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Glasses For Long Oval Face

The Best Glasses Frames For Oval

Glasses for a Round/Oval Face Shape | EyeBuyDirect x Truly Jamie

Have you ever approached a pair of eyeglasses that is the perfect color, material, and design only to find out that it doesnt look good on your face? Trust usit happens all the time and thats okay. Luckily, we have your back. There are just a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right pair for your face. These particular tips are for those who have an oval face shape. Dont worry, its not as overwhelming as it may seem. We are going to make this journey as painless as possible.

Whats the Hype About Being Oval-Faced?There is so much excitement and spur about being oval-faced. It is because people consider it to be the ideal face shape, the Alpha, the best of the rest, and wellyou get the point. But why is it that way? One word: versatility. The oval face offers balanced proportions which is what makes it ideal. The oval-faced queens and kings can wear almost any style in any way and still look fabulous. This means they can style their hair in variations of countless styles they also have a wider selection of eyeglass frames or sunglasses and still have flattering faces they can freely take a leap of faith in choosing haircuts and experiment with different looks, yet still look polished.

Celebrities with Oval Faces Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, and Eminem

  • Brown Eyes Frames with warm tones will play up the brown eyes such as sepia and olive greens.
  • Do You Have An Oval Face Shape

    How can you tell if you have an oval-shaped face? For starters, its an extremely common face shape, so if you think you have one, you probably do! But if you want to check out your faces proportions in the mirror, look for some the following traits:

    • Your face is about twice as long as it is wide
    • Your face narrows slightly at the forehead and chin
    • Your face has a relatively even width all the way down, or is widest across your cheekbones
    • Your forehead is the same width as or just a bit wider than your jawline

    Some people with oval faces have rounded foreheads and chins, whereas others might have more pointed features. The relatively even width of the face is what distinguishes oval face shapes from diamond ones, which are more notably wide across the cheeks and may not be as long.

    Remember, your face probably wont meet all of the criteria for a certain face shape. Those descriptions are generalizations, and they dont always respect the fact that everyones face is different .

    What Glasses Look Best On An Oblong Face

    Wide oval or tall boxy frames contrast oblong facial features and give you a more balanced appearance. By contrast, spectacles which have tall lens shapes are typically best for shortening long faces.

    Depending on your preference, there are various glasses shapes you can choose from.

    For an overview on shapes and style, scroll below to see the basic categories.

    Square glasses

    Dominant boxy glasses are a great option for long faces. The sharp corners and angular details bring definition and width to your face. Bold acetate frames like these help balance your lengthy face.

    Two-tone glasses

    Two tone glasses are a classic 50s style. These acetate frames create an optical illusion that makes your face look shorter. The top half of the frame is usually dark whilst the bottom half is transparent or light in colour. This helps break up your face-length to make it look shorter.

    Thick frame glasses

    Bold, full rim frames are trending right now, and theyre the perfect style for men or women with long faces. By contrast, chunky frames will make womens faces look smaller. Celebrities like Chris Evans, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid wear oversized eyeglasses for flattering affect.

    For men, bulky frames are a dominant and confident style. Thanks to the sheer size of big glasses, theyll cater for any type of prescription lenses. In this instance, thin frames are less forgiving and might not be suitable for your required lenses.

    Oval eyeglasses

    Cat-eye eye glasses

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    Characteristics Of Oval Faces

    You know what they say: Your face shape is just one measure of beauty. Although it is not the most important one however, it does affect many things such as eyeglasses! Having an oval face shape is considered to be ideal. Dont get us wrong all face shapes are equally alluring. Kraywoods is all about embracing your natural beauty with a little touch of eyewear glam. So, what is so great about having an oval face shape? The answer is simple: balanced proportion. As a result, it makes things easier for a man or woman to style. Its the most attractive face shape.

    For any face shape, you need to focus on three things: Forehead, cheekbones and jawline. Everything else comes in second place. For an oval face shape, the facial structure includes a tiny forehead, high cheekbones and a slim jawline. Also, your facial feature may appear longer than they are.

    Watch: How to know if your face is Oval or Long?

    Some female A-list celebrities that have an oval face shape are Cameron Diaz, , Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Courtney Cox, etc. As for oval face shaped male A-list celebrities, you can find Adam Levine, Jude Law, Zac Efron, Chris Pine, etc. So what about eyeglasses? Please read below to find out what we have picked for you!

    What Is An Oval Face Shape

    Rectangular, fashionable glasses.

    The most common face shape of all, oval faces are longer than they are wide, usually with a defined jawline and soft chin. Usually, your forehead and cheeks are the widest region of your face. Because of your balanced proportions, its considered to be the ideal face type for wearing many types of glasses.

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    Where Is My Glasses Size

    The dimensions of your glasses are predominantly labelled on the interior surfaces of your frame, usually on one of the temples. Occasionally, they can be located on the temple tips or frame front, but that is uncommon.

    The size will always be written as three listed numbers. E.g. 44 22 145

    For sunglasses, the frames lens and bridge width are still usually printed, but can sometimes omit the temple length. This is because certain manufacturers produce their sunglasses using an average size of temple a one size fits all sort of approach.

    What Is The Average Glasses Frame Size

    Frames for adults vary slightly for men and women, but are generally made to standard sizes similar to shoes or clothes. Depending on the brand, there may be size options available in the lens width, bridge width and temple length.

    • Average adult lens widths: 40 60mm
    • Average adult bridge width: 14 24mm
    • Average adult temple lengths: 120 150mm

    *Oversized frame styles can exceed these dimensions, especially womens butterfly sunglasses, oversized mens frames or bespoke editions.

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    Choosing Glasses For Your Face Shape

    Once youve worked out your face shape, you can start to shop around for frames that are a great fit for you.

    Remember these are all just guidelines to help you determine how to balance and compliment your features. Making your own style rules can be a fun and expressive way to show your personality and vibe.

    Glasses For Square Shaped Faces

    Good glasses & sunglasses for your face shape | Justine Leconte

    Square faces often have bold, angular features and cut a clean, straight line from the forehead to the jaw.

    Look for rounded, thinner frames that are wider than your cheekbones, while remaining proportional to the length and width of your face:

    • Roundframes: Bring contrast to angular features
    • Ovalframes: Soften and balance defined square face lines
    • Coloured frames: Draw attention to the eyes

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    Glasses For Oval Shaped Faces

    Oval Face Shape

    Oval shaped faces have a narrow forehead and slightly narrow chin, which typically creates a long face silhouette.

    For an oval face, choose glasses that emphasize the natural balance and add angles to your faces subtle curves. Look for frames that are as wide as the widest part of your face, which is typically the area around the eyes, in a shape that adds subtle contrast to your features:

    • Square or rectangular glasses: Add sharper angles for definition
    • Geometric shapes: Get playful with shapes and angular contrast
    • Browline: Wide frames compliment a narrow silhouette

    Best Sunglasses For Oblong

    • Your lean, symmetrical face can handle sunnies with bold features.
    • Interesting details at the temples will draw attention outward and add width to an oblong face.
    • Thicker frames in interesting patterns help to offset length. Try large cat-eye frames in a bold color or classic tortoise to check all these boxes.

    So now that you know what to look for, take a long look at some of our favorite sunglasses at Solstice for inspiration! Look for larger versions of every sunglasses shape, its time to have fun with your shades!

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    Do I Have An Oval Face

  • Your face is longer than it is wide.
  • You have a rounded or squared jawline.
  • Your forehead is wider than your jawline.
  • You have a rounded chin.
  • Wide cheekbones.
  • If in doubt, you can always ask your family, friends or colleagues to judge your face shape.

    Alternatively, this website lets you post a selfie where other people can vote on what shape of face they think you have.

    Other Features To Consider When Shopping For Sunglasses

    Best Sunglasses for Oval Faces

    Once youve settled on the general shape you want, you can play around with some other aesthetic elements. Thick frames have more visual weight for making a statement, especially in opaque materials. Bright colors will also draw attention to themselves in an assertive way if you want a neutral pair, opt for something that contrasts with your skin tone to create impact . For a lighter impression, thin metal or translucent acrylic frames look airy on the face and are less likely to overwhelm small features.

    While you have the freedom to play around with sunglass shapes and styles, youll want to stick to one spec more thoroughly: Always look for 100% UV protection for protecting your eyesfrom harmful rays or, alternatively, sunglasses with a UV400 label.

    A pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses can also help to reduce glare and eye strain and theyre recommended by optometrists for driving and water activities, too.

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    How To Choose The Right Glasses For An Oval Face

    17/12/2020 | Michelle Lievense| 5 Min Read

    Everyone wants to look great in their glasses. Whether they want to blend in with the crowd or stand out and make an impression, the right frames play an important role. Yet, choosing the right frames can be a mystery to some and downright overwhelming to others.

    Take a look at how to choose the right glasses frames for your face shape. In particular, today were going over the best frames for those with oval face shapes.

    Best Glasses For Men With Oval Faces

    If youre an oval faced male, you should check the frames worn by your fellow oval-shaped stars like Chris Pine, Adam Levine, Zac Efron and Jude Law.

    Geometric frames work perfectly for oval faced men whore looking for an everyday style they can wear to work or at casual events over the weekend.

    • Rectangular glasses

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    How To Work Out Your Face Shape

    When figuring out your face shape, look for the shape that is the most like yours its likely your chin is a little more pointed than the typical oval, or your forehead a little wider than the usual triangle.

  • Look at your jawline in the mirror is it curved or angular?
  • Now look at your forehead is it wide or narrow?
  • Finally, time for your cheekbones are they soft or prominent?
  • Once you have these answers, you should have a general idea of what shape your beautiful face is.

    Rectangular Or Square Eyeglass Frame

    Frames for an Oval Face | EyeBuyDirect x TheStyleCat

    Many people with oval faces are looking for frames that match their face shapes and enhance the look. There are a number of popular frame shapes but one of the most popular is square. It helps offset the roundness of your face with sharp angles, adding contrast and a bold look to your overall face.

    Square and rectangular frames are the best choices for anyone who has a long face. They go with nearly any outfit due to their versatility. A rectangular or square frame is ideal to add professional looks to an oval face.

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    Do I Have A Long Face Shape

    Not to be confused with an oval-shaped face, a long face tends to be slightly longer and narrower than oval shapes. The width of the jawline, forehead, cheeks and forehead will all be roughly the same. However, these features may appear to be narrower than other face shapes.

    If you have a long-shaped face, your faces length is about twice as long as its width.

    Best Glasses Shapes For An Oval Face

    Finding glasses for an oval-shaped face is a matter of picking through tons and tons of choices. The good news is that you can pull off any frame you like.

    The bad news is that you have so many frames to choose from that it may be a tough choice. Consult our tips below to learn how certain frames will complement your oval face. If theyre helpful, use them as guidelines while you shop for glasses online or elsewhere.

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    Get Started With Some Of The Best Glasses For Oval Faces

    Round glasses

    Our selection hits that sweet spot between casual and formal just right. People with oval faces rock round glasses in a way unlike any other, so take advantage of it!


    Aviator glasses

    That’s right. The aviator style isn’t limited to just sunglasses anymore. These sleek choices are some of the best glasses for oval faces.


    Cat-eye glasses

    Flirty and fun. Cat-eye glasses are a vintage classic that can bring a refreshing twist to any outfit.


    Square glasses

    This classic style is a staple for American stars. You’ve seen them on the likes of Michael Jackson, John F. Kennedy, and Madonna. Don’t miss your chance to try them out.


    Best Frame Shapes For Oval Faces

    One thing is certain, figuring out how to find the best eyeglasses for ...

    Oval face shapes are very versatile. Your natural symmetry and balanced features make almost any glasses look good.

    Many people choose angular, symmetrical frames to balance their rounded features. Others choose frames with sweeping lines that draw the eye upwards or downwards.

    These are the four most popular frame shapes for oval faces:

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    Glasses For A Small Face

    For a complementary fit, choose glasses that are as wide or slightly wider than your facelook for a lens width of 50mm-52mm and nose bridge of 14mm-16mm. Consider glasses in a shape that adds definition without overpowering your features, such as rectangular, oval, or cat-eye frames.

    When looking for glasses for long faces, opt for a shape and style that brings contrast, such as square or geometric frames or a taller, oversized style. Two-toned glasses can also draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

    How To Identify The Oval Face

    There are some face signs by which you will know if you have an oval face shape. Oval-faced length will be larger than the width of the cheekbones, and the forehead will be more prominent than the jawline. The jawline angle will also be round.

    If you already know your face shape, you can skip this part and start reading from the next part. There are so many ways to find out your face shape. Still, I would like to give you some tips to make the process super simple.

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    What Is An Oval Shaped Face

    People with oval-shaped faces will have a face that is longer than it is wide. In general, the bottom half of the face is longer than the top, with a curving jawline, and the forehead is the widest part of the face. The balance of the oval face shape makes it a favorite among eyewear designers.

    An oval-shaped face is defined by cheekbones that are wider than the jawline and forehead, tall foreheads, and the jaw and chin being more curved than they are sharp.

    Think Beyoncé, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, and Adam Levine.

    Which Glasses To Avoid For Long Faces

    The Best Glasses For You (it’s not just about face shape)

    There are a few glasses styles that you should avoid if you have a long face.

  • Glasses that are too small.
  • Glasses that are too pointy.
  • Glasses that are too short in height.
  • Glasses that don’t fit well.
  • If your glasses don’t fit well, theyll slide down your nose and make your face look longer. For a guide to frame sizing

    Conversely, incorrect bridge width or temple length can cause pinching and your frame may sit too high on your nose or ears. This can interfere with the performance of your lenses, especially varifocals.

    Browline glasses

    Browline glasses are a great option for long faced men as they help break up your facial length. Theyre thick in the upper half and thin in the lower. This top-heavy aesthetic helps to make your face look shorter. An excellent example is the classic clubmaster frame.

    Oval glasses

    Oval spectacles give your face additional breadth to balance it out. This spectacle style is truly timeless thanks to their surge of popularity during the mid-century. Depending on your preference, oval glasses frames can be metal, acetate or both in numerous colours.

    Wayfarer glasses

    Wayfarer frames are a fail-safe option for men. Usually, they have a thick rim and squarish lenses which help shorten your face’s appearance. Commonplace in the 50s and 60s, chunky spectacles like these take centre stage in your appearance, detracting from the length of your face and adding to your classic sense of style.

    Wire glasses

    Oversized glasses

    Aviator glasses

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