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Eye Glasses With Clip On Sunglasses

Glasses For Diamond Face Shapes

CLIP-ON SUNGLASSES – 2-in-1 Eyeglasses and Sunglasses! | Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Persol

Like triangle faces, diamond face shapes look stunning in glasses that combine lighter bottoms with slightly thicker browlines. Rounded frames can also play well with a diamond faces angles. Because diamond faces narrow at both the top and bottom, the frames should maintain a bit more evenness throughout their shapeno need for super-dramatic details.

Browse horn rim and browline glasses with this balancing act in mind, and see which frames speak to you.

We recommend: Browline glasses, cat-eye glasses, round glasses, oval glasses, semi-rimless glasses

Aoo Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Everything about these blue light blocking polarized sunglasses is amazing but the most important feature is the complimentary magnetic clip on sunglasses that come with them. The overall product is excellent for prescription glasses users . The glasses are made with TR-90 materials that are very light and soft in texture. The right size sits comfortably on the face without creating an uncomfortable feeling on the nose area. These sunglasses can be used for driving and all kinds of outdoor activities. They are also good for individuals that spend long hours in areas with florescent lights and frequent computer users. Lastly, they come in a wide range of beautiful colors.

  • They protect the eyes from glare and UV rays
  • Excellent for eye fatigue reduction
  • Suitable for working under florescent lights
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • FDA approved with 30 days guarantee
  • Ultra-light design
  • Great choice for driving and all other forms of outdoor activities
  • The sunglasses have the ability to block blue light
  • Slightly pricey when compared to other options provided in our list

The Best Glasses For Each Face Shape

Now that youve learned about the most common face shapes, youre probably curious about how glasses come into play. The good news: finding stylish glasses frames for your face shape is an art that anyone can learn.

And remember, its also optional! There are no rules here, and youll always want to take your personal style and the fit of the frames into account.

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The Best Type Of Glasses Is The Type That Makes You Smile In The Mirror

When youre shopping for eyewear, you can use this article as a basic guide to the types of eyeglasses and framesbut the most important aspect of your glasses is how you feel and look with them on. No matter what category they fall into, they should be comfortable, confidence-boosting, and easy on the eyes .

Considering contact lenses? Check out our guide comparing the pros and cons of contacts vs. glasses.

Glasses For Oval Face Shapes

Buy STGATN Magnetic Polarized Clip On Sunglasses Vintage Lightweight ...

If youre someone with an oval face, lots of frames will flatter you. Our biggest tip is to go for wide rather than narrow ones, as wide frames will balance out the length of your face.

Otherwise, the glasses world is your oyster. You can opt for curvier frames if your chin and jawline are more sharp, or angular frames if youd like to play off the rounded parts of your face. Worried that your cheekbones are fading into the background? Glasses with pronounced or upswept corners are your friend.

We recommend: Almost any type of frame! Just try to go as wide as your faces widest zone .

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Glasses For Round Face Shapes

If you think you have a round face, youre in a great position to play up bold frame elements like thick, straight lines and sharp corners. Fabulous glasses for round faces often have wide, rectangular frames that add eye-catching angularity, or frames with thick browlines that complement round cheeks.

We recommend:Rectangle glasses, square glasses, geometric glasses, cat-eye glasses, browline glasses, full-rimmed glasses

Are Clip Ons Fashionable

To put it simply, yes. But to fully explain, let us take a trip down memory lane. Clip on glasses were originally used in the 1990s, when they were cheap, clunky and associated with very un-cool members of older generations. However, with the recent retro and vintage trends, a certain nostalgia for the 90s has arisen, and brought clip on glasses right back on trend. Todays models are of course vast improvements on designs from years gone by. These days, the magnetic style clip ons mean that you can find clip on lenses from an extraordinarily wide selection of lenses, that still fit your current frames perfectly. More modern clip ons also feature artistic designs and embellishments, and it is near impossible for an observer to tell if the frames are clip ons or not. For more style tips for clip on glasses, read our blog post here.

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Choosing From A Variety Of Clip

With so many types of clip-on sunglasses available, finding the right one comes down to a matter of personal preference. Many of the clip-on’s come in large and small size that can fit over your eyeglasses no matter the type. You can choose between sunglasses with metal rims or rimless ones. Ultimately, wearing clip-on sunglasses will protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. With so many options, you can find the right sunglasses for the price and style you want. Browse through our complete selection of sunglasses to compare shapes, sizes and prices to find the right pair for you. Shop online or in our stores.

*The total item count is approximate. The count will be inaccurate when sponsored products are displayed, when multiple sizes or colors of a product are grouped on a single product card, and when the in-stock filter is applied.

Know The Measurement Of Your Sunglasses/eyeglasses

Magnetic Clipon Eyeglasses review

You need to know the size of your sunglasses or eyeglasses before you shop for magnetic clip ons. The last thing you want is to buy one that will not fit your glasses frame. There are different ways to measure your sunglasses but one way is to use the measurement scale of the retailer you are looking to buy from. If the size and shape correspond with the eyepiece in question, you can buy the magnetic clip on.

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The Benefits Of Clip Ons

1. The biggest benefit of clip ons is the price. A pair of clip on lenses essentially saves you from buying whole new pairs of prescription glasses for various uses, such as prescription sunglasses. Instead, you have one perfect pair of frames, and you can match other lens tints and styles to suit the occasion. If you are heading to the beach, pop on polarized clip on glasses. If you are spending a day in the office, use blue light blocking clip on glasses lenses. The variety of activities you can do with different lenses instead of different pairs of glasses is an advantage in itself. To use your glasses for as many different uses as possible, keep an eye out for clip on sets and interchangeable clips.

2. Polarized clip on glasses are extremely popular, and are particularly beneficial for those going to and fro between outdoor and indoor spaces. This can include sports players who need sunglasses while exercising outdoors, but want to revert to their normal prescription lenses once back in the changing rooms.

3. Yet another perk to clip on lenses is that they are perfectly on trend. Rather than buying fresh lenses to match the style of the season year on year, you can make do with a new clip on lens. That way, you keep up with the fashion, without the need for a magic money tree!

Which Are Better Clip

The better option for you will be based on your needs and preferences.

If you want to be able to wear the same glasses all day especially if your eyes have trouble adjusting when you switch back and forth or if you already have glasses you like and dont have the budget for an extra pair of prescription sunglasses, clip-ons might be better for you.

If you like having pieces with purpose glasses for inside and sunglasses for outside or dont like the sometimes clunky look of clip-ons, consider prescription sunglasses.

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Quality Materials And Construction

All JINS womens eyeglasses come with clear premium lenses that can be prescription or non-prescription. High-index and aspheric lenses, as well as anti-glare and UV coatings, are available at no extra charge. Need progressive lenses? No problem.

Blue light protection to block up to 40% of blue light is also an option, as are color lens tints in pink, yellow, green, gray, or brown. Do you need prescription sunglasses? Choose dark or polarized lenses to make any of our eyeglass frames suitable for outdoor wear. We even have optional photochromic lenses that automatically transition between indoor and outdoor use.

Are Magnetic Clip On Sunglasses Worth It

Rectangle Eyeglasses with Magnetic Snap On Shades clip on sunglasses ...

Now you may never have used it before or you may feel that your sunglasses provide all the protection that you need. But make no mistake magnetic clip on sunglasses are worth it. Not only do they protect your eyes more, but they also add aesthetic value to your shade. So you see, with this accessory, you enjoy double benefits.

Clip on sunglasses come in different shapes, sizes and tints. So they offer different levels of protection. Some vision experts even argue that they offer more protection from UV sun rays than normal sunglasses because of their specialty. They have two darkened lenses that are linked together by a metal bridge to hold the piece in place. Then there is a clip with which you attach it to your regular sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses. The best magnetic clip on sunglasses provides maximum UV protection of 400.

The other types of magnetic clip on sunglasses include:

· Round clip on sunglasses

· Square clip on sunglasses

· Polarized clip on sunglasses

While these versions are very good, magnetic clip on sunglasses work best because they stay in place and will not fall off even when you move vigorously.

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Summitlink Clip On Flip Up Sunglasses

Besides featuring a stylish design and beautiful colors, these sunglasses provide clear view when fitted over prescription glasses. Additionally, they come in a pair. These are flip up clip on sunglasses which means they can be flipped up when not needed. The lenses are made of high quality material that provides protection from glare and UV rays.

  • Provide protection form excess sun
  • Available in two beautiful colors
  • Very affordable
  • Available in bright colors only

Glasses For Triangle Face Shapes

A triangle face shape benefits from frames that emphasize the top more than the bottom, thereby creating harmony with the faces broad jawline. Wide frames can help add dimension to the narrow upper portion of the face.

Dont be afraid of playful details on the brows of your glasses, whether theyre cat-eye swoops or decorated hinges.

We recommend: Rectangle glasses, browline glasses, cat-eye glasses

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The Best Glasses For Different Face Shapes

When picking out a pair of glasses, youll probably be weighing a long list of factors, from color to size to fit. As you narrow your search for the perfect frames, theres one more aspect you might want to consider: your face shape.

Knowing which face shape you have can help you choose glasses that suit you. Certain frames can accentuate the features you most want to highlight, or work with the natural lines and angles of your face to create a well-balanced look.

Of course, face shape is only one part of the search for your new glasses, and it should never outweigh your personal style or comfort. Matching frames to your face shape is not a science, and its definitely not a law you have to follow. Rather, it can be a useful tiebreaker if youre stuck between a few frames you like, or a fun element of the shopping processfun being the most important word.

But, we can hear you asking your screen, What face shape do I have? Not to worry, well help you figure it out.

Low Bridge Glasses For Men And Women

Magnetic Frames Instantly Customize Glasses

Airframe Modern Combi 019 are classic Wellington-style frames specifically engineered to better distribute the weight of your glasses. Athletes love the classic rectangular Airframe Matte Duo 699 because they won’t slide off during tough workouts.

Looking for some trendy round low bridge fit eyeglasses? Check out the Airframe Oversized 477, a fun style with a slight hint of cat eye. Or go with something timeless, like the Classic Oversized 079, a gender-neutral style offered in both standard and low bridge fits. The Classic Oversized 239 is a timeless Wellington shape suitable for wider faces.


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Meet Our Durand Percey And Felix Sun Clip

Each Clip-On perfectly pairs with its corresponding frame shapeand is available in a variety of colors.

Durand in Crystal with Clip-On in Polished Gold with Green Lenses

Durand in Crystal with Clip-On in Polished Gold with Green Lenses

Percey in Chestnut with Clip-On in Polished Gold with Green Lenses

Glasses For Square Face Shapes

Glasses with curves are best at balancing the clean, straight lines of a square face. Theyll soften your features without competing with them, especially if the frames are stylishly thin or semi-rimless.

Choose frames that are wider than the middle of your face and that sit fairly elevated on your nosethat way, theyll complement your strong jawline from above.

We recommend:Round glasses, oval glasses, wire glasses, semi-rimless glasses

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Women’s Nose Bridge Options

Our Standard fit womens eyeglasses feature smaller nose pads and are meant for higher nose bridges, while our Alternative fit frames feature larger nose pads. Not sure which is best? Choose a pair of JINS womens prescription glasses with Adjustable nose pads that can be customized to your preference.

Factors To Consider When Buying Clip

HD Driving Eyewear Night Vision Clip

Purpose/Functionality: Different sunglasses are designed for different purposes. For example, some sunglasses work better for driving and sports than others. Always consider your lifestyle before purchasing clip-on sunglasses. If you spend most of your time driving, choose the pair that provides the most value in that direction.

Size: Large lenses wrap around the eye area well thereby blocking excess light from all directions. They also provide a closet fit that blocks glare more effectively.

Polycarbonate lenses: These are recommended for individuals who work in potentially hazardous environments or workplaces. They offer extra protection because they are highly resistant to impact.

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Im Ready For Something New

If youre in the market for new glasses and want the added bonus of matching, detachable shades, look for a clip-on set or frames with compatible clip-ons.

Here are some popular options:

1. EasyClip

Its not easy to find the perfect fit, and thats what makes clip-on sunglasses so wonderfully convenient. EasyClip Magnetic Eyewear allows you to snap your clip-on sunglasses over your frames with quick one-handed placement.

The tinted clip-on lenses, which come with your new eyeglasses order, offer polarized protection, shielding your eyes from direct sunlight and reflected glare.

With hundreds of styles available, you should have no trouble finding an EasyClip set including your prescription glasses and their matching magnetic clip-on shades to suit your personality and lifestyle.

2. Ray-Ban

Good news: If youre a die-hard Ray-Ban fan, you dont have to sacrifice your style to protect your eyes from the sun. Ray-Ban clip-on sunglasses are available for a select number of frames, allowing you to clip polarized, anti-glare protection onto your matching prescription glasses.

You dont have to buy them as a set, but if youre ready for new glasses and youre interested in clip-ons, do your research in advance to ensure the Ray-Ban frames you pick have compatible clip-ons. Get the classic aviator shape youve come to love with an extra side of sun protection.

Avoid Nagging Blue Light Glare With Affordable Clip

Clip-on eyewear offers a myriad of benefits for wearers. For one, they easily fit over your regular or prescription glasses. They are also available in a range of styles to meet your individual fashion tastes. Prescription clip on glasses is just as if not more stylish than regular prescription spectacles. This is why they continue to soar in popularity with metallic-inspired frames and lenses. Here are some more benefits of clip-on eyewear for the entire family:

  • These smart specs are great for transitional glasses since they secure RX vision without high costs.
  • com features magnetic clip-on, standard clip-on and flip-up shades for optical protection with evergreen style.
  • Durable, unbreakable, and flexible clip-on spectacles that will last for years to come.

Visit our online store today for the best deals and discounts on stylish clip-on glasses today.

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Men’s Eyewear Nose Bridge Options

Mens glasses from JINS are available in Standard, Alternative , and Adjustable-fit nose bridge options to ensure you not only look great but also feel comfortable wearing your glasses. Standard fit nose pads rest lower on the bridge of the nose, while Alternative fit pads sit higher on the nose. Some frames have Adjustable nose pads that can be customized to your preference.

What Is My Face Shape

Magnetic Custom Clip On Sunglasses!

No two people have the exact same face shape . But when looking at rough, general outlines, we can group face shapes into six categories: round, oval, heart, square, triangle, and diamond.

Check the descriptions below to find out which of the different face shapes you have. Usually, the key thing to note is where your face is widest and where its narrowest.

One more caveat: dont take these descriptions as the end all be all. Your face may not exactly match any of these shapesyoure just looking for the closest match.

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