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Glasses For My Face Shape

Best Glasses Shape For Round Face And Big Nose

The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

Round faces have overall softer edges. But, if you have an enormous nose too, you have a heavy set face that needs to get balanced with a light and edgy pair.

The best glasses for face shape thats round are:

You see, round faces have wider cheekbones and almost equal width of forehead and chin area. They are also not long.

To balance a heavy set round face, you need to make sure not to use heavy frames. This means no oversized frames, no thick-rimmed or embellished frames.

Rimless frames will be great. If you dont want to go rimless, opt for light and thin metallic frames. Such styles are also among suitable glasses for Asian face shape when they have a low-bridge.

Glasses To Try On A Round Face Shape

When picking out frames for a round-shaped face, choose frames that add angles to the face with strong and straight lines and edges. These will contrast with the round outline of your face. Try:

  • Bold, thick, angular frames with nice straight lines
  • Square and rectangular frames
  • Cat eye or D-frames if you have nice full cheeks

You might want to avoid round frames or undersized frames, which can make a face look larger or rounder. For more tips, check our expert guide to the round face shape.

Frames For Square Faces

A square face shape will already feature some of those bold, angular lines weve been talking about. To soften this effect, curved or rounded glasses with thinner frames can work well. Oval or round frames that are wider near the hinges are a good choice. Adding some retro chic to your look, browline glasses are also effective with this face shape.

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Eyeglasses For Diamond Face Shape

A narrow forehead, wide cheeks, and a narrow jawline thats how we define a diamond face shape.

If you observe people around you, you will realize this is quite a rare face shape to have. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of glasses shape for face shape you can choose from to highlight your rare features.

You need frames that cancel out the heaviness around your cheeks by adding bulky features at the top of the eyeglasses. For example, cat-eyes have a winged top edge.

You can also choose to go with rimless frames to avoid distracting elements if you wish to show off your facial features.

The best eyeglasses for diamond face shape include:

  • Horn-rimmed

How To Choose The Right Glasses For Your Face Shape

Ideal Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

When choosing the perfect pair of glasses, you should consider your face shape, otherwise, you will end up with eyeglasses that dont fit you at all! Thats why, we have prepared a guide to help choose the pair of glasses that are made for your face, whether they are prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, theres no difference, just follow this article below and you will be absolutely fine.

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How To Know Your Face Shape

If you want to choose your next eyeglasses properly, you first need to identify your facial contours. In general, there are five main categories of face shapes worldwide:

  • Square: The sides of your face will be straight, and your jawline will be slightly angled with a very minimal curve.
  • Round: The sides of your face will be curved slightly outward, and your chin will be rounded, while the cheekbones are the widest part of your face.
  • Heart: Your chin will be pointed and the forehead will be the widest part of your face.
  • Triangular: Your face is long rather than wide, and your forehead is narrow, while the jaw is wide and strong.
  • Oval: Your foreheads will be a bit wider than your curved chin, like an egg placed upside down.
  • Diamond: You would have pointed chins and high cheekbones, when we draw a line connecting the center of the hairline to cheekbones, down to the chain, we will get a diamond shape.
  • Oblong: Your face will look similar to the square face shape but wider, the cheeks, jawline, and forehead will be the same width as your chin.
  • Base Down Triangle: The widest dimension of the face will be the lower jawline while the narrowest portion of the face will be the forehead.

Pull your hair back and draw a line on your face contour on the mirror, once you determine your face shape, you will be ready to get the perfect pair of eyeglasses.

The Tbd Eyewear Most Suitable For You

Once you have identified the shape of your face, you can finally start shopping. We at TBD Eyewear, with our catalog in hand, have selected a series of glasses suitable for each face shape:

  • the most suitable round face eyeglasses and sunglasses are square and slightly elongated frames but with soft rounded corners, such as the Shetland modeland the Donegal model. These two models are also suitable for an oval face shape
  • the eyeglasses and sunglasses for a heart-shaped face can be either glasses with a square frame such as Denim and Twill or glasses with a round but sturdy frame such as Welt and the Blazer.
  • the ideal diamond face eyeglasses and sunglasses are Panama, one of our brand-new models, with a teardrop frame with a vintage charm

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Best Glasses For Triangle Face Shape

Choosing the right glasses for your face shape can be a bit tricky if the shape is a triangle. Its easy to confuse this shape with the heart shape.

Heres the core rule to not getting confused. Triangular faces have narrow foreheads and wider jaw areas.

So, which type of glasses for a face shape thats a triangle suit best?

The thing about these three styles is that they are heavy on the top and lighter on the bottom. You see, aviators have their top bar, cat-eyes have their winged top edges, and browlines are thick-rimmed on the top.

The heaviness on the top balances the lightness on your forehead. Similarly, the heavy jaw is balanced by the light bottoms of these styles of glasses.

If you dont like any of these styles, go with the round shape. The lack of edges in retro round glasses makes them quite suitable glasses for triangle face shape.

Do You Have A Square Face Shape

How to Choose Glasses for Your Face Shape | Clearly

Not sure what face shape you have? No problemjust take a look in a mirror or snap a quick selfie looking straight at your camera. In the mirror or your photo, see if you spot some of these traits, which are commonly associated with a square face shape:

  • A flat, squared chin
  • A broad forehead with a wide hairline
  • A strong horizontal jawline with sharp angles
  • Equal width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw
  • Flat cheekbones that are in line with the jaw

Square faces are similar to round faces, but the key difference lies in the angular jawlinepeople with round faces tend to have softer, rounder features. Some celebrities with a square face shape include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Cameron Diaz.

Keep in mind that everyones face is unique, and you might not see all of the characteristics listed above in someone with a square face. In fact, most people find their faces to have traits from more than one shape. Just consider the different face shapes out there, and use your best judgment on which one seems the most similar to yours.

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Get Started With Some Of The Best Glasses For Oval Faces

Round glasses

Our selection hits that sweet spot between casual and formal just right. People with oval faces rock round glasses in a way unlike any other, so take advantage of it!


Aviator glasses

That’s right. The aviator style isn’t limited to just sunglasses anymore. These sleek choices are some of the best glasses for oval faces.


Cat-eye glasses

Flirty and fun. Cat-eye glasses are a vintage classic that can bring a refreshing twist to any outfit.


Square glasses

This classic style is a staple for American stars. You’ve seen them on the likes of Michael Jackson, John F. Kennedy, and Madonna. Don’t miss your chance to try them out.


Best Frame Shapes For Oval Faces

Oval and oblong face shapes are lucky they can basically pull off any type of glasses style. Round, rectangle, aviator, or retro square â take your pick! Although you have a lot of options, keep proportion in mind: rimless or half frame readers work well with petite faces while full frame glasses are best for longer faces.

Shop All Readers for Oval Faces âº

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The Best Glasses For Different Face Shapes

When picking out a pair of glasses, youll probably be weighing a long list of factors, from color to size to fit. As you narrow your search for the perfect frames, theres one more aspect you might want to consider: your face shape.

Knowing which face shape you have can help you choose glasses that suit you. Certain frames can accentuate the features you most want to highlight, or work with the natural lines and angles of your face to create a well-balanced look.

Of course, face shape is only one part of the search for your new glasses, and it should never outweigh your personal style or comfort. Matching frames to your face shape is not a science, and its definitely not a law you have to follow. Rather, it can be a useful tiebreaker if youre stuck between a few frames you like, or a fun element of the shopping processfun being the most important word.

But, we can hear you asking your screen, What face shape do I have? Not to worry, well help you figure it out.

Sunglasses For Round Faces

Best Sunglasses for My Shape Face in 2021


Since the shape of your face is round, we suggest you wear something that increases its length. Oversized sunglasses are a great fit. Opt for oversized pairs in darker colors as they look super stunning. Some other great options for you are cat-eyed sunglasses and aviators. They can enhance your face shape and give it character.

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How To Choose Glasses For Your Face

Knowing the shape of your face is the most important part of choosing the perfect pair of glasses. Even if your face shape doesn’t fall exactly into one of the standard face shapes, thatâs OK. You can experiment with glasses suited for two face types to find your perfect pair.

Not all frames will work with every face type. Some will do better on certain shapes than others, either in terms of aesthetics or in terms of functionality, like being able to sit properly on your face.

Best Glasses for a Square Face Shape

Square faces are best complemented by round and oval frames. These frames can help balance out your sharp angles, like the angles of your jawline. Choosing a thin frame that’s wider than your cheekbones can also help soften your features.

Best Glasses for a Round Face Shape

Frames that are bold and angular, like rectangular, cat-eye, and geometric frames, fit round faces perfectly. Youâll want to make sure that the frames sit just above your cheekbones for the best effect.

Rectangular frames will help your round face look longer and thinner. Geometric frames provide sharp lines that will balance out your otherwise softer look. And cat-eye frames will help highlight both your eyes and your cheeks.

Which type you choose will depend on your own personal style and preferences, but you canât go wrong with any of these options.

Best Glasses for a Heart Face Shape

Best Glasses for a Triangle Face Shape

Best Glasses for an Oval Face Shape

Best Frame Shapes For Square Faces

Square faces are distinguished by a wide forehead and cheekbones, and a strong, rectangular jawline. To soften these boxy features, choose oval or round-shaped glasses. Even aviator and cat-eye style frames have the right amount of softness to complement your face, but we recommend staying away from square or rectangular styles.Also note that although rimless glasses are not technically a shape, they are a characteristic that will also help to soften your features!

Shop All Readers for Square Faces âº

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Best Glasses For Long Face Shape Also Called Oblong Narrow And Oval

The best type of glasses for oval face shape is ALL OF THEM. Theres no best eyeglass shape for a narrow face if it has some curves to go along. Such a face shape is versatile and balanced on its own.

People with oval, narrow faces are the luckiest in the eyewear world. From cat-eyes to aviators, square frames to rounds- every style of the frame looks perfect and goes well with their looks.

Ask the perfect Monica Geller AKA Courtney Cox from FRIENDS. She has an oval face and can don any type of frame and make them the best glasses for a long face shape for you to try, as well, if you have such a face shape.

So, try any frames that you think suit your personality. You can start with oversized glasses. They fit well with your slightly narrow forehead and jaw area complementing the wide cheekbones.

How To Choose The Perfect Glasses For Your Face Shape

Glasses for your Face Shape | Eyebuydirect


The team at Focus on Broadway in Leigh-on-Sea are experts when it comes to frames for glasses. They can assess the shape of your face and offer helpful advice on a compatible style of frame. No ones face is completely round or square or heart-shaped, of course. But certain styles suit certain shapes, and here at Focus on Broadway we want you to look and feel your best. So lets take a look at the basic guidelines.

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Circle And Oval Frames

Rather than providing contrast and balance, circular and oval frames can actually exaggerate the roundness of your features.

Remember, this is simply a set of guidelines meant to help you navigate the many choices you have. There are no hard rules when it comes to finding the right glasses for you. You should choose a pair of glasses that make you feel happy and comfortable.

The Perfect Frames For Your Face Shape

There are plenty of different face shapes. Ultimately, when styling your eyewear, the best pair of glasses you can choose are made to help YOU. No matter what your face shape is, if you don’t like your frames, you won’t feel comfortable wearing them. Face shape is just one set of guidelines to help you make your choice, but in the end, whats most important is picking out something that you love, because that’s the best way to make sure youll love the way you look.

If youre still not sure about your face shape, and want to try a few things on from home, see how youll look in GUNNAR glasses with our virtual try-on.

If youre interested in learning more about how to measure your face shape, check out this detailed breakdown from professional hair stylist and fashion blogger Silvia Reis.

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How To Choose The Most Suitable Glasses For Your Face

To understand how to choose the most suitable glasses for your face you must start by measuring your faces details. The forehead, cheekbones, jaw, and length of the face are fundamental to subsequently define its shape. Get a soft measuring tape and make a note of the following measurements:

  • the length of the cheekbone, placing the beginning of the tape measure from the lower outer corner of the right eye, and then stretching it to the other cheekbone, under the extreme lower corner of the left eye
  • the length of the forehead, placing the tape measure from right to left
  • the length of the jaw, placing the tape measure under the ear, where your jaw begins, and then stretch it up to the center of the chin. Then, the data must be multiplied by two centimeters
  • the length of the face, placing the tape measure at the central point of the hairline and then stretch it over the nose and continue to the tip of the chin.
  • Characteristics Of A Triangle Face Shape

    12 Best Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

    There are two forms of a triangular face shape: the regular triangle , and the inverted triangle . A regular triangle face shape can be identified by a tight forehead, tapered cheekbones moving outwards, and a wide jaw line. An inverted triangle simply has this in reverse: the chin is pointy and the forehead is broader. Famous triangle faces include Minnie Driver & Ian Somerhalder.

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    Glasses For People With An Heart Shape

    People with this face shape are most likely to have a wide forehead with a narrower chin. This kind of face is also considered as the most versatile face amongst all. For this face, you want to look for something that is slightly bigger than the length of your forehead and slightly heavy at the lower end of the frames so as to balance the entire look. Thus, we recommend you to go for an eye frame with either an oval shape or those with rimless frames. That would perfectly compliment your facial features.

    Not Sure If You’ve Got An Oval Face Shape

    Step in front of the mirror and check yourself out. Oval face shapes are characterized mostly by a softly curved jawline. Plus, the width of your forehead should be just a bit wider than your chin, with your cheekbones usually placed just a little higher on the face. If this sounds like you, get ready- EyeBuyDirect has hundreds of frames that’ll fit just right on you.

    We’ve got a wide range of trendy glasses for oval faces for both men and women. Your face type is compatible with almost any type of eyewear, so feel free to explore any style to your heart’s content. Browline? Trapezoid? Regardless of what you pick, we’re sure that you’ll feel confident.

    Before you buy, we have one thing to say first. While we have a great range of glasses for oval faces, there’s one important tip you should keep in mind: Be careful not to order your frames too large! Oval faces are attractive with glasses because of their evenly placed facial features, so a pair of oversized frames might throw that balance out the window. Make sure that you select the right size according to your pupillary distance and temple width. For more tips on how to find your frame size, check out our little guide here.

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