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Eye Glasses For Round Face

The Most Flattering Glasses For Round Faces

Glasses for Round Faces | EyeBuyDirect

A round face may be a beautiful face, but if you want it to also be a fashionable face, there are a few simple rules you can follow. When picking glasses, you want to veer towards frames and colors that compliment your face rather than camouflaging or clashing with it. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Do pick frames that have strong, straight lines and edges. These will add angles and contrast with the round outline of your face.
  • Generally avoid round frames theyll add unwanted size and curves to your face
  • Steer clear of undersized frames because they may make your face look larger and wont quite work and plenty else will though.

Here are our top style recommendations for round faces:

The beauty of opting for a square frame is that the simple straight lines and geometric corners will complement rather than overpower your face. Ideal when you want to instantly add a touch of style!

Angular frames that showcase geometric shapes are a great way to add some contemporary style to your look in a way that compliments your round face. They provide balance and angles which contrasts beautifully with the curves of your face everything fits effortlessly.

Make the most of your soft and delicate features with a bold and bright pair of oversized frames and youll be wondering why you didnt treat yourself sooner. All you have to do now is try to narrow things down to your favorite color!

How To Tell What Your Skin Tone Is

The best way to figure out which color eyeglasses you should get is to determine your skin tone. It can be either warm, cool, or neutral.

The first thing you should do to find out your skin tone is to find a natural light source, such as the sunlight, and examine the veins in your wrist and forearms.

Here is how to determine your skin tone just by looking at the veins in your arms.

Warm Skin Tone

If your veins appear to look green, then you have warm toned skin. It does not have to be an exact green, but if it seems to lean closer to green than to any other color, than that means warm toned. You will want to stay away from cool toned colors and white and black as they will clash with your skin tone.

The best colors for eyeglasses for a person with warm toned skin include:

  • Browns
  • Beige
  • Olive Green

Choosing cooler colors will clash with your skin tone. That may sound good at first, since a lot of fashion is choosing contrasting colors to get a pop, but in this case, its best not to choose something that is going to contrast heavily.

Cool Skin Tone

If you notice that your veins are more on the blue side, then you have a cool skin tone. Warmer color frames will clash with your skin tone and should be avoided.

Instead, here are some of the colors that will compliment your cool toned skin very well:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Blue

Neutral Skin Tone

How To Identify A Round Face

A round face is similar to a square-shaped face, but with softer angles. They generally have a circular shape thats the same height and width, along with a curved jaw and rounded cheeks.

Some celebrities with round faces include Chrissy Teigen, Isla Fisher, Jennifer Lawrence, Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams

People often think that they have a round face, when they actually have a different face shape. Take our Zenni Face Shape Quiz to determine your face shape and find the most flattering glasses.

Frames To Avoid For A Round Face

As a good rule of thumb, you want to avoid round, geometrically shaped, and small oval, and narrow frames. These styles can accentuate the curves of your round face.

Keep in mind that these are general recommendations and not hard and fast rules. Its most important to wear what makes you feel good.

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Best Eyeglasses For A Round Face

Choosing new eyeglasses, it can be difficult finding the perfect frame to suit your face shape.

Thats why weve assembled this helpful guide to recommend which glasses will suit your round face shape.

Just for you, weve searched through hundreds of models in order to give you the best options out there.

Glasses For A Small Face


For a complementary fit, choose glasses that are as wide or slightly wider than your facelook for a lens width of 50mm-52mm and nose bridge of 14mm-16mm. Consider glasses in a shape that adds definition without overpowering your features, such as rectangular, oval, or cat-eye frames.

When looking for glasses for long faces, opt for a shape and style that brings contrast, such as square or geometric frames or a taller, oversized style. Two-toned glasses can also draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

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What Type Of Glasses Suit A Round Face

There are many glasses that suit round faces. From transparent frames to full-rim glasses, these are some of our absolute favourites to consider:

  • Wayfarer glasses: These iconic frames are legendary and loved by Hollywood fanatics. They are one of the best choices of glasses for people with round faces. Their distinctive angle further defines your round face.
  • Wooden frames: These trendy frames are made of all-natural materials. But when you choose the style of your frames, we recommend you look for rectangular frames or those that have bold angular lines.
  • Transparent frames: They have been trending since 2017 and are still one of the favourites amongst shoppers. Your facial features are beautifully highlighted with these transparent frames.
  • Big cat eyeglasses: They are a perfect choice for women with small round faces. The unique angular features of big cat eyeglasses give your round face a flattering look. Don’t forget to check out our Cactus Eyewear collection, they are simply one of the best-looking eye-wear.

What Is A Round Face

If you want to see some beautiful round faces theyre only ever a click away online. Why? Because the world loves the natural beauty a round face brings to the table. Similar to a square face shape, a round face is generally as wide as it is long. However, it has softer angles. Its also important to note that its roundness has nothing to do with weight its all about the proportions of the face and how it takes shape. Heres the key characteristics of the round face shape:

  • Its all about the curvesTheres no straight lines on show here, folks, just soft curves. Even the sides of the face curve out slightly rather than going straight down like most other face types. Round faces also tend to be slightly shorter than other face shapes.
  • A small, flat chinA round face usually has a round chin.
  • The cheeks set the sizeLast but not least, round faces tend to have full cheeks. The cheeks are always the widest part and help add the cheery charm that only you round-faced folk can really pull off

Dont quite see yourself ticking those three boxes? Honestly, were not worried if youre not. Theres a whole host of different face shapes, and many people have a combination of various ones. If in doubt, you might want to check out our article on the 6 main types of face shape. If you think you may have a round face shape, how about we talk about all things style?

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Other Things To Consider When Finding The Perfect Pair Of Eyeglasses

When it comes to finding the best pair of eyeglasses, the shape of them is very important. You really want to make sure that the eyeglasses you wear everyday will be a style that you love and will make you more confident, not self-conscious.

But besides finding the most flattering shape for your face shape, there are some other things to consider, so that you do not find yourself regretting your decision.

Here are the other things to consider when finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses:

  • Are you picking a flattering color for your skin tone?
  • What is your daily life like?
  • Are the eyeglasses a style that you really want?
  • Can you comfortably wear the eyeglasses every day, all day?
  • Make sure that they actually work.

What Glasses Look Good On A Small Face

Glasses for Round Faces | EyeBuyDirect

If you have a smaller face than most, don’t worry, it’s not too difficult to nail the best look. You may think every pair you try on is too large for your face. But, believe us when we say that, there are plenty of stylish and trendy eyeglasses for you to choose from. The most popular eyeglasses for small faces are rectangular, oval, and classic cat-eye frames.

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Eyeglasses For Round Faces

Choosing a pair of eyeglasses that suit you can be difficult and it is a subjective choice as your face shape has a lot to do with finding the right fit. There are 5 types of face shapes-round, triangular, heart, square, and oval. In a round face, the width of the jaw and the bow are almost equal. The best type of glasses suited to this face type is those shapes that contrast with your facial features.

Choosing a new pair of eyeglasses is a big decision. To pick the most flattering, comfortable, and practical pair, you need to consider several different factors: your lifestylei.e., whether you lead an active life with involvement in sports or other outdoor activitiesyour fashion sense and personality, your facial structure and your skin tone and hair color.

Oversized Frames Supersize Your Style Statements

  • Larger, thick frames that dont get lost on your face bring structure to a soft-featured round face.
  • No matter what the shape is, bigger frames work better for round faces. To make your glasses stand out, even more, choose a pair of plain colored thick-rimmed glasses that make a statement.

The Dapper square frame has thick angular lines, best eyeglass frame for round faces.

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First Make Sure You Do Have A Round Face Shape

First of all, make sure your face really is round. Weight doesnt have to do with how your face looks. Simply being on the chubby side doesnt mean your face is round.

Besides, most people find that their face is never just one type. Your face can be in between round and diamond-shaped, oval and oblong, and so on. The trick is to identify your most dominant features and from there, determine what eyewear category is most suitable for your face type.

If your faces height and width are nearly equal, if your cheekbones are not very visible and there arent any distinctively angular features, then you likely have a round face!

Unlike a square shape, a rounded face wont have a pronounced jawline or cheekbones, so choose a pair of sunglasses that are slightly wider than your face to give it some definition.

Glasses For A Diamond Face Shape

Fashion Women Glasses

Diamond-shaped faces have sharp angles. If one chooses frames that also utilize sharp angles, they can develop a striking look with some experimentation. If you want a quieter, gentler approach, frames with soft angles can be a very different alternative.

Likewise, a diamond face can benefit from the diametrically opposed choices of either hard-lined or rimless glasses. More material highlights the glasses and can emphasize your angles. Less material can allow the glasses to blend with the face and offer a softer look.

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Are These Eyeglasses Comfortable To Wear

If you were hoping to browse online to find the perfect pair of eyeglasses, then you may be risking the comfort factor, among other things.

When you get your glasses customized by your eye doctor, they will make sure that the eyeglasses will sit comfortably on your nose, fit the width of your face, and allow you to see without through them without getting a headache.

On the other hand, if you only buy a pair of eyeglasses that you think everyone will love, then you may not like the way they fit on your face.

It is best to make sure that your eyeglasses are completely comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time if it is needed.

Check Out These Timeless Glasses Styles For Round Faces

Transparent frames

Transparent frames were 2017’s biggest hit, and they aren’t going anywhere soon. These playful modern frames add an instant element of chic to any outfit and can give you an aura of intelligence.


Full-rimmed frames

Adding strong, angular lines to your face is a big part of finding the best glasses for round faces. A dark-colored and full-rimmed pair of glasses will do the trick and more.


Wooden frames

Experiment with one of the latest and greatest trends in eyewear. Our wooden frames exude chill vibes like no other, and pair perfectly with round faces.


Square glasses

This glasses style for round faces is an American classic. Hollywood stars from every era wear them from the concert hall to the movie set. Their characteristic angles can give contrast to any round face, so dont hesitate to try them out for yourself.


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Browline Eyeglasses Perfect Semi

A semi-rimless silhouette thats lighter on the bottom is the best way to go for male and female round faces.

This type of frame doesnt add a lot of angles, but its silhouette is particularly useful, as it adds balance and creates the illusion of length, effectively slimming down the appearance of the face.

Glasses For Round Faces: All The Designer Options You Need At Mister Spex

Glasses for a Round/Oval Face Shape | EyeBuyDirect x Truly Jamie

In addition to meeting your prescription needs, your glasses should also flatter the shape of your face we’ve got name-brand glasses for round faces in styles that are sure to make you look even better than you already do. We offer a variety of sizes and frame types in glasses for round faces, and each and every frame comes with high-quality lenses that are included in the price.

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Do Round Glasses Look Good On Round Faces

You may have noticed that there was not really any mention of round glasses for round face shapes in the list of the best shapes. So, do round glasses look good on round faces?

The answer can be a bit tricky. Round glasses can look good on a person with a round face, so long as the eyeglasses are oversized with big, bold frames. If the glasses are round, meaning circle shaped or oval shaped, and too small, then they will not be as flattering as the shapes listed above.

Just be sure to remember that you really want your eyeglasses to contrast your soft facial features rather than blend in with them.

This tip will help you find the right pair of round glasses that compliment your round face very well!

Not Sure If You Have A Round Face

The very roundest faces out there are so quick and easy to spot, but that doesnt mean youll be so lucky. You might feel like youre someone in the middle of a couple of categories, and youd probably be right. So, what can you do? To make sure youre following the right style advice for your face shape, make a quick measurement of your face in the mirror. If its roughly as wide as it is tall, with your cheeks occupying the widest point, its safe to say youre the proud owner of a charmingly round face, my friend.

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The Best Eyeglasses For Round

Ghandi, Anna Wintour, and Harry Potter have something in common, and its not just that theyre all leaders in their own right. Theyre also all trendsetters, due to one choice accessory toward which they all gravitate: round glasses. Though they may have little else in common, their affinity for these stylish frames unites them. Many others have been spotted wearing the trendy glasses even Waldo! The huge variety of its wearers speaks to the versatility of its style. Round glasses can be bold or understated, big or small, worn inside or outside. No matter your personal style, round glasses can add something special to any outfit. Here, well take a look at the best ways to rock round glasses depending on your face shape. Then well talk about different styles and the people who made them iconic, and how to steal their style.

If you have an angular or rectangular face shape, then finding a flattering pair of round glasses should be easier. The hardest part will be choosing the style that you like best there are so many to choose from! For a survey of different styles of round glasses, lets take a look at the people who made them famous.

Face Shapes And Their Supporting Eyewear

2020 Fashion Anti Reflective Glasseswithout Lenses in 2020

A quick checklist

Ascertain the shape of your face with our trusty guide The most common classifications are oval, round, angular: square or diamond, long: narrow or oblong.

The key is to use your eyewear so as to balance out your facial structure:

1. Round faces should ideally opt for narrow and wider rectangular eyewear

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Glasses For A Triangle Face Shape

Many recommendations for heart-shaped faces also apply to triangle-shaped faces. Both shapes have a characteristic strong jaw and fairly high cheekbones. The flatter top of a triangle-shaped face means you may prefer curved frames.

As a general rule, curves help soften faces with sharp angles. While some people may lean into their angled features and choose to accentuate them, the trend is to balance them with softer accessories.

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