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Glasses For High Nose Bridge

Your Guide To Low Bridge Fit Glasses

How to Find the Bridge Size for your Glasses

May 23, 2022

When picking out sunnies and glasses that suit your face, its all about the fit. Other than face shape, its also QUAY to figure out where your nose bridge is so that your frames sit comfortably on your face without slipping and sliding. While many specs feature a standard fit, you may find a low bridge style preferable. Here are all the deets on low bridge fit glasses and the best QUAY low bridge fit styles to add to your eyewear wardrobe.

Spring Nose Bridges For The Pince

Another innovation in eyewear in the late 1800s was the pince-nez, in which the nose bridge was a key part of the spectacles. These glasses do not have arms, but instead pinch the nose in order to stay on the wearers face.

This pinching is possible because the bridge is like a spring. The wearer slightly compresses the spring by pulling the lenses apart, places the pince-nez over the nose, and releases the lenses to let them spring gently back together and create enough tension on the nose to stay in place.

Pince-nez first came into usage in 1820, and grew more popular over the next decades to reach the height of their popularity between 1880 and 1900. During this time, pince-nez had several different bridge styles to choose from:

The pince-nez bridge offered several benefits. The wearer could put them on and take them off quickly, and the fit on most pince-nez was extremely adjustable to work with any size nose. Rimless pince-nez have the additional advantage of being compatible with lenses of any size and shape since the only connection point is at the bridge.

Although the bridge was effective at keeping a pince-nez on, it was still not as functional as glasses that also had temples. Because the eyewear sat wherever the wearer placed them on the nose instead of at a fixed distance, it was impossible to account for pupillary distance.

How To Know If We Have A Low Bridge

Here are some general guidelines to gauge if we should switch from a high to a low bridge fit:

  • The nose pad of our frames shouldnt be sitting on the slope of the nose between our eyes: instead, it should ideally rest against the sides of the nose. For that effect, many low bridge fits have larger nose pads.
  • Frames shouldnt move when we smile. If the lenses are resting on our cheeks, they are more likely to move with our facial expressions. Low bridge fits ensure that our frames are resting on our nose, not on our cheeks!

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How Ro Determine Your Face Shape

When you choose sunglasses, it is important for you to understand your face shape. The basic principle of choosing sunglasses is that you cannot wear round glasses with round faces, and square glasses with square faces. Otherwise, round glasses make faces rounder and square glasses make faces more square. The heart-shaped face can be worn in all shapes of glasses. For the oval face, which is a standard face, just don’t choose an overly exaggerated shape when choosing sunglasses. Choose sunglasses as far as possible to avoid being too fancy because the fancy sunglasses will make you look very lackluster.

Who Are Asian Fit Glasses For

Premier Collection

Asian-fit style is built up slightly, so the frame sits better on the bridge of the nostril, which is normally extra shallow than on a Caucasian face.

It allows to raise the shades off the face of someone with a shallower nostril bridge and better cheekbones. its not just Oakley.

Asian fit, low nostril bridge, or low bridge glasses suit only precise facial characteristics. The nostril piece that extends a bit down from standard glasses is referred to as Asian fit. Your nostril bridge refers to the hard part of your nose starting with your eyes and close to your forehead.

The noticeable difference between a Low bridge fit vs Standard fit is the size of their nose pads. The more oversized nose pads of the lower nose bridge help fix the glasses perfectly on the nose.

Not only this, with some facial features, it happens that a standard fit slips over the nose because of being unfit, or even when you smile more expansively, the standard-fit glasses lift and make you feel uncomfortable.

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These Are The Benefits Of Low Bridge Fits

Learning how to choose the best frame according to our facial features is extremely helpful.

Some of the main benefits are:

  • More comfort when wearing glasses
  • Increases the visual fit between the frame and our face.
  • Reduces the movement of the glasses
  • Some low bridge fit frames are specifically designed to accommodate different types of noses.

    As such we can easily find frames with larger nose pads to avoid any movement of our glasses, and even curved temples so they better adapt to the shape of our face.

    Features Of Diamond Face Shape

    Before proceeding with the glasses for diamond face shape, you need to knowhow to figure out your face shape and the features of the diamond face shape. This section will list some features of diamond face shape.

    One of the most common features of diamond face shape is the presence of angles and pointed features and the widest part of the face is the cheek. And the forehead and the chin appear to give height to the face.

    The forehead of the diamond face shape is not broad or wide. The size of the forehead is smaller than the cheeks indicating the upper part of the curve of the diamond. The shape of the cheeks is angular and the angles of the face are the widest feature on the face with the cheekbones placed a little higher. The jawline of the diamond face shape is narrower and is smooth with no angles or pointed features. And the lower part of the face is quite pointed or lacks angular features.

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    Standard Fit Or High Nose Bridge Glasses Explanation & Its Benefits

    In contrast to the low bridge nose, a standard bridge nose is a nose with extended bridge height, all through the Rhinoplasty will make the gap among the eyes smaller.

    Different faces are described as cheeks, eye vicinity, and lips. Study these facial functions using the proper facial contours to achieve a herbal, appealing appearance.

    The Benefits:

    It is sad to say that people with high nose bridges do not have many benefits but if the size is at a limit, then you may feel comfortable while wearing a glass.

    In fact, if your nose bridge is too low, there might be a chance that the frame will slide down and can feel wobbling on your face, and if the nose bridge is too high, there might be a high chance that the frame may pinch and cause malaise.

    Also, watch the video:

    What I Dont Like About Low Bridge Fit Glasses

    Glasses for Low Nose Bridge | EyeBuyDirect

    I will never go back to other glasses.

    I have to admit that there was very little I didn’t like about these low bridge fit glasses. They are the only glasses Ive ever worn that actually fit my face. My only complaint is theres a much smaller selection of low bridge fit glasses compared to the “normal” styles on the Glasses USA site, but I was still able to find stylish frames that I liked.

    Plus, if you dont like your low bridge fit glasses, Glasses USA has a 14-day return policy that offers a 100% store credit or new pair of glasses. Though it means youll still need to order another pair from the site.

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    High Nose Bridge Glasses

    Standard fit or high nose bridge glasses refers to the good, old-fashioned standard that hasnt altered in years. It includes fixed nose pieces and extremely straight temple arms. This fit, accessible at stores you may have previously visited, is better suited for persons with higher or more pronounced nose bridges.

    For others, it just means continuing the status quo, which may include forcing your glasses onto your nose bridge during the day or experiencing unwanted pinching and squeezing around the temples. Standard fit eyewear is typically more suited for people with higher nose bridges.

    Eyewear Trends For 2022 Time to Pick Your Pick

    What Are Low Bridge Glasses

    These glasses will fit anyone with a low nose bridge.

    According to the Glasses USA website, low bridge fit glasses are for people with low nose bridgeswhen your nose bridge is level or lower than your pupilsas well as those with wide faces or have high cheekbones.

    Some of the things to expect with these glasses are:– Adjustable nose pads or larger nose pads– Slightly curved temple arms– Adjusted lens tilt

    Ive seen brands label this style as Asian Fit glasses as they are designed for the facial features more commonly found in East Asian people. They may not fit every single person of Asian descent, though, as facial features can vary widely.

    However, these glasses could fit anyone who has a low nose bridge.

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    What Are Asian Fit Glasses

    Asian Fit, or low bridge fit, glasses have larger, deeper nose pads that add space between the frames and your cheekbones so that the bottom rims of the frames dont rest or touch your cheeks.

    Every pair of Rocket Eyewear sunglasses is available in Raised “Asian” Fit, which feature larger, deeper 12-mm nose pads to prevent slipping so that your Rockets stay on even when you get down!

    Choosing The Right Frame

    Glasses : Women Metal Frame High Nose Bridge Folding Lens ...

    Depending on the thickness of the frame, the glasses will fit differently around your nose. One thick frame and one thin one with the same bridge size will not fit the same. The thick frame will be smaller than a thin frame with the same nose bridge width. The reason behind this is the method of measuring the bridge is by measuring it from the frames inside. So, if you are going for a thick frame, choose a frame that has a wider nose bridge than yours.

    See Also:

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    Metal Bridge And Acetate Wire

    New designs featuring cat eye or oval shapes are the height of fashion now.They’re made with acetate rim and a single thin or thick round metal bridge.There are endless possibilities for colors, textures, and patterns. With adurable stainless steel or memory bridge, these solid bridges eliminate nosepads and guard arms. They mimic the fit and feel of plastic frames whileproviding all the advantages of a metal one. These are perfect for unique,retro-vintage and hipster people.

    Glasses For The Narrow Nose Bridge

    If the bridge of your nose is measured between 14 and 18 millimeters, then you have a narrow nose bridge. In that case, the frame you should be looking for must be between 14 and 18 mm in width.

    If you have a narrow nose bridge, a heavy frame will slide down your nose even if your glasses have the correct bridge size. For this, you need to use a lightweight frame. Try to use frames made of aluminum, titanium, magnesium, or beryllium. Beryllium frames are especially stronger and more durable than other frames, so they will be a great choice. Try avoiding frames made of stainless steel as they are quite heavy.

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    Are The Low Bridge Glasses Worth It

    Get these in over 100 different styles.

    These glasses are more than worth it. I will never be able to go back to glasses that are not low bridge fit after wearing these.

    While the small differences in the low fit bridge glasses may seem insignificant, my glasses-wearing experience is much better. I was especially elated that I no longer have to squint through blurry lenses from eyelash streaks or constantly wipe my glasses.

    The low bridge fit is perfect on my face, and while Glasses USA doesnt have every style available, the retailer does offer a wide variety of brands and price points, so youll be sure to find something that fits your taste and budget if youre looking to try this style of glasses.

    Will It Work For You

    How to Find Glasses For Low Bridge Noses | EyeBuyDirect x In My Seams

    Try this – gently press down on the tips of your eyeglass earpieces . Does this raise your glasses off your nose? If so, you should notice how comfortable that gentle lift makes your glasses. Notice how this counterbalance removes the pressure that causes marks and discomfort. Also, notice how the counterbalance will make it virtually impossible for your glasses to slide. This is what Bye-Bye Nose Dents accessories will do for you!

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    Sungait Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses Uv400 Protection Metal Frame 2458 Qkh

    • Fashion Metal Frame – Lightweight and Strong rectangular polarized sunglasses
    • Polarized sunglasses – 100% Protection Against Harmful UVA/UVB & UVC Rays
    • Lifetime Breakage Warranty and Money Back Guarantee.
    • Includes: 1*Cleaning cloth, 1*Sunglasses pouch and 1* Mini Screwdriver
    • Lens Height: 42 mm | Lens Width: 62 mm | Nose Bridge: 16 mm | Temple Length: 135 mm | Frame Length: 144 mm

    How To Know If We Have Low Bridge Fit

    When it comes to glasses, there are many different types and sizes of frames. After all, it makes sense: our face shape is unique and can really vary from one person to another.

    The size of our glasses frames is typically guided by three main elements:

    • The distance between our eyes
    • The size of our nose bridge
    • The width of our head

    These three factors above typically influence the three number descriptions we find on every frame to gauge their size:

  • The lens width: the greater the distance between our eyes, the bigger this number will be, and vice versa.
  • The bridge width: this number is measured horizontally, and it indicates the distance between the lenses, where the bridge of our nose will fit. As such, depending on the shape of our nose, we can find high or low bridge fits.
  • The temple width: the length of the arm, starting from the frame until it reaches behind our ears. The wider our head is, the bigger this number will be.
  • Now that we understand the basic information, lets delve into a specific element regarding the size of our frames: the low bridge fit.

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    Why Do Glasses Slip Down My Nose

    Glasses can slip down your nose if they are too loose. This issue can occur to individuals with smaller noses or lower nose bridges and more generally, people of Asian descent.

    In western countries, most eyewear frames cater to Caucasian head shapes, which are longer than Asian ones.

    In a 2010 geometric morphometric study titled, A comparison between Chinese and Caucasian head shapes, researchers Roger Ball, Chang Shu, Pengcheng Xi, Marc Rioux, Yan Luximon and Johan Molenbroek compared 1,200 head scans of 1,200 Chinese and Caucasian men and discovered that the average Caucasian head is 11 mm longer than a Chinese one . Interestingly, the researchers excluded females from the study because their hair kept skewing the data!

    Ball et al. produced the above scatterplot, which illustrates general differences between Chinese and Caucasian head shapes from a top-down perspective. According to the graph, Chinese heads are shorter and wider than Caucasian ones.

    In other words, if you find that glasses often slip down your nose, its likely that the distance between your nose bridge and the back of your ears is too small to support the length of your frames temple arms.

    The gap between the temple tip and the back of your ear allows glasses to slip down your nose until the temple tip catches the back of your ear.

    Heavy or wide frames can exacerbate slipping.

    The Low Bridge Fit Is It For You

    2017 New Vintage Style Full Metal Oval Rim Optical Glasses Openable ...

    Are you thinking of buying some brand-new glasses but youre not sure about the type of frame and bridge fit that would suit you best? Have you heard about the low bridge fit and are now wondering if its for you? Youre in the right place! We will tell you everything you need to know about it! Plus, if you want more information, dont miss out on our complete fit guide!

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    Low Nose Bridge Vs High Which One Do You Have

    You can use this simple trick to know the answer. Use your finger to locate the top of your nasal bridge while looking in the mirror. It is a sign of a low nose bridge if it is in line with or below your pupils. If your nasal bridge is higher than your pupils, you may have a high bridge nose.

    Ray-Ban Rb4376f Low Bridge Fit Pilot Sunglasses


    Air Bag Nosepads Adhesive Eyeglass Nose Pads Anti

    • Air bag design: the air bag eyeglasses nose pads are made of soft, quality silicone, comfortable and gentle on the skin This air bag design helps reduce pressure from the weight of the eyeglasses, also have rebound function to leave no mark in your noses Ideal for children with weak bridge of nose, people with injured bridge of nose, and also for families with glasses
    • Comfy and anti-skid support: this anti-slip adhesive air bag nose pad increases the height, making the eyeglasses fit your nose more and providing adequate support and greater comfort for your nose bridge Easy-to-use adhesive allows for quick application and is suitable for universal full-rimmed frames glasses
    • Large package: 12 pairs of air bag soft silicone nose pads, suitable for sharing among family and friends Each measures about 15 mm/ 0.59 inch in length, 7 mm/ 0.28 inch in width, 3.5 mm/ 0.14 inch in thickness, extra thick nose pad for a comfortable support
    • Widely applicable: the adhesive glasses nose pads can match well with various kinds of plate optical frames, plastic eyeglasses, sunglasses, spectacles, etc., but not for frame whose nose pads need to fix with screw
    • Easy to use: these adhesive soft silicone nose pads are easy to install, requires no tools Just peel and stick these self-adhesive nose pads onto your glasses Note that thoroughly clean both the frames and your fingers before use these nose pads, which will help enhance the adhesiveness and durability of the product

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