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Glasses For Fat Face Male

What Face Shapes Are There

The Best Glasses For You (it’s not just about face shape)

The most common face shapes include:

  • Oval. The length of oval faces is about twice its width. The jaw is slightly narrower than the forehead. You can opt to enhance your natural lines with round frames or use angular frames to add structure.
  • Round. Round faces have soft curves and broad cheekbones. To create definition, select glasses with sharp, angular frames.
  • Square. Square faces have strong, sharp, defined features. Rounded frames will soften your features, while rectangular shapes will define your angles.
  • Rectangle. Rectangular faces are longer than they are wide with angular features. Opt for square glasses and avoid glasses that are too wide.
  • Heart. Heart-shaped faces feature a full forehead, slightly narrowed cheekbones, and a narrow chin. Add softness and curves to your face with oval-shaped frames and cat-eye glasses.
  • Diamond. The cheekbones of a diamond-shaped face are wider than the jaw. Choose glasses with an oval shape to soften angular edges.

To help you in your search, we compiled our list of the best eyeglasses based on several factors.

We considered the following:

Rectangular And Square Frames

Rectangular frames help to add angles that accentuate your features their shape and width work to lengthen your face, making it appear longer and thinner.

Like rectangular frames, square glasses add balance and angles to the soft features of a round face. They also help your face appear longer and thinner. These are a perfect fit for many round faces.

What Glasses Will Suit My Face

Choosing glasses to suit your face shape

When searching for frames, do you ever wonder, What glasses suit me best? With so many different styles to choose from , we understand that finding the right pair can be tricky, but did you know that one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to finding your perfect fit is your face shape? In fact, there are seven common face shapes that are better suited to certain types of glasses frame.

How Can I Identify My Face Shape?

A good way to discover your face shape is to stand in front of a mirror with your hair out of your face and compare it to the shapes listed in our guide. Alternatively, you could even draw the outline of your face onto the mirror using lipstick. It sounds unconventional, but it works!

Check out our Face Shape Guide below, compare your own face shape to the ones listed, and discover your ideal style.

Round face shape

A round face is fairly short with a wide forehead, often with full cheeks and a rounded chin. If you have this face shape, you should consider the following:

Prefer to watch a video?

Prefer to watch a video?

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Use This Guide To Determine Your Face Shape:

  • Round face: The width of your forehead and jaw are roughly the same, and the widest part of your face are the cheekbones. Your face width and length are also roughly the same. Your jaw and chin are rounded.
  • Square face: The width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are roughly the same. Your face width and length are also roughly the same. Your jaw and chin have more sharp angles .
  • Oval face: Your forehead is widest and the width of your face gradually tapers down towards your chin. Face length is greater than the width and your jaw and chin are rounded.
  • Diamond face: Your cheekbones are significantly wider than your forehead and jaw. Your chin is pointed.
  • Heart face: Your forehead is widest and tapers down to your jaw. Your chin is pointed.
  • Oblong face: The width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are roughly the same, but the length of your face is much greater than the width.

Not sure where you belong? Chances are you have features for two different face shapes. Human faces are varied. Donât worry too much about it and use the one you feel resembles your face shape closest as a guideline.

Sunglasses For Your Face Shape


The perfect glasses for round faces offer a contrast to your facial contours with geometric frames. Look for square or rectangular sunglasses to introduce some straight angles. Classic wayfarer frames in a narrow profile will slim your face and draw attention upward. Instead of aviators, try navigator-style glasses for round face shapes their geometric corners are more flattering than the aviators curved frames. Check out sunglasses with browline details, like clubmasters, or draw attention to your eyes by drawing a line across your brow with double-bridge details.

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Got A Round Face These Are The Best Matching Glasses & Sunglasses For You

Do you know what glasses are best for your round face ? Besides subjective opinion, there is a bit of science behind choosing glasses that fit a round face the best. With the right glasses, you can bring out the natural beauty of your visage, as well as make it look thinner, longer, and more defined.

Stay tuned and discover how to match your favorite frame styles to your face shape!

How To Find Your Face Shape

With all that said, I know some of you will still want to know what people consider to be the best menâs sunglasses for your face shape. To do that, youâll first need to determine which face shape you have.

To identify your face shape, you must check:

  • The part of your face that is widest: Forehead, cheekbones or jaw
  • The shape of your jaw and chin
  • The length of your face
  • If you have trouble eye-balling this, you can use a tape measure. Just look in the mirror collect the measurements of:

    • Your forehead width between your eyebrow and hairline.
    • Your cheekbone width from the farthest edges of your cheekbones.
    • Your jawline width from the spots below the ear where the jaw angles.
    • Your face length from hairline to chin.

    Now you should have enough information to determine your face shape.

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    Finding The Right Glasses For Your Wide Face: Eyewear Shapes & Styles You Should Look For

    Round faces, square faces, oval, diamond and heart-shaped, you know them all and you know which one applies to you. But its difficult when you add other criteria to the mix, right? Big, wide face . It can be a pain to shop for glasses for this particular face shape, however, not impossible .

    Theres a bit of math behind picking the best eyewear for big, wide faces, which you can easily get the gist of by reading this guide.

    Choosing The Color Of Your Glasses

    Frames that flatter your Face Shape – Men

    Unless you have the money for multiple frames, you’re going to be stuck with the color of your glasses for a long time. Choose it carefully!

    The more formal dress code limits Suit-and-tie men to the most traditional and neutral options base metallic colors or fine black are acceptable. But anything thick, plastic-looking, or brightly colored is going to clash with the business dress.

    More casually dressed men can add colors, either as the solid base of the frames or as detailing. Thinner frames may be best for men looking to add color a thick, brightly-colored frame moves into the realm of novelty or costume gear.

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    What Is My Face Shape

    In order to choose properly, you first need to identify your facial features and figure out which category your face shape falls into:

    • Square shape face: Broad forehead and chin, wide angular jawline
    • Round face: Forehead, cheeks, and chin are similar in length and width, with soft cheekbones and jawline
    • Heart shape face: Wide forehead, narrow chin, prominent cheekbones
    • Diamond shape face: Narrow forehead and chin, wider cheekbones and full cheeks
    • Oval shape face: Narrow forehead and chin, high and wide cheekbones, subtly curved jawline
    • Triangular shape face: Narrow forehead, wide jawline and chin

    Its important to remember that your face shape is yours alone almost nobodys face is a perfect heart, circle, square, and so on.

    Most faces are actually a combination of a few different shapes: rounded chins and tall foreheads, angular features and tapered jaws which is great news, because it means there are plenty of glasses styles that look great on all shapes of faces!

    Cat Eye Glasses Elongate The Face & Add An Upswept Focus Point

    • Upswept frames are flattering, by giving your face a lifting effect & making it more contoured.
    • One of the most popular glasses styles, the cat eye is much beloved by women because of the upswept shape that lifts the face and slims it down. This style can be good for round faces as long as you choose frames with angular lines , and stay away from rounder shapes.

    Besides square and rectangular frames, cat-eyes are also some of the best glasses for round female faces.

    Squared cat-eye frames that have been shaped into the classic cat eye silhouette will compliment your round features. You can opt for models such as the Zelda which rocks a thick browline and a slim metal lower part .

    See all our cat-eye frames

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    Tips For Choosing Glasses For Your Face Shape

    And now, the fun part.

    Once youve chosen which glasses are the best option for your face shape, youll be able to find a pair that will complement your features and bring a natural balance to your profile.

    We have frames for round, oval, square, diamond, triangular, and heart shaped faces. . If you need help narrowing down the options, follow our face-shape shopping tips.

    Use the Virtual Try On tool: Simply click try on, enable your camera, and you can get a sense of how your favourite styles look. Remember Virtual Try On isnt an indicator of fit, so be sure to enter your PD and check glasses measurements to help get a sense of sizing.

    Not sure what your PD is? Learn how to measure PD at home.

    Find your measurements: When shopping for the best fit, getting your glasses measurements right is key to finding a pair that make you look and feel great learn how to find your glasses measurements.

    Pick a colour: If youre not sure which glasses colour or material to go for, check out our guide on glasses frame colours for advice on which styles might complement your hair colour and skin tone.

    Whether you opt for something bold or subtle, vintage or modern, statement or versatile, weve got plenty of frames to fit your beautiful face. If youve got questions or want to chat more about style, you can reach out to our Customer Service team 24/7 by chat, email, or phone.

    Make sure to share your selfies with us using #SeeClearly on Social.

    Glasses For Round Face Shapes

    Vazrobe 160mm Oversized Glasses Frame Men Women TR90 Huge Eyeglasses ...

    Heres a rundown of the best style and shapes of glasses to pair with a round face shape.When someone has whats considered to be a round face shape, the height and width of the face are almost equal, and their cheekbones and jawline arent very prominent or defined. Theres plenty of choice when it comes to choosing the best frames for a round face shape, but there are certain shapes, styles and colours that we would recommend avoiding.

    The best glasses for round face shapes

    Sunglasses for round face shapes

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    Glasses For Round Faces: All The Designer Options You Need At Mister Spex

    In addition to meeting your prescription needs, your glasses should also flatter the shape of your face we’ve got name-brand glasses for round faces in styles that are sure to make you look even better than you already do. We offer a variety of sizes and frame types in glasses for round faces, and each and every frame comes with high-quality lenses that are included in the price.

    Rectangular Frames The Safest Option Out There

    The first and foremost is the classic rectangular frame . This goes wonderfully with your curvy features and flatters your profile.

    The Jordan retro-vintage glasses are a great fit for round faces. Both men and women with round faces can get behind this rectangular frame without any worries.

    Rectangular glasses such as Jordan, work well with small round faces . They have a more serious look about them so go for it if you want a more smart business look.

    Want more rectangular glasses?

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    Do You Have A Round Face Shape

    If you dont know your face shape, theres an easy way to identify it: look in the mirror to find the widest and narrowest part of your face.

    If your forehead and jaw give you about the same measurements, and the length of your face from top to bottom is roughly the same as its width from side to side, then congrats: you probably have a round face shape!

    People with round faces also typically have soft, rounded features rather than sharp or severe ones. Ask yourself: Is your chin squared-off, pointed, or bowl-shaped? Do you have a strong jaw, or does your face curve smoothly from cheek to chin? Do you have prominent cheekbones or fuller cheeks? A round face, perhaps intuitively, is built from many smaller round shapes.

    But remember: No ones face will map onto a single face shape perfectly. Finding your face shape is really just making an educated guess, and going with what feels right.

    What Face Shape Do I Have

    How To Choose The Best Eyeglass For Your Face Shape (Men)| Lenskart Experts

    We launched our face shapes guide because all face shapes are unique. Whether you think you have a round face shape or a rectangular face shape, get in front of a mirror and take a good look at the lines, angles and shapes that make up your own face shape. This is the ultimate find my face shape tool so use it to your advantage!

    From the best glasses for a round face to recommendations for other face shapes, theres plenty to choose from here so dive in.

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    Glasses For A Small Face

    For a complementary fit, choose glasses that are as wide or slightly wider than your facelook for a lens width of 50mm-52mm and nose bridge of 14mm-16mm. Consider glasses in a shape that adds definition without overpowering your features, such as rectangular, oval, or cat-eye frames.

    When looking for glasses for long faces, opt for a shape and style that brings contrast, such as square or geometric frames or a taller, oversized style. Two-toned glasses can also draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

    Glasses That Are A Perfect Fit For Big Faces

    Men and women with long, big, wide faces should go for glasses that are thick and equally sized for their face.

    You should choose frames that are wide and are able to cover your face from one side to another. If you want to wear oversized reading glasses for big faces thats perfectly fine too.

    Remember to match the glasses shape with your face shape before deciding on size.

    The oversized square Ritzy glasses are perfect for those with a wide or big round face .

    On the other hand, the Moll round sunglasses flatter women with big square faces . The thick circular frame will match your face size and create an esthetical consistency which wont go unnoticed.

    Also, cat eye glasses will turn out be a very good choice for people with wide faces because they compliment the cheeks . People with wide faces most likely have full, round cheeks and this type of glasses will fit them perfectly because they make the face appear longer and angular .

    Frames like Zelda are iconic and an instant hit. The highbrow details will add more personality to your eyewear and will soften your features in a delicate and stylish way.

    Geometric glasses , or rectangular glasses with sharp angles or details, have a good effect on people with wide faces, making their faces appear longer and thinner .

    And if you still have problems deciding what shape of frames our Draper frames fit basically anyone and theyre so stylish that theyll instantly become the centerpiece of your outfit!

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    Glasses For Oval Face Shapes

    Find everything you need to know about glasses for oval face shapes here!Off all the different face types, oval is one of the most popular and also one of the easiest to match glasses frames with. Oval faces tend to have nicely balanced features, with high cheekbones and a narrow chin which matches nicely with almost any frame, so long as they are suitably sized.

    Suitable glasses for oval face shapes

    Sunglasses for oval face shapes

    Oversized Frames Supersize Your Style Statements

    width 145 The new round men and women big fat face eyeglasses frame TR ...
    • Larger, thick frames that dont get lost on your face bring structure to a soft-featured round face.
    • No matter what the shape is, bigger frames work better for round faces. To make your glasses stand out, even more, choose a pair of plain colored thick-rimmed glasses that make a statement.

    The Dapper square frame has thick angular lines, best eyeglass frame for round faces.

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