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Eyeglasses With Clip On Sunglasses

Clip On Sun Lenses Eyeglasses

CLIP-ON SUNGLASSES – 2-in-1 Eyeglasses and Sunglasses! | Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Persol

Glasses combined with additional Clip On Lenses offer a simple way of providing sun protection without the need for an additional pair of Prescription Sunglasses. Clip On Lenses vary from designer to designer, but are often available with Tinted Lenses, Polarised Lenses or Graduated Lenses. All glasses displayed within this category are all supplied with, or have available at an additional cost, Clip On sunglass lenses. This category contains both Additional Clip-On Lenses and Clip-On compatible frames.

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Visual Clarity And Comfort


Sunglasses can improve visual comfort and visual clarity by protecting the eye from glare.

Various types of disposable sunglasses are dispensed to patients after receiving mydriatic eye drops during eye examinations.

The lenses of polarized sunglasses reduce glare reflected at some angles off shiny non-metallic surfaces, such as water. They allow wearers to see into water when only surface glare would otherwise be seen, and eliminate glare from a road surface when driving into the sun.

How To Care For Your Glasses

Glasses can be one of your most important investments. Keep in mind that some prescription glasses can cost hundreds of dollars. The following should help ensure that your investment does not go to waste.

Use both hands when taking off your glasses. This ensures they maintain their original shape.

When placing the glasses, do not place them with the lenses facing down, as that could lead to scratches on the lenses.

Always store your glasses in a robust case to ensure they do not get dirty or damaged.

Carry out regular checks on the screws that hold the frame. In case they have come loose, use a small screwdriver to fasten them. If you do not know how to do that, take the glasses to a reputable optical store for assistance.

Clean your glasses regularly using a soft microfiber cloth. In most cases, suppliers provide the ideal cleaning cloth. Clean glasses ensure you can see clearly at all times.

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Place Your Order For Durable Clip

Clip-on sunglasses considered as practically universal as they eliminate the need for switching between regular prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses, allowing you to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities with comfort.

At CA Glasses our opticians ensure that you get high-end solution with clip-on prescription sunglasses with a carefully created design and advanced lens technology. Whether you want to go out for fishing, spend time on the beach, or enjoy a long drive, polarized clip-on sunglasses is the most practical option to have both clear vision and eye protection.

We give excellent warranty on every purchase and have an easy return policy. You can contact our experts for any queries. Place your order today for the affordable clip-on sunglasses.

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Rectangle Eyeglasses with Magnetic Snap On Shades clip on sunglasses ...

*Discount applied on the current website price at the time of order. Offer only valid for new customer first contacts order over $10. Maximum discount of $100. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Promotions are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to cancel orders that are in breach of the terms and conditions of this offer.

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Im Happy With What I Have

If you love your current eyeglasses and want a quick and easy fix for sun protection, consider after-market clip-ons.

These are typically lower-cost, lesser-known brands that can be clipped on to any pair of glasses you just need to find a pair that will fit your current specs.

Based on online reviews, these are the top five after-market clip-on sunglasses brands:

1. Splaks

With nearly 3,000 reviews on Amazon, impressively averaging 4 out of 5 stars, Splaks is at the top of our list for after-market clip-on sunglasses brands. Splaks offers UV 400 protection and are ideal for outdoor activities in direct sunlight, such as hiking, cycling and playing sports.

These clip-ons can fit both wire-rim and plastic frames and are designed to flip up so you can easily transition from outdoor to indoor life.

2. JessieDanton

JessieDanton clip-on sunglasses have over 1,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.2-star average rating. With so many voices contributing to the conversation, that is quite a feat!

These lenses have UV 400 protection and are polarized to block glare and improve visibility. In addition to offering maximum UV protection and being lightweight, these sunglasses are also scratch-proof.

3. ElementsActive

As the title suggests, ElementsActive clip-on sunglasses were designed with an active lifestyle in mind.


These clip-on sunglasses not only offer the maximum amount of UV protection , but theyre also stylish.

5. Fish Man

Im Ready For Something New

If youre in the market for new glasses and want the added bonus of matching, detachable shades, look for a clip-on set or frames with compatible clip-ons.

Here are some popular options:

1. EasyClip

Its not easy to find the perfect fit, and thats what makes clip-on sunglasses so wonderfully convenient. EasyClip Magnetic Eyewear allows you to snap your clip-on sunglasses over your frames with quick one-handed placement.

The tinted clip-on lenses, which come with your new eyeglasses order, offer polarized protection, shielding your eyes from direct sunlight and reflected glare.

With hundreds of styles available, you should have no trouble finding an EasyClip set including your prescription glasses and their matching magnetic clip-on shades to suit your personality and lifestyle.

2. Ray-Ban

Good news: If youre a die-hard Ray-Ban fan, you dont have to sacrifice your style to protect your eyes from the sun. Ray-Ban clip-on sunglasses are available for a select number of frames, allowing you to clip polarized, anti-glare protection onto your matching prescription glasses.

You dont have to buy them as a set, but if youre ready for new glasses and youre interested in clip-ons, do your research in advance to ensure the Ray-Ban frames you pick have compatible clip-ons. Get the classic aviator shape youve come to love with an extra side of sun protection.

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First Precursors: Against Snowblindness

Since prehistoric times until the spread of contemporary UV-shielding spectacles, Inuit made and wore Snow goggles of flattened walrus or caribou ivory with narrow slits to look through to block almost all of the harmful reflected rays of the sun. In many different forms and with many different materials, the indigenous peoples of North America and northern Asia crafted highly efficient equipment to protect their eyes against the damaging effects of strong sunlight in icy circumstances.

Which Are Better Clip

Magnetic Custom Clip On Sunglasses!

The better option for you will be based on your needs and preferences.

If you want to be able to wear the same glasses all day especially if your eyes have trouble adjusting when you switch back and forth or if you already have glasses you like and dont have the budget for an extra pair of prescription sunglasses, clip-ons might be better for you.

If you like having pieces with purpose glasses for inside and sunglasses for outside or dont like the sometimes clunky look of clip-ons, consider prescription sunglasses.

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Prescription Sunglasses Vs Clip

Many people prefer clip-on sunglasses to prescription glasses because they only need to worry about wearing one pair of glasses.

They might favor their prescription glasses and want to wear those, but need sun protection. Some people find their eyes need time to adjust when they switch between pairs of glasses. Wearing clip-ons alleviates this issue.

In other cases, choosing clip-on sunglasses over prescription glasses is a matter of price. Clip-ons are much cheaper than prescription sunglasses.

Some people prefer prescription glasses to clip-ons because they find clip-ons bulky or they are prone to losing their clip-on attachment.

Whether you choose clip-on sunglasses over prescription sunglasses is a matter of personal preference.

How To Choose The Best Glasses

Here are a few things to pay close attention to when picking the right glasses for yourself.

Frame material: Frames can be designed using various materials, including metal, plastic, and polycarbonate. Metal frames are usually sturdy and durable but are relatively more costly than their plastic counterparts. On the other hand, polycarbonate frames are robust and durable but tend to be used in the making of safety glasses rather than the more luxurious ones.

The shape of the frame: The shape of the frame can either complement your face or compromise your overall look. That is why SmartBuyGlasses makes it easy for you to find a frame that matches your face. The virtual try-on feature on the site allows you to upload a photo of your face and then try on several frames or glasses. This makes it possible for you to select the most ideal right from the comfort of your own home.

Color: Your skin complexion plays an important role in choosing the right color for the glasses. Light skin with warm undertones tends to go well with warm naturals, saturated shades, and other darker colors. Deep skin with warm undertones matches with deep browns and golds, while deep skin with cool undertones often matches with purple and black glasses. It is worth pointing out that the color of your hair and eyes can also play a role in helping you pick the right color for your glasses.

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% Off* Your First Contacts Order Use Code: Hello20

*Discount applied on the current website price at the time of order. Offer only valid for new customer first contacts order over $10. Maximum discount of $100. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Promotions are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to cancel orders that are in breach of the terms and conditions of this offer.

What Our Clients Say

Buy STGATN Magnetic Polarized Clip On Sunglasses Vintage Lightweight ...

Easy ordering and love the virtual view to try on before you buy. Will definitely buy again

Great price and very good quality!Can`t beat their prices and the quality is as good or better than the expensive local stores you can find.I got lenses that get darker under sunlight and it is perfect.Ordered 4 glasses at eyewearcanada already, all great quality.

Eyewear Canada is my go to retailer for all my eyeglasses needs. I have received the best service and incredible products for great prices for 2 years. I have purchased more than 10 pairs for my wife, my son, and myself, and have never experienced a problem.

EyewearCanada is my go to for glasses. i have been loyal customer for 2 years and very satisfied. low cost reliable service good spectacles

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Style And Protection In An Instant

Trying to find sunnies at the bottom of your bag can slow down your day. That’s where Switch clip-on sunglasses come in handy. Effortlessly transform prescription eyeglasses by attaching a magnetic sunglass plate to the frames. The anti-reflective coating prevents a harsh, squint-inducing glare when you’re out and about.

Cocoons Professional Grade Polarized Clip

Cocoons Clip-ons conveniently transform prescription eyewear into professional-grade polarized sunglasses. The collection features our world famous Polaré lens system framed in a lightweight, corrosion-resistant monel chassis. Endorsed by eye care professionals worldwide, our clip-on collection encompasses a wide range of sizes and styles designed to fit over 95% of prescription eyewear.

Polaré lenses are scratch resistant, extremely durable and deliver crystal-clear visual acuity even in the harshest of conditions.Each clip-on features a precision-tuned FreeFlow gliding spring-bridge and SoftGrip® attachment prongs. The workmanship, performance and quality of Cocoons clip-ons is reiterated by our Lifetime Warranty. All Clip-Ons include a protective case. View the Clip-On Sizing Guide

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Can I Wear Sunglasses Over My Glasses

You can technically put sunglasses on over your regular glasses, but its an awkward fit, and you may end up scratching your prescription lenses when taking your sunglasses on and off.

If youre looking for a way to protect your eyes from the sun without having to change your current prescription eyeglasses, after-market clip-on sunglasses are an excellent option.

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Buying Guide For Best Clip | 5 in 1 clip on sunglasses | Amos FP2421

Clip-on sunglasses maximize the money youve already invested in your prescription glasses by transforming them into prescription sunglasses. These flexible shades come in all shapes and colors, and clip onto your existing glasses, eliminating the need to pay for pricey prescription sunglasses.

Besides being thrifty, clip-on sunglasses reduce the amount of gear you need to carry. You wont need to pack a bulky case to switch between your everyday glasses and prescription sunglasses when you go in or out. Most can easily slide into a slender pouch, and some can flip up for quick trips indoors.

Theyre not for everyone, but clip-on sunglasses are the height of convenience for driving, fishing, and other outdoor activities where seeing small details is critical. Different shapes, features and styles suit them to different situations.

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Meet Our Durand Percey And Felix Sun Clip

Each Clip-On perfectly pairs with its corresponding frame shapeand is available in a variety of colors.

Durand in Crystal with Clip-On in Polished Gold with Green Lenses

Durand in Crystal with Clip-On in Polished Gold with Green Lenses

Percey in Chestnut with Clip-On in Polished Gold with Green Lenses

Are Clip On Sunglasses Any Good

Yes. Clip-on glasses provide the same protection as other types of sunglasses, but they must be properly fitted. If they are not the same shape and size as your regular glasses the level of protection is affected. Its also important to choose clip-ons that offer the maximum level of UV protection .

Click here for more information on the best types of sunglasses for your face shape.

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What Are Polarized Clip

polarized lensesPolarized clip-on sunglasses

Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See additional information.

Get 65% off your first frame + free shipping.

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What Are Clip Clip On Sunglasses Flip Up Polarized Sunglasses Clip on ...

Like regular shades, clip-on sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays.

Clip-on sunglasses come in various tints, shapes and sizes, and with different levels of UV protection and special coatings. But, instead of full frames, the two darkened lenses, which are linked together by a bridge for your nose, attach to your regular prescription eyeglasses with clips or magnets.

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How Are Clip

Clip-on sunglasses are measured with the shape of your prescription frames in mind.

Are your frames round or rectangular? Do they have special qualities? Are they cat-eye or browline frames, or do they have a special kind of bridge?

These are all things to keep in mind when shopping for clip-ons because you want them to fit the frames of your regular glasses as closely as possible.

Once you have the shape figured out, clip-ons are measured by height and width in millimeters, just like your frames.

If you arent confident in your measuring skills, the numbers on your framesshould help, especially the eye size and bridge size.

Are Clip

Yes. Picking the best sunglasses for you doesn’t have to be a chore. At Payne Glasses, you’ve got lots of options, including clip-on sets. These dynamic duos don’t take time to adjust the way Transitions lenses do and you won’t need to carry a second pair. Plus, our collection of clip-on glasses sets comes in a wide variety of styles, from classics like tortoiseshell and browline to trendy looks for men and women like oversized glasses and cat eyes.

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