% off your purchase
  • Sign up to receive the brands newsletter and receive exclusive promotions right to your inbox
  • EzContacts offers a price match guarantee on any pair of eyewear that you find at a competing retailer at a lower price point
  • Sign up to receive EzPoints on every purchase which turn into credits for extra savings
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    What Is Ezcontacts Shipping Policy

    Currently, all orders are eligible for free standard shipping with no minimum order. Standard shipping offers delivery within 5 7 business days. If you want to receive your order faster, you can choose expedited shipping at checkout for an additional charge.

    Most orders placed before 2 p.m. Monday Friday will be processed on that same day. Please note that it will take at least 3 5 business days for your custom lenses to be made in the EzContacts lab.

    If there is any reason for your EzContacts order to be delayed, the team will contact you by email within 24 hours.

    EzContacts offers shipping to Canada as well. The three options for shipping to Canada through FedEx and USPS are:

    • USPS International Mail: $33

    At this time, EzContacts does not ship outside of the U.S. and Canada.

    How Do I Know What Model Oakleys I Have

    FAKE?? vs Sunglasses Hut | Ray Ban Sunglass Review

    Its easy to tell which model of Oakley sunglasses you have! Oakley uses both names and numbers to distinguish their different models. The names are more well-known to the general public and are often located on the inside arm of the sunglasses. The other information can be slightly hidden further down the temple arm.

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    Is Ezcontacts Authentic

    EZContacts is an online retailer of contact lenses, eyeglasses, and sunglasses. They offer a wide selection of brands and styles, and claim to have the lowest prices on contact lenses. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping on orders over $50. There are mixed reviews about EZContacts online. Some customers say that they had a great experience and were able to find the perfect pair of glasses or contacts at a great price. Others have said that they had problems with their order, such as lenses that didnt fit or that arrived damaged. If youre considering ordering from EZContacts, its important to do your research and read customer reviews to get a sense of what to expect.

    Is Ezcontacts Worth It

    Do you hate the hassle of having to constantly re-order contact lenses and pay designer prices for trendy eyewear? EzContacts reviews show that customers are happy with the price point and great deals available. You can do all your shopping online and have it delivered right to your home.

    EzContacts is an online eyewear retailer that is definitely worth checking out. They have a vast selection of designer frames and contact lenses to choose from, plus there are new sales and promotions popping up every single day.

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    Ezcontacts Reviews: What Do Customers Think

    Eyeglasses can get pretty expensive, especially when youre adding prescription lenses. Before committing to the buy, lets take a look at what customers have said in EzContacts reviews.

    First up, lets head over to their website and check out some of their best-selling frames and contact lenses, and see what kind of EzContacts reviews and ratings theyve racked up.

    • EzContacts Sunglasses Burberry BE4312: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 40 EzContacts reviews with one customer calling them their go-to sunglasses
    • EzContacts Gucci Sunglasses: an average of 4.9/5 stars with 17 customer reviews
    • EzContacts Eyeglasses Gucci GG0011OO: an average of 4.6/5 stars from 29 EzContacts reviews with one customer noting theyre great stylish glasses
    • EzContacts Eyeglasses Michael Kors Womens Frame: an average of 4.8/5 stars with 69 customer reviews
    • EzContacts Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses 6 Pack: an average of 4.7/5 stars with 1,409 customer reviews

    A lot of the EzContacts reviews from customers, especially those that purchased contact lenses, are satisfied with fast shipping and the efficiency of the ordering process. One customer left a 5/5 star review speaking about her experience shopping on their website for contact lenses.

    EZContacts had the best price, and their ordering system is intuitive and logical. This was the easiest and smoothest transaction that Ive had in purchasing contacts.

    Website And Virtual Try On

    To start, we found fairly easy to use for ordering our sunglasses. You can easily filter by brand, which brought us to the 120+ models of Oakleys available.

    Once you select a frame, you can view all the various details about it. One interesting feature is a Virtual Try-On that allows you to use your webcam or camera to see what the frame would look like on your face.

    We gave this feature a quick try and were pretty impressed. There was about 60 seconds worth of calibrating but once done, it was actually pretty accurate in aligning the Radar frame on our face.

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    Costco Optical: A Great Choice For Eyeglasses Eye Exams Contacts And More

    Costco Optical was named the best place to buy eyeglasses, according to a 2019 Consumer Reports survey of more than 65,000 CR members.

    What youre getting at Costco is a good price, and hopefully, really good customer service, says money expert Clark Howard.

    The warehouse club chains optical department earned winning marks on price, service after the sale, quality of frames and lenses and more.

    Here are details on what to expect if you shop at Costco Optical.

    Image from

    Is Glasses Usa A Good Company

    Company reputation and customer reviews

    GlassesUSA has a B rating on the Better Business Bureau website and a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot. Most customers give GlassesUSA favorable reviews. The complaints that have been logged tend to be about returns or exchanges for glasses that have the wrong prescriptions.

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    Costco Carries A Wide Variety Of Designer Sunglasses

    Ray-Ban sunglasses at

    In addition to a wide range of eyeglasses brands, Costco Optical offers a variety of top names in sunglasses including Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Oakley and more. The Ray-Bans you see above start at $84.99.

    Costco Optical also offers the following designer sunglasses along with Kirkland Signature options:

    Monthly $39.87

    Costco also offers its own brand of contact lenses. The Kirkland Signature Daily Disposable 90-pack costs $58.99 per box and includes 90 disposable lenses.

    Meanwhile, you can see how Costcos prices compare to a variety of other sellers, including 1-800 Contacts, and, in our comparison here.

    Getting The Lowest Price For Contact Lenses

    Gucci Eyeglasses Review | GG0006O 53mm| EZContacts Review | Optyl Frames

    A price match guarantee is great but to take advantage of it to the fullest you need to first find the lowest possible price for your brand.

    Researching dozens of sites to find the lowest price for your band can be long and tedious, especially if youre not familiar with all the different contact lens websites out there. But with Contacts Advice, the whole process takes no longer than a few seconds.

    Simply navigate to Contacts Advices homepage, scroll down until you find your brand and youll find a link that will take you directly to the website with the lowest price for your brand.

    I perform price checks for over 50 brands across 12 contact lens sites every week to make sure you always know where the lowest price for your brand is.

    The lowest price will be listed next to your brand on the homepage and the prices across every website can be found in the contact lens price comparison chart at the bottom of the page.

    Once youve located the lowest price through Contacts Advice, take a screenshot of the total for your order, and note down the URL. You may need to send them to EzContacts later.

    Next, you will have to purchase your contact lenses from When your purchase is complete, you will have to inform about the lower price that you found for your brand.

    To do so, navigate to this link:

    You will be taken to a page with a contact form.

    For the topic, choose: EZ Price Match Guarantee

    Enter your name and email address in the fields below.

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    Options For Adding Your Prescription Details

    You can enter your prescription by filling out the form on their website, choosing to have them follow up with you and ask for it later, or by using their Prescription Scanner app on an existing pair of eyeglasses.

    The app, however, isnt always easy to use. Youll need your phone, a computer with enabled functional cookies, your glasses, and a magnetic stripe card for sizing. There are a few points in this process where making an error can affect the accuracy of your prescription.

    Do Fake Sunglasses Damage Your Eyes

    While quality, branded sunglasses meet strict safety standards, fakes dont and fail to block UV light from reaching our eyes. In fact, they can actually allow more UV light into the back of the eyes and as a result, fake sunglasses can cause more damage to the eyes than not wearing any sunglasses at all.

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    Ezcontacts Eyeglasses Gucci Gg0278o Review

    As one of the oldest fashion labels from Italy, Guccis bold style has maintained an iconic reputation in the industry. The EzContacts Eyeglasses Gucci GG0278O are a pair of eyeglasses perfect for women who love showing off their designer style.

    These bold rectangular frames are available in a few colour options, but obviously, no pair of Gucci glasses would be complete without featuring the brands signature logo on the arm. Of course, you can add prescription lenses to these designer glasses.

    The EzContacts Eyeglasses Gucci GG0278O are priced at $206 .

    Are Glasses From Glassesusa Legit

    GlassesUSA is a reliable site to order glasses, sunglasses, and contacts from. Their prices are competitive and the ordering process is convenient. Their 14-day return window is a bit short, but is effective. Their 100% money-back guarantee makes them a great choice for your first time ordering online.

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    Who Is Ezcontacts For

    EzContacts sells products that are for customers looking for good quality eyewear that is both practical and looks good. If you need prescription eyewear or contacts for your everyday life, EzContacts offers dozens of designer brands to choose from. If youre looking for something to spice up an outfit, the brand has you covered.

    With the companys price match guarantee, you know that youre getting the lowest price possible for your eyewear. EzContacts currently offers free shipping within the U.S. and they ship to Canada, which is great for any Canadians looking to score a deal on their eyewear.

    What Else You Need To Know

    Our algorithm used factors that analyzed in particular the company’s website, in this case When we look into websites, we search for professional details that reveal key information about a business – how they sell, poor customer service, etc. For example, if we analyze a brewery page, we don’t rate the beer taste, but rather their website and how they sell the beer.

    This is not a vanity tool, so if you are the owner of and not happy with the 58.5 ranking, remember that your website is your online business card. It REALLY needs some improvements. It could be anything from your online management system, to HTTPS connection. Or your public reviews, which are critical.

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    Is Ezcontacts A Legit Website

    Yes, EZContacts is a legitimate authorized retailer selling contact lenses, prescription glasses, and authentic eyewear brands including Oakley, Ray-Ban, Gucci, Nike, Versace, and many others.

    Additionally, from browsing online, has over 200,000+ positive consumer ratings that indicate it is definitely a legitimate site.

    While the brand doesnt have a rating from the Better Business Bureau , this is fairly common for online retailers these days, so we wouldnt give this too much weight.

    Now lets dig into them a bit more.

    Buying From Oakley Vs Ezcontacts

    EZContactsUSA Authentic Sunglasses?

    Generally, there isnt much reason to purchase non-prescription eyewear from sites when you can buy them for the same price directly from the retailer.

    But when you can save 10-20% off retail prices like in the case of our experience with EZContacts, it definitely can be worth it.

    Youll also want to consider Oakley seasonal sales like Black Friday, where you can usually save up to 50% off! Check out our full guide to Oakleys sale schedule for more information.

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    Shipping Time And Delays

    As we may have noticed on our screenshots above, we were initially intrigued by the Have it Tomorrow promo on the Holbrooks we were buying.

    Oakley recently built on their free shipping to offer 2-hour pickup at stores for select products. But lets face it, if you can have it shipped directly to you the next day, thats probably the easier option.

    But we were a bit disappointed when we went to actually check out to notice that only the 5-7 business day shipping option was included. Instead, the advertised Next Day Shipping actually cost $35.

    This definitely isnt crazy, but in the world of 1 or 2 day free Prime shipping, it felt a bit misleading to us. It seems like Ships Same Day likely just means in their inventory vs. ordering the pair.

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