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Full Face Respirator For Glasses

What If I Have Facial Hair

Can we wear our prescription safety glasses under our full-face respirator?

OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard CFR 1910 prohibits the use of a tight-fit PAPR when facial hair comes between the sealing surface of the facepiece and the face, or the hair interferes with valve function. Facial hair is allowed as long as it does not protrude under the PAPR respirator seal, or extend far enough to interfere with the device’s valve function. Short mustaches, sideburns, and small goatees that are neatly trimmed so that no hair compromises the seal of the respirator usually do not present a hazard and are therefore acceptable.

Is P100 Better Than N95

Heres the thing, if it works for your current requirement, it is the better choice. In detail, the P100 filter is the highest respiratory protection, preventing around 99.9% of particulates as small as 3 microns from attacking our lungs.

Meanwhile, the N95 has a lower efficiency, at 95%, when filtering particulates, and it is not oil-resistant while the former is. However, the N95 filter has lower flow resistance.

Powered Air Purifying Respirators By Enviro Safety

Enviro Safety offers a wide range of PAPRs and PAPR components from some of the biggest brands in the business, including 3M Versalfo, RPB, Honeywell, and Bullard. So, you know when youre buying from us, youre buying the best.

This means that no matter what your needs are, we have a powered air-purifying respirator for a wide range of situations, as well as the components and personal protective equipment you need to use with it. It should be noted that during the control of the Covid-19 pandemic, there can be a lead time on some PAPR orders.

If you have any questions, please contact us and talk with a PAPR Product Specialist today.

Filter Products By

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Moaron Full Face Respirtor

The MOARON Full Face Respirtor is a flexible design with a reliable shield against various hazards. As long as we get suitable cartridges for this product, we can handle tasks in unfavorable settings without hurting our respiratory system.

First of all, the respirators edge is high-quality silicone material, thus ensuring a tight seal for wearers. It blocks the intrusion of harmful fumes and gas well, keeping the air inside fresh for hours. Besides, the silicone texture is soft enough to embrace our face without leaving red marks.

Furthermore, the mask also delivers comfortable use with its adjustable straps that fit various head and face sizes. The additional fog-resistant coating on the glasses ensures wearers can clearly see when handling tasks.

Protection is what we value the most when buying respirators, and in this design, the activated charcoal filters and impact-resistant lens are its main appeal. This is a worthwhile investment as we can attach nearly any filtration cartridge to the mask to shield against hazardous elements.

Due to the perfect combination of a good fit, comfort, and protection features, this face mask can accompany workers in various fields. In detail, we can bring the piece along to work in fabrication, soldering, construction, laser, mechanics, and more.

  • Has a bit of a chemical smell at first

This Respirator Is A Lightweight Half Face Mask And Has High

Sundstrom SR200 Glass visor Full Face Respirator Mask

There is no constant adjusting while you are working. Simply put it on, put the goggles over your glasses, adjust everything to fit perfectly around your face, and forget about it.

And to make sure you get the proper mask and not a knock off, I recommend purchasing it directly from the company, especially since it comes with a 1-year factory warranty.

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Why You Should Trust Us

To find out which respirators work best in emergency situations, we spoke with Nura Sadeghpour, a spokesperson for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health , the federal agency that certifies respirator masks. We also consulted Dale Schornack, a spokesperson for the California Department of Public Health Venessa Vidovich, the supervising public health nurse at the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency 3M spokesperson Jennifer Ehrlich and a representative from Honeywell and John Ramey, who runs The Prepared, a site that reviews supplies for emergency preparedness. In addition, we reviewed educational materials from NIOSH, the Environmental Protection Agency , and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .

M Ultimate Fx Full Facepiece Respirator

It is not surprising that the 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Respirator wins many users trust with its well-balanced and durable design.

Any worker who wants clear communication through their mask during tasks should consider purchasing this piece. It is incorporated with a speaking diaphragm for wearers to be heard when talking with the mask on.

A good fit is among the important features we need when seeking suitable workwear. The good news is that this design comes with a six-strap configuration with a well-placed comfort cradle. Such a combination ensures secure yet comfortable wear throughout our work shift.

As a 3M safety respirator, this model also features a cool flow valve patented by the brand. It allows us to breathe comfortably in a cool and dry space due to the uninterrupted airflow.

Besides, the silicone face seal and nose cup, along with the Scotchgard coating, allow us to clean the dirt and paint off the mask easily. Another convenient feature of this respirator would be how the filtration cartridges can be installed and disassembled without hassle.

Regarding the protective function, this one can handle various working conditions when paired with efficient chemical filters. We can wear this respirator to block harmful gas, vapors, and particulates.

  • Packaging should be sturdier

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What To Look For When Buying A Full Face Respirator Mask

Standards We need to know about the standards and protection requirements of the product while picking the best one. NIOSH certification is among the most reliable and common standard for you to rely on. It is assured to find an item that has such label on it. There are some other guaranteed testing that you can consider such as the FDA or CE approval.

The full-face design will include the window on the front, so we need to pay attention to this parts quality, too. The ANSI standard is what you need to know about. It makes sure the visor is resilient enough to keep our faces safe. Also, we need good visibility for our duties so the feature must be clear and spotless. No sign of distortion or scratch should be neglected.

Features Most of the respirators in the market recently are made with standard structure. So you do not need to worry if it can fit the separate filters and cartridges you buy from different brands. We just need to understand our working requirement then find out the functions we want for the mask. That way, it is able to keep us safe in a hazardous environment.

Comfort There are lots of factors in the shield that contribute to the comfort the user needs. It can be the firm straps that make you feel secure or the well-fitted design that keeps the item on our face for a long time.

The Influencer @ludaround Is A Ninjashark Lover

nCov-19 How to use glasses with masks

While other water equipments companies offer just a way to look under the water, NINJASHARK wants to create an amazing experience for water enthusiasts. That’s why we listen to your feedbacks and we develop products based on them.

The mask include GOPRO mounts, so you can easily film and photograph underwater scenery! I highly recommend especially to people who have a fear of snorkeling! This mask is really easy to use and is safe! said @lud.around. I cant wait for my next trip with my new mask!

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Our Pick: 3m 6502ql/49489 Rugged Comfort Quick Latch Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator

*At the time of publishing, the price was $24.

P100-rated filters are the most widely available kind that meet that criterion. The 100 designation indicates that they capture 99.97% of fine particulates, such as wildfire smoke. And as P-designated filters, they also protect against oil-based substances in the air, such as paint fumes, as well as some caustic vapors. NIOSH approval means that, at the equivalent rating , pancake-style filters, such as the 3M 2097 filter we recommend, protect you just as effectively as hard-plastic cartridge filters like the 3M 60926. The pancake filters weigh just half an ounce per pair, and theyre our first recommendation for typical use outdoors and around the home. The cartridges are more expensive and weigh far more8.6 ounces per pair on our scalebut theyre also sturdier, and they might be the better choice if youll be doing strenuous physical work, such as a kitchen demolition, while wearing your respirator. 3M recommends replacing both pancake and cartridge filters within six months of opening their packages , or, in environments where oil aerosols are present, after only 40 hours of total use or 30 days after the first use, whichever comes first.

Parcil Full Face Respirator

I deem my purchase of this Parcil Full Face Respirator worth the investment. Its most valuable feature must be the professional filtration system protecting users in dangerous set-ups.

As an ASTM-certified product for people handling toxic chemicals, this one might look intimidating for casual wear. But, when we need to work in hazardous environments, this mask with a dual activated charcoal filtration system is essential.

The P-A-1 cartridges filter out organic vapors, toxic chemicals, and particulates from the air we breathe in at the worksite. Therefore, it is a reliable companion for laboratory tasks, inspection, machining, welding, and more. Notably, some wearers purchase this full face respirator for covid virus blocking.

Talking with each other through a full-face respirator can be a challenge. However, when our work requires communication, this designs voice amplification diaphragm is a huge help. Plus, its air circulation reduces the amount of fogging to the minimum. Thus, we have a clear view and communication with this device.

Another perk of this respirator is its comfortable design. The piece is actually lightweight and well-balanced, so wearing it for hours is not a hassle. Besides, the stretchy straps can ensure a secure and nice fit.

  • The latch tab is not as durable as desired

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Our Pick: 3m 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator

*At the time of publishing, the price was $20.

The 3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator is similar to the 3M 8511 in all important aspects: Its NIOSH-approved to filter 95% of airborne particles, it fits a wide range of faces, it has a metal nosepiece to create a tight seal, and its comfortable to wear. It does not have a valve, however. That means its a valid face mask for coronavirus protection, as it protects both the wearer and the people around them. Conversely, the lack of a valve may make it feel a bit muggier to wear, although guide author Tim Heffernan wore it on a bike ride while wearing his glasses and didnt have any fogging issues or any sense of undue humidity inside the mask. The 8210 is also less expensive than the 8511, so if you need a bunch of respirators, its a more economical choice.

Instead of offering fabric straps like the 8511 does, the 8210 has straps made of rubber. They may not be as durablebut then again, these disposable masks are meant to be worn for only eight hours, so maximum durability isnt terribly crucial. Recent reviews from buyers do show a number of complaints indicating that the straps are too tight for larger wearers Tim, who has a pretty large head , found them snug but not uncomfortable. Pre-stretching the straps before donning the mask for the first time can help, according to some wearers.

Muhubaih Full Face Respirator


If you need a decent-quality shield that is affordable. The Muhubaih Full Face Respirator is a perfect choice.

The most incredible feature of this mask is its clear glasses. I have to say that this product can offer an amazing eye clarity to handle meticulous and detailed duties. Also, the manufacturer uses polyurethane to create this shields lense, it is an impact-resistant substance that helps to boost the glasses protecting capability.

As you can see this item is designed to cover our eyes, nose, and mouth. There is a slight difference in this products range of coverage compared to other full-face shields available in the market. This feature will benefit users if they want more breathable guard for their skin.

I think that purchasing this shield is the right decision because it comes in a set. It contains all necessary units to form a whole protector. You will find a filter box, window, a stretchy ribbon and a breathing valve in the kit. Each one of them is customized to bring optimum protection.

It is great that I feel comfortable while putting the item on for work. Although it is made of silica gel, the model does not give out any unpleasant smell. The head strap is not tricky to use at all, it makes users feel secure and convenient after finishing fastening and adjusting it.

  • Lens gets fogged up

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Erock 15in 1 Full Face Respirator

The EROCK 15in 1 Full Face Respirator closes this list with a bang. This item lets us wear a pair of prescription or safety glasses underneath it.

Like most quality respirator designs, this ones seal is made from a soft silicone mixture for a tight yet comfortable fit. Thanks to the silicone quality and well-balanced mask structure, we will not feel irritated or suffocated when wearing the mask.

Furthermore, many workers can enjoy this devices protection, especially since it is adjustable to fit various head sizes. The flexible strap belt secures the whole piece while the mesh headband covers our hair. Workers who are frustrated as too much dust and dirt get into their hair should try this well-thought-out design.

On opening the package, I found inside a respirator with a full-face shield to protect my eyes from flying debris. Also, two 6001CN filter cartridges are available to block multiple organic vapors.

There are ten pieces of cotton filters for assembly and replacement, with excellent protection against small particulates. Lastly, we can install the available filter covers and use the mask right away.

Due to the functional design with effective filtration, this device is widely loved among workers in oil recovery, mechanics, fire emergencies, and more.

  • Face shield has minor image distortion

How We Picked And Tested

We considered only NIOSH-approved respirators evaluated for that approval at the agencys National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory. The lab approves a respirator if it meets the minimum construction, performance, and protection standards. Although filters have different levels of efficiency, such as N95 or P100, there is no ranking of better or worse NIOSH filterstheyre either approved or theyre not. NIOSH approval is the single most important factor when youre searching for a quality respirator. You can find hundreds of knockoffs online that lack this crucial government certification. We avoided those entirely, and you should, too. Brian X. Chen of The New York Times has to finding genuine N95 and KN95 masks onlineand avoiding counterfeits.

We consulted both editorial reviews and customer reviews at Amazon and other retailers. Most respirator masks you can buy online are made by 3M or Honeywell. As Venessa Vidovich of the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency noted, public health officials are generally brand-agnostic. There is no preference for us, she said. If its a NIOSH-approved N95 or P100 mask, thats all we care about.

NIOSH approval is the single most important factor when youre searching for a quality respirator. You can find hundreds of knockoffs online that lack this crucial government certification.

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How Long Can You Wear A Full Face Respirator

When putting on a full-face mask for work, you should take it off after 1 or 1.5 hours to avoid discomfort. Then, you can put it on and work like usual. But when taking off the mask to rest, make sure to stay away from hazardous space.

For cartridges, after use, you should take the pieces off and keep them inside a bag, away from direct sunlight, and in a cool space.

Who Can’t Wear A Respirator

Full face respirators are great frostbight protection! Dress like an alien 🙂

Not everyone can wear a half- or full-face respirator while working. There are several conditions spelled out in the OSHA standards where respirator masks either won’t work, or put the wearer in danger.

The most frequent impediment to having a mask fit and therefore work properly is facial hair. OSHA is very specific in the new guidelines. In section 29 CFR 1910.134, Use of Respirators, it states: “Facepiece seal protection. The employer shall not permit respirators with tight-fitting facepieces to be worn by employees who have: Facial hair that comes between the sealing surface of the facepiece and the face or that interferes with valve function…” This includes not only beards and giant 70’s-style side burns, but stubble that’s long enough to get in the way of a proper fit.

Another important consideration are corrective lenses. If you wear contact lenses, OSHA says you can wear a full-face mask or a half-face mask and chemical goggles. But for folks with traditional glasses, it has to be a full-face mask with the proper corrective glasses insert, since the arms of eyewear can get in the way of a proper fit on a half-face mask.

We touched on another problem that occurs when wearing a respirator in a blog about breathing traffic exhaust. The heat generated by wearing a respirator can cause people with medical conditions such as eczema to have flare-ups.

Stay safe. Work smart.

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