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Eye Drops To Eliminate Reading Glasses

New Eye Drop May Eliminate Need For Reading Glasses

Eye drops that reduce need for reading glasses have local connection

Say goodbye to eye strain.

A new eye drop that has been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration, and may receive approval later this year, may eliminate the need for reading glasses.

According to the company Allergan Eye Care, its as-yet-unnamed eye drop treats symptoms of presbyopia, a condition that affects mostly older people and makes it difficult for the eyes to focus on nearby objects. The condition, which happens to nearly everyone, usually starts in the late 40s and gets progressively worse as people age.

The drops work around the eye lens lack of elasticity by making the pupils smaller and creating more depth of focus.

In 30-day trials, participants who received the drug were able to read as many as three extra lines on a reading chart compared to those who received a placebo. However, fewer than 5% experienced some side effects, including headaches, red eyes, blurred vision and some eye pain.

If the drug is approved, it would be the first to be approved specifically for presbyopia. Similar drugs are already available to treat glaucoma.

Designed To Improve Age

Written by Longjam Dineshwori | Updated : July 15, 2022 11:01 AM IST

People with glasses may look smart, but only they know how uncomfortable it is to wear them. Wearing contact lenses is even more troublesome. Contact lenses are expensive, require cleaning and maintenance, and need to be replaced often. Moreover, touching your eyes to wear them increases your risk for eye infections. When you think of getting rid of spectacles and contact lenses permanently, surgery may come to your mind. Good news for those who can’t do without reading glasses? Researchers in the US have developed a new type of eye drop which could eliminate the need for spectacles and contact lenses.

Dubbed Vuity , this eye drop is designed to improve age-related blurry near vision or presbyopia. It is provided as a 1.25% solution . The FDA has also approved the use of this eye drop in the country.

According to the maker, one drop is applied to each eye once daily and it starts working within 15 minutes of application. The drop lasts for up to six hours for near vision and 10 hours for intermediate vision .

Vuity: Eye Drops For Blurry Vision

Age-related vision changes are normally treated with eyeglasses or contact lenses, a hassle that can have people leaving readers in every drawer between the house and the office. Now there is another presbyopia treatment option. Instead of reading glasses, bifocals, or even multifocal lenses, some patients can now benefit from a prescription eye drop for the treatment of presbyopia. VUITY is a brilliant new advancement in the world of optometry.

VUITY leads the nation with its introduction of presbyopia eye drops approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in October 2021.

At this time, VUITY eye drops are not a suitable solution for the treatment of all ocular conditions. However, it is a revolutionary product for those suffering from age-related presbyopia.

Future possibilities exist to use VUITY to treat other eye conditions beyond those suffering from presbyopic eyes. Interested parties should look to their local eye doctor .

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New Eye Drops Could Replace Reading Glasses For Millions

A newly approved eye drop hitting the market on Thursday could change the lives of millions of Americans with age-related blurred near vision, a condition affecting mostly people 40 and older.

Vuity, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in October, would potentially replace reading glasses for some of the 128 million Americans who have trouble seeing close-up. The new medicine takes effect in about 15 minutes, with one drop on each eye providing sharper vision for six to 10 hours, according to the company.

Toni Wright, one of the 750 participants in a clinical trial to test the drug, said she liked what she saw.

“It’s definitely a life changer,” Wright told CBS News national correspondent Jericka Duncan.

Before the trial, the only way Wright could see things clearly was by keeping reading glasses everywhere in her office, bathroom, kitchen and car.

“I was in denial because to me that was a sign of growing older, you know, needing to wear glasses,” she said.

It was in 2019 that her doctor told her about a new eye drop with the potential to correct her vision problems, temporarily. The 54-year-old online retail consultant, who works from her farm in western Pennsylvania, instantly noticed a difference.

“I would not need my readers as much, especially on the computer, where I would always need to have them on,” she said.

For Wright and millions just like her, the new drug is an easy backup solution with a clear advantage.

Reading Glasses A Tried & Tested Tool For Presbyopia

Refresh Optive® Advanced Lubricant Eye Drops  OptiGear

The blurred near-vision associated with presbyopia results from the inability of the eye to properly focus on up-close objects. Reading glasses have long been used to compensate for this. One benefit of reading glasses is that you can find a pair virtually anywhere. Additionally, they come in many different strengths, so you can try out various pairs and find out which is best for you even without an optometrist.

However, for many people with other eye issues astigmatism, a large difference between the degrees of presbyopia in the two eyes, or if you need stronger than over the counter readers may need prescription reading glasses.

The downside of readers is that they are often easily lost or misplaced because they arent needed once you finish reading. Many people who use them regularly resort to keeping at least one pair in every room of their house as well as a few in their car and workspace just to make sure they always have a pair whenever and wherever they need them.

Still, even with all this foresight, reading glasses occasionally disappear seemingly without a trace, and many people are looking for something that is a little easier to use and harder to lose.

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Can Vuity Eye Drops For Presbyopia Eliminate Reading Glasses

With age comes wisdom, and a whole host of changes to our bodies including presbyopia. Put simply, presbyopia is a naturally occurring condition that makes it difficult to read things up-close. Affecting millions of people over age 40, the most common treatment to date has been the use of reading glasses, or readers. However, there is a new treatment now available:

Vuity prescription eye drops for presbyopia is an FDA-approved treatment that may eliminate the need for reading glasses for some people.

In several studies, Vuity eye drops have proven effective at decreasing blurry near-vision associated with presbyopia. However, Vuity should not be construed as a miracle drug. While it may eliminate the need for readers for some people, it has not proven effective in all cases nor is it covered by medical insurance. Nonetheless, its not very expensive, and theres relatively little risk to trying Vuity.

How Do Vuity Eyedrops For Presbyopia Work

Vuity works primarily by shrinking your pupil to the optimal size it needs to be to focus on things that are close, explains ophthalmologist Y. Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO of Chu Vision Institute in Bloomington, MD, and a principal investigator for the FDA approval of the drops. You put them in once a day and they kick in after 15 minutes the strongest effects last up to six hours, and then start to fade.

Let me back up a sec and explain how eyes ideally work: When youre young, the lens of your eye is flexible, and refracts when light enters it a little muscle helps it to change shape as you focus on stuff thats far away or up close. Theres also another tiny muscle that opens and closes your pupil, to allow the light in. Fast forward to that time of life when you have to hold the votive candle up to the menu by then your lens is stiffer and so doesnt refract as much, which means you cant focus up close and things look blurry.

What Vuity does is kick both of those muscles into gear. Its a dual mechanism of action, says Dr. Chu. For most patients, he says, the pin-holing of the pupil is what sharpens your up-close focus. By making the pupil smaller you improve the reading vision because it increases the depth of focus, he explains.

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How Do The New Eye Drops For Presbyopia Work

Pilocarpine is a medication that improves close-range vision by constricting your pupil.

Dr. Pandit adds that it’s important to note that the drops don’t change the shape of the natural lens of your eye or make it more flexible. Instead, they mimic what naturally happens to your pupil when you are accommodating.

“Pilocarpine isn’t a new medication,” says Dr. Pandit. “We’ve been using it to treat glaucoma for decades. It’s also what we use when we need to constrict the pupil for certain eye procedures.”

The only difference with these new drops, he explains, is that a newer formulation is used and the chemical nature of the solution has been changed so it’s absorbed in a gentler way and works for a more defined period of time.

The daily drops, available by prescription only, take effect in as little as 15 minutes and work for up to six hours.

The benefit of improving near vision in this way is that, unlike reading glasses, the pilocarpine drops aren’t supposed to affect your distance vision.

What Kind Of Person Is Vuity For

New FDA-approved eye drops may improve vision

Vuity works, to some degree, for anyone with presbyopia, but it works better for people who dont yet need major magnifiers. If you wear a higher power reader, you might not be able to read as small print as someone with a lesser power reader, says Dr. Chu.

For example, someone who normally wears 1.00 magnification readers might be able to pop in some drops and 15 minutes later read the dosage instructions on a bottle of Advil. Someone like me, with a 2.00, might be able to see a price tag I couldnt see before, but not the pill label.

How many hours you find Vuity helpful also depends on your vision to begin with, says Dr. Chu, since the strongest effects last for up to six hours. If youre 47 or 48 and wear 1.50 readers, you may get six great hours of superhuman powers, says Dr. Chu, referring to the ability to read perfectly without glasses . Over the next four or so hours, the effect fades, but you may still see well in front of a computer without glasses.

But if you wear a greater magnification, your first six hours might give you glasses-free computer work . Then, when the effect fades, youll need to put on your readers again. If youre 55, and wear a 2.5 reader, you may never get those superhuman powers, he says, but you may see better in a conference room.

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How Do Vuity Eyedrops Work

The eyedrops contain a medication that has been used for more than a hundred years, at a higher concentration, to treat glaucoma, so its a drug that doctors have a lot of experience using. The low dose in the Vuity eyedrops works by temporarily decreasing the size of the pupil.

Waring compares this to changing the f-stop on a camera to decrease the size of the opening allowing light to pass to the film in older cameras. Its an age-old optical principle that by reducing the aperture extends the range of focus, he said. So this increases the ability to read close up while maintaining distance vision.

Since the smaller pupil allows less light in, the drops are not recommended for use while driving at night, Waring said.

The clinical trials showed that peoples near vision improved. In fact, compared to those who received placebo eyedrops, 22.9% more of those treated with Vuity drops could read at least three more lines on an eye chart than they could before the treatment.

NBC News correspondent Kristen Dahlgren tried the eyedrops on TODAY. She said the drops burned a little going in and her eyes became red, but within 30 minutes her vision had drastically improved.

I havent been able to read letters that small in years without glasses,” Dahlgren said.

An advantage of the drops over other therapies, such as surgery, is that you can stop it whenever you want, Frempong said.


Pros And Cons Of Vuity Eye Drops

  • PRO: easy to use daily drop
  • PRO: Patients may gain 3 or more lines of vision3
  • PRO: Can temporarily reduce or eliminate your need for reading glasses
  • CON: Temporary solution that only lasts approximately 6 hours per day
  • CON: VUITY is intended for daytime use and patients must use caution if driving at night
  • CON: May not be strong enough for patients with severe presbyopia

VUITY Eye Drops Vs. Presbyopia LASIK Surgery

The final word on which solution is best for you will depend on a discussion with one of our eye doctors. In general, people who are in their late 30s to early 50s with mild presbyopia may be candidates for VUITY, and this eye drop may be great news for people who are not ready for a surgical solution right now. If you are seeking a permanent and customizable solution, then laser lens treatment may be best for you, and will likely save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Laser lens treatment will also save you the hassle of having to get prescriptions and needing to put in eye drops everyday.

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These Optical Illusions Disappear Can You Guess The Reason

Reading glasses now in liquid form.

A game-changing new eye drop approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in October has finally become available for purchase. Participants in a clinical trial for Vuity say buyers can expect big things.

Its definitely a life changer, trial participant Toni Wright told CBS News of her experience with the drops, which take effect in just 15 minutes and enhance vision for six to 10 hours, according to the company. Now, its the first-ever treatment for age-related blurred vision to gain FDA approval. It works by helping the eye naturally reduce pupil size, CBS reported.

Before Vuity, 54-year-old Wright relied heavily on her reading glasses, which she would stash around her house and would always need to have when working on a computer. Since beginning the trial, she simply pops one drop in each eye for significantly improved sight and a break from her cumbersome spectacles.

I was in denial because to me that was a sign of growing older, you know, needing to wear glasses, the Pennsylvania-based retail consultant told CBS. She added that its particularly convenient for her to have that option of putting the drops in and being able to go.

Ssi To Manufacture India’s 1st Vaccine To Prevent Cervical Cancer

lazy eyeseye drops, lazy eyeseye drops question and answers

The Drugs Controller General of India recently gave the nod to ‘Cervavac’ which is India’s first vaccine to fight cervical cancer.

Cervavac is the countrys first quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine and it will be manufactured by the Pune-based Serum Institute of India. Taking to Twitter, Adar Poonawalla, the chief executive officer of SII, thanked the DCGI for approval.

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among females between the ages of 15 and 44 in India, after breast cancer. Cervical cancer can be reduced by immunising against the HPV virus. It can prevent most cases of cervical cancer if given to girls or women before they are exposed to the virus.

The HPV vaccine has the potential to prevent more than 90% of cancers caused by HPV. Although genital cancers are uncommon, HPV infection can increase a man’s risk of developing them. HPV can cause genital warts in both men and women.

As a result, men are also advised to get the HPV vaccine. Girls and boys aged 12 to 13 years are routinely offered the first HPV vaccination in England. The second dose is given 6 to 24 months after the first dose.

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Sunlight Triggers Hormone That Makes Men Hungry

The sun is very important in our lives. It not only provides an abundant source of light and energy, but it also appears to influence how much some of us eat.

According to an Israeli study, sunlight can make men feel hungry by stimulating the production of a hormone that increases appetite.

Tel – Aviv University researchers analysed the nutritional data of approximately 3,000 people for this one-of-a-kind study.

They also discovered that men consumed approximately 300 calories more per day during the summer, whereas women did not.

The researchers discovered that exposure to sunlight causes the hormone ghrelin to be released into the bloodstream, but only in men.

Ghrelin, also known as the “hunger hormone,” is the hormone responsible for increased appetite.

If you’re thinking about avoiding sunlight to save calories, consider this. The study also found that excessive sun avoidance can be harmful to one’s health.

However, moderate sun exposure can be extremely beneficial in lowering the risk of heart disease, and ghrelin may play a role in this.

The hormone also has a variety of other effects on the body, which researchers say have yet to be thoroughly investigated.

Hakim Optical Donates Prescription Eyeglasses And So Can You

According to estimates from the World Health Organization Prevention of Blindness and Deafness Program, about 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired, with about 90% of those people living in developing countries1. Individuals in these countries face many barriers in obtaining access to prescription eyeglasses, but their main obstacles are access to optical locations and affordability of eyeglasses.

Hakim Optical recently donated 30,000 sunglasses and optical frames to The Belize Council of the Visually Impaired and 50,000 pairs of prescription eyeglasses to the Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre , the Canadian depot for recycled glasses and part of Lions Club International.

To celebrate Hakim Opticals 50th-anniversary celebration this year, we have committed to donating an additional 100,000 pairs of frames, reading glasses and sunglasses to CLERC and will work with them throughout the year to collect used prescription eyewear from the public.

CLERC brings prescription eyeglasses directly to those in need who otherwise would not be able to afford glasses to improve their vision. For children, clear vision allows a better chance to succeed in their education and promote healthier development. Adults with eyeglasses will have greater employment opportunity due to their improved vision, and for seniors with vision problems, glasses provide independence and less reliance on others.

There is currently a need for:

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