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Specsavers – How to try on glasses online

Its possible to score a great pair of prescription eyeglasses from Zenni. And judging by customer reviews, as well as our own testing, many people do. But this retailer offers only store credit or partial refunds for returns, making it a higher-risk choice.

Buying Options

If youre comfortable taking a risk on a retailer that offers an inferior return policy, you may be surprised at how little you need to spend at Zenni Optical for prescription glasses that are on a par with those youd receive from an optician. Despite Zennis ultra-low prices, we found that it surpassed our expectations, sometimes impressively so. A tester who ordered $19 glasses from Zenni was perfectly pleased with them. Another tester preferred the $149 progressive-prescription glasses she received from Zenni to the comparable, $295 pair from a competitor. Zennis frame selection is the largest of all the companies we tested. If the glasses you order from Zenni dont work for you, though, prepare to accept store credit or just half of your money back, excluding shipping.

Why You Should Trust Us

To learn more about buying prescription eyeglasses online, we spoke to Dr. Christopher Quinn, a past president of the American Optometric Association. And we interviewed seven optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians in person, by phone, or by email: Dr. Neil Pence, associate dean for clinical and patient care services at the Indiana University School of Optometry optician Nancy Kirsch, director of the Essilor Eyewear Center at the University Eye Center and assistant clinical professor at the State University of New York College of Optometry Dr. Camille Cohen, an optometrist in private practice in New York Dr. Michael Chiang, a professor of ophthalmology, medical informatics, and clinical epidemiology at Oregon Health & Science University Dr. Jeff Pettey, vice chair of education at the John Moran Eye Center and an associate professor at the University of Utah Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Dr. James Salz, an ophthalmologist in private practice in Los Angeles and Dr. Abdhish Bhavsar, an ophthalmologist in private practice in Minneapolis. We also consulted Alysa Bernstein, an attorney with the Federal Trade Commissions Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Since 2017, weve spent more than 100 hours evaluating the websites of online glasses stores, comparing their policies, ordering and returning dozens of pairs of glasses, playing with fitting tools, and learning how to find glasses that fitwith or without being able to try on frames first.

These Eyeglasses Companies Offer Virtual Mirrors

Perhaps this isnât as definitive or user-friendly as a home try-on program or free shipping and returns, but technology has come a long way even in the past couple of years.

If youâre comfortable using a webcam or uploading a photo , itâs possible to get a rough approximation of what you would look like in your new glasses from companies that offer a virtual mirror in lieu of a home-try on program.

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How To Fit Glasses

Kids Glasses Online

If you already wear glasses that fit, youve got a head start on finding and buying new ones. Take a favorite pair of frames and look at the inside arm: Youll probably find three numbers that tell you, in order from the left, the lens width, the bridge width, and the temple arm length. If not, and you remember where you bought your last pair of specs, give the shop a call. Thats what I did with my favorite pair of glasses, which were unmarked . The store was happy to give me the frame measurements and designer over the phone, since Id purchased the glasses there.

Of the retailers we tested, Eyebuydirect, Firmoo, GlassesUSA, and Zenni Optical allow you to limit viewable frames to a variety of toggleable desired size parameters. Note that even when a frame has nearly the exact same official measurements as another, style and fit can vary dramatically.

If you dont have frames that you already know fit, youll probably need to try some on, either in person or through the in-home try-on services. Though the virtual try-on services are better than nothing, especially for a seasoned glasses wearer who knows their face, to find flattering frames, a novice in need of specs should probably take a bit more care the first go-round.

Likewise, if the temple arms are too long for you, the glasses can slip forward and off your face or dig in behind your ears, an issue that can sometimes be mitigated with an in-person fitting with a professional .

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Can I Return Prescription Glasses I Buy Online

Yes, sometimes prescription glasses don’t end up being perfect and may end up bothering your eyes. I once had a certain online store screw up the prescription in the left lens while the right one was correct. In many cases, you can return the glasses if you’re not satisfied, but make sure to read the fine print on the store’s return policy. Often, the store will remake the glasses for you or give you a full refund. However, certain sites only offer partial refunds.

Superior Selection Consistent Quality

Most everyone can find frames they like and lenses that suit their prescription at Eyebuydirect. Prices are in the mid-range, and the return period is shorter than most, but our testers consistently rated Eyebuydirect glasses as being better than the competition.

Buying Options

Buy1 Get1 w/code BOGOWC

With single-vision Rx eyeglasses starting at $13 and going up to $233 during our test period , plus a 14-day, no-questions-asked full refund policy, Eyebuydirect is a great place to begin your online glasses search. Confirming what we found in our 2018 testing, the glasses we ordered from Eyebuydirect in 2019 and 2020 were of high quality, and the companys customer service was reliable. Although Eyebuydirect doesnt offer in-home frame trials, we found that its virtual try-on tool provided us with an adequate representation of what the glasses we chose ended up looking like on our faces. As of 2020, the company now offers an unmatched no- or low-cost two-day shipping option for a wide variety of frames.

Even though it has fewer frames to choose from than Eyebuydirect, Liingo has the most generous full-refund policy of any retailer we considered60 days, no questions asked.

Buying Options

Also great

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On Coupons And Insurance Coverage

Online glasses retailers know that shoppers love a deal. So most will gladly throw coupons and discount codes your way, essentially as soon as you start browsing their sites. In our testing, we used coupons and codes whenever possible. We did end up saving quite a bit of money this way, versus paying the full, published pricethough whether we got any true deals is up for debate. Some tips:

If you have vision insurance, you may be able to submit an out-of-network claim for prescription eyeglasses you buy online. Check with your insurance provider to see how this applies to your benefits. Even though none of our picks directly take insurance, customers with vision insurance can submit their receipts for out-of-network provider reimbursement.

How We Chose The Best Places To Buy Prescription Glasses Online

EyeBuyDirect Try on & Review | Buying Prescription Glasses Online

As glasses-wearers ourselves, the Forbes Vetted team members who assembled, edited and continue to update this list know what it takes to find the right pair of glasses. We spent hours researching each companys reputation and what they offer in terms of selection, value, insurance eligibility, return policy and turnaround time. We also throughly browsed each site to test out the user-friendliness of the glasses-buying process and discover special features like virtual or at-home try-ons and prescription renewals. Finally, we enlisted the help of eye care expert Dr. Sandra Young, OD, to share expert tips on choosing and buying the right glasses for you.

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How To Choose The Best Glasses

Here are a few things to pay close attention to when picking the right glasses for yourself.

Frame material: Frames can be designed using various materials, including metal, plastic, and polycarbonate. Metal frames are usually sturdy and durable but are relatively more costly than their plastic counterparts. On the other hand, polycarbonate frames are robust and durable but tend to be used in the making of safety glasses rather than the more luxurious ones.

The shape of the frame: The shape of the frame can either complement your face or compromise your overall look. That is why SmartBuyGlasses makes it easy for you to find a frame that matches your face. The virtual try-on feature on the site allows you to upload a photo of your face and then try on several frames or glasses. This makes it possible for you to select the most ideal right from the comfort of your own home.

Color: Your skin complexion plays an important role in choosing the right color for the glasses. Light skin with warm undertones tends to go well with warm naturals, saturated shades, and other darker colors. Deep skin with warm undertones matches with deep browns and golds, while deep skin with cool undertones often matches with purple and black glasses. It is worth pointing out that the color of your hair and eyes can also play a role in helping you pick the right color for your glasses.

Try On Using Your Camera

Instantly see how glasses or sunglasses look on you with your phone, laptop, or tablet. Click to allow access to your camera to use the Virtual Try On feature. You can even record and re-watch to share and compare. Currently available for most frames on iPhones using the Safari browser.

Instantly see how glasses or sunglasses look on you with your phone, laptop, or tablet. Click to allow access to your camera to use the Virtual Try On feature. You can even record and re-watch to share and compare. Currently available for most frames on iPhones using the Safari browser.

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Acceptance Of Terms Of Use

The Virtual Try-on tool that launches from is owned and operated by Ditto, Inc., a third-party. The tool creates a photographic image of your face that then enables you to view a rendering of yourself wearing certain frames available on By using the Virtual Try-On tool, you expressly consent to the Terms of Use and the incorporated HIPAA Privacy Policy governing A link to these documents is here:

In addition, by using the Virtual Try-On tool, you acknowledge that any information collected or otherwise obtained from you is collected by Ditto , and that all such information is subject to both Dittos Terms of Use and its Privacy Policy which are found at the following hyperlinks:

What Can I Expect To Pay For A Pair Of Prescription Glasses Online

Fashion Men

You can often get glasses with basic frames and lenses for less than $100 and sometimes even less than $50 during certain promotions.

More premium lenses made of lighter and stronger materials, with additional scratch resistance and anti-glare coating or photochromic lens that change from clear to tinted, cost significantly more. But a pair of premium RX glasses that might cost you $300-$400 online would probably cost double that or more in a brick-and-mortar shop.

Note that some online glasses shops do accept vision insurance, though even if they do, you’ll have to check whether they accept your specific vision insurance.

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What About Warby Parker

We previously recommended Warby Parker as our top pick, and it remains a fine place to buy glasses. People who love Warby styles and can take advantage of the companys baseline single-vision pricing will likely be satisfied with this hybrid online brick-and-mortar shop. But after updating our brand comparison and glasses testing in 2019, we think most people will find better prices on potentially better prescription eyeglasses elsewhere.

Our test panelists preferred glasses from our top picks over Warby Parker specs in every case. More importantly, in several instances we paid less for glasses containing thinner, higher-index lenses from other companies than we did for essentially the same glasses with thicker basic lenses from Warby. Compared with any of our picks, Warby Parker offers far fewer frame styles this limited catalog may mean youre less likely to find something you love. Overall, the included hardshell case and beautiful packaging were the things we found we loved most about the glasses we ordered from Warby Parker.

Warby Parkers shipping times and return processing were within a few days of those of our picks. And Warbys one-year scratch-free lens warranty is comparable to Liingos and Eyebuydirects.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Eyebuydirect reported data breaches in 2015, 2018, and 2019. Following the most recent incident, reported in October 2019, the company issued a letter to customers stating that it was not sure whether any shoppers personal information had been compromised, and recommending that people monitor their credit card statements for suspected fraudulent activities. This, of course, is not ideal. But considering how common such occurrences are in e-commerce, we view these events as unfortunate but not necessarily disqualifying. In 2021, the company offered customers who reported fraudulent activity on credit cards associated with purchases at Eyebuydirect a year of free identity detection and identity-theft resolution services, a spokesperson wrote in an email. We will continue to monitor Eyebuydirects response to the situation.

The company always offers a 20% discount for students and veterans this may or may not be better than another coupon and cannot be combined with other offers.

Although Eyebuydirect generally has strong Better Business Bureau customer reviews, some customer reviewers have cited poor customer service.

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Communicating With Warby Parker

a. Text Messages. By opting-in to receive text messages from us or by sending us an initial text message, you agree to receive text messages from Warby Parker, some of which may be considered marketing and may be sent using an autodialer. You also represent that you are the owner or authorized user of the mobile device you use to subscribe for the mobile service and that you are authorized to approve the applicable charges. Youll be responsible for all messaging and data charges that may apply. You can opt-out of receiving text messages from us at any time by texting STOP from the mobile device receiving the messages. For additional help, you can contact us at 888.492.7297 or . And dont worry – you can make a purchase without agreeing to receive texts from us, and there are many other ways you can communicate with our friendly team, like phone, live chat, email, snail mail, and Morse code 🙂

Right To Use The Services

New Glasses Try-On Haul | EyeBuyDirect x Sofie’s World

After all of the restrictions above, we dont want it to sound like you cant even use the Services, so well give you permission right here: subject to your complete and ongoing compliance with these Terms, you have the right to access and use the Services solely for your personal, noncommercial use. This right will allow you to use and enjoy the benefit of the Services as we provide them, in the manner we permit through these Terms. We dont think you would need to do much else.

Subject to your complete and ongoing compliance with these Terms, you also have the right to use one copy of the App downloaded directly from Warby Parker or from a legitimate marketplace , solely in object code format, for your personal, noncommercial use on a single compatible mobile device that you own or control, for the purpose of accessing and using the Services in accordance with these Terms. The term App, as used in these Terms, includes any update or modification to the App that we make available to you .

If you are prohibited under applicable law from using the App or the Services, you may not use them.

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Other Good Online Glasses Retailers

Long beloved for its alternative fit glasses for people with low nose bridges, Jins recently made its virtual try-on tool available for nearly all of the 500+ frames it carries. The virtual try-on tool is finicky, though, and the site navigation isnt intuitive, making it difficult to ensure that youve actually gotten to see all of the frame styles offered. But the frames we ordered were of high quality, and Jins shoppers in San Francisco and Los Angeles have the added benefit of visiting a few brick-and-mortar stores as well. Jins offers a 30-day free returns policy.

People who have vision insurance through Cigna Vision, Metlife, or VSP may find Eyeconic to be a good solution for them, because the retailer is in network with all three of these major insurers. Although most of Eyeconics frames are more expensive than our picks , Eyeconic, unlike our picks, carries many of the name-brand frames found in some brick-and-mortar stores. Eyeconic also offers virtual try-on, free returns for 60 days, and a national network of eye doctors that will adjust your frames for free, if needed.

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